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Knowledge Exchange Platform for UNDP - Case Study


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Knowledge Exchange Platform for UNDP - Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study ‘Knowledge Exchange Platform’ UNDP Knowledge Exchange Solution Marketing Contacts: Vineet DahiyaUNDP Knowledge Exchange InfoAxon Technologies Ltd. Mob - +91-9810425760 Email - vineet.dahiya@infoaxon.comSolution
  2. 2. Case StudyOverviewUnited Nations Development Program (UNDP) was started in 1965 to combine the Expanded Program of Technical Assistance andthe United Nations Special Fund.UNDP is the UNs global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge,experience and resources to help people build a better life. It is on the ground in 166 countries, working with them on their ownsolutions to global and national development challenges.Quick FactsWhen UNDP decided to build a Knowledge Exchange Platform to leverage on the knowledgeand experience of its development practitioners towards achievement of UN‟s MillenniumDevelopment Goals (MDG), it turned to InfoAxon. We helped them create „SolutionExchange (SE)‟ to connect broad range of stakeholders with common interests and tap thevast knowledge pool to address development challenges at the grass root levels.SE has proven to be an effective way for development practitioners to avoid reinventing thewheel, for decision makers to get feedback on policy design and programmeimplementation, and as a source of reliable referrals, of good practices, and of businessopportunities.SE has resulted into increasing the development effectiveness.Business NeedUNDP is the UNs global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge,experience and resources to help people build a better life. UNDP has offices in over 166 countries globally.Over the years UNDP felt the need to develop and share knowledge from its previous experiences among its country offices andheadquarters, so as to reap the benefits of the development work that it carries out globally. UNDP also realized that theknowledge should be shared on a large scale across people ranging from the policy makers to the field workers. It also felt thatsome of the problems that it encountered in one developing country were similar to the problems it faced in other developingcountries.UNDP felt the necessity to promote and facilitate Knowledge Exchange not only within all its programs but also at the national andinternational levels to encourage development and contribute in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
  3. 3. Case StudyKnowledge Exchange Portal – ‘Solution Exchange (SE)’InfoAxon leveraged its Open Source Platforming expertise to integrateopen source products and frameworks together into an integratedPlatform, to create a Knowledge Exchange Platform for UN known as„Solution Exchange (SE)‟. SE provides a collaborative platform to bringtogether development practitioners with similar interests („Communities ofPractices – CoP‟) and help them connect, collaborate and share knowledgeand experiences for attaining United Nations‟ Millenium DevelopmentGoals (MDGs) – on time and on target. SE connects developmentstakeholders from Government, NGOs, private sector, donors andacademia as Communities of Practices (CoP) organized around thematicareas of the MDGs such as halting the spread of HIV/AIDS, providinguniversal primary education etc. to solve complex problems.At the core of SE is an e-mailing list application which acts as a backboneof each community where members connect and build professionalrelationships. The emailing list is further enhanced and integrated with acentralized knowledge repository coupled with content management & collaboration tools to enable moderators create and shareknowledge assets such as Consolidated Replies (CRs) along with other knowledge.The heart of SE is a powerful search engine which provides advanced Contextual Search enabling discovery of relevant informationwithin a specific context with additional rich information such as Cross References, Hits, and Comments etc. in every search result.The Search also offers multiple Filters such as categories, members, location, community, thematic area, language, knowledgeproducts, resources etc. to drill down deep into search results and zero-in to the specific information.System Usage Reporting & AnalyticsThe integrated reporting framework generates rich data around some of the following key performance indicators:  Performance Increase in no. of members in each community, no. of queries responded, time taken on an average to respond to a query, user satisfaction levels.  Impact No. of Impact Stories, Case Studies and Testimonials.  Concept Replication Requests from other UN country teams or national organizations for technical support to set up their own SE.
  4. 4. Case StudyThe SE Platform allows following ‘Knowledge on Demand’ services to be offered to its members: • Increase in no. of members in each community, Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing no. of queries responded, time taken on an average to respond to a query, user satisfaction levels • No. of Impact Stories, Case Studies and Query Service Testimonials • Requests from other UN country teams or national E-consultations organizations for technical support to set up their own SE. • Discussion on priority topics and publish insights E-discussions on issues of concern.Distinguishing Features of Solution ExchangeSolution Exchange represents the next stage in UNDP‟s Knowledge onevolution as a „knowledge organization‟, which is „not based Demandon delivering programs‟. Rather, it is based on leveragingthe UN‟s position as an „impartial knowledge broker‟between multi-sectoral stakeholders in the developmentproject. It means bringing together otherwise disconnected Enhanacedstakeholders from donor agencies, governments, research Transferability Mailing list Valueinstitutes, and civil society organizations, who sharecommon interests and concerns so they can assist each Solutionother in their daily development work. ExchangeAt the core of Solution Exchange is a focus on FacilitationTeam dedicated to facilitate sharing of experientialknowledge for people at all stages of the developmentprocess for achievement of development results. Consolidated Cross Posting Reply
  5. 5. Case StudySome of the distinguishing features of Solution Exchange are: ‘Knowledge on Demand’: SE provides a searchable ‘Knowledge Repository’ providing access to both documented and tacit knowledge in form of consolidated responses, comparative experiences, postings, documents, links, expert emails etc. Enhancing the ‘Value’ of Mailing Lists: Solution Exchange does not replace existing email lists but adds value to them. By integrating the mailing list with a centralized repository and making them searchable, Solution Exchange generates valuable connections, valuable content and put these to use for solving development challenges. Creation & sharing of Knowledge Product ‘Consolidated Reply’: Solution Exchange enables generation of Knowledge Product „Consolidated Reply’, which is a brief but comprehensive composite of all available documented and tacit knowledge, experiences and resources (links to experts, organization, documentations, websites, expert emails etc.) on a topic. Cross Posted Query: In Solution Exchange, the „cross posted‟ query, poses the same question to more than one community, offering exchanges between the communities on how to best address the issues / problems and mitigate risks. A Platform enabling Transferability: SE is not a point product but a Platform which is readily configurable to enable any country where development practitioners are interested in improving their individual and collective effectiveness.Technology Stack OSS Components Details Platform Red Hat Enterprise Linux Presentation Liferay Portal Framework Content Repository Alfresco ECM Framework Mailing List Manager Mailman Web/App Server Apache Tomcat Development Tools Eclipse, SVN, Tortoise Programming Language JAVA, J2EE, JSP, Servlet Source Code & Configuration SVN, Cruise Control, Ant Custom Exception Handling, Logging Frameworks (using Log4J), Custom Audit Framework Database MYSQL
  6. 6. Case StudyValue DeliveredSolution Exchange was successful in encouraging knowledge sharing by bringing together the frontline workers, the experts, andalso to stakeholders like donors, policy makers, governments. It also helped implement programs at the ground level.Solution Exchange is currently aimed for 20 Asia Pacific countries with countries like India, Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia, and PacificIsland already on board. Bangladesh and Philippines are in launching mode.SE is delivering following benefits to its members and stake-holders: Community Knowledge Products and Collaborative efforts have a demonstrable impact on MDG and national development targets. Moderators can now build and generate communities of practices in minutes which earlier take several hours. Expands the pool of knowledge on development related topics beyond expert knowledge, to capture „experiential knowledge‟ not typically documented. Provides enhanced access to relevant international and local best practices and lessons learnt through community member recommendations. Engages a broad range of stakeholders including policy makers, donors, NGOs, government, private sector as well as North- South and South-South collaboration. The members communicate to each other using standard mailing list and email clients. The messages are accumulated into the repository, thus building the knowledge bank automatically. Search of knowledge items and products made effortless for Solution Exchange users and members which earlier were not possible. Building the cross connection between several products, assets, members which was not feasible in earlier mailing list based model.
  7. 7. Case StudyOur Customer Showcase Government & International Development BFSI Retail & Media ISV‟s & Others
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