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infinitee Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. MOBILE MARKETINGA “Truly Personal” Mass Medium
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing Introduction Video 1
  3. 3. Mobile Advertising – The Facts• 10% - 30% coupon redemption rate• Stronger redemption rates than email SALE• 30% of mobile coupon redeemers spend 20% more than print coupon redeemers (more engaged = higher ticket) 50% OFF• Higher click through rates compared to ALL WOMEN’S CLOTHING traditional online channels SCAN AT COUNTER• Uncluttered ad environment• Affluent target audiences 2
  4. 4. Mobile Advertising – The Facts• Robust “calls-to-action”• CPMs are typically higher than traditional online channels• Budget for ongoing conversations, not just campaigns• Move consumers to interact (mobile banner, mobile web, click to call)• Set metrics prior to launching initiative• Test, test, test and test some more 3
  5. 5. Mobile Challenges• Screen size limits the view of marketing messages• Different phones have different sizes, colors, and resolutions• Input can be difficult (keyboards, touch, voice)• Connectivity issues (expense for end user, load time, network overload)• Lack of standardization• Rapid growth of competing platforms• Most websites are not yet “mobile friendly” 4
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing Options• SMS• Quick Response Codes (QR Codes)• Geo-Targeting• Smart-Targeting• GeoFencing• Applications (Mobile Web Applications/ Native Applications) 5
  7. 7. SMS Explained• Most popular (98% device penetration and support world-wide)• Fairly basic to set up• Wide demographic usage patterns• Timely and direct• Measurable across multiple campaign elements• Built in payment channel• Recruitment phase (“To receive coupon text here…”)• Cost effective way to develop database (15% average opt-in rate)• Some SMS providers can tie into cash registers or kiosk 6
  8. 8. SMS Marketing Opportunities• Sweepstakes• Event-based promotions• Opt-in list management and remarketing lists• Dynamic alerts• Polling• Trivia• Win games• MMS & premium content• Mobile surveys• Web widgets• Scheduled blasts 7
  9. 9. QR Codes Explained• Two-dimensional “symbology”, unlike traditional barcodes• Ideal for instant transfer of data• One of the most versatile data carriers in the world• Open technology (anyone can control content)• Printed anywhere/anytime you point a smartphone at the code• Print and/or show anything (website, video, coupon)• Unique design capability (i.e. Louis Vuitton QR Code) Louis Vuitton commisioned a creative QR code created for them by world famous artist Takeshi Murakami. 8
  10. 10. QR Codes Explained Continued• Reader (scanner) – part of smartphone (messenger Blackberry has reader built in), on mobile browser to download reader on Blackberry and other devices, (iPhones download iCandy app and others can be found at• Generator (code made on computer) – go to, add your URL, save code as pdf or GIF, allows color code, permits various sizes• No charge for the reader or generator 9
  11. 11. QR Codes Marketing Opportunities• T-shirts• Magazines• POS• Business cards• Hotels• Brochures• Direct mail pieces• News ads• Trade shows• Tourism• Loyalty programs• Buildings/fences/barricades 10
  12. 12. QR Codes – The Next Wave in Retail Click image to view video 11
  13. 13. Geo-Targeting Explained• Proximity marketing via GPS (Global Positioning System)• Customized advertising to a specific market based on a geographical location• Wireless phone must have GPS (nearly 95% of carriers are fitted with GPS chips) 12
  14. 14. Smart-Targeting Explained• Marketer uses current customer real- time, geographic position to send messages when they are within range• Unmatched marketing effort as relevant and personal• Click through rates improve when advertisements are targeted by location• Coming this year – Cell Site Geolocation (supported by BlackBerry developer): alternative to GPS. Faster, less battery power, ideal for in-door use, highly responsive location-aware app 13
  15. 15. Geo-Targeting and Smart-Targeting Marketing Opportunities• Coupons• Events• Specials• Sales• Information• Mapping• Listings• Updates 14
  16. 16. GeoFencing Explained• Bluetooth technology, proximity based, but not specifically targeted to individual’s mobile device (must opt-in)• Push messages to anyone who walks by – “Bluespamming” or “Bluecasting”• Requires fairly expensive hardware and is distance limited 15
  17. 17. GeoFencing Marketing Opportunities• High pedestrian traffic areas for generating immediate response 16
  18. 18. Applications Explained• Native mobile device performance and usability• Platforms: iPhone, Blackberry, Android, WebOS, Symbian, Java (J2ME, Brew)• Instant distribution via platform app stores• Access to hardware elements (camera, GPS, etc.)• Sales/revenue models within appsCan be expensive to develop• Limited to the platforms apps are developed within• Less then 10,000 apps in 2009, over 50,000 apps forecasted by 2012• Two recommended companies with apps now available with use of iPhone:, for shopping centers and 17
  19. 19. Application Marketing Opportunities• CRM applications• Branded games & entertainments• Unique visual content• Sales• Events• Video 18
  20. 20. Mobile Web Apps vs. Native AppsCHARACTERISTIC MOBILE WEB APPLICATIONS NATIVE APPLICATIONSOpenness Open platforms Closed platformsSupport All mobile devices Apple iPhone, iTouch and Android onlyCapabilities Limited access to Full access Native phone featuresDistribution Entire mobile Internet Closed App Store FrontsExperience Limited to HTML/CSS Full controlPerformance Based on speed/content Dynamic based on connection 19
  21. 21. Mobile Web Apps/Native Apps Marketing Opportunities• View teaser videos• Social media feeds• Interactive tours• Facts• Downloads of collateral/materials• Information 20
  22. 22. So what does the future hold for Mobile Marketing? 21