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2016 Presidential Candidates On School Choice


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2016 Presidential Candidates On School Choice

  1. 1. School Choice Clinton thinks vouchers are unconstitutional and damaging to public schools, but says she supports charter schools and is in favor of increased school choice among public schools in a district. Hillary Clinton:
  2. 2. School Choice Cruz introduced the Education Freedom Accounts Act earlier this year “to expand school choice in the District of Columbia,” and is on record as calling school choice the “civil rights issue of our era.” Ted Cruz:
  3. 3. School Choice Kasich’s website boasts, “Ohio has quadrupled the number of available vouchers and increased the number of schools whose students are eligible for vouchers.” He does promise to “encourage all education leaders to seek input from parents and communities to make sure their work aligns with the ex- pectations and priorities of those they serve.” The Washington Post recently called Ohio’s charter school system “a joke.” John Kasich:
  4. 4. School Choice Rubio is a big fan of charter schools and believes increased school choice is key to students’ ability to obtain a world-class education. “We need to allow charter schools and other innovative schools to flourish, and the key to that is empowering parents,” his website reads. Marco Rubio:
  5. 5. School Choice According to his website, Sanders is “strongly opposed to any voucher system that would re-direct public education dollars to private schools, including through the use of tax credits.” Bernie Sanders:
  6. 6. School Choice In his 2000 book, “The America We Deserve,” Trump said vouchers and increased school choice are healthy for a capitalist economy. “Who’s better off? The kids who use vouchers to go to the school of their choice, or the ones who choose to stay in public school? All of them. That’s the way it works in a competitive system,” he wrote. Donald Trump: