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The corporate Profile of infoAxon Technologies.
About InfoAxon Technologies:
InfoAxon is a leading provider of enterprise services and business solutions powered by open source. We design, architect and support complete “Enterprise Solution Platforms” using Open Standards, Web 2.0 next generation technologies and Open Source Frameworks providing end-to-end solutions to business problems.
India’s First Global Open Source Integration Company :
We are India's First Global Open Source Integration Company providing business solutions in areas of Content & Knowledge Management, Web2.0 Collaboration and Business Intelligence powered by our unique open source ‘Platforming’ expertise.

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  • MyAIDSNexus is a social networking platform for one of the largest global network on HIV/AIDS communities and AIDS focused development organization.
  • MyAIDSNexus is a social networking platform for one of the largest global network on HIV/AIDS communities and AIDS focused development organization.
  • InfoAxon Corporate Profile

    1. 1. InfoAxon Technologies 1 INDIA’s First Open Source Integration Company
    2. 2. About InfoAxon in brief….. With a 12 year track record in delivering innovative business solutions and platforms powered by open source, InfoAxon drives ‘innovation’ ‘flexibility’ and ‘cost advantages’ for its global customers………………… 2
    3. 3. 3 Structure & History •InfoAxon Group •Established in year 2001 •Offices in India & UK •Software Export registered unit •Successful Track record of 12+ years implementing Open Source •Quoted by media & research agencies as ‘leading force in open source’ • INDIA’s FIRST Open Source Integration Company Business • Services •Open Source Integration •Open Source Consulting & Training • Solutions •Knowledge Management •Business Intelligence •Collaborative Content Management • Platforms •fusionKM – Social Network based KM Platform •fusionBI – Collaborative BI Platform •Social Housing Platform •Telecom Pricing Platform Domains & Coverage • Domains •Government •International Development Sector •Telecom & Media •BFSI •Start Ups • Coverage •40+ customers worldwide •United Kingdom •INDIA •South Africa •United States People & Infrastructure •8000 sq. ft. Innovation Center – NOIDA Electronic City • 80+ Passionate Open Source: •Architects •Developers •Artisans •Solution Managers • Offices •Electronic City, NOIDA, INDIA •Bracknell, United Kingdom
    4. 4. Who we are India's First Global Open Source Integration Company with a “distinct expertise” to integrate Open Source and deliver “Innovative Platforms” and Solutions for Knowledge Management Business Intelligence And growing……. A 12 year track record organization with an Open Source focus, skilled team and innovative Solutions that ultimately Bridge the gap between Professional Open Source and Business needs to make innovative ideas and provide alternative solutions to Business Problems A company that partners and creates success with Organizations that understand the power of Open Source. This includes: Pioneering Domain Leaders in: • Telecom, Retail, International Development, Social Housing, Government IT Consulting and System Integrators And exploring…… 4
    5. 5. 5 Over the years !!! 7 Large Open Source Powered platforms developed ; More than 50 custom applications in or around open source More than 50,000 Lines of original OSS Code More than 4000 man months of Development More than 100 separate Open Source Technology Integrations Adopted and Developed in almost all leading Open Source Development Technologies What it lead to !! 250,000 Housing aspirants in London use services running through our Platforms 100,000 sales quotes generated by the Platform leading to Annual Revenue GBP 400 million Largest Open Source ECM uses InfoAxon Calendar Component 12,000 UN Solution Exchange Members use our Platform to capture Knowledge 30,000 AIDS community members use our knowledge management solution Who was it for !! Leading London Social Housing Service UK’s Second Largest Telecom Provider Worlds Largest Human Development Organization Leading Indian Banks & Insurance Cos. India’s leading Digital Media & Entertainment Organization World 3rd largest Air Force
    6. 6. Our Journey So Far…… 6 2001: InfoAxon Technologies Founded 2003: Launched Shout card - one of the first VoIP services in UK 2004: InfoAxon chosen one of the key contributing member for ‘Office of Deputy Prime Minister, UK’ funded Open Source CMS project “APLAWS” . 2005: Delivered first Open Source based “Social Housing Solution (CBL)”. 2006: Pricing Platform for Virgin Media 2006: Open Source SOA Platform for HDFC Bank 2007: UNDP’s CMS development and support 2007: Open Source CRM Solution for Yes Bank 2008: Solution Exchange- KM Platform for UNDP 2009: Social Networking platform for HIV AIDS communities in South Africa 2009: Indian Air Force Content & KM Platform 2009: fusionKM, fusionBI, fusionTel – OS based platforms for KM, BI, and Telecom 2010: CBL grown into a large Platform supporting 0.5M applicants, 90M bids & 6M hits in a year 2010: KM Solutions for Max New York Life 2010: Retail Analytics Platform for eCommera 2011-12: Delivered major KM, Portal & Social Collaboration Platforms to large cos. Enhancing user experience & engagement OSS Bespoke Development OSS Integration OSS Platforms
    7. 7. We are working with 7 Govt. & Int’l Development • Social Housing – Choice Based Lettings • AID Monitoring & Evaluation • Social Network driven Knowledge Management • E-forms and Workflow Management • CMS driven E-governance Portals • Public Sector Corporate Performance Retail & Media •Retail Insights solution •Retail KPI Driven Dashboards •Retail optimized Data Warehouse •Retail Data Model • Workflow enabled Ad Agency KM solution BFSI •Open Source SOA Framework •Knowledge Management for Banking & Insurance • Business Intelligence & Reporting Solution InfoAxon’s Open Source ‘Platforming’
    8. 8. Media Coverage Covered in "Linux for You" & “Information Week” as leading Open Source Integration Company Nominated by IDC as one of the Most interesting ISV using Open Source Model Recognized as Ready Business Partner for open source Enterprise Solutions by Red Hat Chosen in Expert Panel for study on "International Status of Open Source 2010".
    9. 9. BFSI Retail, Media & Entertainment Government & International Development Others Ensuring Customer Successes (Partial list of our customers….)
    10. 10. Partnership & Alliances Growing Partners Ecosystem
    11. 11. Open Source ‘Platforming’ Practice shapes everything we do Our Platforming Practice shapes delivery of technology platforms that are powered by our unique ability to integrate open source technologies. These Platforms are then used to launch vertical specific solutions / services quickly and cost effectively for our customers. 11
    12. 12. Open Source Platforming – Big Picture Open Source Integration Solutions • Core Open Source Integration Expertise • OSS Product Integration • Research and Development • Technology Platforms Platforms powered by Open Source •White Label Platforms for: •Vertical Domain Leaders •SaaS Service Providers •Cloud Computing 12 Services Our Ability to “Innovate” and “Integrate” using Open Source and Mixed Source components drives everything we do leading to solution “Platforms” solutions for Businesses •Solution and Services •Domain Specific Solutions •Enterprise Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence solutions •Custom Solutions
    13. 13. Practice leads to Open Source powered Platforms We have developed ‘White Labeled’ Platforms powered by our open source integration expertise. These Platforms are adopted by domain leaders to launch business solutions & services on-premise or on-demand (Cloud based SaaS offering) 13
    14. 14. Our Pre-integrated Platforms fusionKM •Knowledge Management Solution Platform powered by Open Source •Mothership for: •KM Portals •Community Social Network solutions •Content Management •Enterprise Search fusionBI •Business Intelligence Platform powered by Open Source •Mothership for: •Enterprise Reporting Solutions •Reporting Dashboard and Intranets/Extranets •Analysis and Reporting Solutions •Data Ware house Models fusionX •White Label SaaS Platform designed for mixed KM, BI or even particular Custom Development needs. • Used to deliver Solutions such as: •Social Housing •Advertising Agencies •Custom Needs (KM + BI, E- Commerce, E-Learning) •Mash ups 14 More in the process…………….
    15. 15. Platforms drive Open Source powered Business Solutions Our Open Source Platforms provide the foundation for business and vertical specific solutions. Using Platforming approach to launch business solutions leads to better packaged, scalable and flexible solutions where standardization of open source technologies have been achieved. 15
    16. 16. Platforms lead to Solutions 16 White Label SaaS (Software as a Service Solutions) •Pre-Packaged Open Source Platforms for: •Vertical Domain Leaders • Enterprise SaaS solutions •B2B SaaS providers •IT Consulting and System Integrators •Innovators and Entrepreneurs Knowledge Management •Industry Specific KM Needs •Intranets/Extranets •Social Network Enabled Portals •Enterprise Content Management •Document Management •Social Network Knowledge Management •Search •Electronic Forms •Workflow Business Intelligence •Data Warehouse •Extract, Transform & Load ETL •Data Analysis & Reporting •Dashboards •BI Portals •Integration with Enterprise Applications
    17. 17. Our Services Professional Services with leading industry knowledge, expertise and insights on Open source model 17
    18. 18. Service Offerings 18 Open Source Consulting • Outlining Open Source Architectures • Defining Open Source Strategies • Open Source Consulting • Open Source Research and Development Training & Support Services • Complete Lifecycle Support for Open Source Solution • Training for: • Liferay Portal Framework • Orbeon • Pentaho • MySQL / Postgres • Alfresco Training Open Source Product Integration • Integrated Liferay Support & Development • Integrated Alfresco Support & Development • Integrated Pentaho Business Intelligence Services • Integrated XForms (Electronic Forms)
    19. 19. Open Source Consulting •For organizations experimenting Open Source •Trying to get Open Source right Training and Support Services •For Organizations building Open Source capacity •Require expert advice and hand holding •Require Internal IT teams trained and supervised by an Open Source partner Open Source Product Integration •Solution Implementation around a single Open Source Product •Limited Implementation scope •Have tried Open source implementations before 19 New Adopters Open Source Consultancy & Strategy •Outlining Open Source Architectures •Open Source Consulting •Open Source Research and Development Training & Support Services •Complete Lifecycle Support for Open Source Solution •Training for: •Liferay Portal Framework •Orbeon •Pentaho •MySQL / Postgres •Alfresco Training Open Source Product Integration •Integrated Liferay Support & Development •Integrated Alfresco Support & Development •Integrated Pentaho Business Intelligence Services •Integrated XForms (Electronic Forms) Mature Open Source adopters
    20. 20. Key Success stories Most of our relationships with customers have been long term and closely aligned with our customers’ business vision and goals. InfoAxon is ‘Partner of Choice’ for several leading businesses in domains of Govt. & Intl’ Development, Retail and Media, BFSI, and other Knowledge Intensive Industries. 20
    21. 21. UNDP Solution Exchange – KM Platform for Communities of Practices (CoPs) KM platform where development actors from Government, NGOs, private sector, donors and academia come together as “Communities of Practice” around themes relating to the Millennium Development Goals. 21
    22. 22. Choice Based Lettings Social Housing Platform Home Connections is a solution powered by open source and hosting UK’s leading Social Housing service entirely developed using Open source platforms provided by InfoAxon. The service today helps 650,000 applicants across 30 Social housing councils and has served more than 50 million housing bids till date 22
    23. 23. Retail BI Insight Platform An innovative platform developed using InfoAxon White labeled fusionBI platform providing deep insights into retail specific e- commerce data. Implemented in a Software as a Service model for retailers providing “Jaw Dropping” Dashboards and insightful analytics. 23
    24. 24. MyAIDSNexus – KM Platform for HIV AIDS Communities in South Africa A social networking powered KM platform to allow development organization to share information, collaborate and create applications. Implements KM solution for one of the largest global network on HIV/AIDS communities and AIDS focused development organization. 24
    25. 25. Ways we can work together 25
    26. 26. Ad Hoc Open Source Intervention • Typically time and material engagement • For emergency or short term support/consulting Product Integration and Development • Fixed Price and T&M Models • For Open source product integrated for your business • Project Based engagement Delivering Solutions using White Label Platform • End to End solution delivered using White Label Platform Technology Integrated by InfoAxon • Maximum Value of Open Source delivered in a partnered engagement • Fixed Price and T&M Models • Long Term relationships Joint Venture and Strategic Engagement • Engaged at IT Strategy Level as Chosen Partner in Open Source • Complete Open Source solution development roadmap • Innovative Pricing Models • Set up of OSS Innovation Centers • Platform implementation & Support • Solution Building for Specific Verticals 26 Business Value with Open Source Typical Engagement Models
    27. 27. Find more about us on our Web Site, Social Media or simply “Google” us 27
    28. 28. InfoAxon on Web & Social Media • Facebook • Twitter • mpany/infoaxon- technologies-limited Linkedin • Slideshare • Corporate Website • Corporate Blog 28
    29. 29. 29 InfoAxon Technologies Limited Confidential Check us out at For more information about us, contact us at INDIA InfoAxon Technologies Limited A-105, Sector 63, Noida 201 307 India Tel : +91 120 4798937 Fax : +91 120 4350065 UK InfoAxon Technologies UK Limited Building A, Trinity Court Wokingham Road Bracknell, Berkshire RG42 1PL United Kingdom Tel: +44 1344 668048 Fax: +44 1344 668148 DDI: +44 1344 668458