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Cw13 insights into the cloud market by abdelrahman wahid-cloud11


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Published in: Technology
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Cw13 insights into the cloud market by abdelrahman wahid-cloud11

  1. 1. Insights into the Cloud market2013
  2. 2. Agenda1. Cloud Computing: All is Moving. Why?2. Cloud Computing: made the difference.3. New trends & providers in the Cloud market.4. How you can make a business through Cloud Computing?5. Q&As.
  3. 3. Applications Moving to the Cloud1960sMainframe1980sOn-PremiseClient/serverTodayCloud ComputingApplications
  4. 4. But customers are here:You invested here:Contact CenterToday’s Contact Centers Can’t Connect withCustomers
  5. 5. Toyota connects people and cars with Cloud
  6. 6. Do you think?In EgyptThat Cloud Computing concept has made a difference or a leap throughthe Information Technology industry in the last couple of years?
  7. 7. nextCloud ComputingCREATEDthe difference at the whole IT market.
  8. 8. WHATS NEXT?3 | New trends in Cloud market
  9. 9. EVOLVE & EXPANDofCloud Technology
  10. 10. MobileThe upcoming giant in the cloudComputing
  11. 11. LARGE AMOUNT OF DATAThe large amount of data that will be createdfrom the use of mobile devices and mobile cloudin corporations will increase the use of data de-duplication and data compression technologies.
  12. 12. When we shouldn’t use?
  13. 13. Cloud ComputingCan be usedAbsolutely inEVERYTHING.
  14. 14. Google Cloud Platform• Google App Engine Pricing• Create apps on Google’s platform that• are easy to manage and scale at a• low total cost.
  15. 15. Get it for Free Start your Dream• Dynamic scaling• Java Runtime• Python Runtime• Go Runtime• Tools Google Plugin for Eclipse• Code upload/download• Graph History• Request Logs• Developer Access Control
  16. 16.• Forward-thinking CEOs are—and for good reasons. is:• Proven, Agile . Social , Mobile
  17. 17. How can you start a Business withCloud Computing?
  18. 18. Inc.
  19. 19. Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion.
  20. 20. Cloud School Management System (CSMS)
  21. 21. Cloud for Non-Profit Organizations•• More than 18,000 nonprofit and higher ed institutionsare using Salesforce to power their missions. Join them.
  22. 22. What will it take to change this planet we all share?
  23. 23. YOUCloudize the web. Change the world.If you’re interested, contact us directly through: marketing@cloud-11.com4 | How you can change?
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Q&As5 | Q&As
  26. 26. Abdelrahman Wahidabdelrahman.wahid|awahidk||+20100 1132 115|Contact info
  27. 27. Thank you.This presentation is created by Cloud11 Marketing team, if you want to contact for a personal use and/or a mini-session by the team, kindly use: marketing@cloud-11.comCloud11Co| Cloud11Co| Company/Cloud11||