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Indranil saaki resume

  1. 1. C R I UU VT E URC L M I ANm a e: I DA I S A I N R N A K, LRsdneAdes ei e c d r s : SO / : N GN R R O .n :21 0 C O D R A E DA A ,D o - 6 , H WA YS RE , T ET NA R C OO YP D MT ,VJ Y WD - E R T C L N, A A AA IA A A A0, 7 KI H A I T I T A ,I D . RS N D RC , .P N I S ACareer Objective: To associate with an organization which progresses dynamically and gives me a chance to update myknowledge and enhance my skills towards the growth of the organization which provides a platform to cherishmy dreamsEducational Background: Qualification Board/University Year Of Pass Percentage M.Tech(PS&A) GITAM University 2009-2011 90(A+ grade) Visakhapatnam B. Tech (E.E.E) AU college of 2008 84.19% Engg,Visakhapatnam Narayana junior College INTER(M.P.C) Vijaywada, 2002 87.33% NSM international 10th (CBSE) Public school 2000 81.3% Vijayawada.Assets:✰ Strong Communication and presentation skills✰ Good leadership qualities and loves to work with a team✰ Ready to exhibit creativity when situation demands individual performanceDissertations/Research Undertaken ”: 1) Performance Of A Fuzzy Logic Based AVR in SMIB,MMIB System And Power Flow Control Using SSSC And IPFC.(M.Tech 4th Sem Thesis) Abstract : In this project is design, simulation and validation of a fuzzy logic based Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to improve the stability of single-machine and multi-machine power systems. In this model have first tested the performances of both the fuzzy-based AVR and the conventional AVR for a
  2. 2. single-machine-infinite-bus test system and have compared their performances. It has been observed that the stabilization of both terminal voltage and power angle are improved with the application of fuzzy-based AVR. Secondly, the performances of both fuzzy-based AVR and a conventional AVR are tested for stabilizing a disturbance due to a local fault occurring near one generator in a four- machine-two-area network. Here also, it is observed that the performance of the fuzzy-based AVR is superior to the conventional AVR in multi-machine environment. And single-line and multi-line Power Flow Controller (IPFC) is a converter-based FACTS controller for series compensation with capability of controlling power flow among multi-lines within the same corridor of the transmission line. It consists of two or more Voltage Source Converters (VSCs)(i.e is two SSSC) with a common dc- link. Real power can be transferred via the common dc-link between the VSCs and each VSC is capable of exchanging reactive power with its own transmission system. In this paper, a control scheme of an IPFC system with two VSCs to compensate the impedances of two similarly dimensioned parallel transmission lines is presented. The model is simulated with the MAT-LAB to demonstrate the system behavior of the SSSC,IPFC and proposed method of multi-machine using fuzzy based AVR with multi-line using IPFC for 4-machine,9-bus system. Keywords– AVR, Transient Stability, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Membership Function, FACTS, SSSC, IPFC,Series Compensation 2) Power Quality Improvement by UPQC Using PI and ANN Controller.(M.Tech 3rd Sem Thesis) Abstract : The quality of the Electrical power is effected by many factors like harmonic contamination, due to non-linear loads, such as large thyristor power converters, rectifiers, voltage and current flickering due to arc in arc furnaces, sag and swell due to the switching of the loads etc. One of the many solutions is the use of a combined system of shunt and active series filters like unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) This device combines a shunt active filter together with a series active filter in a back-to-back configuration, to simultaneously compensate the supply voltage and the load current or to mitigate any type of voltage and current fluctuations and power factor correction in a power distribution network. The present work study the compensation principle and different control strategies used here are based on PI & ANN controller of the UPQC in detail. The control strategies are modeled using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The simulation results are listed in comparison of different control strategies and for the verification of results. Keywords : Active Power Filter; Artificial Neural Network-ANN; Harmonics; Power Quality; Unified Power Quality Conditioner 3) Power Quality Improvement by DVR and D-STATCOM Using SPWM Control Technique. (B.E Dissertation) Abstract : A Power quality problem is an occurrence manifested as a nonstandard voltage, current or frequency that results in a failure or a mis-operation of end user equipments. Utility distribution networks, sensitive industrial loads and critical commercial operations suffer from various types of outages and service interruptions which can cost significant financial losses. With the restructuring of power systems and with shifting trend towards distributed and dispersed generation, the issue of power quality is going to take newer dimensions. In developing countries like India, where the variation of power frequency and many such other determinants of power quality are themselves a serious question, it is very vital to take positive steps in this direction .The present work is to identify the prominent concerns in this area and hence the measures that can enhance the quality of the power are recommended. This work describes the techniques of correcting the supply voltage sag, swell and interruption in a distributed system. At present, a wide range of very flexible controllers, which capitalize on newly available power electronics components, are emerging for custom power applications. Among these, the distribution static compensator and the dynamic voltage restorer are most effective devices, both of
  3. 3. them based on the VSC principle. A DVR injects a voltage in series with the system voltage and a D- STATCOM injects a current into the system to correct the voltage sag, swell and interruption. Comprehensive results are presented to assess the performance of each device as a potential custom power solution. Keywords: D-Statcom, DVR, voltage dips, swells, interruption, power quality, VSC.Workshop Attended /Activities:✰ One day Springer sponsored International Workshop on Differential Evolution and itsEngineering Applications (DEEA 2010),December 16,2010 in SRM University,Chennai,India.✰ Three days National Symposium on “Evolutionary Computing Techniques for Power Control &Drives (ECTPCD-2K11),22nd- 24th January 2011 in GITAM University,VIZAG,India.✰ One day Springer sponsored International Workshop on Artificial intelligence Techq for PowerSystems and Power Electronics Engineers(AITPE 2010),December 16,2010 in SRM University, Chennai,India.✰ One day Workshop on ‘High Performance Computing ‘held on 21st Jul.2009 Organized byGITAM University ✰ I participated as President in Organizing the E-FETE-2K10 Event on 13th to 24thsep 2010 in SVP Engineering College, Visakhapatnam,A.P,India.✰ I Participated in “ROBATICS” Workshop at interface 08(A National level Techno- Managementevent.) Organized by Dept of Association with Bangalore robotics-Docel Radio Research on March1,2,3 2008 in Gitam University. VIZAG,India.Papers Published in International Conferences/Symposia:✰ Indranil Saaki , Paduchuri.Chandra Babu, and U.Salma,’’Dynamic Performance of 48-pulseSTATCOM and SSSC Controller’’,Proceedings of International Conference on Swarm, Evolutionary andMemetic Computing (SEMCCO- 2010),SRM University, Chennai, Held on Dec 16-18, 2010.✰ Indranil Saaki, U.Salma, S.SRINIVASA RAO,“ Modeling of Micro turbine with PMSM GenerationAnd Power Conditioning for Grid Connected/Islanding Operation”, proceedings of InternationalConference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUNIIST-2011),Sun College of Engineering,Chennai,Held onMarch 24th and 25th ,2011.✰ Indranil.Saaki, I.Ramesh, U.Salma,” A New Control Technique for Enhancement of PowerQuality by UPQC with Non-Linear Loads” Proceedings of International conference on “MachineIntelligence Application to Power, Signal Processing, Communication and Control” ( MIPSCCON – 2011), GMRIT, Visakhapatnam, Held on 7th - 9thApril, 2011.✰ Paduchuri Chandra Babu, Ravi Theja G, Indranil Saaki, “Novel Control Strategy For Single-Phase
  4. 4. Single -Stage Photovoltaic Coverter Using Mppt Algorithm.”, Proceedings Of InternationalConference on “Electronics, Information And Communication Systems Engineering “,M.B.M.EngineeringCollege, Jodhpur, India,Held On March 28-30th ,2011.✰ Sagi Chetan Varma, Panuganti Sandeep, Anupama Ratnala, Indranil Saaki, U.Salma,”Voltage SagSwell And Harmonics Are Modified By D-Statcom And Dvr In Power Systems” proceedings ofInternational Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUNIIST-2011),Sun College ofEngineering,Chennai,Held on March 24th and 25th ,2011.✰ Paduchuri.Chandra Babu, G.Ravitheja, Indranil SaakI ,”Power Quality Improvement by UnifiedPower Quality Conditioner Using PI & ANN with Hysteresis Control ” proceedings of InternationalConference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUNIIST-2011), Sun College of Engineering, Chennai, Held on March 24th and 25th ,2011.✰ Indranil Saaki ,U Salma,” Two Control Schemes to Enhance the Dynamic Performance of the24-pulse STATCOM and SSSC” Attended the International Conference on” Power,Control and Embedded Systems”,ANNA University,Chennai,Dec 8-10,2010.Area of Interest: MATLAB/SIMLINK, Flexible AC Transmission Systems(FACTS), Modeling Of Machines, Power Systems And FACTS, Power System Stability, Particle Swarm Optimization, Differential Evolution, Fuzzy Logic, Artificial Neural Network(ANN) And Non-Conventional Energy Sources.Computer Skills:✰ Operating Systems : D.C.A, MS-DOS, Windows 98/Windows XP✰ Programming Language : C, CPP,JAVA, MAT-LAB/SIM-LINK Soft, PSCAD, EMTP, andLABVIEW.ABOUT MY SELF:✰ I am a schedules person with potential to make a beginning and work till I reach my goal. Firmly believe in never say die spirit. Even the last bit of hope helps me to go for the final shot. I bear a positive mental attitude towards life and make each fall a stepping -stone towards success.PERSONAL PROFILE:NAME : INDRANIL SAAKIFATHER’S NAME : NAGENDRA RAODATE OF BIRTH : 13-11-1986NATIONALITY : IndianRELIGION : Hindu
  5. 5. MARITAL STATUS : UnmarriedHOBBIES : Singing, chess and playing caromsEMAIL ID :,PHONE NUMBER : 9966642226, 9160714849DECLARATION:✰ I hereby declare that the above information is correct and true to the best of my knowledgebelief. (SAAKI INDRANIL)