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Portfolio 2012

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  2. 2. Reference projekt 2012Product care of manual milking equipmentDeLaval is a large supplier of milking equipment for the dairy business. They have products rangingfrom manual use to automated robot controlled milking. The company is present in over 100 countriesworldwide.Demands• Handel quality errands and make improvements on existing products for manual milkingDesign/Workflow• Investigate cause of and finding a solution for problems with existing products My work has included:• Plastic and rubber parts design• Sheet metal design• Re design of drive line• Requirements specification of photo sensors• Evaluation with rapid prototyping and test in lab and FEM-analysis• Documentation of case solutionsDevelopment toolsSolid Edge, Sensei-PDM, SIBEL, Excel Anders Lund Stockholm Sweden +46 (0)73 9063560 info@anderslund.se www.anderslund.se
  3. 3. Reference projekt 2011Electro mechanical design of audio management systemCatron Elektronik AB is a Swedish electronic company specialized in audio control technology. TheSAAB Erieye is the world’s only operational airborne Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radarin service today. The plane is used for border control, disaster management, and national security mis-sion’s etcetera. Catron is supplier of the sound management system that handles all voice communica-tion on board.Demands• Design of enclosure for electronics and design of panel interfaces to users according to:• EMC• Light scattering• PCB layoutDesign/Workflow• Sheet metal design of data management units, speaker units, control panels• Machined mold boxes and panel interface components including overlays• Collaboration with hardware-, software designers and assemblers• Documentation of cable boardsDevelopment toolsSolidWorksOtherImplemented 3D-CAD and design rules. Anders Lund Stockholm Sweden +46 (0)73 9063560 info@anderslund.se www.anderslund.se
  4. 4. Reference projekt 2010-2011Design/product care of flywheel exercise equipmentYoYo Technology is an innovative exercise company. They have introduced and patented the exercisemethod of flywheel resistance training. The fly wheel technology is used in collaboration with ESA andNASA-projects for weight less training in space and is also used by top athletes.Demands• Pre study for a combined strength/cardio training equipment for use at space stations. Including sensor implementation and design of recoil system.• Design/product care of exercise equipmentDesign/Workflow• Welded steel structures• Aluminum frame structures• Sheet-metal design• Ergonomic seat designs• Design for cost reduction and user interface improvements• Sensor integration• Clutch and recoil system designDevelopment toolsSolidWorks, Workgroup-PDM, Excel Anders Lund Stockholm Sweden +46 (0)73 9063560 info@anderslund.se www.anderslund.se
  5. 5. Reference projekt 2009 - 2010Quality control of production documentationÅlö is a major manufacturer of front end loaders with associated equipment. Their company have morethan 25 percent of the world market in the segment of agricultural tractors with engines stronger than50 hp. The associated equipment for front end loaders consists of different kind of bale handlingequipment and buckets. The production of this equipment was moved to a new ÅLÖ-plant in China.Demands• All production drawings must be quality assured• Check drawing against current manufacturing• Standardized drawings• Tolerance stack-up calculations• Material conversionsDesign/Workflow• Investigation of current manufacturing. Including visits to all premises. Cooperation with production engineers, quality and purchasing managers.• Manufacturing includes: • Edge press, Edge folding, Tube bending, Stamping dies • Welding (manual and robot controlled (no weald bead finder)) • Laser-, Plasma cutting • Forging • Machining • Dip coating, Spray painting• Optimization of production in regards to drawings standardization, material conversions and product customizationDevelopment toolsSolid Edge, Smarteam, ExcelOtherWas part of implementing SharePoint interface, for continuous follow up of production in the newfactory. Anders Lund Stockholm Sweden +46 (0)73 9063560 info@anderslund.se www.anderslund.se
  6. 6. Reference projekt 2008 - 2011Design of new nose cone for X2000 trainsSJ (formally SJ AB) is a government-owned passenger train operator in Sweden. SJ have during thelast years changed the nose cone design to facilitate the possibility of coupling two train sets together.The aim of this project was to achive easy coupling ability and increase protection and esthetic look ofthe train.Demands• Designed to never be taken of the train• Designed for economic series production• Withstanding extreme climate• Achieve a life time of 10 years• Protecting sensitive parts of the train from wildlife accidents• No need for tools when operating the cone, easy to lift and close• Follow existing streamlines of the trainDesign/Workflow• A two parted cone was designed. One fix part and one movable• Optimization of four link mechanism, including ergonomic relief• Movable nose cone of reinforced glass fiber. (Two part injection mold tool)• Fixed nose part (Vacuum mold tool)• Verification prototype 1:1 scale design• Verification tests in collaboration with CAE engineer• Fixtures for manufacturing and assembly• Manuals for assembling and handlingDevelopment toolsSolidWorks, Excel, Hyperworks Motion, WordOtherDuring a major part of the project I was project manager as well as mechanical designer. Anders Lund Stockholm Sweden +46 (0)73 9063560 info@anderslund.se www.anderslund.se
  7. 7. Reference projekt 2008Design of waste disposal unit for marine useUson Marine manufactures waste handling equipment for marine use. Examples of clients are cruiseships and oil rigs. To expand waste handling possibilities a new shredder series was needed.Demands• Development of new shredder series including stands• Varying waste such as plastic wrap, reinforced construction bags, food scraps and tin cans• Corrosive environment• Possibility of hang mounted shredder unit• Personal safety according to CE regulations• Ergonomic user interface• Able to manage load cases of up to 8000NmDesign/Workflow• Welded steel construction, stand, hopper, torque rods, door designs• Bearing arrangement with a protective sealing system• Magnetically safety switches• Excel-sheet transmission design including: press-fitting, keyed connection, fatigue design of shaft and gear train. FEM-analysis of the torque rod• Development of product family with different choice of motors and shredder sizesDevelopment toolsSolidworks, CosmosWorks, Excel Anders Lund Stockholm Sweden +46 (0)73 9063560 info@anderslund.se www.anderslund.se
  8. 8. Referens project 2007Design of optomechanical laboratory equipmentPortendo develops and markets threat detection equipment for homeland, military and commercialsecurity industries. Portendo’s technology aim to increase safety and operational capability in high-riskenvironments by providing detection of explosives, warfare agents and hazardous chemicals. Detectionis made at a safe distance using laser technique. Portendo wanted a laboratory equipment to test thistechnique. I was responsible for the mechanical design of this equipment.Demands• Design of unit for holding the laser and optical measurement equipment• Adjustable lenses with position feedbackDesign/Workflow• Design of optical mounts• Positioning by linear ways and lead screws• Position feedback through positioning indicators• Aluminum frameDesign toolsSolidWorks Anders Lund Stockholm Sweden +46 (0)73 9063560 info@anderslund.se www.anderslund.se
  9. 9. Employment 2005-2007Application engineerNOMO is a trading house with over 70 employees. They have Scandinavia´s broadest assortment ofball- and roller bearings. They also sell plain bearings, linear bearings, bearing houses, seals and manyother machine elements. I was employed at Nomo:s engineering apartment as an application engineer.Work descriptionMy main function was to help engineers to select bearing for their applications.Example of support could be:• Cost savings • Selection of bearing and bearing arrangements• Compact design • Shaft and housing design• High speed application • Bearing dimensioning• Bearing damage analyses • Bearing handling and mounting/dismounting instructions• Special environments’ • Recommendations of bearing fits, clearance, preloading methods• Bearing lifetime studies • Recommendations of seals and lubricationExperienceI have a good knowledge regarding what kind of bearing is appropriate for different applications. Asa trading house employee I had contact with large bearing companies from all over the world. I wasresponsible over NOMO:s drawing archive. I created educational material and educated staff andcustomers in Sweden.EducationI was educated from both NOMO and from the companies that we represented, for example: NSK,TIMKEN and GGB.Development toolsAlibre design (3D-CAD) ,NSK, TIMKEN, GGB-calculation programs, excel, PowerPoint Anders Lund Stockholm Sweden +46 (0)73 9063560 info@anderslund.se www.anderslund.se