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Executive MBA Program: Uni ted World

Demand for executive master programs is pretty high amongst the corporate executives...
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Executive mba program united world


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Published in: Education, Business
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Executive mba program united world

  1. 1. Executive MBA Program: Uni ted World Demand for executive master programs is pretty high amongst the corporate executives. The executive MBA course is such designed to help the mid level and senior level executives to make career advancements. Many of the B school s in India now offer executive MBA courses to professionals. The demand for Unit ed World busine ss management course s is rising fast, mainly because of its ability to adapt with the changing business scenario of the world. United World is the brai nchild of some premier and internationally recognized Indian born economists and business leaders. Amongst its various top level business courses, United World also offers executive MBA course s for professionals. Admi ssion requirement for United World ex ecutive program The objective of the United World executive MBA program is to create a batch of international standard business leaders for the fut ure. Hence, the admission process is quite stringent. United World expects students seeking admission in its MBA course s to be able to perform under great pressure. The t wo executive programs offered by United World are- one year full -time Post Graduate Program in B usiness Strategy (PGPBS) and 18 months part-time Post Graduate Program in Business Strategy. The eligibility criteria required for participating in United World's busine ss management courses are, Graduat e degree from UGC recognized university. However, students in their final year of graduation can also apply for the cours es. Students with impressive track records in state, University and national level competitions would be given preferences in admission for its MBA course s. Minimum 3 years of experience as executive level in corporate would be necessary for students interested in PGPM- Business Strategy program. Admi ssion te st and selection proce ss Since the seats are limited in eac h campus wit h high demands from the students, stringent admission process has been undertaken by the institute for students seeking admission in its various busine ss management course s. United World does not conduct an admission test of its own, rather, it takes into account the national level business school admission tests scores for selecting students. Hence, a valid score of CAT/MAT/ XAT or GMAT or other equivalent national level exam is of utmost importance for admission. Along with the student's achievement in extra curricular activities and appropriate corporate recommendation would put him in the preferred list of admission for MBA course s. The second stage of selection process or the advanced selection process consists of Instant Presentation & Group Test and Psychometric Assessment and Personal Interview. The world business trends are fast changing with open market and liberalized economic policies. The demand for professionals wit h first hand knowledge of international businesses trends has therefore become prominent over the years. Though India has never lacked in talent, its education system has remained more or less orthodox in many MBA school s as well. Still in many top rated B school s in India emphasis has been given to theory based courses. United World is determined to change the face of management education in India. The alumni and faculty of United World comprises of top level Indian executives, ec onomists and IIM alumnus. United World has its campuses in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. Their prominence is growing in offshore locations as well. It is now one of the favorite destinations for MBA in Singapore and moving fast in the list of choicest MBA colleges in Singapore. United World is increasingly becoming a favorite amongst students considering MBA Delhi, MBA Hyderabad and MBA Kolkata because of the advanced courses offered by the institute. The objective of United World School of Business is to help Indian students to reap the benefits of the fast changing corporate scenario of t he world and undoubtedly it is tasting success in its mission since United World now features in the list of be st B school s India. Summary: United World is a premier business school in India. It offers various business courses, along with executive MBA programs to students. The courses are offered in its campuses in India and Singapore.