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Independent homes in bangalore


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Independent homes in bangalore

  1. 1. Independent homes—When privacy matters! Intro: There are little things you can try to purchase independent homes in Bangalore. ‘Small’ they are, but have the potential of bringing ‘Big’ gains. Bangalore is not left untouched with the booming trend of apartments and flats in the real estate market. The hue and cry for shrinking land has initiated the construction of apartments throughout the city to give maximum advantage in the wake of limited land resources. However, there are still a few segments of the society who find it unreasonable to compromise on their privacy at the cost of living in apartments. Likewise, there is still a demand for independent homes in Bangalore. Apartments bring with them several amenities due to which they are priced high. Many people feel that they can even make it without the expensive amenities as all they want initially is an affordable roof. At times, some of the amenities offered in apartments like Pool, Gym and Jacuzzi are of no use to people who find them no good. So, if they opt for an apartment they end up paying a cumulative sum for all such facilities though they would never use them. This pinches their pockets and their hearts as well. On the contrary if they purchase independent homes in Bangalore or build one, they can sieve out the unnecessary expenses on fancy amenities. It is just a matter of perspective! Independent homes in Bangalore can also have all the amenities as per individual taste and need. Independent homes give an extra corner for privacy with no neighbors to disturb or stare. One can live freely in his independent home without getting bothered about disturbing the neighbors. People residing in Bangalore who feel privacy no matter what cannot be overlooked are of the opinion that apartment’s common wall being shared by your neighbor carries all your high-pitched conversations to your neighbors, breaking your privacy sphere. There are little things you can try to purchase independent homes in Bangalore. ‘Small’ they are, but have the potential of bringing ‘Big’ gains. Savings is what you require apart from home loans to help you purchase a house. So, you could open a separate savings account for your dream home. Follow a rule which says “only deposits no withdrawals account”. Fix a specific amount you can afford to submit in this account on a regular basis. Any unexpected funds that you receive should be deposited in your ‘home account’ without wasting a minute so that you don’t use it for anything not-so-necessary. Cut down your expenses on shopping for extra clothes, jewelry, eating out or any other thing unless you need them urgently and can’t survive without them. Do not go for impulsive shopping at all. Reduce your frequency of watching latest flicks in theatres. Try renting a video and watch it with your friends at home. While purchasing independent homes in Bangalore, remember that every single penny counts. Get a piggybank and put all the extra or unused chain into it. After a month or so when you feel enough change has been saved exchange it for cash and deposit it into your ‘home account’. Put a halt on your yearly vacation plans. However, the money you would have spent on such vacations should be set aside and deposited in your “home account”. If things get too hectic and you do need to revive yourself then opt for excursions to near by places where you can spend a few hours and come back. This will save the additional expense of hotels and help you relax as well.
  2. 2. If followed religiously, these tiny looking moves can be very effective in helping you own your independent home. Visit check out informative articles on residential areas, apartments and flats and independent homes in Bangalore.