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How can Digital Engagement transform Customer Service in Insurance Industry?


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A brief overview of how digital engagement can help insurance players in delivering better customer service.

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How can Digital Engagement transform Customer Service in Insurance Industry?

  1. 1. INFOAXON MAKING DIGITAL REAL & REWARDING The Insurance Industry players are in dire need of adopting digital engagement today with increasing expectations from customers and a demand for a more cohesive user experience.
  2. 2. How can Digital Engagement transform Customer Service in the Insurance Industry? IMPORTANT POINTS • It’s not simply about selling a product or a service; it is about selling an experience. • Customers need to be engaged by delivering personal and relevant content. • Research suggests that 90% of all media interactions are screen based and hence brands need to focus on their digital customer service strategies in order to optimize engagement & sales. The Insurance Sector today is a huge industry with several dozens of players in each country vying with each other to attract customers. In today’s digital age, customers have begun to expect immediate resolution for their grievances. Insurance players can no longer hope to survive if they stick to traditional methods of servicing customers. They need to adopt a digital engagement strategy to enhance the user experience and provide personalized services & offerings. In this article we will look at how digital engagement can revolutionize the way insurance industry works. What is Digital Engagement? If you look at businesses today, you will see that both assets and content are increasingly digital. They consist of audio, video, text and interactive elements and are consumed via multiple channels such as mobile, desktop, tablet and also in-store. Digital engagement is all about creating a compelling, consistent and a contextual way of personalizing and delivering the overall experience of the user. The market today demands intimacy and synchronization across channels in order to provide personalized and seamless experiences to customers. Customers today interact with businesses via multiple channels and expect their experience to pick up where the last interaction left off. This is what digital engagement aims to achieve.
  3. 3. What Customers expect from Insurers? • Simplicity. • Access across every channel. • Quickly find relevant information. • Innovative services tailored to the digital age. An Omni-channel experience • Insurers need to offer robust transactional capabilities that are consistent across all channels. • A customer must be able to start the conversation with a financial advisor, make a purchase on the phone and then complete the transaction using the computer. The role of Digital Engagement in Insurance Industry There was a time when customer engagement in the insurance sector was tantamount to prompt claim settlement, but now the expectations are much higher. With the arrival of digital technologies like social media, smartphones and connected homes, insurance players are being required to move on from being just conventional. There are players who have already jumped on to the digital engagement bandwagon and are now leveraging technology to understand customers’ lifestyle and create customized coverage that suits their needs. Let us have a look at some of the ways Digital Engagement can benefit insurance players. • Help create hassle free digital experiences that enable purchasing policies and reviewing benefits. • Help agents, brokers, adjusters and partners in sharing and collecting information in a faster and efficient manner for the purpose of claim management. • Enable integration of multiple software systems and data sources & also eliminate redundant paper work. • Enable self-service for customers by integrating disparate systems of records into a seamless user experience which helps customers in managing all their policies from one place. • Provide personalized engagement to customers. For instance greet customers by name instead of asking for a policy number and improve customer satisfaction. • Enable creation of a robust loyalty programs These are just some of the ways that digital engagement can benefit insurance sector players. Once fully implemented a digital engagement strategy covers every digital touch point with the customer and aids the insurer in taking proactive, personalized actions.
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