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Forgiving Infidelity – Why You Should, Yes You Can!

Infidelity is a grave grave sin that hurts a person emotionally and d...
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Forgiving Infidelity - Why You Should, Yes You Can!


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Forgiving infidelity is very hard to do. I hope nobody had to deal with it but it is a reality that many people face. In this article you'll learn to determine if a relationship is worth saving, the steps to forgiving infidelity, and know what happens if you choose not to forgive.

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Forgiving Infidelity - Why You Should, Yes You Can!

  1. 1. Forgiving Infidelity – Why You Should, Yes You Can! Infidelity is a grave grave sin that hurts a person emotionally and destroys one of the greatest foundations of a relationship…Trust. Without trust, staying in a relationship is going to be a constant unhealthy struggle. You’ll always think of what your partner is doing whenever he or she is not around. Who is he or she with? Is he being faithful or is he being unfaithful all over again because you already forgave him? These are devastating thoughts that will eat up your sanity. If you plan on forgiving infidelity, then you should give it whole heartedly and without any doubt. Remember the saying, “When in doubt, don’t!” It applies to this situation. Forgiving infidelity means you are setting aside whatever your partner has done wrong, starting a new, offering trust, and saving your relationship. It is easier said than done but you will do it if you truly want to save your relationship. How do you know if a relationship is worth saving? Only you can answer that question. Talk to your spouse; ask him all the questions that are bugging you. Say everything that you want to say, shout at him, hit him if you want to. It is important that you let everything out, it releases tension and puts you at ease and makes you ready for a calm and serious talk. After talking, you’ll know if the relationship is worth saving. What are the steps to forgiving infidelity? There really is no set process since every person deals with infidelity in different ways, but again in starts with identifying if the relationship is still worth saving or not. If it is then talk about how you will go about with your relationship with your partner, talk about the things that you need to do in order to bring the fire back in your relationship, set rules if you have to. If however you feel that the relationship is not worth saving, then go your separate ways; but, still free yourself and your partner from the anger of the situation. What happens if I don’t forgive? You’ll feel terrible, that’s for sure. You’ll feel angry, bitter, twisted, you won’t be able to sleep well, you’ll get sick physically and emotionally, and you’ll get all the bad luck in the world. In short, you’re screwed. Forgiving infidelity does not only benefit the person who did the deed but also you. Forgiving sets you free from all the anger and negative emotions and makes you ready to start a new life. It is sad that a lot of people have to deal with infidelity but it is a reality that we have to learn to accept. No matter how the relationship turns out after the “event”, at the end of the day, you still have to forgive. The person may not deserve your forgiveness but you’re not doing it for him, you’re doing it for yourself and your well being. So go ahead and start forgiving infidelity. Feel the power.