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Aengus Rooney [Grafana] | What's New with Grafana and InfluxDB | InfluxDays EMEA 2021



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Aengus Rooney [Grafana] | What's New with Grafana and InfluxDB | InfluxDays EMEA 2021

  1. 1. Aengus Rooney, Grafana Labs What’s New with Grafana and InfluxDB
  2. 2. About me Solutions Engineering @ Grafana Labs Observability Observing
  3. 3. Logs Traces Metrics / The composable observability stack
  4. 4. Remember “Introducing Flux with Grafana”?
  5. 5. What’s new with Grafana and InfluxDB - Recap! USAGE ANALYTICS Helps large companies get better insight into the behavior and utilization of their users, dashboards, and data sources UNIFIED DATA MODEL Viz can come from data/context, not manual. Smart viz based on data (min/max/mean graphs, etc). Basic BI. TRACING Add trace UI to show traces from tracing data sources and Jaeger datasource within Loki to reduce mean time to resolution CUSTOM TIME FORMATS AND TIME ZONE SELECTION Better UZ and viz options. Better selection of viz with live previews. NEW VIS AND PANEL EDITING Enhanced UX and visualization options for better consistency and usability including a new table panel, a new grid layout engine and an improved experience for editing panels NEW TABLE AND GRAPH PANELS Move to React enables more reusability of components, scaling of multiple stats. New single stat and bar graph already available PLUGINS PLATFORM Advanced platform so users can easily create new Plugins faster and more efficiently AWS CLOUDWATCH LOGS Added support for AWS CloudWatch Logs TRANSFORMATIONS The new Transformations capabilities allow users to go beyond data visualization and transform all types of data
  6. 6. Unified Data Model A new unified data model makes Grafana more consistent and easier to use because it provides users with a consistent way to define data sources, conventions, user defaults, and override rules Previous Versions of Grafana Each visualization had slightly different ways to define options Singlestat Options Table Override Rules Graph Thresholds Grafana 7.0 Consistent UI for specifying override rules and is extensible for custom panel specific options
  7. 7. Transformations Now that we have the same representation of data regardless of the underlying data source, we can manipulate and combine that data in sensible ways Apply a transformation ! Define labels in a database Labels appear in the table as fields
  8. 8. Demo??
  9. 9. Building a Coin Exchange Trading Terminal with Grafana and Flux in 15 mins Kraken UI Grafana terminal using calcs from Flux
  10. 10. Requirements!
  11. 11. Demo!
  12. 12. Questions