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M12 social gamification API | BEWE


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Any digital content can be gamified using the M12 Gamification API platform. You will be able to enrich both the user experience such as the user base profiling adding new information and data related to the user social media interactions
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M12 social gamification API | BEWE

  1. 1. The time has come for brands to stop worrying about social media and to start enjoying their benefits.M12 – Gamification APIBEWE – 11th 2012
  2. 2. Bewe Digital Value Life Cycle – 3P The social performance platform PLAN PROFILE Social Intelligence Social Profiling •  Web monitoring •  Unified Access •  Social competitive analysis •  Engagement Tracker •  Analytics PERFORM Social Activation •  Contest: sms, video, photo •  Gamification: web action, video •  Social Adv Tuner© 2012 BEWE srl 2  
  3. 3. BEWE Digital Value •  Monitoring Platform •  Social Intelligence PERFORM Social Media •  Social Reader Analysis •  BEWE Rank •  BEWE Quadrant •  Digital adv boost Social Media •  Photo e Video Social Contest App Activation •  Gamification API Customer •  Unified Access Platform Value Capitalisation •  BEWE KPI© 2012 BEWE srl 3
  4. 4. M12 Gamification API – gamified video experience An example of a project based on M12 Gamification API platform is Freaks! ( one of the most famous italian webseries. The second season has been released on September 2012 with the live streaming of new episodes and the involvement of actors commenting the episodes with the audience. The video experience has been “gamified” thanks to the M12 Gamification API platform contribution with enriching both the user experience and the user base profiling, adding new information and data related with users interactions within the platform and on social media. Pageviews and the related exposure to commercial messages (banners, preroll, postroll) have been exponentially increased (both on time and impression) thanks to the application of gamification dynamics to the video contents. M12 Gamification API flexibility allows also to add new games to the same content over time, so the users are encouraged to frequently and constantly come back to the channel.© 2012 BEWE srl 4
  5. 5. M12 Gamification API - Features© 2012 BEWE srl 5
  6. 6. M12 Gamification API – Tecnologies The M12 Gamification API platform is developed with Ruby 1.9.3 language on Rails 3.2.3 framework. Data are stored on Postgres database that uses ActiveRecord to interface with the application. Database type can be changed based on customer needs using for example MySQL or Oracle. On the front-end side, the customer can integrate APIs using his preferred language. Freaks! The Series, for example, uses HTML5 as markup language, jquery 1.7 for interaction and several libraries to integrate social media (facebook sdk and twitter libraries). Freaks project, integrates also a cache system in order to reduce to the minimum the server load (the infrastructure can change based on the different projects: from one server only to the use of a cdn to serve all the assets).© 2012 BEWE srl 6
  7. 7. M12 Gamification API – Video Player integration VIDEO Player and “current_time”: M12 Gamification API can be integrated with any player type, as long as it exposes the “current_time” variable via API. How it works: “Current_time” is checked every second. If its higher than the game starting time but lower than the game duration time, the system runs an ajax call to receive the game. When the user interacts with the game, the system allocates pints to the user (still using an ajax call). The play (time, points, user, answer) is saved in a dedicated table (shots). The live streaming is very peculiar as the player may not pass the current_time variable. In this case games are based on real time: knowing when the live streaming starts, the system time is checked every second and the “current_time” is obtained subtracting the live streaming starting time.© 2012 BEWE srl 7
  8. 8. M12 Gamification API – Bundles GAMIFICATION  API  BUNDLES   Bundle  name   API  Module   API   Descrip?on   get_user  (points)   given  a  userID,  you  get  user’s  total  score   get_chart/points   users  list  sorted  by  user’s  score  (paging  every  X  users)   get_chart/created   users  list  sorted  by  user’s  crea=on  date  (paging  every  X  users)   User  API   get_chart/last_ac=on   users  list  sorted  by  user’s  last  ac=on  (paging  every  X  users)   get_posi=on/points   given  a  userID,  you  get  user’s  chart  posi=on   Gamifica?on  by  Points   get_users_inac=ve  (points)   list  of  users  who  are  not  playing  since  at  least  X  days   get_users_registra=on_only   list  of  users  who  have  received  only  registra=on  points  (à  entry  points)     given  an  itemCODE,  you  get  the  games  (list)  linked  to  that  item  (available  games  type:   get_games   display,  mul=ple  choice,  preference,  share,  link)     Game  API   get_game   Given  a  gameID,  you  get  all  game  parameters   insert_shot   POST  call  to  assign  a  play  (and  rela=ve  points)  to  a  user  © 2012 BEWE srl 8
  9. 9. M12 Gamification API – Bundles GAMIFICATION  API  BUNDLES   Bundle  name   API  Module   API   Descrip?on   get_user  (badges)   given  a  userID,  you  get  the  number  of  user’s  unlocked  badges   get_chart/badges   users  list  sorted  by  user’s  unlocked  badges  number  (paging  every  X  users)   get_chart/created   users  list  sorted  by  user’s  crea=on  date  (paging  every  X  users)   User  API   get_chart/last_ac=on   users  list  sorted  by  user’s  last  ac=on  (paging  every  X  users)   get_posi=on/badges   given  a  userID,  you  get  user’s  chart  posi=on   Gamifica?on  by  Badges   get_users_inac=ve  (badges)   list  of  users  who  have  unlocked  less  than  X  badges     get_badges/user_id   given  a  userID,  you  get  the  list  of  unlocked  and  “to  be  unlock”  badges     get_badges   full  badges  list   Badge  API   given  a  badgeID,  you  get  the  list  of  users  who  have  unlocked  that  badge  (sorted  by  unlock   get_users_badge   date)   unlock_badge   POST  call  to  unlock  a  badge  (bade  type:  “custom  event”)   User  API           Points  +  Badges  Bundle   Game  API       Badge  API          © 2012 BEWE srl 9
  10. 10. M12 Gamification API – Add-ons ADD-­‐ON  MODULES  &  SERVICES   get_uread_no=fica=ons   given  a  userID,  you  get  user’s  unread  no=fica=ons  list   get_all_no=fica=ons   given  a  userID,  you  all  the  no=fica=ons  received  by  the  user   No?fica?on  API   read_no=fica=on   POST  call  to  register  a  no=fica=on  reading   read_all_no=fica=ons   POST  call  to  register  all  no=fica=ons  reading   Analy?cs   backend  feature       Assistance  &  Consul?ng   professional  service  (prepaid)       Custom  API  Dev   es=mate  on  demand      © 2012 BEWE srl 10
  11. 11. M12 Gamification API – Included services ANNUAL  FEE:  INCLUDED  SERVICES   License   Install  &  Use  Gamifica=on  API  on  your  own  server  (#  domains)   Code  update  +  bug  fixing   App  code  update  to  the  last  Rails  stable  version   Based  on  product  road-­‐map,  all  updates  on  purchased  modules  are   Modules  upgrade   included:  new  game  types,  new  badge  unlock  dynamics,…   Documenta?on  update   Every  product  upgrade  comes  with  an  updated  documenta=on.  © 2012 BEWE srl 11
  12. 12. M12 Gamification API – Pricing ADDITIONAL   ITEM   COST  **   DOMAIN   Setup  &  training    €  4.000,00     -­‐   BUNDLE:  Gamifica8on  by  points      €  12.000,00  *    €  1.400,00  *   BUNDLE:  Gamifica8on  by  badges    €  12.000,00  *      €  1.400,00  *   BUNDLE:  Gamifica8on  Full  (points+badges)    €  19.200,00  *    €  2.300,00  *     ADD-­‐ON:  Analy8cs    €  1.500,00  *     -­‐   ADD-­‐ON:  No8fica8ons  API    €  1.500,00  *     -­‐   HELP  (Assistance  &  Consul8ng)  40h    €  3.200,00     -­‐   HELP  (Assistance  &  Consul8ng)  80h    €  6.000,00     -­‐   * Annual license fee ** VAT 21% exluded© 2012 BEWE srl 12
  13. 13. Some social media projects© 2012 BEWE srl 13