BEWE at WAS (eng)


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Press release about BEWE's presence at WAS 2011.

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BEWE at WAS (eng)

  1. 1. BEWE AT WAS 2011HOW TO LEARN ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS TO SOCIAL MEDIAIt will be held in Milan on April 20th, in the exclusive Eventiquattro headquarter, the Web Analytics Strategies –WAS 2011, the Italian reference event for Internet, Mobile and Social Media monitoring organized by the 24 OreGroup.Now on its second edition, the event is characterized by a format of high scientific and educational level.Authoritative professionals and new media operators will intervene presenting the elements that characterize theongoing media revolution, trying to clarify its key points and its communication potential for the companies.BEWE too will be participating in the event, with a workshop entitled ‘You’ve made your bed, now you must lie onit! – How to learn asking the right questions to social media’.The intervention will be held by Dario Manuli, BEWE’s Marketing & Business Development Director, and willcover the implementation of social media monitoring strategies and the issue of how to obtain optimal results inthe use of listening platforms.“The use of web monitoring platforms has exponentially increased in the latest years. – Manuli explains – Companiesrealized the importance of listening their clients’ and prospects’ voices in order to anticipate their needs and to increasetheir brand awareness and market share, thus enlacing new relationships with consumers and consolidating the alreadyexisting ones. However, the choice and the use of a good detection and analysis instrument for online conversations is notenough. Everybody is listening, but in the web overcrowding only a few companies are really able to understand the datadetected by the monitoring platforms, thus minimizing the potential of a digital strategy based on listening. Theacquisition of a technology, in fact, is just the very first step: time, method and professionalism are other fundamentalcomponents to drive the companies asking themselves the new questions to which social media can give precious answers”.The intervention will be prompted by BEWE’s experience in using its own monitoring, management andengagement platform for social media Mistral 12 and by the improvements introduced thanks to the application fordemanding clients like Amadori and Paglieri Sell System. It will also provide interesting food for though for thosecompanies which are interested in improving their communication and marketing strategy as well as their brands’‘social’ development.