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The Internet and Interactive Media


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Chapter 15 Advertising And Promotion, 6/E - Belch

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The Internet and Interactive Media

  1. 1. The Internet and Interactive Media Chapter 15 Advertising And Promotion, 6/E - Belch Group 8 Integrated Marketing CommunicationsAditya GSN Indrajit Bage N Krishna Chaitanya Neeraj Panghal Prateek JaiswalSilpa Kamath
  2. 2. Growth in Internet Advertising1994 – Advertisements on HotWired1994 – Advertisements on HotWired 2000-2002 – 25 percent drop 2000-2002 – 25 percent drop 2005 – Internet advertising at 2005 – Internet advertising at $10 billion $10 billion2006 – Internet advertising exceeds2006 – Internet advertising exceeds $16.9 billion $16.9 billion
  3. 3. Why the rapid adoption of the Internet?
  4. 4. The Web Site
  5. 5. Huggies Goes Beyond Providing Information
  6. 6. Hot Web SitesFacebook Disney.comMySpace VeohYouTube Funny or
  7. 7. Internet Communications Objectives Create Create Awareness Awareness Gain Gain Generate GenerateConsiderationConsideration Interest Interest Create Buzz Objectives Objectives Disseminate Disseminate Create Buzz Information Information Create an Create anStimulate TrialStimulate Trial Image Create a Strong Create a Strong Image Brand Brand
  8. 8. Snapple Creates Interest
  9. 9. Using Web Sites to Build Image
  10. 10. Branding is Complicated Long-term Requires Requires Long-terminvestment different different investment strategies strategies Branding BrandingThe costsThe costs Requires a Requires a are high are high broad audience broad audience
  11. 11. E-Commerce Direct Direct selling of selling of May be May begoods andgoods and primary primary services services or or through through secondary secondary the the objective objective Internet Internet
  12. 12. E-Commerce Trends E-Commerce E-Commerce Fast growth in Fast growth inRapid growth ratesRapid growth rates “downloadable” “downloadable” likely to continue likely to continue purchases purchases Both consumer and Both consumer and business-to-business business-to-business
  13. 13. Ebay is a Popular E-Commerce Site
  14. 14. The Internet and IMC Advertising Advertising Sales Promotions Sales PromotionsThe Internet siteThe Internet site should be should be Personal Selling Personal Sellingintegrated with: integrated with: Public Relations Public Relations Direct Marketing Direct Marketing
  15. 15. Advertising on the Internet (Part 1) Forms of Internet Advertising Forms of Internet Advertising Banners Banners Interstitials Interstitials Push PushSponsorshipsSponsorships Technologies Technologies Pop-ups/ Pop-ups/ Pop-unders Links Links Pop-unders
  16. 16. Typical Banner Ads
  17. 17. Advertising on the Internet (Part 2) Forms of Internet Advertising Forms of Internet Advertising•Paid Search•Paid Search Contextual Ads Contextual Ads•Behavioral targeting•Behavioral targeting Additional Forms Additional Forms•Rich media•Rich mediaOnline commercialsOnline commercials Podcasting Podcasting Video on demand Video on demand RSS feeds RSS feeds Webisodes Webisodes Blogs Blogs
  18. 18. Rich Media A broad range of interactive digital media A broad range of interactive digital mediathat exhibit dynamic motion, taking advantage that exhibit dynamic motion, taking advantage of enhanced sensory features such as video, of enhanced sensory features such as video, audio, and animation. audio, and animation. Online Commercials Online Commercials Video on Demand Video on Demand Other Forms Other Forms
  19. 19. Additional Internet Advertising Forms Podcasting, RS syndication, Blogs Podcasting, RS syndication, Blogs
  20. 20. Sales Promotions on Web Sites
  21. 21. Personal Selling on the InternetMay ReplaceMay Replace Reduces cost of personal calls Reduces cost of personal calls Personal Personal Selling Selling Increases potential reach Increases potential reachMay Enhance May Enhance Primary source of information Primary source of information Personal PersonalSelling EffortsSelling Efforts Valuable source of leads Valuable source of leads Stimulates trial Stimulates trial Improves 1-on-1 relationships Improves 1-on-1 relationships Cross-selling Cross-selling Prospects request sales calls Prospects request sales calls
  22. 22. Public Relations on the Internet
  23. 23. Philanthropists on the Web
  24. 24. Direct Mail (Email) Direct Mail Direct Mail (Email) (Email) Often used by Often used by Highly targeted Highly targeted catalogers catalogersTries to reach thoseTries to reach those Relies on Relies on w/specific needs w/specific needs email lists email lists
  25. 25. Internet Infomercials Program content similar Program content similarInfomercialsInfomercials to television, cable or to television, cable or satellite satellite Web provides for greater Web provides for greater audience interaction audience interaction
  26. 26. E-Commerce and Home Shopping
  27. 27. Measures of Effectiveness Internet-Specific Measures Internet-Specific Measures Cross-Media Optimization Cross-Media Optimization Studies (XMOS) Studies (XMOS) Traditional Measures Traditional MeasuresRecall/retentionRecall/retention Surveys Surveys Tracking Tracking Sales Sales
  28. 28. Sources of Measurement Data Arbitron Arbitron Data Data MRI and SMRB MRI and SMRBSourceSource Audit Bureau of Circulation Audit Bureau of Circulation Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Nielsen Net Ratings Nielsen Net Ratings Jupiter MediaMetrics, Inc. Jupiter MediaMetrics, Inc.
  29. 29. Internet Marketing Pros and Cons Advantages Target Marketing Target Marketing Sales Potential Sales Potential Message Tailoring Message Tailoring Creativity CreativityInteractive CapabilitiesInteractive Capabilities Exposure/Speed Exposure/Speed Information Access Information Access Complement to IMC Complement to IMC
  30. 30. Internet Marketing Pros and Cons DisadvantagesMeasurement problemsMeasurement problems Privacy Privacy Annoyance Annoyance Poor reach Poor reach Clutter Clutter Irritation IrritationPotential for deceptionPotential for deception
  31. 31. Test Your KnowledgeInteractive TV, interactive CD-ROMs, kiosks, andinteractive phones: A) Are viewed by businesses as breeches of consumer rights to privacy B) Can be used as contributors to an IMC program C) Cannot be linked with traditional advertising media D) Replace the Internet in most IMC programs E) Are not viewed as viable elements within a well-designed IMC program
  32. 32. Additional Interactive Media Interactive TV— Wireless—Allows viewers to Communicationsinteract with the through satellite program and broadcast systems advertising or cellular phones