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IMC plan for vodafone

Group 8
Integrated Marketing Communications
IIM Shillong (2011-2013)

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IMC plan for vodafone

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Group 8Aditya | Indrajit | Krishna | Neeraj | Prateek | Silpa
  2. 2. HUTCH CAMPAIGN- VODAFONE’S DELIGHT and “ Wherever you go EVERYBODY’S WELCOMEour network follows” CAMPAIGN REBRANDING CAMPAIGN- “Change is good” “Happy to Help” SPONSORSHIPS & EVENTS ZOOZOO CAMPAIGN- VAS “ Make the Most of Now” 3G “SuperHero”
  3. 3. Vodafone 3G Campaign Acquired by Introduction of Vodafone : The hutch 67% Stake puppy 2011 2009 2007 Essar 2005 Acquisition 2003 Enters 2001 India: 2000 Rebranding IntroductionMaxtouch Turns Pink!! Campaign of Zoozoo 1992 Converted to Orange: Hi Campaign
  4. 4. HUTCH CAMPAIGNThe Hutch network was personified as the adorablepug dog following the cute little owner
  5. 5. TV“Wherever You Go Our Network Follows You” ADS CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS Rahul Dravid Irfan Khan OUTDOOR Hoardings Billboards
  7. 7. The New LogoNew Logo representing a bubble for speech
  8. 8. TV Print Internet 24 Hours Road Block Supplementary with Website Makeover ON Star TV Network TV ads across all from pink to redThe commercial shows main newspapersHutch dog moving out of pink house and Outdoormoving into red house. Radio Message appeared HUTCH TO in 150 towns & in New jingle- New VODAFONE.wmv 400,000 shops upbeat version ofThe tagline “ Hutch is the same Hutch Hoardings, sound now Vodafone” was billboards& kioskstranslated in multiple languages
  9. 9. HAPPY TO HELP- Vodafone Customer Care ServiceSymbolize a mobile phone customer care service as willing and eager to help as the little pugVodafone kick-started ‘Happy to Help’, in Kerala, tohelp bring relief to commuters during heavyrains. Vodafone ushers were stationed with hugeumbrellas at major railway stations in Kerala to helppeople to and from the platforms.
  10. 10. From the Hutch Puppy to ZOOZOO
  11. 11. INTEGRATED PLAN TV PrintMore than 25different aired Supplemented with TV adsduring IPL2 to promote VAS across all main newspapers Outdoor Sponsorships- IPL2 Hoardings, billboards& kiosks Internet Social Networking Sites : Facebook Fan Page Downloadabe ringtones, videos Microsites: “What kind of Zoozoo are you?”
  12. 12. Zoozoo Merchandise
  13. 13. Introduction of the THE ‘3G SUPERMAN’ TEASER ADS Vodafone posted interesting message on their Facebook page whichindicated a campaign that featuring ZooZoo describing about a flyingobject which eventually turns out to be the 3G Superman
  14. 14. INTEGRATED PLAN Print TV ads- Teaser ads and Supplementary with “3G Superman” TV ads across all main newspapers Internet•Social Networking Sites OOH : ‘Super Weeks’•Youtube
  15. 15. ‘Email Super Week‘ in Mumbai ‘Cricket Super Week’ in Mumbai SUPER ZOOZOO in DLF, Saket and Ambience Mall 40 ft tall 3D Super ZooZoo cut out Branding on buses using LED lights on glasses and the Super ZooZoo smashing the wall‘Cricket Super Week’ in Hyderabad deployed in Ahmedabad and Delhi.
  16. 16. HoardingA series of hoardings deployedwith creative using 3D effectwherein Super ZooZoo wasbreaking the Hoardings and inthe last creative emerges at theSuperman.
  17. 17. VODAFONE DELIGHTSVodafone is promoting “Delights”, a world of exclusive deals and discounts, with a TVadvertising campaign featuring school girls in black and white films. “Classroom”,“Cycles” and “Annual Day” show the emotional response associated with receivingspecial gifts.
  18. 18. RESULTS Videos had 3 million hits in 3 weeks Most watched viral videos for 2 weeks88% awareness of the re-branding, a day after 24 hour road block on Star TV network 327, 660 fans on the Facebook fan page
  19. 19. SPONSORSHIPS- BIGG BOSS•“Vodafone Bigg Boss Voice SMS competition”: Vodafonemobile subscribers can ask a question to their favorite BigBoss House Mate during BiggBoss 3•“Vodafone Bigg Boss Ask Question to BiggBoss5housemates ”
  20. 20. RACE TO FAME CONTEST- October 2011 One of the winners of the Vodafone Race to Fame contest with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button VODAFONE RACE CONTEST.wmv
  21. 21. Date : 28th October, 2007Prize Money = $ 160,000Celebrity Marathoner : Javed Jaffrey
  22. 22. The Blackberry Boys Campaign• Endeavor to take Blackberry services mainstream• Music Video got a huge fan following
  23. 23. Vodafone Fun Campaign • Campaign launched with IPL 5 in 2012 • Stands for to do things on the Vodafone network