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Bitzer Mobile TiECON 2013 Pitch Indus Khaitan

  1. 1. 1 Infrastructure to enable employees to access corp data from mobile device @bitzermobile
  2. 2. Three Enterprise Mobility Trends. 2 Wide adoption of tablet, smart- phones and apps Increased risk of data leaks Consumerization of IT @bitzermobile
  3. 3. Putting MDM on employee Mobile device is not the solution. 3 Does not address data access needs Too intrusive. Big Brother Auth challenges from apps @bitzermobile
  4. 4. Isolate Corporate data from Personal. IT manages corp data only. 4 Secure, mana ged container Access to native and web apps Preserve UX w/o security degaradation @bitzermobile
  5. 5. Architected for Mobile users to access on-premise (and private cloud) data and apps. 5 Bitzer Secure Container AppBitzer Admin Control Panel BMAX Gateway Server Enterprise Applications Enterprise Portals Network File Shares
  6. 6. Battle Ready 6 Deployed on Production Security Penetration tested 20,000+ Business users across customers. @bitzermobile
  7. 7. We have built the most comprehensive secure mobility solution. Neither MDM nor VPN required. 7 Demo at booth #227 Manage Data not device Secure any native app w/o code change Extend IT Policy on Mobile Defense- grade security Questions? @1ndus @bitzermobile

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