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Digital india a world scale market within home


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Digital India is sweeping initiative to transform India into Digitally empowered nation. A forward looking government, willing industry players, and ready nation are working wholeheartedly to realize this dream.

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Digital india a world scale market within home

  1. 1. DIGITAL INDIA - A World Scale Opportunity Within Home Ravindra Dastikop
  2. 2. AGENDA ● Digital India Project- Concept and scope ● IT Industry – interest and commitment ● Industry Leaders and Commitment ● Opportunity for IT stakeholders- companies, ● Professionals and freelancers Ravindra Dastikop
  3. 3. DIGITAL INDIA Concept and Scope Ravindra Dastikop
  4. 4. What is IT?
  5. 5. A Government Initiative Ravindra Dastikop 20.08.2014- Cabinet approval for DI
  6. 6. Every classroom is equipped with a high end apparatus which is a combination of projector and computers; which villagers lovingly call as Knowledge-Yaan (Vehicle of Knowledge). DIGITAL VILLAGE Akodara, a tiny village with 200 households, which is situated 90 kms from Ahmedabad in Sabarkantha district
  7. 7. What is Its AIM
  8. 8. AIM Ravindra Dastikop Ensures the government services are made available to citizens electronically by reducing paper work
  9. 9. Karnataka Mobile One Ravindra Dastikop Digital India: Modi government to scale Karnataka's mobile governance platform 'Mobile-One' nationally Karnataka's mobile-governance platform, which integrates 4,187 services, both government and private, into one app, Mobile-One., the Mobile-One app has generated business to the tune of Rs 5 crore and is growing at a rate of 10 percent ..
  10. 10. What does it Do?
  11. 11. Connect People & departments Ravindra Dastikop Booking Gas Cylinder TodayPassport Application
  12. 12. D I G I T A L I N D I A • • • Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India
  13. 13. D I G I T A L I N D I A • • • • • • Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India
  14. 14. Connecting with high speed network. Ravindra Dastikop
  15. 15. D I G I T A L I N D I A • • • • • • Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India Digital India Vision: eMudhra launches eSign services- Digital Signatures
  16. 16. D I G I T A L I N D I A • • • • • • Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India Engaged aged in various initiatives under the government’s ‘Digital India’ campaign, global tech giant Google is focussing on key areas like bringing more Indic language content online and helping 20 million small and medium enterprises set up Internet presence by 2017.
  17. 17. D I G I T A L I N D I A Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India
  18. 18. D I G I T A L I N D I A Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India Digital India: Sterlite to invest Rs 400 crore; up optic fibre capacity to 30 million km
  19. 19. D I G I T A L I N D I A Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), nodal agency for promotion of marine exports from India, has launched two mobile based applications, which would help farmers get prices on shrimp and capture data on aquaculture through mobile.
  20. 20. Level of Implementation Ravindra Dastikop It would create ICT infrastructure like high speed Internet at Gram panchayat level, on demand availablity of government services like health, education etc and digital empowerment of citizens specially through digital literacy Connecting all gram panchayats by broadband Internet, promote e- governance and promote India into connected knowledge economy
  21. 21. D I G I T A L I N D I A Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India
  22. 22. D I G I T A L I N D I A ▪ Government Business Process Re-engineering using IT to improve transactions ▪ Form Simplification, reduction ▪ Online applications and tracking, Interface between departments ▪ Use of online repositories e.g. school certificates, voter ID cards, etc. ▪ Integration of services and platforms – UIDAI, Payment Gateway, Mobile Platform, EDI ▪ Electronic Databases – all databases and information to be electronic, not manual ▪ Workflow automation inside government ▪ Public Grievance Redressal - using IT to automate, respond, analyse data to identify and resolve persistent problems – largely process improvements ▪ To be implemented across government - critical for transformation. Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India
  23. 23. D I G I T A L I N D I A ▪ Online Hosting of Information & documents ▪ Citizens have open, easy access to information ▪ Open data platform ▪ Government pro-actively engages through social media and web based platforms to inform citizens ▪ ▪ 2-way communication between citizens and government ▪ Online messaging to citizens on special occasions/programs ▪ Largely utilise existing infrastructure – limited additional resources needed Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India
  24. 24. D I G I T A L I N D I A ▪ Technology for Education – e-Education ▪ All Schools connected with broadband ▪ Free wifi in all schools (250,000) ▪ Digital Literacy program ▪ MOOCs – develop pilot Massive Online Open Courses ▪ Technology for Health – e-Healthcare ▪ Online medical consultation ▪ Online medical records ▪ Online medicine supply ▪ Pan-India exchange for patient information ▪ Pilots – 2015; Full coverage in 3 years ▪ Technology for Planning ▪ GIS based decision making ▪ National GIS Mission Mode Project ▪ Technology for Farmers ▪ Real time price information ▪ Online ordering of inputs ▪ Online cash, loan, relief payment with mobile banking ▪ Technology for Security ▪ Mobile Emergency Services ▪ Technology for Financial Inclusion ▪ Mobile Banking ▪ Micro-ATM program ▪ CSCs/ Post Offices ▪ Technology for Justice ▪ e-Courts, e-Police, e-Jails, e-Prosecution ▪ Technology for Security ▪ National Cyber Security Co-ordination Center Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India Digital India week: IIT Bombay students showcase ten relevant projects
  25. 25. D I G I T A L I N D I A ▪ Target NET ZERO Imports is a striking demonstration of intent ▪ Ambitious goal which requires coordinated action on many fronts ▪ Taxation, Incentives ▪ Economies of Scale, Eliminate cost disadvantages ▪ Focused areas – Big Ticket Items ▪ FABS, Fab-less design, Set top boxes, VSATs, Mobiles, Consumer & Medical Electronics, Smart Energy meters, Smart cards, micro-ATMs ▪ Incubators, clusters ▪ Skill development ▪ Government procurement ▪ There are many ongoing programs which will be fine-tuned. ▪ Existing Structures inadequate to handle this goal. Need strengthening. Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India
  26. 26. D I G I T A L I N D I A Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India Digital India Programme will help engineering students’
  27. 27. D I G I T A L I N D I A Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India
  28. 28. D I G I T A L I N D I A Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India
  29. 29. D I G I T A L I N D I A Slide Credit: Press Information Bureau Government of India
  30. 30. The Time Span- Estimated Costs and Impacts Ravindra Dastikop The Program will be implemented in Phases till 2018 and will ensure that government services are available to citizens electronically and people get benefit of the technology ▪ Overall Costs of Digital India ~ Rs 100,000 Cr in ongoing schemes (only DeitY, DOT & not incl. those in other line Ministries) ~ Rs 13,000 Cr for new schemes & activities ▪ Impact of Digital India by 2019 • Broadband in 2.5 lakh villages, universal phone connectivity • Net Zero Imports by 2020 • 400,000 Public Internet Access Points • Wi-fi in 2.5 lakh schools, all universities; Public wi-fi hotspots for citizens • Digital Inclusion: 1.7 Cr trained for IT, Telecom and Electronics Jobs • Job creation: Direct 1.7 Cr. and Indirect at least 8.5 Cr. • e-Governance & eServices: Across government • India to be leader in IT use in services – health, education, banking • Digitally empowered citizens – public cloud, internet access
  31. 31. What is the Result?
  32. 32. 3. Delivering Services Digitally Ravindra Dastikop
  33. 33. Background Significance of DI
  34. 34. The revolution we missed ● Industrial revolution ● semiconductor many more… Ravindra Dastikop
  35. 35. India Missed Industrial Revolution There are many reasons for our industrial failure, but the silliest and most hurtful one is that 670 industries in India are still reserved for small (SSI) companies, and they are unable to compete against the large firms of our competitor nations.
  37. 37. New Opportunity ● A Great Opportunity for India ● Favorable Factors o Ready Population o Willing World o Proactive Government
  38. 38. Implications for IT What does it mean for IT? Ravindra Dastikop
  39. 39. Revenue Boost ( Hardware) Ravindra Dastikop Digital India drive will definitely contribute to the “domestic revenue” of the IT firms - the segment that has been showing a negative trend in the last couple of years
  40. 40. Revenue Boost ( Hardware) Ravindra Dastikop There are three components in DI- •Universal connectivity •making applications available to people and • digital literacy once connectivity is established, it will drive the usage of apps, giving people access to a variety of service Business for Networking companies- CISCO
  41. 41. Data Revolution Ravindra Dastikop ● DI will generate more data as more people will consume information. ● It will drive usage of ICT devices, - drive mobile applications, requirement of security services and data analytics
  42. 42. Software Boost Ravindra Dastikop Digitization of government departments and services will create demand for software need to digitize all documents require relevant software to do that and enable services to citizens This will generate huge employment HP India The company which gets its 25% revenues from India from the public sector, is working with government for creation for skills portals as well as conversion of physical curriculum (text books) to digital content- e- books
  43. 43. Software Boost Ravindra Dastikop ● DI will drive public-private partnership in building applications, solutions based on the Internet of Things and manufacturing ● DI will help in delivering citizen services electronically and improve the way citizen and authorities transact with each other Richo India is doing a Rs. 200 core project with Delhi’s Education department for the implementation and maintenance of ICT solution in 1100 solutions
  44. 44. 3. The Commitment
  45. 45. Government Investments ● 500 Crores for DI ● 100 crore for setting-up Virtual classrooms ● 100 crore for promoting Good governance through IT ● 7060 crores for smart cities aimed at simplifying citizens access to public services
  46. 46. Investment in Manufacturing and more Ravindra Dastikop
  47. 47. Willing World
  48. 48. DI and Google Ravindra Dastikop Google has already made its intention clear on providing the last- mile connectivity with its helium-filled balloons
  49. 49. DI and Microsoft Ravindra Dastikop Microsoft is planning to use its “ white space” technology . It means use of frequencies alloted to a broadcasting service for unused. The unsed frequencies are considered to have potential for provding wireless boradband internet access. A device that can be used with such technology is called “ white space device
  50. 50. DI and Cisco Cisco has earmarked $1.7 billion for investment this year in India ICT requirements in projects like smart India would be anywhere between 5-6 % of total project costs Ravindra Dastikop
  51. 51. Intel and DI Intel sees opportunities in the ● IoT ● Data Centers ● Growth of cloud infrastructure and technologies ● e-governance, retail and digital ● Digital literacy 5 million people Ravindra Dastikop
  52. 52. Industry commitment Ravindra Dastikop The CEO from India and abroad have committed in investing Rs. 4.5 lakh crores for Digital India Project This is used for providing telephony and internet for all
  53. 53. US collaboration Ravindra Dastikop Accelerating broadband deployment, aligning spectrum policy for mobile era and exchanging views on Internet governance and best practices in ICT and telecommunication regulatory policies Facilitate the flow of data across borders and foster the global and open nature of the Internet as a platform for economic growth
  54. 54. Expected Changes
  55. 55. DI: Transformations Ravindra Dastikop Digital India has the potential to transform the existing Public service Delivery system, improve productivity, create jobs and induce economic activity in areas which were not digitally connected.
  56. 56. Eagerness of Indian Industry
  57. 57. IT Industry’s Plan for DI- to invest Rs 4.5 trillion Ravindra Dastikop IT player are laying the basic framework in patches which can further merged with greater digital India plan ● The Reliance Industries Chairman was joined by top industry leaders like Sunil Bharti Mittal (Rs one lakh crore), ● Kumar Mangalam Birla (US $9 billion or about Rs 54,000 crore), and ● Anil Agarwal (Rs 40,000 crore) with large investment announcements. ● Anil Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Group, also announced an investment of Rs 10,000 crore to expand businesses across digital, cloud and telecom space.
  58. 58. IT Industry’s Plan for DI Ravindra Dastikop IT will use disruptive technologies to redefine paradigms for delivery of services like health, education and financial inclusion It will partner with the Government to restructure and refocus several existing schemes and implement them in a synchronized fashion IT Industry committed to invest Rs 4.5 lakh crore for the Modi government's ambitious 'Digital India' campaign to provide telephony and fast internet for all, with more than half of the promised investments announced by Mukesh Ambani alone.
  59. 59. DI and StartUPs Ravindra Dastikop DI is improving Internet connectivity boost newcomers to start their ventures from any part of India including rural India creating jobs, Microsoft Launches BizSpark Plus Programme for Startups; A Digital India Commitment
  60. 60. 4. Opportunities
  61. 61. DI: Primary benefits Ravindra Dastikop increased revenue reduced costs, higher employee productivity safety and security improved environmet enhanced citizen experience and better health and well- being Opportunities Connected learning payment opportunity
  62. 62. Market in the Home Ravindra Dastikop ● Huge opportunity for India to use disruptive technologies to redefine paradigm for delivery of services like education and financial service ● The Digital India visions opens up countless opportunities for Indian IT industry which is till now predominantly focussed on the overseas market DI project may translate into a business opportunity of $3-4 billion annually for the Indian IT Advantage The IT industry had already experienced of implementing large scale and government projects
  63. 63. IT Professional- size and impact There are 3 million Professionals employed by the IT industry , while the number is around 10,000 for the Government. private sector will have to work with the government in making the vision become a reality Ravindra Dastikop
  64. 64. Job Creation Ravindra Dastikop IT infrastructure being the backbone of DI and also smart cities- •Data analytics, •programming, •high-end consulting, systems and network integration will be order of the day It is a great time and opportunity for the Internet of Things
  65. 65. Direct Impact: Skillset in demand Ravindra Dastikop DI initiative is going to spike demand for techies specializing in specific technologies new growth avenue for IT hardware sector overall employement ● Data scientists- intelligent algorithms for cull out relevant trends ● User Interface- professionals who can represent these data in a consumble format ● Mobility Experts
  66. 66. Direct Impact: Skillset in demand Ravindra Dastikop DI initiative is going to spike demand for techies specializing in specific technologies new growth Professional having skills in ● social, ● mobile, ● cloud and ● analytics nexes of forces
  67. 67. DI : Freelancing Boom Ravindra Dastikop Government is launching “ Digital India Platform ( DIP) which will provide freelancing opportunities to computer lierate in the country Under this scheme, all government documents will be digitised by the help of people who can type on computer and mobile device
  68. 68. States ‘s Vernacular Participation Ravindra Dastikop State Governments will be approached to use this platform. It will benefit people who are skilled in vernacular language typing
  69. 69. You May Ask Question Now Interaction Time Ravindra Dastikop
  70. 70. You May Ask Question Now Conclusion Ravindra Dastikop
  71. 71. Contact Information Visit email: Ravindra Dastikop