Data backup planning tool


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Data backup planning tool

  1. 1. Jupiter Information Technology Data Backup for Small Businesses A Decision Tool18 Church St +44 (0)1792 875340Swansea. SA4 3EA Kingdom Copyright © 2004 Jupiter Information Technology - All rights reserved
  2. 2. Jupiter Information Technology Data Backup Decision ToolData backup is probably one of the most important administrative functionscarried out by any business. Any computer system is subject to failure at anytime, and if the data you have generated is lost, then it can be an extremelydifficult and time-consuming task to restore it back to a level where it is of use.Even then, there is no guarantee that some important document will beavailable to you, say, two years after the event. Lost data is a disaster; andrecovery without a reliable backup set is error prone.It is no exaggeration to say that the longer it takes to recover from data loss,the less likely are the chances of your business recovering. It is as stark asthat.Data is the lifeblood that your business runs on. Everything you do in yourbusiness generates data, and if you cannot recall it in a timely manner whenrequired to do so, then the consequences can have a major impact on yoursurvivability.The purpose of this document is to provide a framework within which aninformed decision can be made as to which backup solution is suitable foryour business.The range of possible solutions, as well as the range of backup tasksavailable, can be quite confusing.Large enterprises have a large range of options open to them but mostly,these are not appropriate to a small business, and are prohibitively expensive.Jupiter Information Technology specialises in devising solutions forsmall businesses that are cost effective, and efficient. All recommendedsolutions have been thoroughly tested and evaluated, so that you can beconfident that the bugs have been ironed out, and that the solution you haveselected will work properly.24 April 2004 1 Copyright © 2004 Jupiter Information Technology - All rights reserved
  3. 3. Jupiter Information Technology Data Backup Decision ToolFirst, you must decide whether backup is appropriate for your needs. Theflowchart is designed to assist you. Start This includes use for business, if a home computer Yes No Business Computer? For example, official correspondence, holiday plans, homework, etc Yes No Important documents? For example, photos, music, videos, etc Yes No Irreplaceable documents? For example, My Documents Define single location for all documents Backup Data End24 April 2004 2 Copyright © 2004 Jupiter Information Technology - All rights reserved
  4. 4. Jupiter Information Technology Data Backup Decision ToolNext, you must decide the range of backup tasks you need to achieve.Do you need to just backup your data, or do you need to be able to recoverquickly from a system failure, or do you need to do both? Begin No This is useful for Yes preserving important Just data? system configuration, for example, for servers Yes No System Recovery? Clone System Backup Data End24 April 2004 3 Copyright © 2004 Jupiter Information Technology - All rights reserved
  5. 5. Jupiter Information Technology Data Backup Decision ToolNow, you need to decide what device you would like to use for your backuptasks. Begin Magneto-Optical Floppy Disk CD / DVD Hard Disk Partition Tape Network disk These devices are available as standard on most PCs These devices need to be purchased separately Capacity depends Typical capacity up on PC. Newer Typical capacity to 650/700 MB for Typical capacity up Typical capacities Capacity only models have 1.44 MB CDs (More for to 1200 MB up to 20 GB limited by network plenty of spare DVD) (nominal) capacity Useful for ad-hoc, Requires SCSI Data still needs to single project or Useful for relatively Dependent on connector be backed up off large quantities of Backup process the network. file backup itegrity of entire data can be fully Usually, this is to a disk. Disk failure automated tape drive. could be Rewritable, Impractical as a catastrophic routine backup CD permanency medium for ensures data Can be almost fully Fully automatic Some Internet modern systems integrity automated solutions (for backup solutions Backup process multiple tape are available. can be fully backups can be automated expensive) These can be Requires manual Requires manual expensive insertion of disk intervention, using dedicated CD Useful interim writing software Tape can be storage medium unreliable over MO Disks are Often not expensive time appropriate for SOHOs, small Drag and Drop Data can be businesses, or CD writing is readily transferred home users, etc unreliable to alternative Tapes can crack medium later or break, snag, tangle, etc. Disks are cheap Inexpensive solution Tapes require periodic renewal, and frequent integrity testing Combine these two, and you have the Maintenance and basis for an effective, and testing can be inexpensive backup solution, suitable labour intensive for SOHOs, small businesses, home and time users, etc consuming End24 April 2004 4 Copyright © 2004 Jupiter Information Technology - All rights reserved
  6. 6. Jupiter Information Technology Data Backup Decision ToolNext, you need to decide how you are going to backup your data. Begin Partition Hard Disk Yes No System Recovery ? Yes No Yes No Proprietary Proprietary Software? Software? Yes No Dedicated Jupiter IT Jupiter IT Imaging System Recovery MS Backup? Data Backup Software Solution Solution Included within Alternatives can be Necessary to Initial settup expensive Initial settup Windows OS restart system for required required reliability Not necessary to Base software is restart system versatile. Can be Software can only Inexpensive used for many be used for solution tasks imaging Base software is versatile. Can be Backup files use used for many industry standard Image files use tasks Software can only be used for data format, readable proprietary format by a wide range of backup standard software Impossible to see Backup files use what is stored industry standard without using format, readable Designed for tape backups, and originating by a wide range of adapted for other media software standard software Backup files use proprietary format. Impossible to see what is stored without using originating software Write directly to Manually write to Manually write to CD CD CD End24 April 2004 5 Copyright © 2004 Jupiter Information Technology - All rights reserved
  7. 7. Jupiter Information Technology Data Backup Decision ToolAnd, finally, you need to decide when to backup your data. Begin Yes No Data Backup? Yes No Frequently changing? Backup Daily Backup Weekly, Backup system depending upon whenever a operational change occurs, for requirements example, after installing software If daily backup is required, this should be automated End24 April 2004 6 Copyright © 2004 Jupiter Information Technology - All rights reserved