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InfoAxon powered Liferay Solutions


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InfoAxon’s ‘Liferay Integration’ services help organizations extend the value of their Liferay Portal deployments by ensuring proper design, architecture, enhancements and integrations with other enterprise applications to deliver production grade Liferay solutions.
At InfoAxon, we have continuously enhanced our CMS and Web Portal capabilities and adopted ‘Liferay ‘ which is one of the world’s leading Open source Portal and Collaborative Content Management Platforms to deliver rich content and people centric portal solutions. We have rich experience in delivering customized Web Portal, Collaboration and Social Networking Solutions using Liferay as core CMS and Web Portal engine.
Through our multiple Portal solutions implementations, our engineering teams have further customized and enhanced Liferay.

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InfoAxon powered Liferay Solutions

  1. 1. Capability Paper InfoAxon Powered Liferay Portal InfoAxon’s Liferay capability profileInfoAxon’s Liferay capability profile
  2. 2. Capability PaperLiferay ‘Turbo-charged’ By InfoAxonPowerful & Rich Open Source Portal AlternativeA new breed of Portals is emerging which provide cross cutting capabilities around mash up of Content, Collaboration, and Social. Anew age portal can resemble any of the following:1. Collaborative Content & Knowledge Management Solutions2. Content rich dynamic corporate portals / websites3. Enterprise 2.0 Social Intranets / Extranets4. Content & Data Mash up Platforms5. Multi tenant SaaS Platforms for delivering innovative services to end-users6. Social Network or Communities of Practices (CoPs) based collaboration Platform7. Workflow enabled Document Management, Team- and Task-centric PlatformOrganizations are fast realizing that they can’t address most of the above (and many other) use cases by building on closed source,proprietary Portal products which are too expensive, rigid and complicated. Usually these solutions are achieved by Integration ofvarious other frameworks and tools with the Portal platform.Open source Portal Platforms provide a viable alternative solution to meet the Content Management, Social and Collaboration needsof today’s knowledge driven organizations. By their very nature, open source Portal Platforms are more flexible, based on openstandards and less expensive to acquire, deploy and support than proprietary solutions.Liferay fits the billLiferay, an open source Portal and Collaborative Content Management Platform, fits the bill. It’s simple enough for non-technicalusers to easily create, edit, and manage web and enterprise content. Yet it provides powerful capabilities that will streamlinedevelopment and reduce time to market.Liferay offers: Built-in content management Flexible SOA application integration platform Enterprise grade collaboration and social networking suite Intuitive user interface 24x7 enterprise subscription and supportBy building on relevant standards and open source technologies, Liferay enhances the potential of the Internet as a medium wherediverse and geographically-separated individuals and groups can collectively produce, discuss, and share content, information andideas.When correctly designed and implemented with right open source integration partner like InfoAxon, open source Portal Platformssuch as Liferay will provide sustainable business benefits.
  3. 3. Capability PaperPeace of Mind: InfoAxon powered Liferay Portal SolutionsInfoAxon has been providing content driven web 2.0 portals to its customers globally for over a decade leveraging best-of-thebreed open source platforms, frameworks and technologies. Right from its inception, InfoAxon has been involved with open sourcecontent management and web portal projects, in capacity of both as the key contributor and solution provider. This has resultedinto strong technical expertise with the company as well as business domain knowledge to design, integrate and deliver large scalecontent management and web portal solutions.Way back in 2004, InfoAxon worked on Office of Deputy Prime Minister, UK funded APLAWS Pathfinder Project to develop webstandards and an Open Source Web Content Management System that could be freely adopted by any local authority in the UK.InfoAxon worked closely with Redhat and other UK Councils to enhance and deploy APLAWS (Accessible Personalized LocalAuthority Web Sites) CMS product. This resulted into InfoAxon acquiring rich experience of managing open source CMS projectsand exposure to open source content management and web portal technologies. At InfoAxon, we have continuously enhanced our CMS and Web Portal capabilities and adopted ‘Liferay ‘ which is one of theworld’s leading Open source Portal and Collaborative Content Management Platforms to deliver rich content and people centricportal solutions. We have rich experience in delivering customized Web Portal, Collaboration and Social Networking Solutions usingLiferay as core CMS and Web Portal engine. InfoAxon Powered Liferay
  4. 4. Capability PaperThrough our multiple Portal solutions implementations, our engineering teams have further customized and enhanced Liferay with:  New functionalities including creation of content migration service, custom portlets using the JSR-168 and JSR-286 portlet standards and so on.  Customization of core Liferay and out-of-box portlets to fit custom requirements using the EXT and Plug-in-development model in Liferay  Integration with other open source frameworks such as with Alfresco content repository, Pentaho BI Analytics, Orbeon and other open source / proprietary products.  Creation of multi-tenant SaaS based services such as Hosted Retail Analytics, and  Further add-ons (which we call Solution Accelerators) to streamline and fast track Portal based solutions development and deployment for our customers.Repository of Pre-Integrated Portal SolutionsTo the end customers, this results into alternative, innovative & cost- effective Portal Solutions that meet their needs as opposed totraditional Portal systems that come with rigid, large footprints and require big budgets to implement.Also, since we already have repository of pre-built, pre-integrated and pre-tested Portal solutions which caters to most of thecommon Portal, CMS and Collaboration scenarios, considerably less effort is required to implement and maintain Portal solutions forthe customers resulting into faster turnaround and lower TCO.Open Source UnderstandingUsing its unique combination of Liferay expertise and deep understanding of open source model, InfoAxon helps organizationsconceptualize, design and deploy open source portal & collaborative content management solutions. This has far reaching effects inensuring the achievement of business outcomes through a proper Solution rather than just product deployment.
  5. 5. Capability PaperLiferay Solutions & ServicesInfoAxon has delivered various solutions leveraging Liferay and other open source frameworks. These are: 1. Community Based Knowledge Network Portals 2. Social Network based Portals 3. Knowledge Management Platforms for International Development and Insurance Organizations 4. Portal & Social Networking Solutions for HIV and AIDS communities in Africa 5. Corporate Web sites based on Liferay Portal 6. Workflow based Grant Management Solutions for Development Fund tracking and monitoringInfoAxon’s ‘Liferay Integration’ services help organizations extend the value of their Liferay Portal deployments by ensuring properdesign, architecture, enhancements and integrations with other enterprise applications to deliver production grade Liferay solutions.InfoAxon offers following Liferay Solutioning Services:Liferay Consulting:InfoAxon can help you with your Liferay Portal initiative in many ways. Our portfolio of Liferay portal services ranges from assessmentsand recommendations to full blown integration, implementation and deployment.We bring deep and broad skills with the Liferay platform and associated technologies to help you succeed with your Liferay initiative.Our Liferay Consulting services are tuned to help you get your Liferay Portal up and running quickly. This includes: 1. Liferay installation, setup, configuration and proof of concept 2. Liferay based solution design, architecture, advisory and roadmap 3. Theme, Site, Layout, UI Templates, Portlets design 4. Staff Augmentation (Offshore development of your Liferay projects, Onsite consultant visits) 5. Migration to Liferay, Upgrades and Performance Tuning 6. R&D to jumpstart your Portal based innovative ideasLiferay Integration & DevelopmentLike most solutions, Liferay implementations are not one-size-fits-all and typically requires integration of some key other open sourceor proprietary products / frameworks / components to provide an innovative ‘Whole Solution’ to business problems.InfoAxon works closely with its customers to ensure the right solution is designed for a given business problem / scenario. InfoAxonprovides following:
  6. 6. Capability PaperPre-packaged IntegrationsOur existing Liferay based solutions implementations and rich overall open source expertise has resulted into pre-packaged Liferaybased Integrations which could be re-used in multiple scenarios. These pre-packaged integrations ‘Liferay Solution Accelerators’help reduce turnaround time and cost of Liferay based solution implementation.Some of these Liferay Solution Accelerators are integration of: 1. Content Migration Framework: One of the common scenarios while adopting Liferay based Portal solution is migration of content from customer’s existing portal / website / external source. Depending upon the existing content items types and its associations the migration of live data from existing system to Liferay could be cumbersome and time consuming. Our team has developed an easy to implement ‘migration framework’ to migrate content to Liferay. The framework can import the following data from other systems.  User Data, Profiles  Web pages  Web contents  Documents  Any other content The main components of the framework are several REST based services built leveraging Liferay and Pentaho Kettle ETL tool. 2. Authentication / Single Sign On (SSO): Integration with your preferred security mechanisms including your corporate LDAP or Active Directory 3. ECM Framework: Integration with Alfresco ECM framework for JCR content repository, versioning , metadata, workflow, exposing content as service using REST framework 4. Web 2.0 Experience: Integration with zK framework for rich web2.0 experience and pre-designed UI components 5. X-Forms Engine: Integration with Orbeon X-Forms Engine to design and publish X-Forms 6. Workflow Engine: Integration with jBPM to design and create business specific Task Model and Custom Workflows 7. Business Intelligence & Analytics: Integration with Pentaho Platform to provide rich Dashboards, Reports and Graphs 8. Portlets: Some of the new Portlets developed and pre-packaged by InfoAxon are: a. Liferay – Facebook Portlet b. Liferay – Twitter portlet c. Wall Portlet for display of User Activity Feeds d. Notification and Alerts Portlet e. Bookmark Portlet enhanced
  7. 7. Capability Paper f. Private Message Box g. Content Watch list for Users h. Suggestions – Contents, Friends (Colleagues), Groups i. User Interests j. Group Specializations k. Image Albums l. Document Library m. Social Media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter integration n. Federated Search for the Web  Web  Images  Videos  Bookmarks  News o. User Wall posts, Comments p. Ideas q. Private Message Box r. Collaboration – Wikis, Blogs, Forums s. User, Group Profile t. Notifications u. User, Group Tag Profile9. REST Service Layer: InfoAxon has developed a REST Layer on top of Liferay Portal to implement Loose Integration between external applications
  8. 8. Capability PaperCustom Integration & DevelopmentBased upon the unique requirements of customers, InfoAxon provides Custom Integration and further Development on LiferayPlatform to create rich content-centric collaborative applications. Such integrations and development leverages: 1. Liferay EXT Environment: To customize and further develop on existing Liferay Portlets, Services, Themes, and Layouts etc. 2. Liferay Plug-in Framework: To develop and hot-deploy new functionalities and enhancements 3. JSR-168, JSR-286 Portlet specifications 4. UI development around a. New Theme creation: i. JQuery ii. Velocity iii. HTML5 iv. YUI v. CSS b. Custom Layout Templates c. Location, Departmental Themes 5. Integration of Liferay Portal with other Platforms / Frameworks / Applications: Integration with Liferay Portal could be achieved leveraging: a. Loose Integration based on REST Layer: InfoAxon has developed a REST layer within Liferay Framework to consume various service exposed by external applications b. Portlet Based Integration: Using WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets) an OASIS-approved network protocol standard designed for communications with remote Portlets. c. IFRAME: Configuring IFRAME Portlet within Liferay.Business Continuity Support & TrainingInfoAxon leverages its rich and deep expertise in Liferay Portal to provide professional Support and Maintenance services whichensures business continuity of the implemented solution. InfoAxon provides following business continuity support services: 1. Corrective Support and Maintenance of Liferay based solution and the entire stack 2. SLA based issue/bug resolution 3. Regular System and Data Backups 4. Regular Audits and Advisory
  9. 9. Capability PaperThe success of business solution implementation depends upon how well it is adopted within the organization and empowering variousstake holders (end users, administrators, developers) with the ability to perform their task better.InfoAxon creates ‘value’ for its customers by ensuring success of Liferay initiative by providing practical know-how and actionableknowledge in form of Training Services. These Training Services cover Portal Solution Development, Integration, Deployment andAdministration of Liferay Platform and InfoAxon’s Agile & Iterative solution development methodology.InfoAxon Training covers:  Business Users Training  Administrator Training  Developer Training
  10. 10. Capability Paper Contribution to Open Source CommunityInfoAxon’s Content & Knowledge Management Team is continuously involved in various R&D activities around Liferay Portal Platformand other open source tools, technologies and framework. As a result, the team has created several ‘innovations’ which have beencontributed to open source community in form of open source projects.Find below few such contributions:Liferay – Facebook IntegrationInfoAxon’s KM Team has developed a Facebook Portlet for its Liferay based KM Platform ‘fusionKM’. The Portlet enables integrationbetween users’ Facebook account and Liferay Portal.InfoAxon has contributed the ‘Facebook-Liferay Integration Portlet’ to the open source community as a GPL licensed open sourceproject. The code is available for download on Google Code:URL for Download : Facebook Portlet allows users to access and interact with their Facebook accounts without leaving the Liferay Portal environment.Provides following capabilities:  View your Wall posts, post new updates  See and manage your full Facebook profile  View your friends  See full posts and comments  Post links, videos, URLs in your Facebook update
  11. 11. Capability PaperLogin to your Facebook Account Facebook – My Home Page
  12. 12. Capability PaperLiferay – Twitter IntegrationUsers within the Liferay portal environment would like to access their Twitter feeds and also post updates. InfoAxon has developed aLiferay-Twitter Integration Portlet which allows Twitter experience within the Liferay portal environment.The Liferay-Twitter Portlet is further being open sourced by InfoAxon as a GPL project on Google Code. The code for the portlet couldbe downloaded from:URL for Download : Liferay-Twitter portlet allows user to interact with their Twitter account within their Liferay portal environment. It allows:  Post new tweets, reply to tweets, and re-tweet.  View Your Followers  View People whom you are following  View Twitter Trends.
  13. 13. Capability PaperLogin to your Twitter Account Twitter – My Home
  14. 14. Capability Paper Pre-Integrated Liferay SolutionsFrom very early on we were focused around Content, Knowledge Management andBusiness Intelligence as our area of expertise. This focus has resulted into separateopen source Content & Knowledge Management, and BI practice within theorganization with dedicated teams and a shared R&D infrastructure. The practiceteams and growing implementations have resulted into pre-integrated KM and BIPlatforms – fusionKM and fusionBI. Technology StackThese are pre-integrated and tested Platforms built through Integration of LiferayPortal with other best of the breed open source platforms and frameworks such as  Liferay® Enterprise PortalAlfresco, Pentaho, Orbeon etc.  Alfresco® ECMS  BIRT / Pentaho BIfusionKM – Collaborative Content & Knowledge Reporting  Open OfficeManagement Platform  JBPM  JQuery, YUIfusionKM is a ‘Collaborative Content & Knowledge Management’ solution enabling  Luceneusers to create, store, manage and share organizational knowledge in a highly  MySQLcollaborative manner within a secured virtual environment. It allows organizations  Apache Tomcatto create departments, networks, projects, groups and enables users to work,create and share knowledge in a collaborative environment. FeaturesfusionKM provides workflow and process based framework within a socialNetworking context. Intelligent knowledge spaces come alive around Projects, Content / Document /Groups and enable users to share knowledge working in a collaborative Knowledge Managementenvironment.  Document LibraryfusionKM provides users with a single Search capability to search information and  Version Managementknowledge assets, not only from the in-premise knowledge bank but also from  Document Check-in / outWorld Wide Web.  Document Transformation  PDF GenerationThe rich knowledge repository of fusionKM constitutes of Wikis, Blogs, Discussion  Public / Private ContentForums, Emails, Media files etc. like social networking platform. People make  Knowledge Repositoryconnections; join Groups or Communities thus creating professional network and  Network Knowledgeknowledge base.  Record ManagementBy using fusionKM organizations can quickly establish internal KM Solution and  Image Management  Web CMSdevelop their internal business process and taxonomy.  Content Tagging  Watch list  Page Comments  Page Ratings  RSS Feeds  Message Boards  Bookmarks
  15. 15. Capability PaperSolution HighlightsService Oriented Architecture (SOA) Collaboration:The solution is designed and architected in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA),  Message Boxmaking it fully extensible and integrated with organizations internal and legacy  Notificationssystems.  WallRepository as Service  User Groups  Watch ListThe full knowledge repository can be exposed as REST based HTTP services,  Alertsmaking the solution ready to serve as knowledge provider to other systems.  Announcements  WikiBusiness Process  BlogThe integrated business process engine can be configured to implement any  Calendarworkflow processes of any industry or organization. It has integrated modules for  Aggregator (Blog content comes in one stream)Reporting, Timesheet, Project Management, Task Management, Escalation etc.  Instant MessagingPortal Project Management:Full featured JSR complaint portal framework with lots of built in applications suchas Wiki, Blog, Discussion Forum, Calendar, Theme, Web CMS, Document  Time SheetsManagement, and Private Messaging etc.  Project Team Building  Project Task ManagementCMIS  Project repository managementfusionKM is CMIS compliant platform which enables interoperability between other  Client Management (ManageEnterprise Content Management Systems. Customers)  Brand Management (ManageProtocols Products/Brand)A number of industry standard protocols such as WebDAV, IMAP, CIFS, FTP etc are Communities ofsupported in fusionKM making the platform pluggable to other complaint systems. Practice:Intranet ready  Communities (Listing)fusionKM is a fitting solution for organization wide Intranet setups with multiple  Expert Directorybranches, departments and geographically distributed.  Idea  Member of the weekMash Ups  Memberships  Recent colleaguesBuilt in applications to integrate with several other popular information and  Profile Summaryknowledge sources; such as Bing, YouTube, Flickr, Delicious, Wikipedia etc.  Top MembersOpen Platform  User Groups  Member ActivitiesNo limit in number of users and knowledge content size and space.  Invitations
  16. 16. Capability PaperBenefits Social:For Users  Social Account Management  Facebook  Reduces time required to complete knowledge intensive work  Linked In  Increases “trust level” in information accuracy and timeliness  Twitter  You Tube  Eases burden on subject “experts” since users can get answers and guidance  Flicker to their questions on a self-serve basis  Twitter  WallFor Administrators  Friends/Activities  Minimal resources required for ongoing maintenance as many tasks can be  Google Maps scheduled for automatic rule based execution Search:  Security inherited from content source, so administrators do not have to worry  Federated Search about unauthorized users gaining access to sensitive information  Local Repository Search  Comprehensive toolkit for building, supervising and managing the Enterprise  Contextual Search PortalFor Organizations  Improves ROI of knowledge asset management by reusing information instead of reinventing and searching for it  Reduces cost of retaining intellectual capital and transmitting it to new employees or successors Administration:  Quick and Easy installation and use across the enterprise  Manage Applications  Based on full Open Source – Full ownership, no vendor lock-in  Sitemap  Control Panel  Layouts  Themes  WAP enabled  Mobile Support  Manage Apps  Manage Users  Account Registrations
  17. 17. About InfoAxon Technologies InfoAxon is a leading provider of enterprise services and business solutions powered by open source. We design; architect and support complete “Enterprise Solution Platforms” using Open Standards, Web 2.0 next generation technologies and Open Source Frameworks providing end-to-end solutions to business problems. India’s First Global Open Source Integration Company We are Indias First Global Open Source Integration Company providing business solutions in areas of Content & Knowledge Management, Web2.0 Collaboration and Business Intelligence powered by our unique open source ‘Platforming’ expertise.INDIA OFFICE: UK OFFICE:InfoAxon Technologies Ltd. InfoAxon Technologies UK Ltd.H-189, Sector-63, Building A, Trinity Court,Electronic City, Wokingham Road,NODIA-201307, U.P Bracknell, Berkshire RG42 1PL,India United KingdomPhone:+91 120 4350040, Phone: +44 1344 668048,Fax:+ 91 120 4350065 Fax: +44 1344 668148Website: | Blog: | E-mail: m