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Delhi residential flats


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Delhi residential flats

  1. 1. Residential Flats in Delhi Intro: The residential flats in Delhi have everything you could possibly fancy: round- the-clock security, chic interiors, power back-up, elevators etc. Ever given a thought why residential flats in Delhi have become a priority over bungalows or independent houses? Delhi the very soul of India also faces the dilemma of accommodating thousands of people coming to the city for education or career purpose and finally declaring it as their second home. The original inhabitants of Delhi itself are a significant lot when spoken about in numbers. The city carries a mystic charm and most of the small town people find it irresistible to escape this metro city charisma. Students pursuing their studies from Delhi are given an edge over other small towns and cities due to the world class and holistic education approach giving maximum exposure to the students and instilling a new confidence in them. Similarly, a plethora of career opportunities available in Delhi is unmatched to those in small towns or cities. Eventually, the rapid growth of MNCs and commercial activities on the rise leave no reason for people to not head to this city. There were times when independent houses ruled the residential charts; however, it’s not so anymore. Most of the people are now keener on purchasing residential flats in Delhi. In the past, people hesitated in shelling out extra money on anything outside the purview of basic facilities. The changing trends indicate that today, ‘comfort’ and ‘luxury’ rule the mind. These two terms are no more confined to the affluent as even the middle working class can enjoy a stream, if not an ocean of luxury. All this has become possible due to the vast amenities available in the residential flats in Delhi. Also, the lucrative finance options and the changing mindsets have helped this cause. The residential flats in Delhi have everything you could possibly fancy: round-the-clock security, chic interiors with modular kitchen, power back-up to keep you cool during summers and warm during winters, high-speed elevators (a special relief in the old age), designated parking space for your riding beauty, intercoms to keep a check on uninvited visitors and sufficient water storage to avoid the taps running dry while you get ready for your office. This is not all that the residential flats in Delhi have to offer, there is more to it. The more you spend the longer the list of amenities becomes with words like Jacuzzi, Gymnasium, amphitheater being added to it. Sounds interesting isn’t it? Yes, these facilities but obvious have the attraction power of a magnet for the middle working class all the more as they have been struggling hard to move to the next level of the social hierarchy. The residential apartments in Delhi were not as popular as they are now. Earlier, almost everyone preferred independent houses or even purchased land to construct their home as per their individual desire, taste and budget above all. The advent of the year 1962 changed things. DDA formulated a Master Plan for the city to meet the ever rising demand for residential properties. DDA was of the view that providing individual plot of land to all was impossible due to scarcity of land. DDA decided on building residential colonies utilizing maximum space and accommodating not just one family but many in
  2. 2. one particular building. This is how the residential flats in Delhi actually came into existence. Who would have thought that a small initiative by DDA will assume a mammoth size years down the line, but it is evident that it was indeed the right move. Constructing an independent house proves very taxing financially as well as mentally. Residential flats in Delhi on the other hand are a source of relief in both terms. Time being a rare commodity in Delhi; readymade residential flats are the only answer. Find out more about how residential apartments replaced the independent housing and the role of DDA in it. Log on to