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5 Big Data Use Cases for 2013


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Jump start into 2013 by exploring how Big Data can transform your business. Listen to Infochimps Director of Product, Tim Gasper, cover the leading use cases for 2013, sharing where the data comes from, how the systems are architected and most importantly, how they drive business insights for data-driven decisions.

5 Big Data Use Cases for 2013

  1. 1. #5usecases 5 Big Data Use Cases Tim Gasper Director of Product for 2013 Infochimps, Inc.
  2. 2. #5usecases #1 enterprise cloud for big data some of our customers our partners
  3. 3. #5usecases BI & Data Visualization Big Data Applications Reporting & Ad-hoc Business Questions
  4. 4. #5usecases poll
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  7. 7. #5usecases 81% of companies say Big Data is a top 5 IT priority in 2013
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  9. 9. #5usecases more data than ever CRM/customer support before POS/purchases ERP/accounting email/documents/collab. BI & data warehouse system & network logs many terabytes of data, web logs/clickstream sometimes many petabytes google analytics/omniture facebook/twitter ? yelp/foursquare/google experian/epsilon/acxiom mobile devices sensors product reviews google search results + more
  10. 10. #5usecases BIG DATA • volume • scalable • velocity • intelligent • variety • agnostic • variability • holistic
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  15. 15. #5usecases risk analysis and fraud detection
  16. 16. #5usecases customer risk analysis comprehensive data picture • build comprehensive data picture of customer-side risk • publish a consolidated set of attributes for analysis • add additional context, both internal and external parse and aggregate data from different sources • credit and debit cards, product payments, deposits and savings • banking activity, browsing behavior, call logs, e-mails and chats merge data into a single view • a “fuzzy join” among data sources • structure and normalize attributes • sentiment analysis, pattern recognition
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  18. 18. #5usecases surveillance & fraud detection activity records in a central repository • centralized logging across all execution platforms • structured and raw log data from multiple applications pattern recognition to detect anomalies/harmful behavior • feature set and timeline vector are very dynamic • “schema on read” provides flexibility for analysis data is primarily served and processed in HDFS with MapReduce • data filtering and projection in Pig and Hive • statistical modeling of data sets in R or SAS
  19. 19. #5usecasesregulatorycomplianceSource:
  20. 20. #5usecases global investment bank trade risk search & Trading Data ingest data legal discovery Customer Data intraday analysis & historical analysis (production reports + exploratory risk modeling)
  21. 21. #5usecases brand and sentiment analysis
  22. 22. #5usecases brand & sentiment analysis the internet generates a lot of chatter about brands • understanding what’s said is key to protecting brand value • facebook & twitter generate a flood of data for large brands capturing and processing direct feedback • better engagement and alerting via sentiment analysis • integration with other customer service systems hadoop handles the diverse data types and processing • sources of data changing and semantics continuously evolving • sophistication of algorithms is iteratively improving
  23. 23. #5usecases large media conglomerate search & Social Media ingest data applicationNews, Blogs, etc. Traditional Media real-time sentiment, trend analysis influence, gender, topic extraction, etc.
  24. 24. #5usecases customer insights/behavior
  25. 25. #5usecases
  26. 26. #5usecases customer churn analysis understanding customer behavior and preferences • rapidly test and build behavioral model of customer • combine disparate data sources (transactional, social, etc.) structure and analyze with Hadoop • traversing usage and social graphs • pattern identification and recognition to find indicators feature extraction to find root causes • defining attributes and modeling statistical significance • combinations and sequence of attributes + actions factor in
  27. 27. #5usecases customer loyalty comparison shopping is making retail hyper-competitive • discount programs, e-mail correspondence entice shoppers • brand loyalty means attention to detail and service customer lifecycle is more than purchases • browsing and online data used to capture customer attention • loyalty programs bridge the gap between purchases reach into online channels • online engagement is personalized just as in store • connecting online and in store shows customer awareness
  28. 28. #5usecases customer segmentation Demographics, customer insight Geography, ingest data reports Web Data, etc. Point Of Sale Purchase Data shopping pattern recognition
  29. 29. #5usecases targeted marketing and personalization
  30. 30. #5usecases targeted offers the checkout lane is everywhere • cookies track users through ad impressions • purchasing behavior is time sensitive logs collected online and offline • data is ingested incrementally • process happens at a variety of time scales data logged into HBase and primary store • some events naturally associate, others require deeper analysis • insights implemented via application logic
  31. 31. #5usecases recommendations & forecasting collect and serve personalization information • wide variety of constantly changing data sources • data guaranteed to be messy data ingestion includes collection of raw data • filtering and fixing of poorly formatted data • normalization and matching across data sources analysis looks for reliable attributes and groupings • interpretation (e.g. gender by name) • aggregation across likely matching identifiers • identify possible predicted attributes or preferences
  32. 32. #5usecases major apparel brand targeted discounts pre-defined Clickstream web content Data from Online ingest data and deals Storefront behavioral cluster analysis
  33. 33. #5usecases big data business intelligence
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  37. 37. #5usecasestraditional datawarehousing
  38. 38. #5usecasesbig datawarehousing
  39. 39. #5usecasesbig datawarehousingThe Infochimps Approach
  40. 40. #5usecases big data exploration & visualization
  41. 41. #5usecases popular online deal site business command center Retail Site ingest data BI dashboarding Web Logs SQL analysis with Hive & Hue
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