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Accelerate digital transformation with API Pylon issue 4.0


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Leverage the power of InfoAxon's NodeJS based API Gateway that helps manage integrations with multiple third party services and internal systems.

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Accelerate digital transformation with API Pylon issue 4.0

  1. 1. API PYLON is a an API Gateway Product built on NodeJS by InfoAxon October 2018 Accelerate Digital Transformation With API PYLON API Pylon is an API Gateway that provides an ‘integration glue’ to connect external services and internal systems with digital front-ends m
  2. 2. Key Use Cases: ❖ Digitally onboard customers and partners quickly and in a frictionless way ❖ Enable new business models & open up new channels – SAAS, PAAS, whitelable with partners etc. ❖ Avoid custom integrations but instead provide standard interfaces ❖ Manage all customer interactions at one place before final transaction is committed ❖ Integrate with partners & new channels quicker, cheaper and more effectively Businesses are getting disrupted digitally. One of the key challenges organization face on path to digital transformation is quick and friction-less customer & partner on-boarding on their digital platforms. This often requires integration with multiple 3rd party services as well as internal systems. If not done efficiently it leads to inflexible systems and hence increase in turnaround time. Large organizations specially banks, financial services, and insurance are facing issues/challenges as they accelerate their digital transformation journeys: › There is a need to fast track the digital on-boarding journeys of customers and partners as they have limited time › Digital front-ends should be de-coupled with integration logic through the use of lean API Middleware layer built on a micro-services architecture › Customer On-boarding is originating from various sources and channels - aggregators, partner portals, marketplaces AND mobile, website, physical, IoT devices. In order to capitalize the market opportunities, a standardized way of consuming and exposing the APIs is required. › Paperless journey requires integration and quick response from multitude of 3rd party services such as eKYC, Credit Check, Bureaus etc. InfoAxon’s API Pylon - an open source API Gateway addresses these issues by standardizing the consumption of external services, integration of internal systems while exposing key functionalities as services to external aggregators.
  3. 3. API Pylon: Technical Highlights › Modular Architecture: Asynchronous and non-blocking architecture built on API Façade pattern. Version-wise APIs: Different client applications can use different version of same API. Easy to develop, very fast to implement and deploy new integrations and APIs › NoSQL Database: Inbuilt MongoDB. All data transaction by default dumped in MongoDB. Ready-made data available for mining and analysis. › Open Protocols: Technology independent protocols. Can be plugged into any new or legacy application - HTTP/s, REST, SOAP, Database Drivers › Secured: Fully secured API gates. 256 bit encrypted private-public key handshaking, API level access authorization › Scalable: Scalable by design – both vertically & horizontally API Pylon: Key Business Benefits › Faster on-boarding of customers from 3rd-party platforms; smoother integration with third-party providers of KYC, fraud, credits bureau checks › Unified Experience across multiple channels for differentiated customer, partner and employee customer experience leading to enhanced customer services › Through API Pylon, integration follows a standard and will not be dependent on who is consuming the APIs. This increases re-usability of the services and middle layer remains independent from any changes in the front end. › Enable seamless information exchange within the business, making it feasible to create a Single View of Customer › At the center of Digital Transformation is Personalization. API Pylon provides contextual information to create rich ‘segments of personas’ and ‘targeting rules’ to personalize user experience on digital front-ends. Pre-bundled Integrations with: • Aadhaar • UIDAI • PAN • GSTiN • ROC • CDSL • CIBIL • Fastlane • Salesforce • Liferay DXP and many more….. Pylon is available on: • Experian • Crif • Karza • Hunter • Perfios • Signzy • Pennant • Google Assistant • OneDrive
  4. 4. InfoAxon Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd A-105, Sector 63, Noida, UP; Tel: +91 120 4350040 Mobile: 9810425760 (Vineet Dahiya) Email: Established in 2001, InfoAxon helps customers deliver compelling digital engagement and analytics solutions that better engage their consumers, partners and employees. With offices in USA, UK and India, InfoAxon works with global BFSI customers providing end-to-end digital solutions including conceptualization, development, implementation and support. InfoAxon also enjoys the distinction of being Liferay's deep skilled Partner in India, USA and Africa.