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Life After the Crunch


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How does life change after the credit crunch?

Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology

Life After the Crunch

  1. Life after the Credit Crunch ++++Observations by Ines Seidel++++++Oct 2008++++
  2. After the Credit Crunch “Credit Crunch. Subprime Credit Fall-Out. Economic Downturn. Lots of abstract figures. But how does the downturn affect people’s lifes?” – Ines Seidel (that‘s me) Picture from
  3. More fears quot;I'm tired of what's going on and how the average citizen is suffering and our top leaders are more concerned with the big corporations and Wall Street. I'm sad right now because I don't know how my future or even the next day is going to be.quot; - John Stevens on iReport CNN 9 Oct 2008 Picture by zweettooth
  4. Cutting Down quot;I am now offering people shorter haircuts. It's so they will last longer.quot; hair stylist AFP, 13 Oct 2008 Picture by icekitty37
  5. Frugal shopping quot;I’m a shopper, I really am. I love to shop. But even I’ve cut back. Now I don't go anywhere except the thrift storesquot; Debbie Knight, 14 Oct 2008 Picture by deflorie
  6. Discovering the family quot;We're having more conversation, we're finding things to do as a family that are free, we play basketball, we play tennis. Homework's getting done better too.quot; - Kathleen Fallon in iReport CNN 9 Oct 2008 Picture by just4you
  7. Delaying dreams quot;Our dream wedding has turned into just that ... a dream. More than likely we will go to a justice of the peace and say our vows and pray that in a few years when we are better and the country is better, our dream will come true.“- Mia Cole on iReport CNN 9 Oct 2008 Picture by biearwicke
  8. Kids learning to accept “No” “I used to ask for things and my parents would say, ‘We can’t do that.’ So I would throw a tantrum and get an attitude. They used to give in a lot. But that doesn’t work now.” Kaitlyn Postle (16) in 12 Oct 2008 Picture by binababy12
  9. Longing for Financial Safety quot;The gold party environment is more of a safe place for women to come turn in their gold,quot; Mary Martin, gold party hostess. Gold parties are like Tupperware parties, only you get cash for gold. Nbc2news 10 Oct 2008 Picture by egilshay
  10. No Nonsense Dressing “There is a collective sense that luxury consumers will seek quot;investmentquot; wardrobes next spring - - clothing that will survive trends and frequent dry cleaning to remain wearable in several years.” - Christina Binley for WSJ, 25 Sept 2008 Picture by L Avi
  11. Going independent “Raising chickens is a fun and rewarding hobby. And with the prices of eggs now days, its the way to go.” - Dorothy, commenting an article on the growing urban chicken trend at csmonitor, 9 Oct 2008 Picture by 13dede
  12. What’s changing in your life? Send your statements to twitter/downturn_change