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Asset Protection via Liechtenstein Life Insurance


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In recent years life insurance contracts under Liechtenstein law have become an interesting alternative to traditional vehicles for asset protection and estate planning like foundations or trusts. Such life insurance contracts offer several advantages.

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Asset Protection via Liechtenstein Life Insurance

  1. 1. LiechtensteinLiechtensteinLiechtensteinLiechtenstein life insurance AdvantagesAdvantagesAdvantagesAdvantages
  2. 2. EasyEasyEasyEasy AccessAccessAccessAccess to virtually any Asset ClassAsset ClassAsset ClassAsset Class incl. tangible assets Invest like a pro
  3. 3. SegregationSegregationSegregationSegregation ofofofof AssetsAssetsAssetsAssets Asset ProtectionAsset ProtectionAsset ProtectionAsset Protection & alternative to trusts and foundations
  4. 4. CustomizedCustomizedCustomizedCustomized SuccessionSuccessionSuccessionSuccession EstateEstateEstateEstate PlanningPlanningPlanningPlanning &
  5. 5. Tax BenefitsTax BenefitsTax BenefitsTax Benefits favorable fiscal treatment in compliance with the laws of your country of residence
  6. 6. DiscretionDiscretionDiscretionDiscretion insurance secrecy laws comparable to their world famous banking secrecy laws NO information is provided to any third party
  7. 7. LiechtensteinLiechtensteinLiechtensteinLiechtenstein AAAA Friendly Little CountryFriendly Little CountryFriendly Little CountryFriendly Little Country WithWithWithWith Lots To OfferLots To OfferLots To OfferLots To Offer
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