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Introducing social media for small business


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Introducing social media for small business. The full slide set from Neil Infield's 3 hour workshop in the Business & IP Centre at the British Library.

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Introducing social media for small business

  1. 1. Introducing Social Media for Small Business Neil Infield – Manager Business & IP Centre - @ninfield (twitter) -
  2. 2.
  3. 3. 3 The British Library is for anyone who wants to do research - academic, personal or commercial
  4. 4. Work with an entrepreneur from another European country • For new entrepreneurs who want to experience working in another country • Or experienced business owners who want to bring new experiences, skills and perspectives to your business • Funded by the European Union - it organises cross-border exchanges of 1-6 months or “Having an insight into the day-to-day activities of more experienced entrepreneurs is a true eye-opener” “We got on so well with the new entrepreneur that we are now partners with her company in Madrid”
  5. 5. A bit about you… 7 out of 10 for social media
  6. 6. Three hours to cover all of Social Media? •I can’t cover everything in three hours •A canter through key areas •Start on your Social Media Strategy •Develop an “About Me” script •My top tips for success •Question Time with some ‘show & tell’
  7. 7. Source - What is Social Media? •Free or very low cost – Facebook and WhatsApp •or Freemium model - LinkedIn •Simple technology - web browser or mobile Apps •Lots of online help and guidance •A fun interactive way of connecting people and businesses
  8. 8. What is Social Media really?
  9. 9. Why all the fuss about Social Media? Active users in the UK •Facebook – 31 million •Twitter – 15 million active accounts •LinkedIn – 15 million •Pinterest – 4 million? •Instagram – 300m globally •Google Plus – ?
  10. 10. Lots of people + lots of activity
  11. 11. What will Social Media do for you? •Find out what your • Customers • Critics • Fans …are saying about you online •Spot trends in your market - industry •Monitor your competitors
  12. 12. What will Social Media do for you? •Allow you to engage with your • Customers • Critics • Fans …in a transparent manner •Measure your impact •Crowdsource your products and services
  13. 13. Developing your Social Media strategy What are your business goals? • Increase brand awareness • Develop brand credibility • Build a relationship with your audience • Grow an online community
  14. 14. Developing your Social Media strategy What are your goals? • Increase website traffic • Increase conversions (sales) • Create loyal visitors to your site • Improve customer retention •Define your audience – and find them online
  15. 15. Which platforms should you use?
  16. 16. Work with your neighbour to complete pages 1 and 2 of the hand-out Developing your Social Media strategy
  17. 17. Social Media Marketing is Content Marketing Content Marketing is king because: •Leads are eight times more likely to convert than outbound leads (Hubspot) •Dramatically lower cost per lead than outbound marketing •Build a trusting relationship with your customers - no hard-sell
  18. 18. Content Marketing via Storytelling We all respond to a good story: •Your brand story is not a sales pitch •What makes you and your staff special •What makes your customers special •What makes your product-service special
  19. 19. Content Marketing via Storytelling • Keep the story simple • Mistakes you made along the way • Lessons learned • Success stories you are proud of
  20. 20. Blogging for Small Business
  21. 21. Why you should blog
  22. 22. • To be found by Google • Your social media hub •Build trust in your brand •Build an audience of regular readers •Be seen as an expert •To be safe… Why you should blog
  23. 23. $500m loss!
  24. 24. How you should blog • With passion… and patience • For your audience • On your own, or in a team • Always about things related to your business • Include a ‘call to action’ if possible • Always inlcude links to other content
  25. 25. Always Ronseal your blog titles
  26. 26. Put the ‘good stuff’ in the first paragraph
  27. 27. • In combination with your other social media channels • Using your web domain E.G. www.yourwebsite/blog • Measuring using built in tools or Google Analytics • Using this information to guide your future content How you should blog
  28. 28. Share your blog posts
  29. 29. How often should you blog
  30. 30. But does it really work? Yes it does
  31. 31. My original post My follow-up post
  32. 32. Time for your “About Me” page
  33. 33. “The time has passed when Facebook was a "good idea" for businesses to try. It's now essential to your inbound marketing strategy.” Facebook for Small Business
  34. 34. 1. Don’t use your personal profile – create a FB Page 2. Aim for 25 Likes so you can create a custom name E.G. 3. Post useful content to get to 100 Likes – 100 people with 200 friends = 20k reach 4. Need to pay (Promote button) to increase reach  But £3 a day should be enough  5. Once you get to 400+ Likes – switch to organic promotion Five steps to promoting your business on Facebook Source PC Pro Magazine
  35. 35. Crowdsource your products and services
  36. 36. Daily status updates – but no hard sell • Peeks ‘behind the scene’ • Photos and videos of your company at work • Show a keenness to interact – polls, quizzes • You are allowed to have a point of view e.g. yoga trainer on diet and exercise What content should you post?
  37. 37. Persuade your customers to do your social media marketing for you
  38. 38. Persuade your customers to do your social media marketing for you
  39. 39. • Use tools to save you time - Buffer or Hootsuite • Use Facebook Insights to measure • Shares are most important • Followed by comments • Least useful are Likes Manage and keep track
  40. 40. • What content has the biggest impact? - do more of the same • Are people actually spending money on your website? • Vanity metrics aren’t good for business - only your ego Manage and keep track
  41. 41. • Facebook for Business gives you the latest news, tips, and best practices • How to set up your business page facebook-page • How to post to your page page-create-posts/ Facebook tips from Facebook
  42. 42. Source
  43. 43. Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member. Groucho Marx(109 chars)
  44. 44. Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member. Groucho Marx(109 chars) Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor. Bill Shankly (95 chars)
  45. 45. I can resist everything except temptation. Oscar Wilde (41 chars) Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member. Groucho Marx(109 chars) Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor. Bill Shankly (95 chars)
  46. 46. What can you fit into 140 characters?
  47. 47. • Micro blogging – 140 character limit • A technology without a purpose or vision • The ‘Marmite’ of Social Media services • Love it or loath it – it works • But will it last? What is Twitter?
  48. 48. • Smaller numbers than Facebook – but bigger spenders • Unparalleled access to celebrities and decision makers • An opportunity to ‘go’ viral • The current reigning champion of social media for business • 0 to 10,000 followers in one week is possible Why Tweet?
  49. 49. • Short term promotions and special offers • Invite feedback / market research • Enhance your reputation • Improve your customer responsiveness • Build good relations • Remember to protect your profile name How to use Twitter
  50. 50. • Find trending topics and experts • Find evangelists for your brand • Make sure you separate work and play • Be careful when re-tweeting (libel laws apply) • BBC advice: “Never tweet when you're pissed… or pissed off” How to use Twitter
  51. 51. His first customer was Lady Gaga, who bought 17 outfits for her world tour!
  52. 52. • Create a tweet button on your web pages • Create and use lists to clean your stream • Learn the twitter lingo • @reply - Direct Message (DM) - Follower - Hashtag - Retweet (RT) - Trending Topics • Use tools to manage – e.g. Tweepi, Tweriod TwitterCounter Twitter top tips
  53. 53. Spot and use Trends
  54. 54. •Customize your page: • Change default profile picture • Use 140-character BIO space, using keywords •Install twitter on your mobile • Be careful with hash tags • How it was posted #susanalbumparty • How it should have read #SusanAlbumParty • How it was read #SusAnalBumParty Twitter top tips
  55. 55. •Tweet throughout the day • Spread your tweets - up to 10 a day • Don’t ignore complaints - they are a test • Switch to direct message (DM) instead of email • Follow key tweeters including your rivals Twitter top tips
  56. 56. Top 5 ‘twits’ quiz
  57. 57. UK
  58. 58. • The ‘grown-up’ Social Media channel • Your virtual CV • Hubspot survey showed LinkedIn is 3 times more effective than Twitter or Facebook for converting website visitors into leads LinkedIn for Small Business
  59. 59. • Good for consultants, trainers and professions • Great for B2B businesses • Research and engage with potential customers • Check out your competitors • Get recommendations LinkedIn for Small Business
  60. 60. Is Ben a clueless hippy or an industry expert?
  61. 61. • Twitter for photo sharing • No pushy sales messages • Use it to showcase your brand and customers Instagram for small business
  62. 62. • Research - then use the best hashtags • But don’t overdo it - 10 to 15 hashtags max • Aim to get the best quality photos you can • Encourage your customers to share their photos Instagram for small business
  63. 63. Instagram pros and cons Pros •Lots of users •Lots of millennials •Lots of engagement •Created for mobile devices •Does now integrate well with other social media platforms Cons •Links don’t work •Limited advertising •Not many ‘golden oldies’
  64. 64. • Used to create theme-based image collections • Browse other pinboards for inspiration • 're-pin' images, or 'like' photos • Relative recent… but very rapid growth Pinterest for Small Business
  65. 65. Pinterest pros and cons Pros •Images can be linked to your web pages •Users can ‘repin’ your images •Pin It button makes it easy for your fans to share content Cons •80% are women •So only 20% are men •Not very conversational
  66. 66. • Never managed to compete with Facebook • But is incorporated in search results • So definitely worth adding your presence to improve your Google ranking Google Plus for Small Business
  67. 67.
  68. 68. Video is taking over social media
  69. 69. • People love moving images • Google loves videos • Demonstrate how things work • Share your knowledge YouTube for Small Business
  70. 70. YouTube for Small Business
  71. 71. • Hootsuite, Buffer or Tweetdeck to manage your posts • Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to measure activity • Wildfire Social Media Monitor • • Tools to help you
  72. 72. Hootsuite for monitoring content
  73. 73. Buffer for scheduling content
  74. 74. Share good stuff with
  75. 75. Share good stuff with
  76. 76. The new standard for websites ...
  77. 77. … build-in your social media
  78. 78. • Aim to limit to 30 minutes a day • Keep it professional – no bad virals • Look out for new services • Measure results and cull • Posts with photos are viewed 75% more • Posts with videos are viewed 57% more My top tips for Social Media success
  79. 79. Stay focussed Keep away from the lolcats
  80. 80. • Have a consistent brand / name across your social media platforms • Don’t just lurk on social media My top tips for Social Media success • Make sure you contribute valuable content
  81. 81. Join - or create a community of interest
  82. 82. • Be a person online - but not too personal • Aim to be ‘marketing lite’ - avoid spamming • Have fun with it My top tips for Social Media success
  83. 83. Source: @DaveFriedel
  84. 84.