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ICT Trends Worldwide, presented at the Tivit Foresight Seminar, December 2008, Finland

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ICT Trends WorldWide

  1. 1. ICT Trends Worldwide -Tivit Foresight Seminar- Ines Seidel, Innowatch Hanna Marttinen-Deakins, SW & DM Industry December 2008
  2. 2. Selected trends that affect ICT Industry 1. Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing 2. Reality Sensing 3. Empowering Energy Efficiency 4. Human Interface 5. Appealing Design 6. Virtual meets Reality 7. Productivity Protection © Finpro ry / 2
  3. 3. Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing What happens? •Collaboration for idea generation, Openmoko is a project funded by FIC product development, product (Taiwan) to create a smartphone platform which follows the open testing, marketing to speed up source software philosophy. FIC's processes and engage with OpenMoko phones are designed to provide end users with the ability to clients modify the operating system and software stack. •Collaboration within a company as well as with outside experts, partner companies and „the crowd“ InnoCentive is a leading “Open innovation" platform where companies like Procter & Gamble post challenges Juice producer Calpis collaborated with to interested researchers, who win up users of popular social network Mixi (both to 100.000 for successful solutions. Japan) to create a new juice flavor. © Finpro ry / 3
  4. 4. Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing Ntag (U.S.) provides real Opportunities for ICT time event management •Software for networking: services that allow e.g. to platforms, widgets, market measure number of places… interactions or how many business cards have been •Software for analyzing: text exchanged. Used e.g. by mining the blogosphere, rating Lucent, Mastercard tools, measurement of networking effectiveness… •Security and authentication, prevention of „identity theft“ Trampoline Systems (UK) •More partnering opportunities for enables companies to SMEs as (temporary) solution visualize the network within providers an enterprise based on email data: Who are the Enterprise spending on Web 2.0 technologies communication brokers and will grow strongly over the next five years, gatekeepers? reaching $4.6 billion globally by 2013 – Forrester Research, April 2008 © Finpro ry / 4
  5. 5. Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing Hot Spots* American Consumer Goods companies arguably were the first to replace the „not invented here“ mindset with a „proudly found elsewhere“ attitude. By now, success stories of co-creation can be spotted everywhere. The same goes for solution providers, with Silicon Valley as the epi-center. Trend setting *note that the map is based on selected Following Fast © Finpro ry / 5 findings and not systematic research
  6. 6. Reality Sensing What happens? •Existing data is analyzed in new ways for measuring and predicting events almost in real-time •Analyzing traffic jams based on movements of mobile phones, Google Flu Trends uses sensing life signals of elderly or aggregated Google search data measuring networking at events is to estimate flu activity in U.S. already happening states •Drivers for development currently security and risk management (e.g. through early recognition of unusual behavior) TomTom's HD Traffic series SK Telecom (South Korea) offers a service for uses mobile phones of drivers fishermen: Using a float-shaped ultrasonic inching through traffic jams to transmitter that is connected to a cell phone on one sense congestion. end and a fishing line on the other, the device transmits the position of fish to the cell-phone. © Finpro ry / 6
  7. 7. Reality Sensing Opportunities for ICT •Context aware sensors •Analytical tools that can manage huge amounts of data •Visualization of results •Security solutions and reality Smart floor (Germany) with interwoven sensors could be used for occupant recognition or checks to guard against emergency guidance manipulation In order to identify and react to major societal shifts and trends, by the end of 2010, 15 % of U.S. and European businesses will have formalized societal trend watching Cambridge Mobile Urban Sensing is a research as a corporate discipline. – Gartner, project that uses mobile phones to sense September 2008 pollution © Finpro ry / 7
  8. 8. Reality Sensing Hot Spots* Reality Sensing is pretty new. Regions with strong telecommunication and sensor clusters have a natural advantage. Trend setting *note that the map is based on selected Following Fast © Finpro ry / 8 findings and not systematic research
  9. 9. Empowering Energy Efficiency What happens? •Energy is increasingly seen as a Bionic Power (Canada) is valuable and limited resource commercializing a device that will generate electricity from the •“Empowered”, critical consumers natural motion of walking and use and business clients strive for it to power a broad range of sustainability and independence portable devices including iPods and wireless phones. Opportunities for ICT •Making energy usage transparent •Devices with low energy demand •Innovative charging solutions Solar charger for mobile phones for developing countries by G24 Innovations (UK) Smart Homes of the future feature energy management solutions, smart meters that measure energy by household device and combine this with tariff information (picture byry / 9 © Finpro Fraunhofer/ISE Germany)
  10. 10. Empowering Energy Efficiency Hot Spots* While developed nations have so far been leaders in technical solutions, developing countries without reliable or wide spread energy grids are leading areas for applying the technology. Rising energy prices and eco- awareness fuel demand also from Western consumers. Trend setting *note that the map is based on selected Following Fast © Finpro ry / 10 findings and not systematic research
  11. 11. Human Interface What happens? •Technology is coming closer and closer to human beings: Robots can understand and express emotions, search engines begin to understand natural language, Noir, a “grandchild” robot designed to sensors detect brain waves in communicate with and help take care of the elderly is one example among a order to steer a wheelchair growing herd of robots that can not only •Health, security and interact but also detect and express entertainment as main drivers emotions. (Japan) Emotiv’s (U.S.) wireless headset detects brain waves, facial expressions, body language, and Powerset (U.S.) is a semantic search engine movement – in combination they (acquired by Microsoft in 2008). It understands are used to control computer English questions and currently uses Wikipedia to functions (e.g. in games) © Finpro ry / 11 find answers
  12. 12. Human Interface Opportunities for ICT •Create better human-machine interfaces •New application areas in health care, machine control, workplace The Department of Homeland security, national security, Security's (U.S.) is researching a consumer research,… system that uses a battery of sensors to remotely checks people's pulse rate, breathing patterns, skin temperature and momentary facial expressions to determine if people have any mal-intent. Not just for humans: Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Animal Health Finnish brain researcher developed a method for identifying cattle developed a device that can steer infected with mad cow disease, simply by a wheelchair based on the measuring brain waves produced in © Finpro ry / 12 brainwaves. response to audio stimuli.
  13. 13. Human Interface Hot Spots* Commercial players at the human-machine interface are still rare. Research seems to be strongest in U.S. and Japan (where robots are very advanced) Trend setting *note that the map is based on selected Following Fast © Finpro ry / 13 findings and not systematic research
  14. 14. Appealing Design What happens? •Consumers are not interested in technology but in design and user experience •Drivers of the trend are the new “xx. Very Important Target groups: “Samsung Lavender” concept cell Generation Y, Women, Seniors phone not only looks like a perfume bottle, it also dispenses lavender aroma. The display Opportunities for ICT shows how much perfume is still •partnering with designers and left, perfume can be refilled. end-users early on in product development •Instructions and installation for Alcatel-Lucent Lab uses a products need to be simple and hand-picked global accessible community of pre-teens and teens to understand •Knowing about usability, how they use all sorts of consumer preferences is a Must – screens © Finpro ry / 14
  15. 15. Appealing Design Hot Spots* Understanding of the importance of design and the relevance of women, seniors and GenY is already widely spread. Trend setting *note that the map is based on selected Following Fast © Finpro ry / 15 findings and not systematic research
  16. 16. Virtual meets Reality What happens? „AfterShock“ is a •Virtual worlds which are familiar simulation by the from games and entertainment Institute of the Future enter business world (U.S.) that aims to prepare Californians •Virtual Settings used for training, not just for the few teaching, for simulating future moments during an scenarios, for creating offline earthquake, but also products for the days and Subscribers of the weeks afterward. “Virtual Wife” service •Virtuality is hoped to bring down from Metaboinfo.com costs (e.g. virtual meetings, virtual (Japan) can choose product testing), but also to be from one of four virtual more effective (e.g. learning wives and tell her through games instead of in class about their weight, room) and lifestyle habits. The wife sends daily emails, reminding to During the Sims 2/H&M Fashion Runway eat healthy. contest in 2007 users were invited to create outfits for Sims avatars. The winning dress © Finpro ry / 16 was later sold in selected H&M stores.
  17. 17. Virtual meets Reality Opportunities for ICT •Enable virtual meetings •Enable visualization laboratories •Partnering with universities and training institutions to create virtual learning experience Researchers surrounded by proteins in 3D room “StarCave” at UC San Diego (U.S.). The room allows visualization of nano particles as well as the cosmos.. „World of Healthcraft“ Telstra (Australia) used a (MDM, Canada) aims to hologram to beam its Chief deliver leadership and Technology Officer live into collaboration training using Adelaide from Melbourne a massively multiplayer where he gave a speech. online role-playing game © Finpro ry / 17
  18. 18. Virtual meets Reality Hot Spots* While North America seems leading in terms of virtual enterprise applications, the Far East is leading in bringing virtual games into everyday consumer life. Trend setting *note that the map is based on selected Following Fast © Finpro ry / 18 findings and not systematic research
  19. 19. Productivity Protection What happens? Nearly half of U.S. employers (48 %) say •In a knowledge economy, a stress caused by working long hours is company’s success hinges on the affecting business performance. creativity and productivity of its – Watson Wyatt, Feb 2008 employees MetroNaps (US) enhances •Lack of motivation as well as sick workforce productivity leave (due physical/psychological through mid-day napping stress) recognized as an attack on equipment and education. a company‘s assets •With demographic change, talent becomes a limited source - companies need to make the most out of their existing employees talents At Google‘s European •Companies that protect the engineering HQ in energy of employees are more Switzerland, design plays a crucial role to let creative attractive as employers juices flow © Finpro ry / 19
  20. 20. Productivity Protection Opportunities for IT Visomate (China) is a USB device which monitors the •Stress reduction e.g. through eye level. When the tech-aided interruptibility employee reaches a recognition, need-for-break drowsy state, the Visomate recognition alarm turns on. •Getting-things-done solutions Remember the milk is a •Creativity training, idea getting-things-done software management solutions that helps to prioritize work – it can be connected with various devices (e.g. Blackberry) and applications (e.g. Google maps, Twitter) In order to teach communication applications when interruption is ok, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (U.S.) use sensors (e.g. cameras and microphones) to © Finpro ry / 20 estimate interruptibility.
  21. 21. Productivity Protection Hot Spots* Companies that depend on outstanding productivity, service or creativity of their employees (like Google, Microsoft, Zappos) were the first to realize the need to guard and nurture talents. Web2.0 tools currently play a big role in increasing (but also in threatening) productivity – enterprise applications are still strongest in U.S. Trend setting *note that the map is based on selected Following Fast © Finpro ry / 21 findings and not systematic research
  22. 22. Non-US markets lead Usage Penetration in Some ICT Application Categories (Source: Morgan Stanley Research 2008) © Finpro ry / 22
  23. 23. Olympialaisten tuomat muutokset Thank you! Hanna Marttinen-Deakins Head of Finpro Asia ICT Team Global Software and Digital Media Industry Hanna.marttinen-deakins@finpro.fi +358-40-3433348 © Finpro ry / 23