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James Governor [RedMonk] | Reframing and Retooling for Observability | InfluxDays Virtual Experience London 2020

Observability is making the transition from being a niche concern to becoming a new frontier for user experience, systems, IoT and service management across all organizations. James will discuss what this means for the developers of modern applications and how to use observability to derive deep insights into system performance and user experience.

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James Governor [RedMonk] | Reframing and Retooling for Observability | InfluxDays Virtual Experience London 2020

  1. 1. Retooling and Reframing for Observability James Governor, RedMonk co-founder
  2. 2. Do you ship on a Friday afternoon?
  3. 3. @monkchips
  4. 4. A culture of experimentation
  5. 5. growth hacking software delivery
  6. 6. Do you test in production?
  7. 7. Many concurrent connections A specific network stack with specific tunables, firmware, and NICs Iffy or nonexistent serializability within a connection Race conditions Services loosely coupled over networks Network flakiness Ephemeral runtimes Specific CPUs and their bugs; multiprocessors Specific hardware RAM and memory bugs Specific distro, kernel, and OS versions Specific library versions for all dependencies Build environment Deployment code and process Runtime restarts Cache hits or misses Specific containers or VMs and their bugs Specific schedulers and their quirks Clients with their own specific back-offs, retries, and time-outs The internet at large Specific times of day, week, month, year, and decade Noisy neighbors Thundering herds Queues Human operators and debuggers Environment settings Charity Majors, I Test In Production
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Observability is a set of conversations
  10. 10. Observability is a love letter to the future
  11. 11. Using outputs to understand system behaviours
  12. 12. Not all customers are created equal
  13. 13. Querying the system without bringing it down
  14. 14. Quality Velocit y
  15. 15. deploy!=releas e
  16. 16. Progressive delivery is a modern software development and devops practice for gradually rolling out new features in order to limit the potential negative impact and gauge user engagement with new product features. – Optimizely
  17. 17. Developer Experience
  18. 18. Observability enables product management experimentation, with managed risk Rapid iterations Bringing growth hacking approaches to software delivery Feature management is a bridge Progressive Delivery, segmented user populations Testing in production is a given Improving collaboration between engineering, product management and development Observability is a set of conversations between users and product owners between product owners and engineers between engineers and systems between users and systems IoT – a network of black boxes Observability is a cultural change – in telemetry, logging, error messages,
  19. 19. Stock photos licensed from Adobe Stock Photos Stock illustrations by @NinaLimpi