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Giles Palmer-Monitoring Social Media Case Study


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In this session, Giles Palmer, Brandwatch, a leading social media monitoring company and Seesmic, the Twitter application provider, will co-present a social media monitoring case study.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Giles Palmer-Monitoring Social Media Case Study

  1. 1. MSM - SAN FRANCISO 21. OCT 2010 Giles Palmer CEO, Brandwatch Tel: +44 (0)1273 234 293 ©2010 Brandwatch |
  2. 2. Social media monitoring - TOP TIPS et objectives et the queries right first et benchmarks hink about how you manage data cleaning iew sentiment in aggregate nly show users what they need © 2010 Brandwatch | 2
  3. 3. Setting the objectives onitoring vs marketing ligned the two ligned with org structure © 2010 Brandwatch | 3
  4. 4. Getting the Queries right Disambiguation – © 2010 Brandwatch | 4
  5. 5. © 2010 Brandwatch | 5 (Comet OR "tweety uppy" OR OR cometparcel OR cometdeals OR OR AND ("Bluffer's guide to gadgets" OR "Bluffers guide to gadgets" OR "Tweety Uppy" OR "come and play" OR "World Cup" OR "keith allen" OR "perfect pitch" OR "we live electricals" OR "comet store?" OR "home cinema" OR Hoover? OR iphone? OR iPod? OR ipad? OR Ironing OR JVC OR Kettle? OR Keyboard? OR Kodak OR Laptop? OR Laundry OR LCD OR LED OR Lense? OR OR LG OR Macbook? OR "Memory Card?" OR Microwave? OR MP3 OR Netbook? OR "local comet" OR Nikon OR Nintendo? OR Olympus OR Oven? OR Panasonic OR PC OR PDA OR Pentax OR Peripheral? OR Philips OR Phillips OR Phone? OR Plasma? OR Playstation? OR Printer? OR raw:"B&Q" OR Processor? OR Projector? OR PSP OR Radio? OR Refrigerator? OR "Remote Control?" OR Samsung OR currys OR Sanyo OR "Sat Nav?" OR Scart? OR Shaver? OR SLR OR Sony OR Speakers OR Straightener? OR Television? OR "curry's" OR Toaster? OR Toshiba OR Trimmer? OR "Tumble Dryer?" OR Vacuum? OR Vaio OR dixons OR Video OR Viera OR Walkman OR "Washer Dryer?" OR "Washing Machine?" OR Wii OR Xbox OR "comet santa"~2 OR "dixon's" OR cometparcel OR "Discount code?" OR kesa OR "john lewis" OR kingfisher OR "pc world" OR pcworld OR tesco OR retailer? OR Installation OR delivery OR "we live electrical" OR Acer OR "Air Conditioner?" OR Apple? OR appliance? OR Asus OR Audio? OR "We Deal in Your Ideal" OR Binocular? OR "Blu ray?" OR Bravia OR Cable? OR Camcorder? OR Camera? OR "We Deal in Ideal" OR Canon OR Casio OR "Coffee Maker?" OR Compaq OR Computer? OR Cooker? OR "branch of comet" OR Daewoo OR "Data Storage" OR Dehumidifier? OR Dictaphone? OR Digital? OR Dishwasher? OR "comet electrical" OR DSLR OR DVD? OR Dyson? OR "electrical goods" OR Epilator? OR "comet group plc" OR freesat OR Freeview OR Freezer? OR Fridge? OR Haircare? OR Hairdryer? OR "comet store" OR "Hard Drive?" OR "HD ready?" OR HDMI OR Headphones OR Heater? OR "Hi Fi" OR HiFi OR 3dtv OR "3d tv"~5 OR hp OR "hewlett packard" OR "packard bell" OR vax OR kesa) -asteroid -haley -halley -hayley -haleys -halleys -crash -"vomit comet" -ford -"Williams Comet" -"BEA Comet" -"comet run" -"comet strike" -hayleys -"comet newspaper" -"comet & herald" -"surrey comet" -"captain comet" -"Hale Bopp" -nasa -"comet strikes" -Havilland -"silver comet" -"Comet Cowboy" -"comet holmes" -Persius -"Crosley Comet" -"Xda comet" -cometlabs -"comet labs" -"amino acid" -"blue comet" -Stardust -"Comet Crash" -"golden comet" -fish -goldfish -flyby -"night sky" -"evening sky" -spaceship -shuttle -Haviland -astrology -"hudson comet" -Mayan -"Comet Tavern" -Nostradamus -"comet chaser" ……
  6. 6. Getting the Queries right – org. structure E.On Departments: PR, Brand & comms, Talent, Retail, Renewables… Queries: Brand, plants, competitors, lobby groups, sponsorship, campaigns © 2010 Brandwatch | 6
  7. 7. Editing queries - effects © 2010 Brandwatch | 7
  8. 8. Benchmarks – Different industries © 2010 Brandwatch | 8 1. The most popular brands have an unmanageable number of daily mentions 2. The volumes vary with industry; people only blog etc.. about things they are passionate about Daily mentions* of Videogame s Electronics Fashion Cosmetics Business services Beer ...most popular brands in that industry 17,000 e.g. Halo Reach 12,000 e.g. Ipad 4,000 e.g. Nike 3,000 e.g. Chanel 2,000 e.g. Xerox e.g. Budweiser400 z 15 3 e.g. Samsung R780 13 e.g. La Redoute 8 e.g. Charles Worthington 1 e.g. Lumigent e.g. Kronenbourg20 ...less popular brands e.g. Tron: evolution * Based on average Sept data for 5 popular and less popular brands
  9. 9. Benchmarks – Locations and competitors © 2010 Brandwatch | 9 Monthly mention of brand by country Monthly mentions of competing brands Variations reflect how popularity of social media and popularity of brand (usually tracks market share)
  10. 10. Benchmarks – Interesting mentions © 2010 Brandwatch | 10 CiscoHondaE.onPantene Not interesting (e.g. passing mention) Interesting to read Interesting and worth acting on 99% 1% c. 0.1% 65% 2% 33% 79% 20% 1% 24% 52% 24%
  11. 11. Data Cleaning hat and why anual  automatic ultiple query management © 2010 Brandwatch | 11
  12. 12. How to use sentiment 2 PEOPLE 1000 Documents Average level of agreement on sentiment: 80-85% 3 PEOPLE 1000 Documents Average level of agreement on sentiment: 60-65% © 2010 Brandwatch | 12
  13. 13. Learn to LOVE this…. Sentiment metrics are misleading on an individual basis… so its all about SIGNPOSTING, DIRECTION, at an aggregate level etc…. © 2010 Brandwatch | 13
  14. 14. Only show users WHAT THEY NEED ustom dashboards ead only dashboards eports © 2010 Brandwatch | 14
  15. 15. Getting it right can take TIME © 2010 Brandwatch | 15
  16. 16. OFFER THANK YOU for listening Giles Palmer Tel: +44 (0)1273 234 298 16© 2010 Brandwatch |