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Solar product business plan

  2. Scope of presentation  Introduction.  Solar energy.  Executive Summary  Company.  Our Goals and vision.  Project Objectives.  Opportunities.  Product & Services.  Management.  Market Analysis.  Suppliers.  Financial Outlay.
  3. Introduction. • Solar energy as its name shows the energy of the sun. since the beginning of mankind we have used the energy of the sun to dry clothes and food but it wasn’t until 1954 scientists in the United States worked out a way to use the sun to create electricity. • Now our company brings this system in India from China in a very suitable price and with new innovation.
  5. Executive Summary Current Situation - Electricity crisis. Use of UPS / Generators leads to high utility bills. Our aim is to reduce expenditures on light and ensure savings on replacement costs. Solar energy is freely available without caring for utility expenses. No import duty on solar chips – reduction in expenses.
  6. Company Company Name SUN LIGHT ENERGY SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. Mission Statement To properly initiate, market and provide best solar lighting systems, while considering customer's cost cutting factor in this economical era and keeping our solar panels affordable, keeping customer requirement in focus.
  7. Goal and Vision • The target of the company is to get a lion share of the very limited industry of solar energy in India. We are committed to giving our clients the highest level of service possible. • “Our goal is to bring this clean, abundant and renewable source of energy home to you. • We believe, that with your help, solar energy technology can change the world.
  8. So welcome…. to the cutting edge of human history! “Quality Is Your Best Investment”
  9. Project Objectives 1/2 Providing the customized service with a reasonable price. Increase the growth rate of sales. Provide the product/service quicker then the competitors. Become successful in the specified area. Increase the level of awareness in between customers. Maintain a staff of enthusiastic employees for excellent service to customer.
  10. Project Objectives 2/2 Increasing average monthly sales in first year to reach break-even. To provide long lasting and durable products. Increase customer awareness regarding the solar energy alternative through effective promotional tools.
  11. Opportunities
  12. India is currently ranked number one along with the United States in terms of solar energy production per watt installed With about 300 clear, sunny days in a year, India's theoretical solar power reception, on only its land area, is about 5 Petawatt-hours per year (PWh/yr) (i.e. 5 trillion kWh/yr or about 600 TW). Our aim is to provide the fastest way to overcome the energy shortage through electrification based on solar energy by offering products that would be cost effective in the long run . Import Solar Chips of different capacities from China . Provide our target market with a complete Solar Panel System comprising of a battery and a charger. Main focus is the creative application of solar technology and creating awareness . Offering of ‘customized’ packages of products according to customer’s requirements .
  13. Products & Services
  14. Solar Panel Systems System Parts Solar panel (Will be Imported from Xuzhou Focus Solar Group Co , Ltd .) China (Mainland) Battery (will be purchased from distributor) Charger (will be purchased from distributor)
  15. Solar Panel Systems Solar Panels There are 3 types of solar panels available: Mono crystalline Poly crystalline Multi crystalline Sunlight Energy Solutions will import all chips depending on the demand and the requirement, but the main emphasis will be on Multi crystalline chips. Energy stored in batteries of these solar panels can be used to power lights for two to three days.
  16. Solar Panel Systems Battery Lead acid batteries are required for storing energy produced by solar panels Charger A device connected with the solar panel and the battery and allows the flow of current from battery during night time
  17. Supportive Products Light Emission Diode (LED) are environment friendly with approximately 6 years life. Pendant Lights used as decoration lights in events. Flood Lights used to light up bill-boards. Customized Packages such as laptop bag solar charger, any home appliance powered by solar energy etc.
  18. Services Sale of Solar Panel System for household Sale of solar equipments and custom made commodities to the target market Rent solar panel systems to advertising agencies for lightening the bill boards. Lighting services for event management.
  19. Management
  20. Team The management would comprise 3 Managers, in Marketing, Finance and Electric. There is one Assistant marketing Manager, and one accountant. There are three highly skilled electricians. Initially Office will be in Gurgaon.
  21. Hierarchy CEO Marketing Finance Electric Manager Manager Manager Electrician 1 Asst. Marketing Accountant Electrician 2 Manager Electrician 3
  22. Marketing Analysis
  23. Target Market Users of Outdoor Products and Services Corporate sector ( bill boards & hoardings) Retail outlets Beauty saloons Fast food chains Educational institutes Street lights and Street signals (Long term planning) Real-Estate Developers Builders Residential Societies
  24. Target Market Users of Indoor Products and Services Household users Hostelites Hospitality service providers
  25. Marketing Strategies Public Relations Conduct seminars on corporate level to attract clients of advertising agencies Information about company and products on Website Above the Line Advertisements on billboards and news paper Sales Discount Free LED with every purchase of product Giving discount on bulk buying of products
  26. Suppliers Our main suppliers would be from China Major suppliers are: Coursertech Co., Ltd Delight Lighting Co., Ltd. Danyang Hopesun World Business Co. Ltd. Greenwood Solar China. Co Ltd.
  27. Competitors Main Competitors Liberty Lighting India Bhambri enterprises Micro Sun Solar Tech Currently the marketing strategies of the competitors are not very effective and they are unable to create demand for the product. So our main focus would be on the proper marketing of our products along with their usage and benefits
  28. Financial Outlay
  29. Competitive Edge Very less number of player in this segment Cost effective equipments Real time marketing strategies Durability of products Emerging market 100% Customized product B2B services (Advertising and Decors of events) B2C services (fittings and Installation of products) Renting services After sale services.
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