Mobile Phone Trend 2008 - 2010


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Upcoming Mobile Phone Trend 2008 - 2010 - Find Exclusive Cell Phone Collections Online and send your views.

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Mobile Phone Trend 2008 - 2010

  1. – Online Mobile Shop Upcoming Mobile Phones for 2008 - 2010
  2. Transparent Crystal Mobile Phone Mobile Phone design by BloodRabbit which he thought of while driving home from work. This mobile phone comes in a see-through body and a basic LCD display, sharing the same dimensions as a credit card.
  3. S-Series Wooden Mobile Phone
  4. LiteON - Wrist Phones
  5. Reasonable Sized Wrist-watch Mobile Phones
  6. Toshiba fanfun 815T
  7. Buddhist Nokia N95 Modified Mobile Phone This shiny and pretty gold phone is a modified Nokia N95 that’s been decked out in a Buddhist theme. It looks both enlightened and at peace with the universe. This is Buddha bling if I’ve ever seen it. (I don’t believe I have.) It’s got a Buddha on the back, and fancy imagery all over. It’s onboard custom wallpapers and ringtones complete the theme.
  8. Parkoz Robot Mobile Phone
  9. Duofone – More Slim Experience Duofone Cellphones Show Two Heads Are Better Than One
  10. New cell phones to arrive: LG KU-990 with 5Mp camera and the thin Nokia 6555 LG KU 990 Black with Cool Watch
  11. LG – SV80 Banana Phone
  12. Nokia definitely has the most interesting concept phones. Nokia 888 Communicator is a striking futuristic concept phone. The phone, which uses liquid batteries, speech recognition, flexible touch screen and touch-sensitive body cover, designed by Tamer Nakisci and won the Nokia Design Award. Nokia 888 Communicator
  13. GOLDVISH World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone Launches Russia Euroset continues expanding its Luxury-line, within which it has imported the most expensive handset costing 1 mln. euros to Russia. Thus, the Russians can now buy GoldVish Piece Unique put into the Guinness Book of Records. Only three people on the planet have such a handset.
  14. Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold Fancy a Nokia with 18-carat gold plating and a huge front display of a clock. This Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold phone looks pretty classy and would sure make a statement in any fancy nightclub or golf club.
  15. Samsung F300 Dual Sided Cell Phone Dual face construction - 9.4 mm thickness
  16. iPhone with Telescope The telescope for iPhone is attached to the included unique protective casing. You can now have a closer look on the girl live opposite you and maybe take a few shots of her.
  17. The Most Expensive Iphone in the World The iPhone has currently been luxed up by Australian jeweler Peter Aloisson. 180 diamonds used the brilliant cut. These diamonds total 17.75 carats and are inlaid on 18k white gold. The price of this sparkling baby is $176,400. Of course, an alternative version containing only the brilliant-cut diamonds is available for “only” $66,150.
  18. The Intruder - Round Cell Phones
  19. - Exclusive Online store to buy Mobile Gifts – Find All Mobile Collection and Accessory at Very Low Cost. Nokia | Motorola | Blackberry | HTC | LG | Asus | Fly | Samsung | Sony Ericsson