Benefits of telecommuting


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Benefits of telecommuting

  1. 1. The Benefits of Telecommuting for Organizations
  2. 2. Intro• Today, more companies are making use of web solutions to allow their employees to telecommute several days a week.• While telecommuting can be beneficial for the employees, it is also beneficial for the organization as a whole, saving money in several areas.
  3. 3. Increased ProductivityMany companies that allowthis have reported theiremployees are moreeffective at home whenthey aren’t surrounded bythe distractions of theoffice, including chattyemployees and overbearingsupervisors who are alwayschecking in.
  4. 4. Increased Productivity
  5. 5. FlexibilityWhen you allow your employees to workfrom their homes, they will be able towork at the times they are feeling themost productive.In addition, your employees will be ableto better balance their home and worklife, allowing them to take time out forappointments or other obligationswithout missing out on work time.
  6. 6. Time SavingsDaily commuting wastes some of the timethey could use productively in their livesor your business, putting stress on theemployee.When you allow an employee totelecommute, you can eliminate thiscommute time, allowing your employeesto save time, which can be better utilized.If you end up needing your employees tojoin in on a meeting, conferencingsolutions are available to keep everyone inthe loop.
  7. 7. Reduce OverheadOne of the biggest drains on your bottomline is your overhead costs.If you allow a number of employees totelecommute a few days a week, they canall share office space.With the telecommunications solutions,you can reroute phone numbers, allowingeach employee to use the space whenthey are in the office.In general, many businesses are able tosave up to 30 percent on their overheadcosts with telecommuting.
  8. 8. Reduced TurnoverSome employees love the ability totelecommute for their jobs, whichmakes your company attractive toemployees, helping to attractemployees and keep them at yourbusiness.Another reason it is important forcompanies to be opening totelecommuting is some employeesneed this option for various personalreasons, including disabilities orrelocation for a spouse’s job.
  9. 9. Fewer InterruptionsBy offering conferencing options that allow them to telecommute, you willreduce the chances of interrupting your processes when people wouldotherwise be unable to come into work.Other interruptions, such as inclement weather, road construction or certainspecial events, can all be avoided when your employees are able totelecommute for their job when necessary.
  10. 10. With all the advances in technology that make it easy to find web solutions forjust about any process, it is time to evaluate the costs and benefits of allowingyour employees to work from home.
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