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Feel Good Food


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Trends at the intersection of Food and Wellbeing

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Feel Good Food

  1. 1. FeelGoodFood Trends and Business Opportunities at the crossroads between Feeling Good and Food Terja Kuuri-Riutta, Esa Wrang & Ines Seidel Finpro, May 2008
  2. 2. Feel Good Food - Ingredients 1. Goal + Methodology 2. Food Trends 3. Discussion © Finpro ry /2
  3. 3. Methodology: From Signals to Opportunities Signal Pattern/Trend Analysis light – Ad collection Recognition hoc-Opportunities and illustrative samples Bazaar Culture Compassion Food Done by Finpro Done by Foresight Deeper Analysis Network with help & Industry Team can be a next step of sharing platform © Finpro ry /3
  4. 4. Feel Good Food - Ingredients 1. Goal + Methodology 2. Food Trends 3. Discussion © Finpro ry /4
  5. 5. Food Experience relates to 4 major consumer concerns © Finpro ry Word clouds created with wordle / 5
  6. 6. Fresh Traditions Successful Retro cereal packaging by General Mills celebrated as “providing comfort kitchen art” (BrandWeek, Mar 2009) As the economic situation increases uncertainty and fear, traditional values and activities bring back stability and assurance – especially in relation to food! Opportunities • Value proposition: durable, heritage, authentic, solid, traditional, natural, saving, family, home • Enable traditions : e.g. how-to guides for …a café that combines eating food preservation; traditional recipes, out with knitting „grow-your-own soup“ kits,… • Marketing: Retro packaging; partnering with nostalgic brands © Finpro ry /6
  7. 7. Get to know farmers of your Iglo frozen spinach on the web Local Experience (Germany) This trend is a result of both the desire to In the Canadian experience something special (and not bestseller The 100- Mile-Diet (2007) a something franchised) with the desire to enjoy couple narrates how food in a sustainable (& affordable) way: The they ate only food “100-Mile-Diet” or “underground” restaurants in from their own region unusual places are typical manifestations. for one year Opportunities • Be proud of the local: Regional recipes in modern outfit, unusual local catering venues, seasonal food, seasonal traditions • Local Sourcing made public: regionally Pop-Up Restaurant in a Redwodd branded food, enable bonding with local Tree (New Zealand) producer • Exporting Local Experience - especially as travelling to the real location is out ofFinpro ry © reach /7
  8. 8. Bazaar Culture The financial crisis destroyed the belief in a Covent Garden Real Food Market reliable value of money. Price comparison or (UK)– has become so popular since its launch in 2007 that this year it's price negotation become routine. Buying on a running for four months rather than farmer’s market and dining with friends at the usual one month home are serious competition to food retail/catering. Opportunities • Play the Bazaar Game: street markets, pop-up stores and restaurants, home selling, auctions (also in B2B), partnering directy with producers • Pricing: Enable flexible pricing, price comparison; Alternatives to money? • Differentiate from the Bazaar: with added value/experience (see other trends) © Finpro ry /8
  9. 9. Compassion Food The downturn means not only smaller budgets but also mental pressure for many "We're giving 5 dollars-off people. Food providers and restaurants can coupons and every now and then emotionally bond with their consumers by a buy one get one" – Highland Grill owner, U.S. (Feb 2009) showing some compassion. Opportunities • Show Compassion: Free extras (e.g. during special times), compassion marketing , compassion as a core value • Offering: comfort food, rustic food • Enable compassion: allow consumers to help others e.g. by partnering with charity, donating part of sales for social cause © Finpro ry /9
  10. 10. Convenience 2.0 Modern technology is used to make grocery shopping, cooking and eating out more convenient and more fun for consumers who are increasingly used to “living digitally”. Opportunities • Use digital media e.g. for being found, Tool for alerting costumers getting rated, announce special when their table is ready occasions, make food tracking transparent… • Monitor social media to learn what consumers talk about (about you!) and engage with them Screenshot from McRib Locator, a crowdsourcing project initiated © Finpro ry by a McRib enthusiast. / 10
  11. 11. Status Experience Dark Restaurants – Dining blindfolded can be enjoyed for instance in Beijing, Moscow, London, New York, Prague,… In a post-consumerist society, status is no longer derived from owning things but from experiencing something special. Food Experience can be as exclusive as dining in a dark restaurant – but even customizing a burger can be a value adding experience! Opportunities • Offering: enable customization, Almond Pudding in Manga Fan Shop (Japan) personalization, exclusivity, limited offers • Marketing: Focus on sensual appeal of food, experience of eating or preparing food • Cooperation: unusual partnerships © Finpro ry / 11
  12. 12. Safe to Eat Consumers are worried about healthy eating – and information overload is only making it more complicated to eat the right thing. Food scandals around the world as well as the costs of food-related diseases have increased regulation (and will continue to do so). Opportunities • Be ahead of the regulation: Fulful coming regulation criteria already today • Build trust: transparent food tracking for Enter barcode number on website and consumers, open communication with find out where, when and by whom the jam was made consumers, easy to comprehend labels/certificates © Finpro ry / 12
  13. 13. Health Enhancement Being (or at least appearing) young, sportive and healthy adds to a person’s self-esteem – in private life as well as in working life. Food that boosts fitness or prevents diseases perfectly fits this lifestyle. Opportunities • Help to stay fit: functional food, „brain food“, anti-age-food, food for athletes,… • Marketing: Awareness for health/fitness can be used in marketing © Finpro ry / 13
  14. 14. Sustainable Food Both health concerns and a growing sense of responsibility for the environment and the wellbeing of others have an impact on what people prefer to eat. Consumers are increasingly sensitive of sustainable production and logistics. Nevertheless: Organic food can still be stylish and convenient! Opportunities • Eco experience: organic food, slow food, local food, eco-friendly packaging • Know your partners: malpractice can Häagen Dasz supports Honey Bee ruin reputation Protection with a campaign (e.g. about bee- • Be active: Save resources, support friendly gardening), a share of sales funds research of sustainable pollination… communities - and speak about it (screenshot) © Finpro ry / 14
  15. 15. Feel Good Food - Ingredients 1. Goal + Methodology 2. Food Trends 3. Discussion © Finpro ry / 15
  16. 16. Summary: Main trends on the list of consumers Which ones should be investigated more? •Fresh Traditions •Local Experience •Bazaar Culture •Compassion Food •Convenience 2.0 •Status Experience •Safe to Eat •Health Enhancement •Sustainable Food Picture notepad courtesy of ilco © Finpro ry / 16
  17. 17. Thank-you! Finpro Life Sciences & Foresight © Finpro ry / 17