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The progression of international phone conferencing


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The progression of international phone conferencing

  1. 1. The Progression of International Phone Conferencing
  2. 2. •Years ago, making an international conference call was a quite pricey. Since technology wasn’t at its peak, it lacked in quality which made it difficult to conduct business around the world. •Back in the mid-1900’s when audio conferencing was first introduced across international lines, a live operator was required. •Today, due to all the changes in technology that have taken place, international phone conferencing has changed for the better. •To connect to a call, users simply dial into a specified phone number given to them and then enter an access code for an immediate connection to others around the world. *In addition, an operator is no longer required. Intro
  3. 3. Technological Advances •Over the years, overseas calls have drastically improved due to the technology that is now used. • In fact, the clarity has improved so much that you may feel as if other members on the call are in the next room no matter where they are actually located. •This improved quality is due to technological advances, such as fiber optic cables and faster transmission speeds to reduce sound delays and create clearer calls.
  4. 4. Recording Capabilities •MP3 technology has made a major impact on recording capabilities for audio conferencing. •These compressed audio files don’t take up as much space and offer incredible clarity. • In some cases, you will be able to automatically record all your international conference calls and save them in this high quality format to use for on-demand listening at your convenience.
  5. 5. Recording Capabilities •You can distribute the call to attendees at the conference to provide them with a recording they can listen to as needed to ensure they get the most out of the call. •In addition to these uses, the recordings can also be transcribed/ interpreted or even translated to best meet your needs. •You can even share it with other people who would benefit from the information or place it on your website for public use.
  6. 6. Call Access Improvements •One of the greatest improvements to audio conferencing is that it no longer requires an operator to log in first to handle all the incoming calls. •Instead, the attendees are given the time/date of the call, a toll-free number to dial in to along with an access code needed to join. •This is all the information that is needed to access the conference call. •To attend, they only need to call the number, follow the prompts to enter the access code and gain an immediate connection to everyone else on the call.
  7. 7. Call Access Improvements •The “dial out” features allows the person who started the call to dial out and add people to the call. •This can be a useful feature in a variety of situations, including when attendees are located in a country that does not support toll- free calling or when an important attendee fails to show up to the conference. •Some systems will also allow organizers to schedule dial-outs to specific numbers at a designated time, automatically bringing people into the call at the right moment. •This feature prevents forgotten calls and thus, lower calling rates.
  8. 8. Reduced Calling Costs •At one time, it was incredibly expensive to make an international conference call, often $10 per minute or more. •As technology improved and there was an increase in competition in the audio conferencing markets, international call rates dropped dramatically. •Many countries are charging $0.10 or less, with most of them with rates under $1 per minute.
  9. 9. Built-in Call Management •Today, an international conference call may even be held over the Internet, providing you with extra call management features. •If conference calls are a common part of your routine, you can set up a schedule of recurring calls: choose participants who attend your audio conference calls the most, and input their phone numbers. •With some conference calling plans, you can even make call reservations, schedule calls or set up calls on-demand.
  10. 10. Closing •The advances in technology have had a positive impact on how people communicate today, both online and offline, particularly with international conference calling. •With the improvements in transmission speeds, quality, cost reduction, access simplicity, integrated account management and various calling features, conference calls have taken on an entirely new meaning. •Taking advantage of these changes will ensure that your business can reach a global audience, enhancing your ability to grow and succeed.
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