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Swing, Salsa Dancing Indianapolis | Dance Studios, Lessons


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The indyfivestardance studio presents different varities of dances like salsa, swing etc. All types of dance classes are given by indianapolis dance studios.

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Swing, Salsa Dancing Indianapolis | Dance Studios, Lessons

  1. 1. HistoryIn 1913, Harry Fox, a Vuadeville comedian,introduced a trot to a ragtime song in a ZiegfeldFollies that pushed other trots in thebackground. It became America’s most populardance and remains so to this day as thestandard of social dances.
  2. 2. CharacteristicsThe basic components of the Fox Trot are thewalking steps and side steps. Crowded dance floorsor nightclub conditions require that all threetempos be expressed with short steps. In largerballrooms the slow Fox Trot is characterized bylonger smooth, gliding steps, demanding ease ofmovement and control in order to give this dancean unhurried appearance.
  3. 3. HistoryDiscotheques (Disco) with high quality soundsystems, and flashing lights became a popularform of entertainment in Europe and Americain the late 1960’s and through the 70’s. In theearly 1970’s a new dance craze becamepopular on the crowded dance floors of NewYork. This “Touch Disco” was called the Hustle.
  4. 4. CharacteristicsTurns, spins, and wraps are primary componentsof the Hustle. The more accomplished dancerswill use syncopated timing and fakes along withelaborate arm styling.
  5. 5. CONTACT US 8902 Saint Peter St.Indianapolis, IN 46227 Phone:317-881-7762