Create Practical ECM Solutions Using Alfresco 3 Cookbook


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Create Practical ECM Solutions Using Alfresco 3 Cookbook

  1. 1. Press ReleaseCreate Practical ECM SolutionsLeveraging Alfresco with help of‘Alfresco 3 Cookbook’ by PacktPublishing ‘Alfresco 3 Cookbook’ Author: Snigdhendhu Bhaumik KM Practice Head InfoAxon Technologies Ltd Marketing Contacts: Vineet Dahiya InfoAxon Technologies Ltd. Mob - +91-9810425760 Email -
  2. 2. Press ReleaseFrom InfoAxon’s PR DeskInfoAxon Technologies, India‟s First Open Source Integration company, is proud to announce the launch of book on Alfresco ”Alfresco 3 Cookbook” authored by its Knowledge Management Practice Head and Director Technical, Mr. Snigdhendu Bhaumik.Published by Packt Publishers, UK. “Alfresco 3 Cookbook” provides a unique perspective in form of „practical recipies‟ and objectiveinstructions on how to perform certain tasks in Alfresco along with source code examples included from real world.Unlike other books which talk about conceptual & theoretical knowledge on design, architecture, database etc., “Alfresco 3Cookbook” takes the reader to objective level and provides practical, step by step instructions on Alfresco installation,administration, creation of custom models, writing web scripts, creation of workflows and integration with 3rd party products andapplications such as Microsoft-Office. This book also provide details on how to compile Alfresco from source code and build adevelopment environment thus enabling developers to customize and enhance it further by writing their own extensions overalfresco.As per Snigdhendu, “This book is result of cumulative experience gained over several years of design, development, integration anddeployment of alfresco powered enterprise grade content & knowledge management solutions for global customers, working within-house R&D and Development team and last but not the least contribution and interaction with open source developercommunities”.The book is a great resource for developers who want to get expertise and develop solutions using Alfresco; and for architects whowant to deploy and implement enterprise content management & knowledge management solutions without the cost andcomplexity of traditional offerings.You could know more about the RAW „Alfresco 3 Cookbook‟ at the AuthorSnigdhendu Bhaumik is Knowledge Management Practice leader and Technical Director at InfoAxon Technologies responsible forproviding solutions in Content & Knowledge Management powered by open source. Snigdhendu holds the degree of Bachelor ofEngineering in Computer Science and Technology and is passionate about open source technologies and their potential to offerbusiness solutions. His core skills are solution designing and architecting, open source integration and platforming, complexproblem solving, execution and mentoring.He has diverse experience of over 10 years ranging from open source technologies like Alfresco, Liferay, Pentaho and Microsoft.Net. Over the past few years Snigdhendu has been driving the development of InfoAxon‟s KM Platform „fusionKM‟ which is anintegrated stack of Alfresco, Liferay and various other key open source frameworks. He has wide experience of delivering opensource powered solutions to global customers in field of International Development, Social Housing, Banking, Retail and Insurance.He is an active participant in various open source communities and has contributed functionalities to some of the leading opensource platforms.To know more about Snig, please visit
  3. 3. Press ReleaseAbout InfoAxonInfoAxon is “Indias First Global Open Source Integration Company” providing innovative business solutions with a “distinctexpertise” to integrate Open Source and deliver “Innovative Platforms” and Solutions for Content & Knowledge Management,Business Intelligence and Web2.0 Collaboration.With a 10 years track record of delivering innovative business platforms and solutions powered by open source, InfoAxon drives„innovation, „flexibility‟, and „cost advantages‟ to its global customers.To know more about InfoAxon, visitWeb : http://www.infoaxon.comBlog : http://blog.infoaxon.comSlideShare : Packt Publishing:Packt is a modern publishing company, producing cutting-edge books and E-Books for communities of developers, administrators,and newbies alike. Their books, E-Books and articles share the experiences of your fellow IT professionals in adapting andcustomizing todays systems, applications, and frameworks. Their solutions-based books and E-Books give you the knowledge andpower to customize the software and technologies youre using to get the job done.To know more about kindly visit
  4. 4. Press ReleaseOur Customer Showcase
  5. 5. About InfoAxon Technologies InfoAxon is a leading provider of enterprise services and business solutions powered by open source. We design, architect and support complete “Enterprise Solution Platforms” using Open Standards, Web 2.0 next generation technologies and Open Source Frameworks providing end-to-end solutions to business problems. India‟s First Global Open Source Integration Company We are Indias First Global Open Source Integration Company providing business solutions in areas of Content & Knowledge Management, Web2.0 Collaboration and Business Intelligence powered by our unique open source „Platforming‟ expertise.INDIA OFFICE: UK OFFICE:InfoAxon Technologies Ltd. InfoAxon Technologies UK Ltd.H-189, Sector-63, Building A, Trinity Court,Electronic City, Wokingham Road,NODIA-201307, U.P Bracknell, Berkshire RG42 1PL,India United KingdomPhone:+91 120 4350040, Phone: +44 1344 668048,Fax:+ 91 120 4350065 Fax: +44 1344 668148Website: | Blog: | E-mail: contactus@infoaxon.comSlideshare: | Facebook: