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October 2012 hi tech magazine

  1. 1. October’2012 4449 Nai Sarak, Main Road, Delhi - 110006 (INDIA)Ph : 91- 11- 23916431, 23918117, 45120361, 64727385, 23947058 E-Mail : eiriprojects@gmail.com, eiribooks@yahoo.com Website: www.eiriindia.org, www.eiribooksandprojectreports.com, www.eiri.in, www.industrialprojectreports.com Mobile: 9811437895, 9811151047
  2. 2. PROFITABLE CHEMICAL PROJECTS ANTI-FOAMING AGENT (SILICONE BASED) FOR DISTILLERY, SORBITOL DEXTROSE SALINE SUGAR INDUSTRY, PAPER PLANT ETC. FROM MAIZE STARCHIntra venous fluids, in general are used as I.V Anti-foaming agents may be categorized D-Soribitol, CH2OH(CHOH)4CH2OH (D-drips for patients in nursing homes and as solubilized surfactants, as dispersions glucitol, L-gulitol), is a hexahydric alcoholhospitals suffering from acute dehydration of hard particlces and as dispersions of soft with a 6-carbon atom straight-chain thator considerable debilitating conditions. particles. In all cases a liquid non-aqueous contains six hydroxyl gropups, and has aThese I.V fluids replanish the body fluids. vehicle is present even where the anti- molecular weight of 182.17. It exists as aThough a number of I.V fluids are there, foaming agent is represented as a solid white, odorless, crystalline solid. Because ofgenerally three types of I.V fluids are used formation. Water may also be present a negative heat of solution, sorbitol has ain hospitals as I.V drips. They are as follows:- particularly in emulsified silicone cooling effect when tasted. The hexitol has1. Dextrose injection fluid, 2. Dextrose and formulations. Antifoaming agent are used about two-thirds the sweetness of sugar.sodium chloride injection fluid, When saline to reduce foaming owing to proteins gases Sorbitol was first isolated by the Frenchis injected intravenously, it compensate the or nitrogenous materials which may cause chemist Joseph Boussingault in 1872 fromdeficiency of sodium ions when dextrose is interference with processing. Formulation the fresh juice of mountain ash berries. Itinjected it gives energy due to glucose of silicone and other polymers in all are used has since been found in many naturalcontent of it when dextro-saline is given in often in emulsion form. the num ber of products such as edible fruits (apples,combination, it replanishes the dehydration synthetic and natural materials used in plums, peaches, cherries, etc.), berries ofas well as gives energy thereby recouping defoamers is legion however they have in mountain ash, hawthorn and Sorbusdebility syndrome and also in general take common a degree of surface activity. Soft - domestica, tobacco, algae, and redcare of malaise. Dextrose (D-glucose, corn particle formulations may consist of paraffinc seaweed. In spite of its wide occurrence,sugar, starch sugar, blood sugar, grape waxes or falty amides among other natural materials are not a good commercialsugar) is by for the most abundant sugar in components as the dispersed phase a non source of sorbitol, and it is madenature and occurs either in the free state aqueous liquid serves as the vehicle. A fine synthetically. The content of sorbitol in(monosaccharide form) or chemically particle size is generally desired which is grapes is insignificant and advantage islinked with other sugar varieties. In the free effected by grinding or chilling a hot solution taken of this situation by using a sorbitolstate, it occurs in substantial quantities in rapidly. In addition to the particulate assay of grape wines as a means ofhoney, fruits, and berries. As a polymer of components members of solubilized detecting adulteration with other fruit wines oranhydrodextrose units, it occurs in starch, surfactant class are generally present. apple cider. This sugar alcohol has beencellulose, and glycogen. Sucrose is a synthesized by the reduction of D-glucose, Cost Estimationdisaccharide of dextrose and fructose. D-fructose, L-glucose and D-mannose. The Plant Capacity 9 MT./DayCommercial production of dextrose by Land & Building (Area 5000 sq.mt.)Rs. 6.82 Cr. most important commercial processes arehydrolysis of starch yields white crystalline Plant & Machinery Rs. 3.01 Cr. the electrolytic and high pressuresugars that are either anhydrous W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 7.69 Cr. hydrogenation of D-glucose (dextrose),(C6H12O6) or hydrated (C6H12O6H2O). Total Capital Investment Rs. 18.08 Cr. although the electrolytic method is gradually Rate of Return 60% fading out of the picture. Cost Estimation Break Even Point 27%Plant Capacity 12000 Btl/Day Cost EstimationLand & Building (Area 9000 sq.mt.)Rs. 4.01 Cr. Plant Capacity 66 MT./DayPlant & Machinery Rs. 4.90 Cr. Land & Building (Area 8000 sq.mt.)Rs. 9.52 Cr.W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.73 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 5.92 Cr.Total Capital Investment Rs. 11.06 Cr. SPICE OILS & OLEORESINS W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 8.58 Cr.Rate of Return 20% Total Capital Investment Rs. 24.76 Cr.Break Even Point 66% Rate of Return 52% SCFE CO2 extraction process for spices Break Even Point 37% oleoresin is the latest energy efficient ASPIRIN process in the world. Probably, no plant is working in India based on this technology. COOLANT (ENGINE)Pain is perhaps the most universal of man’s The extraction of essential oils,experiences. The sensation is valuable in organoleptic compounds, i.e., thealerting an individual to the fact that they have The purpose of Coolant is to remove compounds responsible for aroma, flavour, excess heat produced from the enginebeen injured or may be ill, and is a useful guide and taste from both liquids and solid plantto the physician in making an accurate diagnosis operation, to control corrosion andand in evaluating the efficiency of a therapeutic materials is possiblt using supercritical scaling, antifreeze and boil over theregimen. Beyond these important functions of carbon dioxide. Materials that can be used radiator water. So many years ago waterpain as sensation is pain as suffering i.e., the are any plant materials which contain was used to reduce the temperature.original senation plus there actions evoked by aromatic substances such as: herbs, spices, Water is an effective heat transfer fluid butthe sensation. Man has probably always sought flowers, crop seeds (e.g. hops, coffee), it boils at very low temperature., highlymethods for the relief of suffering pain. Before pharmaceutically active compounds. corrosive and format scaling. It impure thethe advent of modern therapentics, relief of pain Chemical industry. Applications of spices cooling liquid by accumulating corrosivewas frequently the only treatment available for oleoresins are in food industry, beverage and scaled waste. So it chocks up tubes ofan afflicted individual, any thing which radiator and finally engine overheats. The industry, pharmaceutical industry, toilet complexity is increased with the use ofdescrease sensibility was regarded as useful. preparations (cosmetics and pefumes)Analgesics are substances that relieve pain. aluminum alloys in the head, water pump industry. and radiators. Cost Estimation Cost Estimation Cost EstimationPlant Capacity 3.72 MT./Day lant Cap. CHILLY OLEORESIN 1800 KGS/DAY Plant Capacity 200 Ltr./DayLand & Building (Area 2000 sq.mt.) Rs. 2 Cr. GINGER OLEORESIN 360 KGS/DAY Land & Building (Area 350 sq.mt.) Rs. 17 LacsPlant & Machinery Rs. 1.43 Cr. Land & Building (Area 4000 sq.mt.)Rs. 3.09 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 7 LacsW.C. for 2 Months Rs. 1.13 Cr. Plant & Machinery Rs. 4.12 Cr. W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 11 LacsTotal Capital Investment Rs. 4.90 Cr. W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 4.62 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 38 LacsRate of Return 19% Total Capital Investment Rs. 12.46 Cr. Rate of Return 28%Break Even Point 61% Rate of Return 33% Break Even Point 57% Break Even Point 48% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 03 www.eiriindia.org
  3. 3. 52 SMALL SCALES MONO CALCIUM PHOSPHATE 25 TO 50 LAKH (MCP) AND DI CALCIUM BORIC ACID INVESTMENT PHOSPHATE (DCP) PROJECTS (52 Tricalcium orthophosphate, Ca3 (PO4)2, Boric Acid (Orthoboric acid) H3BO3, formerly PROJECTS commonly known as calcium phosphate, sometimes called boracic acid, is tonnage REPORTS IN CD) occurs in nature as rock phosphate ore, for material, the predominant use of which example and is used as such as a source of (except as a raw material for boron and boron fertilizer. It can also be converted with compounds) is in medical and PROJECT NAME PROJECT COST sulphuric acid to a mixture of calcium pharmaceutical compounds, such as eye and1. ANIMAL FEED (CATTLE,POULTRY, SHEEP sulphate and phosphoric acid, or it can also mouth washes and nasal sprays. Solution of OF PIG) be converted with sulphuric acid to a mixture boric acid non irritating and slightly (LIQUID FEED) (MOLASSES BASED) of calcium sulfate and monocalcium astringent, with antiseptic qualities. A2. ADHESIVE BASED OIL VINYL ACETATE (FEVICOL TYPE) phosphate, Ca(H2 PO4)2, the latter also saturated solution of H3BO3 contains3. AIR CONDITIONERS & PARTS being known as calcium dihydrogen approximately 2% of the compound at4. AFTER SHAVE LOTION phosphate. Calcium phosphate has a 0oC;inceasing to 39% at 100o C.5. AYURVEDIC MEDICINES relatively low phosphorous content (20% Commercially boric acid has the composition6. AUTO TUBES m/m) while monocalcium phosphate, while B2O3.3H2O. It is derived by adding7. BAKERY UNIT (PASTRIES, BREAD, having a much higher phosphorous content hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid to a BUNS,CAKE, TOFFEE)8. BOPP ADHESIVE TAPES (26.5% m/m), is difficult to manufacture, and solution of borax and crystallizing. It is also9. CANDLE MAKING PROCESSES & also expensive mainly because one of the by- derived from borax barine, by extraction with ORMULATIONS products of the reaction by means of which it a kerosine solution of chelating agent such10. CEILING FAN (E.O.UNIT) is so prepared, calcium sulphate, has to be as 2-ethyl-1, 3-hexane-diol, or other polyols.11. CANDLE MAKING UNIT SEMI AUTOMATIC discarded as a waste product. Therefore, Borates are stripped from the chelate by12. COLD DRINKS there is a need for an economical method of sulphuric acid. At present only two13. CYBER CAFE14. COOLANT (ENGING) producing calcium hydrogenphosphate from Industries under DGTD which is engaged in15. CHROME PLATING calcium phosphate. There is a further need in the manufacture of boric acid at the installed16. CARBON PAPER the art for an economical method of capacity of 3,660 tonne per annum. Other 3-417. DETERGENT CAKE & POWDER producing monocalcium phosphate fertilizer industries also engaged in the manufacture18. EXTRACTION OF ESSENTIAL OILS from calcium phosphate and further of boric acid but the data is not available of19. EXERCISE NOTE BOOK & REGISTER producing edible products from the resultant these industries. It can be manufactured in (E.O.UNIT)20. ELECTRIC SWITCHES, PLUGS, SOCKETS fertilizer. the small scale sector. Plant and machinery21. FIBER GLASS Cost Estimation are indigenously available. Raw materials22. GOAT AND SHEEP FARMING Plant Capacity 300 Ton/Day required for the production of boric acid is23. HAND MADE PAPER (E.O.UNIT) Land & Build. (Area 30000 sq.mt.)Rs. 33.41 Cr. also indigenously available.24. ICE CREAM OF DIFFERENT FLAVOURS Plant & Machinery Rs. 30.63 Cr.25. JAM, JELLY, CHUTNEY, PICKLES AND Cost Estimation SQUASHES W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 45.36 Cr. Plant Capacity 1 Ton/Day26. LIQUID ADHESIVE FOR CORRUGATED Total Capital Investment Rs. 112.66 Cr. Land & Building (Area 1000 sq.mt.)Rs. 46 Lacs BOARD & BOXES Rate of Return 38% Plant & Machinery Rs. 23 Lacs27. LEATHER TO LEATHER ADHESIVE Break Even Point 39% W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 17 Lacs (LATEX BASED ADHESIVES) Total Capital Investment Rs. 92 Lacs28. LATEX RUBBER CONDOMS (E.O.UNIT)29. MINI FLOUR MILL Rate of Return 39%30. MENTHOL BOLD CRYSTALS (E.O.UNIT) SINGLE SUPER PHOSPHATE Break Even Point 52%31. MOSQUITO COILS AND MATS & SULPHURIC ACID32. MUSHROOMS (CULTIVATION & PROCESSING UNIT)33. NAMKEEN INDUSTRY (BHUJIA, CHANA Fertilizers are substances which are CHUR)34. N.C.PUTTY introduced into the oil to increase the yields35. OIL SEALS of agricultural crops. In addition to increasing36. PAPER GLASSES FOR the amount of agricultural produce, fertilizers BEVERAGE(E.O.UNIT) also improve their quality. Thus with the37. PET BOTTLES FROM PRE-FORM use of fertilizes the starch, sugar, protein (CAPSULES) and oil content of plant is raised, this in turn38. PICKLES, MURABBAS AND SAUCES ETC.39. POULTRY AND BROILER increases the contents of fats and (HATCHERY)FARMING proteins in livestock’s products. The use of40. PAINT INDUSTRY (E.O.UNIT) fertilizers increases the strength of such41. PRESSURE COOKER (E.O.UNIT) products as flax, cotton, and wool. Fertilizers42. RESTAURANTS WITH PUB increase the resistance of plants to ISBN- 8186732845 Price-900/-43. SHAMPOO (E.O.UNIT) disease, drought, low temperatures and44. SILVER EXTRACTION other conditions which hinder the HAND BOOK OF45. STARCH & DEXTRIN BASED ADHESIVE46. SATTU47. SAFED MUSLI CULTIVATION & development of plants. Fertilizers are broadly classified in two types. (1) organic eg. BIOTECHNOLOGY The book covers Biotechnology: An overview, PROCESSING (EXTRACT & POWDER) manure etc and (2) Inorganic eg. Calcium Recombinant Dna Technology, Plant Tissue Culture,48. THINNERS Ammonium Nitrate, Super phosphate etc. Principles and Methodology, Synthetic Seeds,49. TYPE RETREADING BY COLD PROCESS Inorganic fertilizers are salts which contain Biotechnology Methods of Crop Improvement,50. U.P.S. Transgenic Plants, Enzyme Technology, Biotechnology51. VERMICELLI elements essential for plant growth and Crop Improvement in India, Biotechnology Forestry,52. WALL PUTTY which are introduced into the soil to obtain Biotechnology Agro Industrial Development, large crops regularly. About 60 of the Biotechnology Biomass Energy, Foods and Beverages,Each Project Report covers in this CD contains elements are found in composition of the fuel Biotechnology, Plant Economics of Biotechnology Introduction, Uses, Market Position, various plants. Institute, Plant Economics of Biofertilizers fromManufacturing Process with Product Formulae, Cowdung, Plant Economics of Biofertilizers fromFlowsheet, Suppliers of Plant & Machinery and Cost Estimation Waste, Plant Economics of Biofertilizers from Garbage Raw Materials, List & Cost of Machinery, Cost Plant Capacity 330 MT./Day (MSW), Plant Economics of Ethanol (Biofuel) from Economics with Profitability Analysis, BEP, Land & Build. (Area 30000 sq.mt.)Rs. 33.42 Cr. Molasses, Plant Economics of Floriculture (Cut Flower Resources of Finance etc. Price of this CD Plant & Machinery Rs. 28.48 Cr. Rose with Green House Technology, Plant Economicscontaining all above 52 Project Reports is Just of Hybrid Seeds, Plant Economics of Jatropha (Bio- W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 46.33 Cr. Diesel Cultivation & Extraction, Plant Economics of Rs. 22,602/- or US$ 650/-. Payable fully in Total Capital Investment Rs. 110.94 Cr. Organic Manure, Plant Economics of Protein And advance through Draft/Transfer in EIRI A/c. in Rate of Return 41% Protein Based Products, Plant Economics of Tissue favour of ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH Break Even Point 36% Culture(100% E.O.U.), Plant Economics of Vermi INSTITUTE, DELHI. Delivery within 2 day. (To Composting, Suppliers of Plant and Machineries. Order please dial : 98114-37895). HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 04 www.eiriindia.org
  4. 4. START YOUR OWN CHEMICAL BASED INDUSTRY FERRIC AND COSMETIC AZODICARBONAMIDE (ADC) NON FERRIC ALUM TALCUM POWDERAlum are represented by the general formula All the cosmetics consumed, talcum powders Azodicarbonamide is a blowing agent and is aR 1/2 SO4, R2"(SO4)3.24.H2O. Where R talcum powder underebly leads the list. In synthetic material that has high consumptionand R”are respectively monovalent and earliest human societies, powdered among chemical blowing agents.trivalent radicals. They are usually the materials and clay muds were among the first Azodicarbonamide also known as ‘1,1’- azobisformamide on dry decomposition atdouble salts of ammonium, potassium or preparations to be used on the face for 190oC yields a gas of about 60% N2, 35% COsodium sulphate with aluminium. Chromium commetic purposes, and they are still being and minor amounts of ammonia carbon andor iron sulphate, and are readily prepared y used in this manner by primitive people. The carbon dioxide. The gas yield is high 230-240by concentrating and cooling a solution first substances used for powder were such ml/g at standard temperature of pressurecontaining molecular proportions of the simple and widely divefgent produccts as (CSTP). In 1978 largest volume of blowing agentComponent Sulphate. Ferric and Non Ferric chalk and white lead. Slowly, they involved 5000 metric tons produced in the U.S. wasAlum is marketed in various grades. The more complicated blends of different azodicarbonamide. Azodicarbonamide (ADA)cheapest grade called “alum cake”. Potash materials, finally to emerge in the modern also known as azobisformide (ABFA) is the most important organic chemical blowing agent foralum also known as alum alumen. Ferric concept and interpretation of powders. Not PVC as many desirable properties required in aalumin is aluminium sulphate containing iron only the talcum powders are used by women good blowing agent and in addition is non-obtained from the bauxite ore. Potash alum is but also by men. As the art of making this flammable. ABFA can be easily compoundedprepared from its naturally occurring minerals toiletory improved, perfume and colour, as with dryblends as well as plastisols. It is used insuch as alunite, and Ratinite, but in India well as other improvements were introduced. the manufacture of PVC foam fabrics, floorthese do not occur in appreciable quantities. Persons who are concerned about thier looks coverings, low density open-cell foam, extrudedAlum was formerly prepared from alum employ it several times daily. In this modern low-density gaskets, wire and cable Jackets,shales by roasting them in year and leaching age talcum powders are really products that slush molded products, cross cap-liners, injection moulded sols and high density profilesit out with water. Alum is now produced in addf very materially to personal etc. A B F A is also used as foaming agents forIndia by crystallizing together equivalent attractiveness. Talcum powders are Ethylene-Vinyl acetate (EVA) plasters. Variousproduced in India by Crystallizing together nowadays made today by reputable grades of foaming agents of azodicarbonamideequivalent proportion of potassium sulphate manufacturers, consist of purified are available and are marketed in various tradeand aluminium sulphate. The solution is ingredients, approved colours and non- names of grade, Viz ADC, Urea, Kempora,concentrated and the crystals are separated irritating perfumes. None of the harmful Celogen AZ, Cenitron AC, Profor ADC,out are melted to yield lump alum or effects are suffered through their use inspite Azoid,Polyzole-AZDN, Fisons Cenitron Ac/3 andrecrystalized to obtain large crystals. of many daily applications. A c/4 powder grades etc. Cost Estimation Cost Estimation Cost EstimationPlant Capacity 15 MT./Day Plant Capacity 1 Ton/Day Plant Capacity 1 MT./DayLand & Building (Area 5000 sq.mt.) Rs. 2.25 Cr. Land & Building (Area 600 sq.mt.) Rs. 40 Lacs Land & Building (Area 500 sq.mt.) Rs. 30 LacsPlant & Machinery Rs. 91 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 11 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 28 LacsW.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.09 Cr. W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 26 Lacs W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 49 LacsTotal Capital Investment Rs. 4.36 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 83 Lacs Total Capital Investment Rs. 1.15 Cr.Rate of Return 24% Rate of Return 64% Rate of Return 57%Break Even Point 56% Break Even Point 44% Break Even Point 37% 57 SMALL SCALE 19. FAST FOOD PARLOUR 42. SPICES/MASALA (EOU) 20. HERBAL CAPSULES 50 LAKH TO 21. HERBAL HAIR DYE OIL 43. SNACK FOOD (CRAX SIZE) (ROLL & BALL TYPE) 1 CRORE 22. HERBAL COSMETIC 44. SCOURING BAR INVESTMENT 23. H.T. & L.T. INSULATOR, HT AIR BRAKE 45. SAND PAPER SWITCHES D.O. FUSE, LIGHTENING 46. TOILET SOAP FROM SOAP NOODLES PROJECTS (57 ARRESTOR 47. TOILET SOAP INDUSTRY (SOAP FROM PROJECT 24. HOSTEL WITH MESS SOAP STOCK) 25. INSTANT NOODLES 48. TOILET & HERBAL SOAP REPORTS IN CD) 26. KESHKALA TEL (VASMOL OR GODREJ 49. TAMARIND JUICE POWDER KESHKALA TEL TYPE) 50. TRANSFORMER OIL PROJECT NAME PROJECT COST 27. LITHIUM BASED GREASES 51. TURBINE OIL 28. LIQUID TOILET CLEANER (HARPIC TYPE) 52. THINNERS1. ABRASIVE PAPER (SAND PAPER) 29. LATEX RUBBER CONDOMS 53. THINNERS (ETHYL ALCOHOL BASED)2. AUTOMOBILE GEARS 30. MANGO PROCESSING & CANNING 54. TEA & COFFEE PROCESSING AND3. ACETIC ACID (MANGO PULP) PACKAGING4. AIR CONDITIONERS & PARTS 31. MOLYBDENUM BASED LUBRICANT 55. V-BELTS5. B.O.P.P SELF ADHESIVE TAPES 32. MUSTARD OIL (EXPELLER) 56. WHITE OIL FROM KEROSENE OIL6. B.P.O. 33. NAMKEEN INDUSTRY (BHUJIA, 57. WASHING & LAUNDRY SOAP7. BIO TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY & CHANACHUR ETC.) TRAINING INSTITUTE 34. PLASTIC BUTTONS (BY INJECTION Each Project Report covers in this CD contains8. CALCIUM BASE GREASE MOULDING METHODS) Introduction, Uses, Market Position,9. CYCLES TYRES AND TUBES 35. POULTRY & BROILER FARMING Manufacturing Process with Product Formulae,10. DEHYDRATED ONIONS & 36. POUCHES FILLING & PACKAGING OF Flowsheet, Suppliers of Plant & Machinery and ONION POWDER EDIBLE OIL & GHEE Raw Materials, List & Cost of Machinery, Cost11. DEHYDRATION OF FIGS 37. PRIMER PAINTS, ENAMEL PAINTS & Economics with Profitability Analysis, BEP,12. DRY GINGER POWDER AND OLEORESIN DISTEMPER Resources of Finance etc. Price of this CD13. EXTRA HIGH TEMPERATURE 38. PAPER GLASSES FOR BEVERAGE containing all above 57 Project Reports is Rs. LUBRICATING GREASE 39. RECLAMATION OF USED ENGINE OIL 24,850/- or US$ 650/-. Payable fully in advance14. EXTRACTION OF ESSENTIAL OIL (BY CLAY AND VACUUM DISTILLATION through Draft/M.O. in favour of ENGINEERS15. ELECTRIC SWITCHES, PLUGS, SOCKETS PROCESS) INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE, DELHI.16. ELECTRONIC TOYS (E.O.U.) 40. REFINERY PETROL/DIESEL ETC. Delivery within 2 day.17. ELECTRIC ENERGY METERS 41. RUBBER SHEETS FOR SHOE SOLES (EVA) (To Order please dial : 98114-37895).18. FISH CANNING AND POUCHING (ETHYLENE VINYL ACETATE SHEET HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 05 www.eiriindia.org
  5. 5. CHITIN & CHITOSAN FROM HAIR REMOVAL ALUMINIUM NITRATE PRAWN SHELL WASTEHair removal is the removal of body hair, and Chitin is a white, hard, inelastic, nitrogenous, Aluminum Nitrate Al(No3)3 9 HoH powerfuldescribes the methods used to achieve that polysaccharide found in the outer skeleton of oxidizing agent only the nanohydrate hasresult. Hair typically grows all over the human insects, crabs, shrimps and lobsters and in commercial significance. It is a whitebody during and after puberty. Men tend to the internal structures of invertebrates. It is crystalline material mp 73.5oC soluble in coldhave more body hair than women. Both men the second most abundant organic water alcohol and acetone. Decomposition toand women tend to have hair on the head, compound next to cellulose. It is a macro nitric acid and basic aluminium nitrateseyebrows, eyelashes, armpits, pubic region molecular linear polymer of_ (1-4) N acetyl D begins at 130oC and dissociation toand legs; and men also have hair on their glucosamine and is insoluble in water and aluminium oxide and oxides of nitrogenface, abdomen, back and chest. Hair does many organic solvents. Chitin itself has only a occurs above 500oC. Aluminium nitratenot generally grow on the palms of the hands, few applications; it acts more as a precursor monohydrate is prepared by dissolvingthe lips, certain areas of the genital structure, of Chitosan, its most familiar derivative. aluminium in dilute nitric acid andor the soles of the feet. Forms of hair removal Chitosan is deacetylated chitin, and is crystallization from the resulting aqueousare practised for a number of reasons, polymer of _(1-4) acetyl - D glucosamine. It solution. Anhydrous aluminium nitrate isincluding cultural, sexual, medical and has multifarious uses in the cosmetic, covalent in character easily volatilized andreligious. Forms of hair removal have been pharmaceutical and medical industries. It is decomposed on heating. Hydrated aluminumpractised in almost all human cultures. The even considered as a wonder drug of the nitrate is used primarily as a salting out agentmethods used to remove hair have varied in twenty-first century due to its versatile utility. in the extraction of actinides. It is a source ofdifferent times and regions, but shaving is the Chitin is a chemical compound belong to aluminium used in the preparation ofmost common method. Each culture of glucosamine polysaccharide group insulating paper.human society has developed social norms categories. It contains about 7% nitrogen,relating to the presence or absence of body and is structurally similar to cellulose. It is the Cost Estimation Plant Capacity 2 Ton./Dayhair, which has changed from one time to principal constituent of the shells of prawn Land & Building (Area 1000 sq.mt.)Rs. 53 Lacsanother. Different standards can apply to fish, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, beetles and Plant & Machinery Rs. 26 Lacsmales and females. People whose hair falls other sea fishes. It is also found in some W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 43 Lacsoutside a culture’s aesthetic standards may fungi, algal and yeasts. Wayback in 1811 it Total Capital Investment Rs. 1.27 Cr.experience real or perceived social was discovered by a french botanist that the Rate of Return 33%acceptance problems. fibrous material in the shell of prawn is chitin Break Even Point 50% Cost Estimation which is a polymer of N-Acetyl glucosamine.Plant Capacity 500 KGS/Day But it was only in 1974 that the CIFT came outLand & Building (Area 1 Acre) Rs. 24 Lacs with a simple technology for extraction of CARBON BLACKPlant & Machinery Rs. 4 Lacs chitin from prawn shell waste and itsW.C. for 3 Months Rs. 21 Lacs conversion to chitosan. FROM TYRESTotal Capital Investment Rs. 57 LacsRate of Return 94% Cost EstimationBreak Even Point 28% Plant Capacity 750 KGS/Day Carbon Black is a finely divided form of Land & Building (Area 4000 sq.mt.)Rs. 1.75 Cr. carbon practically all of which is made by Plant & Machinery Rs. 1.32 Cr. burning vaporised heavy oil fractions in a W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.22 Cr. furnace with 50% of the air required for QUATERNARY Total Capital Investment Rs. 4.54 Cr. complete combustion (Partial Oxidation). AMMONIUM CATION Rate of Return 30% Carbon Black from Tyre is a new developed Break Even Point 61% process having less implication and involvement of machinery and the plant costQuaternary ammonium cation. The R groups is also less compare to other conventionalmay be the same or different alkyl or aryl process. Carbon Black is available ingroups. Also, the R groups may be CALCIUM FLUORIDE different grades and is precisely used inconnected. Quaternary ammonium cations, process industries like rubber products,also known as quats, are positively charged plastic, printing ink, paints, etc. Tire treads,polyatomic ions of the structure NR4+, R belt covers and other abrasionbeing an alkyl group or an aryl group. Unlike Calcium Fluoride Ca,F2 is a most versatile Chemical which is Precisely used in the resistant,rubber products,plastic asthe ammonium ion (NH4+) and the primary, reinforcing agents, opacifier,electricalsecondary, or tertiary ammonium cations, the manufacture of special glasses,enamels & welding flux,etc. There are two convenient conductivity Ultra Violet light absorber,quaternary ammonium cations are colorant for printing ink carbon paper,permanently charged, independent of the pH method for its manufacturing:- 1. By powdering pure fluoride or fluorspar, 2. By the typewriter ribbon, paint, pigment nucleatingof their solution. Quaternary ammonium salts agent in weather modification, expander inor quaternary ammonium compounds (called interaction of soluble Calcium Salt Sodium Fluoride. At present there are few battery plates, solarenerig absorser.quaternary amines in oilfield parlance) aresalts of quaternary ammonium cations with manufacturers of clacium fluoride in Cost Estimationan anion. Quaternary ammonium organised sector and the current production Plant Capacity 30 MT./Daycompounds are prepared by alkylation of is not sufficient to meet the current demand. Land & Building (Area 6000 sq.mt.) Rs. 3 Cr.tertiary amines, in a process called Calcium fluoride is a white powder and occur Plant & Machinery Rs. 1.58 Cr.quaternization. Typically one of the alkyl in nature as a fluorite. High purity calcium W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 9.58 Cr.groups on the amine is larger than the others. fluoride is used for the manufacture of special Total Capital Investment Rs. 14.46 Cr. glasses and for the growth of single crystal. Rate of Return 29% Cost Estimation Calcium fluoridecan also be used for the Break Even Point 42%Plant Capacity 800 KGS/Day manufacture of Glass, enamels and weldingLand & Building (Area 4000 sq.mt.)Rs. 1.12 Cr. fluxes single pure (99.93%) crystals ofPlant & Machinery Rs. 8 Lacs calcium fluoride are also used inW.C. for 2 Months Rs. 38 LacsTotal Capital Investment Rs. 1.72 Cr. spectroscopy, electronics.lesers and high Patrons you can deposit theRate of Return 19% temperature dry-film lubricants.Break Even Point 59% Cost Estimation amount in EIRI Account Plant Capacity 2 MT./Day AXIS BANK LTD. Land & Building (Area 1500 sq.mt.)Rs. 70 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 14 Lacs CA-054010200006248 W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 42 Lacs Total Capital Investment Rs. 1.29 Cr. (IFS Code: UTIB0000054) Rate of Return 37% Break Even Point 48% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 06 www.eiriindia.org
  6. 6. 20 COPPER AND LIQUID SHOE POLISH COPPER FERRIC ALUM WITH PUFF BASED INDUSTRIES Shoe Polishes are available in liquid, cream Alum is available in solid form as powder, (20 PROJECT or paste, liquid shoe polish dries quickly, but granular, kibbled & lump form. It can also be REPORTS IN CD) is not readily available in a lot of colors and purchased and fed as a liquid. Alum can be does not last as long as the other options. effective in the pH range of 5.5. to 7.8, but Shoe polishes are generally used to restore seems to work best in most water supplies in PROJECT NAME PROJECT COST the original lustre and finish of smooth a pH range of 6.8 to 7.5. Below a pH range of1. ALUMINIUM, BRASS, COPPER surface of the shoe. They are also expected SCRAPS & SHEETS TRADING 5.5, alkalinity in the water supply is generally to cleam the surface and prevent the insufficient. The aluminum ions become2. COPPER LUGS deterioration. Most polishes contanin oil or3. COPPER POWDER wax for their lustering or polishing, properties. soluble rather than insoluble and do not4. COPPER SMELTING PLANT Oil polishmes are easy to apply but the participate in the hydration and reactions5. COPPER PLANT surface on which they are used attract dust necessary to make the alum effective as a6. COPPER OXYCHLORIDE and show finger marks. Wax polishes are coagulant. In these instances the plant may7. COPPER PRODUCTS FROM more difficult to apply, but are more leasting. experience higher than normal filtered water COPPER SCRAPS OIl or wax base shoe polishes are of two turbidites, and much of the aluminum will8. COPPER ROD WIRE DRAWING types, waterless and aqueous. The former pass through the filters. When the pH level of AND PVC WIRE & CABLES are clear or translucent, the latter are milky in the water is above 7.8 after the addition of the9. COPPER WIRE DRAWING & appearance. The shoe polish formula alum, the aluminum ions again become ENAMELLING PLANT changes day to day. These were motivated by soluble, and the efficiency of coagulation is10. COPPER TUBES AND PIPES FROM demands for easier use; changes in the decreased. Under these condition, aluminum SCRAP competition of the surface to be polished, the ions again penetrate the filters, and post11. COPPER FOILS need for more consistent quality, especially filtration alum coagulation can occur in the12. COPPER POWDER with respect to better durability of the finish. The need to buff to achieve glass was clear well and in the distribution system in13. COPPER EXTRACTION FROM SLAG BY ELECTROLYTIC PROCESS characteristics of earlier formulas. Many some cases. Ferric alum is aluminium14. COPPER & COBALT FROM THE modern polishes are self-polishes and impart sulphate (Al2(SO4)3 18 H2O) containing iron ORE CONTAINING COPPER & gloss without having to be buffed. obtained from the bauxite ore. It is soluble in COBALT FROM MINES water alum is a white crystalline material it is15. COPPER PLATING ON METALLIC Cost Estimation also available in 50% aqueous solution form. PARTS BY ELECTROLESS DIPPING Plant Capacity 500 Nos./Day METHOD, COPPER BRIGHTENING Land & Building (Area 250 sq.mt.) Rs. 15 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 2 Lacs Cost Estimation COLOURING & LACQUERINT W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 6 Lacs Plant Capacity 20 MT./Day16. METAL SEPARATION (COPPER, TIN, Land & Building (Area 4000 sq.mt.)Rs. 1.92 Cr. LEAD) FROM SPENT WASH ACID Total Capital Investment Rs. 24 Lacs Rate of Return 48% Plant & Machinery Rs. 70 Lacs17. MELTING OF COPPER & ROLLING W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 61 Lacs PROCESS FOR GETTING CIRCLES Break Even Point 51% Total Capital Investment Rs. 3.55 Cr.18. SUPER ENAMELLED COPPER Rate of Return 20% WIRE (FROM COPPER SCRAP) Break Even Point 67%19. SUPER ENAMELLED COPPER WIRE (FROM COPPER CATHODE ROD)20. ZINC & COPPER SULPHATE FROM BRASS ASH OXYGEN GASEach Project Report covers in this CD contains Introduction, Uses, Market Position,Manufacturing Process with Product Formulae, Flowsheet, Suppliers of Plant & Machinery and Raw Materials, List & Cost of Machinery, Cost Oxygen, the gaseous element that Economics with Profitability Analysis, BEP, constitutes 20.946% of the earth’s, Resources of Finance etc. Price of this CD atmostphere, is essential to respiration and containing all above 20 Project Reports is Rs. life in all animals and to most forms of 28,220/- or US$ 710/-. Payable fully in advance vegetation. Oxygen supports the combustion through Draft/M.O. in favour of ENGINEERS INDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE, DELHI. of feels which supply mankind with heat, light Delivery within 2 day. and power, and it enters into oxidative (To Order please dial : 98114-37895). Combination with many materials. The speed of reaction and effectiveness of combination increases with oxygen concentrations greater than that of air Industry has established 99.5% purity for the bulk commercial product. The great importance ofNEW EDITIONS the industrial gas, oxygen is due to the ISBN- 8186732330 Price-880/- usefulness of the acetylene torch for steel welding and steel cutting, and for the welding Hand Book Of Electroplating Anodizing & of other metals, to lesser degree to the Surface Finishing Technology oxyhydrogen flame. Oxygen gas in the breathing apparatus for a visitors at high The book covers Principles of Electroplating, altitudes and for oxygentents in hospitals is a Rs. 1880/- Rs. 980/- Technology of Cleaning, Pickling & Dipping, high altitudes and for oxygentents in Electrolytic & Chemical Processes for the Polishing hospitals is a more recent development. of Metals, Nickel Plating, Chromium Plating, Hard Chromium Plating , Copper Plating, Electroforming, Cost Estimation Brass Plating, Silver Plating, Gold Plating (Gilding), Plant Capacity 1212 Cu m/Day Cadmium Plating, Zinc Plating, Tin & Tin Alloy Land & Building (Area 2 Acres) Rs. 3.18 Cr. Plating, Plating for Electronics , The Plating of Plastics & Other Non Metallic Materials, Anodic Plant & Machinery Rs. 2.32 Cr. Oxidation of Aluminium, Phosphating Processes, W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 72 Lacs Manufacturers & Suppliers of Machinery & Total Capital Investment Rs. 9.91 Cr. Equipments, Suppliers of Electroplating Chemicals Rate of Return 18% & Materials. Break Even Point 63% Rs. 930/- Rs. 1880/- HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 07 www.eiriindia.org
  7. 7. 83 EXPORT ORINTED PROJECT NAME PROJECT COST CAUSTIC SODA UNITS (100% 46. MEDICINAL PLANT EXTRACTS 71 Lacs [SODIUM HYDROXIDE (NaoH)] 47. MENTHOL BOLD CRYSTALS 22 Lacs EOU/EOU) 48. MINERAL WATER (IN POUCHES PROJECTS (83 & PLASTIC BOTTLES) (E.O.U) 2.89 Cr. Caustic soda, also known as sodium PROJECT 49. MUSHROOMS (CULTIVATION & hydroxide (NaoH) is an important industrial PROCESSING UNIT) (E.O.UNIT) 54 Lacs chemical product produced on a tonnage REPORTS IN CD) 50. MASALA/SPICES (E.O.UNIT) 51 Lacs basis in both solid and liquid form. It isPROJECT NAME RS. 22, COST PROJECT 602/- 51. MUSTARD OIL (EDIBLE OIL) 3.51 Cr. deliquescent, absorbing water vapour and 52. NAMKEEN INDUSTRY (BHUJIA, carbon dioxide from the air. It is also1. ACTIVATED CARBON FROM CHANA CHUR ETC.) (E.O.UNIT) 8 Lacs extremely corrosive and should be handled SAW DUST, RICE HUSK AND 53. NUTS, BOLTS, RIVETS & WASHERS 66 Lacs with great care. Adequate protection from COCONUTSHELL 77 Lacs 54. OIL SEALS (E.O.UNIT) 36 Lacs bodly contact with the solid form or2. AGARBATTI SYNTHETIC concentrated solutions should be provided. 55. PAPER GLASSES FOR PERFUMERY COMPOUNDS 74 Lacs It is also a fire hazard compound as it heats BEVERAGE (E.O.UNIT) 68 Lacs3. AIR CONDITIONERS & PARTS 49 Lacs spontaneously and may ignite combustible 56. PAN MASALA IN POUCH AND materials that are nearly. A large part of the4. AUTOMATIC BISCUIT PLANT 69 Lacs TIN PACK SODA, MEETHA, huge amount used annually in the U.S. (5. AFTER SHAVE LOTION 33 Lacs ZARDA & KIMAM (E.O.UNIT) 72 Lacs About 21/2 million tons) is produced by the6. AYURVEDIC MEDICINES 69 Lacs 57. PAPER BAGS (SHOPPING BAGS) 32 Lacs electrolysis of the sodium chloride solutions7. ALUMINIUM UTENSILS 3.61 Cr. 58. PAPPAD PLANT (AUTOMATIC) 30 Lacs in the electrolylic cells, such as the Hooxer,8. BEER PLANT 15.33 Cr. 59. PICKLES, MURABBAS AND Nelson, Force, or Allen-Moore. Chlorine is a9. BUFFALOW MEAT PROCESSING 2.37 Cr. SAUCES ETC. (E.O.UNIT) 46 Lacs by product of the reaction. Alternative10. BANANA POWDER (E.O.UNIT) 69 Lacs 60. PLASTIC TOYS (E.O.UNIT) 7 Lacs process is the soda-lime method.11. CEILING FAN (E.O.UNIT) 42 Lacs 61. POTATO WAFFERS/CHIPS (E.O.U) 97 Lacs Cost Estimation12. COCONUT OIL FROM COPRA 1.06 Cr. 62. PAINT INDUSTRY (E.O.UNIT) 37 Lacs Land & Building (Area 6 Acres) Rs. 10.12 Cr.13. COLD DRINKS 5 Lacs 63. PAPER CARRY BAGS 98 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 28 Cr.14. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (E.O.U) 2.61 Cr. 64. P.V.C. PIPES AND FITTINGS 1.57 Cr. W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 4.25 Cr.15. CONFECTIONERY INDUSTRY Total Capital Investment Rs. 53.17 Cr. 65. PRESSURE COOKER (E.O.U) 42 Lacs (TOFFEE & CANDY) (E.O.UNIT) 64 Lacs Rate of Return 16% 66. POTATO POWDER (E.O.UNIT) 1.96 Cr. Break Even Point 76%16. CORN FLAKES 78 Lacs 67. RUBBER GOODS FROM17. CHEWING TOBACCO (KHAINE) 21 Lacs WASTE RUBBER 29 Lacs18. CALCIUM CARBONATE 3.36 Cr.19. COSMETICS INDUSTRY 68. READYMADE GARMENT (E.O.U) 75 Lacs EMPTY HARD 69. RICE MILL 4.11 Cr. (MODERN) (E.O.UNIT) 3.29 Cr. 70. SOCKS KNITTING 25 Lacs GELATINE CAPSULES20. CEMENT PAINT 11 Lacs 71. SOYABEAN PRODUCTS (E.O.U) 4.68 Cr.21. C.P. BATHROOM FITTINGS 89 Lacs 72.SHAMPOO (E.O.UNIT) 29 Lacs Gelatin capsule was first invented in 1834 by22. CARBON PAPER 43 Lacs 73. SUGAR PLANT (E.O.UNIT) 23.61 Cr. Mothes, a French pharmacy student in23. CYCLE TYRES & TUBES (E.O.U) 3 Cr. 74. SAFED MUSLI CULTIVATION collaboration with a French pharmacist24. DISPOSABLE PLASTIC SYRINGES & PROCESSING Dublanc. They used one piece olive shaped (STERILIZED) (E.O.UNIT) 1.29 Cr. (EXTRACT & POWDER) (E.O.U) 62 Lacs structures which had to be sealed after filling25. DAIRY PRODUCTS & MILK 75. STEVIA CULTIVATION with a drop of concentrated gelatin solution PACKAGING (E.O.UNIT) 1.84 Cr. & EXTRACTION (E.O.UNIT) 1.24 Cr. and were counterparts of the modern day26. DETERGENT CAKE & POWDER 6 Lacs 76. THINNERS 30 Lacs soft gelatin capsules. The inventors used27. DETERGENT POWDER (E.O.U) 9 Lacs 77. TABLET, CAPSULES, the capsules to mask the tastes of obnoxious28. EXTRACTION OF ESSENTIAL OILS (PHARMACEUTICAL UNIT) 48 Lacs materials. Mothes first sold empty shells but (CARDAMOM, JEERA, AJOWAN, 78. TEA BAGS (E.O.UNIT) 69 Lacs later supplied only filled ones. As such other GINGER OIL ETC) & PACKING 79. TEA PACKING & DISTRIBUTION 4.50 Cr. inventors tried to appear on the scene to OF GROUND SPICE (E.O.UNIT) 58 Lacs 80. TOILET SOAP (E.O.UNIT) 84 Lacs overcome the patent of Mothes. Lehuby in29. EXERCISE NOTE BOOK 81. TOMATO PRODUCTS IN 1846 invented a two piece structure which & REGISTER (E.O.UNIT) 30 Lacs POUCHES (E.O.UNIT) 58 Lacs was identical with the present day hard30. FLORICULTURE (CUT FLOWERS) 1.45 Cr. 82. WOODEN FURNITURE (E.O.U) 1.81 Cr. gelatin capsules. He called them ‘mes31. FRUIT JUICE MAKING & 83. ZARDA KIMAM & TOBACCO 12 Lacs enveloppes medicamenteuse’ or medicinal PACKING IN PLASTIC CONTAINERS Each Project Report covers in this CD contains envelopes. the first British patent was (POUCHES) (E.O.UNIT) 3.66 Cr. Introduction, Uses, Market, Process with granted to Murdoch in 1948 who was32. FOOD DEHYDRATION (E.O.U) 2.24 Cr. Product Formulae, Suppliers of Plant and Equipments, Cost Economics with Profitability Lehuby’s agent. Lehuby’s process for33. FOOD PROCESSING 1.13 Cr. Analysis, BEP, Resources of Finance etc. Price production of gelatin shells was essentially34. GARLIC OIL ——--— of this CD containing all above 83 Project the one used today. The first large scale35. GINGER OIL 69 Lacs Reports is just Rs. 22,602/- or US$ 565/-. manufacture of gelatin capsules was36. GINGER PROCESSING (PEELING, Payable fully in advance through Draft/M.O./At Par Cheque in favour of ENGINEERS INDIA undertaken by Eli Lilly & co. In Hampshire. In DRYING, GRINDING, BLEACHING RESEARCH INSTITUTE, DELHI. U.S.A. the manufacture commenced nearly a OF FRESH GINGER) (E.O.UNIT) 1.24 Cr. Delivery within 1 day. century ago. Large scale machinery for37. GUAR GUM 2.86 Cr. (To Order please dial : 98114-37895) manufacture of empty shells, which was full38. HAND MADE PAPER (E.O.UNIT) 55 Lacs automated, was designed in 1913. Filing and39. HERBAL COSMETIC (E.O.UNIT) 76 Lacs sealing machinery came into being in 1950.40. HERBAL EXTRACTS (E.O.UNIT) 7.58 Cr.41. JAM, JELLY, CHUTNEY, PICKLES Patrons you can deposit the At first the devices were semi-automatic but by 1960 fully automated versions were AND SQUASHES (E.O.UNIT) 53 Lacs amount in EIRI Account marketed.42. LEATHER, GARMENTS, SHOES & CHAPPALS (E.O.UNIT) 2.64 Cr. HDFC BANK Cost Estimation Plant Capacity 40,00,00,000 Nos./Annum43. LATEX RUBBER CONDOMS (E.O.U) 52 Lacs CA-05532020001279 Land & Building (Area 1.5 Acres) Rs. 2.44 Cr.44. MINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 88 Lacs45. MANGO PROCESSING & CANNING (RTGS/NEFT IFSC: Plant & Machinery W.C. for 2 Months Rs. 4.72 Cr. Rs. 39 Lacs (MANGO PULP) (E.O.UNIT) 49 Lacs HDFC 0000553) Total Capital Investment Rate of Return Rs. 8.04 Cr. 18% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 08 www.eiriindia.org
  8. 8. BATH SOAP DYE LEVELLING AGENT (VARIOUS TYPES)Processing of textile materials involves the It goes without saying that soap isuse of diverse types of compounds to perform indispensable to our daily life. Accordingly,various functions. The compounds are the manufacturing industry should continuevariously known as textile auxiliaries, textile to develop as one of the most importantchemicals, textile process chemicals etc. industries. Soap may broadly be classified byThey may be broadly classified depending on use as follows:- a) Soap household (toilethe purpose for which they are used into two soap, laundry soap etc.). b) Industrial soap. c)groups (1) Those which are used in textile Special soap. Among them, the consumptionprocessing to serve some purpose or of special soap which is used for medicalpurposes and after these purposes are purposes and shampooing is not large.served, they have to be removed from the Industrial soap which is important, beingtextile material being processed and (2) used in the textile industry etc. is notthose which continue to form an integral part consumed in a large quantity, either.of the materials being processed by way of Household soap which is most importanteither chemical reaction with the textile quantitatively accounts for the larger part ofsubstrate or mechanical deposition of water the consumption of soap. The production of ISBN- 8189765027 Price-1030/-soluble or water insoluble substances in the laundry soap has sharply decreased in recenttextile substrate and are expected to remain years with the global spread of synthetic Hand Book Of Garmentson the material more or less permanently with detergents. Indeed, it appears as thoughstanding the subsequent rigorous action of soap has given place to synthetic detergents. Manufacturing Technologyvarying degrees exerted on the end products However, toilet soap enjoys a stabilized The book covers Fabric objective Measurement forduring the use by the consumers. These two demand and its manufacture is not likely to Garment Industries, Common Problems & Solution inclasses may be called temporary and lose in importance for a long time to come. Enzyme/Garment Washing, Sewing Equipment, Bodypermanent textile auxiliaries respectively. Measurement, Sewing Techniques, GarmentLevelling agents used in dyeing acid dyes on Cost Estimation Construction, Preparation of Fabrics for Garment making, Plant Capacity 500 KGS/Day Qualities of A Well Finsihed Garment, Principles of Dresswool or nylon as IN class of (normal dyeing) Designing, Figure Irregularitties, Renovation of Land & Building (Area 1000 sq.mt.)Rs. 63 Lacsvat dyes on cotton or carriers and dispersing Plant & Machinery Rs. 13 Lacs Garments, Fabric Embellishment, Care of Clothing,agents used in the dying of disperse dyes on Laundry Equipment, Special Laundry Treatments, W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 37 Lacs Technology of Laundering, Disinfection and Storage ofpolyester fibres and solution aids used in Total Capital Investment Rs. 1.15 Cr. Clothes, Selection of Household Linen, Selection ofdissolving sparingly soluble dyes in printing Rate of Return 41% Family Clothing, Plant Economics of Bra and Pantypastes which normally contain a small Break Even Point 48% (Ladies Under Garments), Plant Economics of Hosiery Products, Plant Economics of Laundry and Dry Cleaning,amount of water are some examples of Plant Economics of Readymade Garments, Planttemporary textile auxiliaries. Economics of Readymade Garments (100% EOU), Plant Cost Estimation TOILET SOAP WITH Economics of Readymade Garments, Plant Economics of Readymade Garments, Plant Economics of ReadymadePlant Capacity 1 MT./Day GLYCERINE TRANSPARENT SOAP Salwar Suit, Plant Economics of Readymade Salwar Suit, Kurta Luggage.Land & Building (Area 500 sq.mt.) Rs. 39 LacsPlant & Machinery Rs. 21 LacsW.C. for 1 Months Rs. 13 Lacs It goes without saying that soap isTotal Capital Investment Rs. 79 Lacs indispensable to our daily life. Accordingly, SOAP MANUFACTURINGRate of Return 47% the manufacturing industry should continueBreak Even Point 61% to develop as one of the most important industries. Soap may broadly be classified by use as follows:- a) Soap household (toilet Household soap which is most important quantitatively accounts for the larger part of TECHNOLOGY OF soap, laundry soap etc.) b) Industrial soap. the consumption of soap. The production of c) Special soap. Among them, the PETROCHEMICALS, consumption of special soap which is used laundry soap has sharply decreased in recent for medical purposes and shampooing is not years with the global spread of synthetic LUBRICANTS large. Industrial soap which is important, detergents. Indeed, it appears as though soap has given place to synthetic detergents. GREASES & PETROLEUM being used in the textile industry etc. is not consumed in a large quantity, either. However, toilet soap enjoys a stabilized demand and its manufacture is not likely to REFINING Household soap which is most important lose in importance for a long time to come. As quantitatively accounts for the larger part of ISBN- 8186732586 for the monthly production capacity of toilet the consumption of soap. The production of Price-1030/- laundry soap has sharply decreased in recent soap although there are plants which years with the global spread of synthetic manufacture 500-1500 tonnes a month. TheThe book covers Petroleum Refinery andPetrochemicals, Hydrocarbons from Petroleum, detergents. Indeed, it appears as though soap making process roughly consists ofPetrochemicals, Industrial Organic Synthesis, soap has given place to synthetic detergents. saponification and moulding. There areLubricants, Manufacture of Oils and Greases, However, toilet soap enjoys a stabilized various methods of saponification. However,Distillation of Crude Petroleum, Petroleum demand and its manufacture is not likely to the hot process may be called the best oneProducts, Purification of Petroleum Products, lose in importance for a long time to come. As because the quality of soap in superior andRefining of Petroleum , Testing of Petroleum, this process turns out Glycerine as a byApplication of Lubricating Agents, Formulating and for the monthly production capacity of toilet soap although there are plants which product. Various oils and fats are used as rawCompounding of Lubricants, Reclamation of Used manufacture 500-1500 tonnes a month. The materials for soap making tallow andLubricating Oil, Re-Refining of Used Lube Oil,Formulating of Greases, Lubricants and Their soap making process roughly consists of conconut oil are mostly used in Japan. TheyManufacture, Various Formulations of Lubricants saponification and moulding. There are are mixed at a ratio of 70 to 80 percent of theand Greases, Acetic Acid from Ethanol, Coolant various methods of saponification. former and 20 to 30 percent of the latter.(Engine), Cutting Oil, Ethanol (Biofuel) fromMolasses, Formaldehyde, Food Grade Grease or Cost Estimation Cost EstimationLubricant, Gas filling of L.P.G. Cylinder, Grease Plant Capacity 20000 PCS/Day Plant Capacity 1000 KGS/Day(Lithium Based), Lube Oil from CNSL to Reduce Land & Building (Area 1000 sq.mt.)Rs. 70 Lacs Land & Building (Area 2000 sq.mt.)Rs. 1.04 Cr.Friction, Lube Oil and Grease, Petroleum Jelly, Plant & Machinery Rs. 32 Lacs Plant & Machinery Rs. 72 LacsReclamation of used Engine Oil, Rust Prevention W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 1.05 Cr. W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 4.25 Cr.Lube Oil, Silicon Grease, Wire Drawing Lubricants, Total Capital Investment Rs. 2.20 Cr. Total Capital Investment Rs. 6.20 Cr.Suppliers of Plant & Machineries, Suppliers of Raw Rate of Return 90% Rate of Return 36%Materials, List of Present Manufacturers. Break Even Point 33% Break Even Point 46% HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 09 www.eiriindia.org
  9. 9. START YOUR OWN AGRO FOOD INDUSTRY CUT FLOWERS (EXPORT TOMATO KETCHUP, ORIENTED) (GLADIOLI, MARIGOLD, STATICE, CHRYSANTHEMUM, ROSE) VIRGIN COCONUT OIL TOMATO PUREE WITH GREEN HOUSE & TOMATO JUICEFlowers are symbol of beauty, love, affection, Copra is prepared from ripe or nearly ripe Tomato is a very popular vegetableromance tranquility etc. Besides their nuts. The stage and period at which the nuts throughout the country and it is grown inaesthetic value, they are important for their are harvested influence the quality of the many states. Apart from use in vegetables, itseconomic uses, such as for cut-blooms and copra and the yield, Nuts harvested during down stream products like soup,for extracting perfumes and other products. dry summer months give a higher yield than concentrates, sauce, puree, ketchup are alsoIn our country, flowers are sanctified and are those harvested during rainy months. equally popular and they have a longercommonly used in worshipping the deities in Coconuts take generally 12 months to ripen, shelflife unlike fresh tomatoes. Tomato isour homes and temples. We are intimately nuts harvested earlier than 10 months yield perishable and needs to be transportedassociated with them, and on all festive copra of poor oil content. Fully mature nuts carefully to avoid damage during transit. Withoccasions like marriages religious give high yields of copra of good quality. Two the advent of new technology, many down theceremonies and social functions, the use of types of copra are made milling copra and line products are made and are consumedflowers and garlands has become almost edible copra. Nearly 4/5th of the copra round the year as table enrichers. Freshessential. A large genus of erect, same notes produced in India is of the former class. The Tomatoes are very refreshing and appetizing.or climbing shrubs widely distributed in the quality of copra is judged from the amount of They are a good source of vitamin C. the maintemperate parts of the northern hemisphere oil it contains. Recorded oil percentages of tomato producing states are A.P. Bihar, U.P.,and on tropical mountains. About ten species copra from various producing countries Punjab, M.P. Tamil Nadu, West Bengal andhave been introduced for cultivation as range from 57-75%. It has been pointed out Maharashtra. Two varieties of tomatoes areornamentals or for production of rose water that copra which is partially deteriorated available in India they are the large round oneand attar. The genus includes about 120 or through mould attack gives an abnormally which are quite sour and the longish typemore species a large majority of which high yield of oil. Similarly, copra from the which are sweetish and less sour. theare native to the Asiatic region. It is divided kernel still remaining in 7 months old seeding procesed items from tomatoes include,into four sub-genera of which three are has an oil content as high as 77%. The yield concentrates, juices, ketchup, and peeledsmall and aberrant and the fourth, Eurosa, of oil from copra depends on the moisture tomatoes and purees. Most of the tomatoescontains the roses proper. The important content of the copra and on the efficiency of products are made from tomato pulp, which isancestral species from which modern garden the milling equipment. unflavoured finally divided flesh and juiceroses have been bred are all to be found in Cost Estimation separated from skins and seeds. It is usuallyfour of the ten section of Eurosa. Plant Capacity 1200 Ltrs./Day concentrated to a greater or less degreeGallicanae contains R. gallica, the French Land & Building (Area 1500 sq.ft.) Rs. 20 Lacs before use in other products or for canning.Rose and R. damascena, the Damask Plant & Machinery Rs. 1.74 Cr. Cost EstimationRose, and two other species, all of which are W.C. for 3 Months Rs. 59 Lacs Plant Capacity 3300 PAC/Daytetraploids with 28 chromosomes. Total Capital Investment Rs. 2.61 Cr. Land & Building (Area 1000 sq.mt.)Rs. 41 Lacs Rate of Return 25% Plant & Machinery Rs. 26 Lacs Cost Estimation Break Even Point 59% W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 20 LacsPlant Capacity Total Capital Investment Rs. 94 LacsRose 40000 Rate of Return 31%Gladioli 40000 Break Even Point 67%Marigold (Ganda) 32000Statice 25000Chrysanthemum 27000Land & Building (Area 8 Acres)Plant & Machinery Rs. 2.59 Cr. Rs. 1.67 Cr. NEWW.C. for 1 MonthsTotal Capital InvestmentRate of Return Rs. 15 Lacs Rs. 4.51 Cr. 18% BOOKSBreak Even Point 69% ON FOOD CITRUS FRUITS CULTIVATION & & PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY HERBS ISBN NO. 9788189765996 Rs. 1230/- Rs. 1130/- The book Citrus Fruits Cultivation & Processing Technology covers Citrus Industry in India, Background, Cultivation of Citrus Fruits, Technique of Hybridization, Influence of Climatic Factors, Soils Requirement of Different Citrus Species, Establishing an orchard, Seed Propagation, Citrus Rootstocks in India, Nutrition, Irrigation Requirement of Citrus Trees, Weed control in nurseries, Harvesting, Quality MODERN RUBBER of Fruit, Post harvest Technology, Problems in Citriculture, The Extraction of Orange Products,CHEMICALS, COMPOUNDS Kagzi Lime Carbonated Beverage, Citric Acid from Citrus Processing Wastes, Utilization of Kinnow & RUBBER GOODS Waste in Value Added Products, Rangupur Lime (Citrus Limonia Osbeck) Preparation and Storage of Beverages, Citrus and Fortunella, Lists the Products TECHNOLOGY which can be Obtained from Citrus Fruits, Citrus and Other Fruit Juices, Spray Drying Technology for Fruit Rs. 2630/- Rs. 1380/- ISBN-9788189765194 PRICE 1630/- Juice Drying, Processing of Citrus etc. HI-Tech Projects, Oct 2012 # 10 www.eiriindia.org