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Tom hopkins

  1. 1. 1 TOM HOPKINS QUICK FACTSSelling Philosophy: Effective Communication SkillsTarget Industries: Real Estate, Financial Services, Insurance, MortgageBestseller(s): Building Sales Champions DVD systemAffiliation: Tom Hopkins International, Inc. Developing the Thank You Note Habit by Tom HopkinsI learned the value and power of thank you notes early in life. When I was ayoung child, my parents occasionally went out with friends for dinner. Invaria-bly, when my parents returned from an evening out, I saw my mother sit down ather little desk in the hallway as soon as she got home and begin to write. Onenight I asked her what she was doing. Her answer came straight out of EmilyPost: “We had such a wonderful time with our dear friends this evening that Iwant to jot them a note to thank them for their friendship and the wonderfuldinner.” My mother’s simple act of gratitude, expressed to people who alreadyknew that she and my father appreciated and enjoyed their friendship, helped tokeep my parents’ friendships strong for their entire lifetimes.Because I understood that building relationships is what selling is all about, Ibegan early in my career to send thank you notes to people. I set a goal to sendten thank you notes every day. That goal meant that I had to meet and get thenames of at least ten people every day. I sent thank you notes to people I metbriefly, people I showed properties to, people I talked with on the telephone, andpeople I actually helped to own new homes. I became a thank you note fool. Andguess what happened? By the end of my third year in sales, my business was100% referrals! The people I had expressed gratitude to were happy to send menew clients as a reward for making them feel appreciated and important.I understand that you may not be comfortable at first with starting the ThankYou note habit so I took the time to write out ten situations in which sending aThank You note is appropriate. Then, to help you even more, I’ve drafted thenotes for you.1. Telephone contact. Thank you for talking with me on the telephone. In to-day’s business world, time is precious. You can rest assured that I will always be [30]
  2. 2. respectful of the time you invest as we discuss the possibility of a mutuallybeneficial business relationship.2. In Person Contact. Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you, and my thankyou is for the time we shared. We have been fortunate to serve many happyclients, and it is my wish to some day be able to serve you. If you have anyquestions, please don’t hesitate to call.3. After Demonstration or Presentation. Thank you for giving me the oppor-tunity to discuss with you our association for the mutual benefit of our firms. Webelieve that quality, blended with excellent service, is the foundation for a suc-cessful business.4. After Purchase. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to offer you ourfinest service. We are confident that you will be happy with this investmenttowards future growth. My goal is now to offer excellent follow-up service soyou will have no reservations about referring others to me who have similarneeds as yours.5. For a Referral. Thank you for your kind referral. You may rest assured thatanyone you refer to me will receive the highest degree of professional servicepossible.6. After Final Refusal. Thank you for taking your time to consider letting meserve you. It is with sincere regrets that your immediate plans do not includemaking the investment at this time. However, if you need further information orhave any questions, please feel free to call. I will keep you posted on new devel-opments and changes that may benefit you.7. After They Buy From Someone Else. Thank you for taking your time toanalyze my services. I regret being unable, at this time, to prove to you thebenefits we have to offer. We keep constantly informed of new developmentsand changes, so I will keep in touch with the hope that in the years ahead we willbe able to do business.8. After They Buy From Someone Else, But Offer to Give You Referrals.Thank you for your gracious offer of giving me referrals. As we discussed, I amenclosing three of my business cards. I thank you in advance for placing them inthe hands of three of your friends, acquaintances, or relatives that I might serve. Iwill keep in touch and be willing to render my services as needed.9. To Anyone Who Gives You Service. Thank you. It is gratifying to meetsomeone dedicated to doing a good job. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.If my company or I can serve you in any way, please don’t hesitate to call. [31]
  3. 3. 10. Anniversary Thank You. Thank you. It is with warm regards that I sendthis note to say hello and again, thanks for your past patronage. We are continu-ally changing and improving our products and services. If you would like anupdate on our latest advancements, please give me a call.The power of expressed gratitude is immense. Put this tool to work for youtoday! ABOUT THE AUTHOR‰ Tom Hopkins BiographyTom Hopkins is world-renowned as "The Builder of Sales Champions." For over25 years, he has taught foundational how-to selling skills to over 4 million salesprofessionals on five continents.He has dedicated his life to the subject of selling ever since his own miserablefailure as a salesperson early in his career...earning only $42 per month his firstsix months in sales. Through determination and self-education, he mastered theskills he teaches today, fine-tuning and updating the nuances of selling as timeshave changed.His proven-effective methods for finding new business, communicating effec-tively with clients, providing enticing presentations, addressing client concerns,and closing sales have launched or at the very least boosted the sales volumes ofindividuals and companies alike.Mr. Hopkins has authored 14 books on the subjects of selling and sales success,including the mega-hit How to Master the Art of Selling (Warner Books, 1980,2005) and three of the ...for Dummies books: Selling for Dummies, Sales Pros-pecting for Dummies, and Sales Closing for Dummies. His audio and videosales-training programs demonstrate the nuances of what to say and how to sayit...critical skills for sales pros in every industry.‰ The Best Way to Get Started with Tom HopkinsBegin with a visit to the Free Resources section of to get ataste of the type of information Mr. Hopkins teaches. Join his e-mail list andreceive a free, monthly e-newsletter filled with selling strategies and tactics youcan implement on your very next sales call.Second, attend a live seminar. Nothing compares to investing a day with TomHopkins, learning how to improve your selling skills and getting a boost in self- [32]
  4. 4. confidence.If Tom is not coming to your city, choose a product based on how you prefer tolearn: reading, listening, or watching.‰ Books • How to Master the Art of Selling • Low Profile Selling: Act Like a Lion...Sell Like a Lamb • Sell It Today, Sell It Now: Mastering the Art of the One-Call Close‰ Audio and Video Programs • Achieving Sales Excellence CD • Building Sales Champions DVD system • The Highlights of the Perfect Sales Process DVD‰ Other Programs and HighlightsTom Hopkins doesn’t teach theory. He teaches proven-effective, how-to sellingskills. Included in all of his training are the words and phrases to use with cli-ents...wordsmithed in such a way as to be pleasing to the ear and emotions of theclient. The key to success in selling is getting people to like you, trust you, andwant to listen to you. The words and phrases Mr. Hopkins teaches help reducethe sales resistance so common in selling situations.‰ Contact InformationADDRESS: Tom Hopkins International, Inc. 7531 East Second Street Scottsdale, AZ 85251PHONE: 480-949-0786EMAIL: tom@tomhopkins.comWEBSITE: [33]