MRC/info4africa KZN Community Forum | August 2012 | Presentation 1


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Mrs Debbie Heustice, Director of the Centre for HIV and AIDS Networking (HIVAN) spotlighted the collaborative and community-focused mobile technology offering called the Impilo Mobile Phone Survey Tool. A partnership between HIVAN, Black Sash and the Wits School of Public and Development Management (Clear - Wits PDM), Impilo was implemented through the Black Sash's Community Monitoring and Advocacy Project (CMAP). CMAP monitors government service delivery in primary healthcare, social security and encourages active citizenship. This HIVAN / Clear / Black Sash partnership entailed creating safe, confidential opportunities for local communities to share their experiences of accessing services at primary health care clinics, SASSA Service Points and SASSA Pay Points. Surveys were completed via mobile phone, making it easy for problems to be flagged and for good work to be praised. All this information was then efficiently collated into electronic reports for the relevant government agencies and used to advocate for improvements in service delivery. CMAP reports provide a much needed voice for change. CMAP has successfully worked with SASSA and other government agencies to bring about tangible improvements in service delivery.

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MRC/info4africa KZN Community Forum | August 2012 | Presentation 1

  1. 1. A brief introduction to the HIV-911 Programme A country-wide database of health and wellbeing service providers
  2. 2. 12 000 service providers During the past 11 years we have developed a countrywide database and set of database products making HIV-911 accessible for all people in South Africa
  3. 3. To date we have disseminated over 140 000 HIV-911 provincial directories
  4. 4. We have a FREE online database: WWW.HIV911.ORG.ZA
  5. 5.
  6. 6. A variety of mobile phone solutions: • Mobi-site: • Short Code SMS Facility: 45080 • Impilo Service: *130*448# • Referral Service • Survey Facility
  7. 7. Impilo: Health in My Hands
  8. 8. HIVAN: Run a national database of health and wellbeing service providers called HIV-911. Work to giving citizens & service providers access to quality to relevant health and welfare information 24/7 AAT: Mobile technology partner Clear, Wits PDM: Internationally linked centre for capacity building for innovative monitoring & evaluation practice. Working with governments to better enable them to respond to the demands of citizens Black Sash: Educating and enabling citizens to actively access their constitutional rights. Holding State accountable. Leading the CMAP project in all provinces.
  9. 9. The Power of Mobile Phones in SA Widespread Penetration 93% of SA has access to a mobile phone Fast Growing Market 45 million handsets in SA Growing by 1.25 million per month Accessibility More sim cards in SA than people In many communities it’s easier to access mobiles than clean drinking water A Necessity? An essential means of communication – connecting hard to reach places
  10. 10. What can I do with Impilo? • Get info on services in my area • Complete Customer Satisfaction surveys CALL *130*448# and follow the menu prompts A tool for health and wellbeing access and accountability
  11. 11. Why use a mobile phone tool for CMAP? • Available 24/7/365 • Clients can use it when no monitor present! • Collates survey records easily • Free - No airtime needed • Available on all networks • Available on all mobile phones (no set up needed) • Familiar technology • USSD used by 50 million S Africans Welcome to the Impilo Service. Select the numer you require: 1. Get Help 2. Report on PHC Visit 3. Report on SASSA Service Point 4. Report on SASSA Pay Point 5. Change language Welcome to the Impilo Service. Please Select: 1. Get help – Find a Provider 2 Feedback: SASSA Pay Point 3. Feedback: SASSA Service Point 4. Feedback: PHC Visit 5. Change Language
  12. 12. Impilo Help/Referral Service Call *130*448# on a mobile phone Choose Option 1 to “Get Help” Choose a service (8 options) Session Ends Immediate SMS with 3 services near you
  13. 13. Impilo CMAP Survey Call *130*448# on a mobile phone Choose Option 2 to “Give Feedback” Option 2: Feedback: SASSA Pay Point Option 3: Feedback: SASSA Service Point Option 4: Feedback: Primary Health Care Point Welcome to the Impilo Service. Please Select: 1. Get help – Find a Provider 2 Feedback: SASSA Pay Point 3. Feedback: SASSA Service Point 4. Feedback: PHC Visit 5. Change Language
  14. 14. Impilo Stakeholders: • Custodians: Black Sash, Clear, HIV-911 and technical partner AAT • Clients: Government and Civil Society Service Providers (Facility Managers) • Beneficiaries: Citizens and Government
  15. 15. CMAP REPORTS • The Impilo system automatically collates responses for each site • Summary reports can be emailed to Monitors & Facility Managers • Black Sash will be copied all reports & post these reports to monitors who do not have email • Monitors can play a more active role in flagging client concerns directly with Facility Managers / Service Providers
  16. 16. Referral Services CivilSocietyLink Home Based Care Services DHIS SA Health System
  17. 17. MOBILE PHONES Tools to Close the Gaps in SA Health System