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Infinity Incentive Group Shares Top Tips for 2014 Summer Vacations


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Infinity Incentive Group shares must read tips that any traveler needs to know for traveling this summer! From everything to beating the heat, dealing with crowds and more, here is essential advice everyone should hear.

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Infinity Incentive Group Shares Top Tips for 2014 Summer Vacations

  2. 2. SUMMER’S ALMOST OVER… • But that doesn’t mean that everyone out there has taken their vacations. August is often a busy and popular travel month, so it’s important to be prepared for any situation that could come up in order to avoid any unpleasant situations. • Many might wonder: what could go wrong? Infinity Incentive Group knows answer is anything. Dealing with improper time management, large crowds, even the summer heat will lead to tired and frustrated travelers. Here are some of the best things anyone can do in order to avoid these troubles while on the road this summer.
  3. 3. PLAN AHEAD & BE ON TIME The most important tip out there to enjoy a vacation is to plan ahead. Infinity Incentive Group shares to make a game plan for each day, especially on departure and returning dates. Although vacations should be relaxing and not overly structured, being on time is the best way to avoid stress. There are times when being late can cause major issues, like missing a flight, dealing with massive crowds or missing out on a once in a lifetime experience. Take the time to be at least 15 minutes early to each activity, 30 minutes if a popular place, and don’t forget the 2-hour rule for airports.
  4. 4. OVERWHELMING CROWDS • Although manageable, many become uncomfortable when dealing with a large amount of people all at once. The truth is, sometimes you may not know how others will react, so taking any steps you can be to be prepared is essential. • Infinity Incentive Group recommends considering if dealing with a lot of people is something worth attending the event. Sometimes if it’s a once in a lifetime experience, dealing with this makes for an exciting memory. Other times, simply knowing what time of day or week to attend something eliminated long waits in line. • For those who get anxiety, Avoid destinations that might trigger those feelings by doing research online in order to skip something that will have too many people in attendance.
  5. 5. EXCESSIVE HEAT • Summer temperatures can lead to exhaustion if not prepared for properly. Make sure to take breaks in between activities in order not to get too tired, which can put a damper on the day’s events. • Infinity Incentive Group knows that being burned by the summer sun is no fun and can ruin a vacation. Avoid being outside too long without the proper protection. These things include plenty of water, a hat, sunscreen, etc.
  6. 6. THESE VACATION TIPS… • Earn a thumbs up because they will help ANY traveler have their best summer vacation yet. For more information about how to plan your next vacation or to hear about exclusive travel deals, please visit