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Agneya's Introduction Presentation

  1. 1. agneyaTransitioning to a Resource Efficient FutureAn Introduction
  2. 2. Who We Are  Founded by alumni of IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore  Founders have experience across diverse set of industries – auto, power, steel, chemicals, electronics, retail and pharmaceuticals  Result of young entrepreneurial and passionate minds  Experienced and widely networked consulting firm  Analytical, expert, and practical solution providers  Expertise across Carbon Management, Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Regulatory & Policy, Water Management and Sustainability 2
  3. 3. Core Team at Agneya Rahul Dasari  Leads business development, sales and client engagement  Experience in marketing and business development of technology products, rural distribution, B2B sales  MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad and Telecommunications Engineer from RVCE, Bangalore Anshumaan Bhatnagar  Leads services in energy management, wind energy projects and sustainability  Experience in operations and strategy across auto, steel, power and chemical industries  MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad and Mechanical Engineer from PEC, Chandigarh Kedar Deshpande  Leads services in Renewable Energy technologies (Wind & Solar), regulatory environment, RPO, REC  Experience in business development, alliance management, sales and marketing  MBA from IIM, Bangalore and Mechanical Engineer from National Institute of Technology, Trichy Indrajeet Dudile  Leads services in carbon management, sustainability, MACC technologies  Experience in production management, supply chain management, operational excellence  MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad and Production Engineer from National Institute of Technology, Trichy 3
  4. 4. Advisors Mukund Toke  Advisor on Energy Efficiency and Energy Management  Domain expert on the BEEs special mission for energy efficiency in the cement sector.  Experience of 30 years in energy and power functions across the core sectors such as cement, steel and power.  Expertise in the areas of Project Engineering and Management and in depth understanding of the IE Rules, Electricity Act, Energy Conservation Act and the Electricity Regulatory Commission Act.  Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India), Fellow of the Institution of Valuers and a Chartered Engineer. Holds a M. Tech. in control systems from IIT, Kharagpur. Prof. Dhananjay Gandhe  Advisor on Power and Renewable Energy technologies  Experience of more than 30 years across consultancy, design, R&D and academics.  Expertise in the areas of Electrical Power Systems, Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency Improvement Studies, Electrical System Review Studies and Energy Audits.  He is a Fellow of The Institution of Engineers (India), a Chartered Engineer, and has been the Past Chairman of The Institution of Engineers(India), Pune Local Centre. Holds a M. Tech in Electrical Energy studies from IIT, Powai. I.V.R. Kumar  Advisor of Water & Waste Management, Energy Management  More than 25 years experience in Energy Management Systems and Solutions for all types of industries and buildings, LCA, Carbon Management, Benchmarking, Water & Waste management and Sustainability.  Experience of conducting training and technology evaluation across India, USA, Europe and Africa. Certified Energy Auditor. Holds Post Graduate qualification in Energy Management. 4
  5. 5. Services offered by Agneya Carbon ‣ Carbon Management Systems for organization, supply chain, product and event Carbon ‣ Evaluation of relevant abatement technologies and development of Management suitable abatement strategies ‣ Implementation of ISO14064, PAS 2050 and PAS 2060 Training and ‣ Training and preparing client for carbon management practices ‣ Assistance in systems certification against standards - ISO 14064, PAS Certification 2050 and PAS 2060 Clean Development ‣ Evaluation and registration of projects under CDM and VCS Mechanism (CDM) ‣ Carbon credit trading and carbon offset buying ‣ Evaluate and assess business risk and opportunities due to climate Risk and change opportunity ‣ Develop plan to mitigate the risks and exploit the opportunities created assessment due to climate change ‣ Capacity building and training. ‣ Assessment and reporting of carbon management system to internal Disclosure & and external stakeholders e.g. Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), GHG GHG reporting reporting ‣ Wal-Mart sustainability assessment reporting
  6. 6. Services offered by Agneya Energy ‣ Evaluate opportunities for reduction in energy consumption through Energy walk-thru and detailed energy audits ‣ Carry out the techno-commercial feasibility of energy efficiency Efficiency projects. ‣ Formulate policies and practices for management of energy Energy consumption in facilities and supply chains Management ‣ Implementation of energy management system compliant to ISO 50001 Energy ‣ Assessment and analysis of organization’s current and future energy Profiling profiling, energy sourcing and security, energy supply & demand analysis Training and ‣ Train client personnel in relevant energy practices and prepare Certification organizations for certifying their systems as per ISO 50001, EN 16001
  7. 7. Services offered by Agneya Renewable Energy ‣ Pre-investment feasibility studies including techno-commercial-financial Solar Energy (TCF) feasibility and analysis ‣ Detailed Project Report (DPR) preparation for solar (PV) and wind projects ‣ Structuring sales of electricity for projects across India Wind Energy ‣ JNNSM services, liaisoning for MNRE schemes, GBI incentive liasoning ‣ End-to-end project management of solar and wind energy projects from project feasibility analysis through Techno-Commercial-Financial Project analysis Management ‣ Liaisoning with technology provider ‣ Financing and debt management ‣ Installation & commissioning monitoring Debt ‣ Financing and debt syndication for RE projects, ECB assistance and Syndication liaisoning
  8. 8. Services offered by Agneya Regulatory ‣ REC project diagnosis, accreditation and registration of Renewable Energy renewable energy projects for earning REC Certificates ‣ Trading of RECs. Renewable Energy ‣ Assessment and implication of RPO for the organization Purchase Obligation ‣ Assistance in RPO determination and compliance ‣ Regulatory environment assessment for Renewable Regulatory Energy projects environment analysis ‣ Tariff assessment and analysis
  9. 9. Services offered by Agneya Sustainability ‣ Design and develop sustainability strategy Sustainability ‣ Compile organization’s varied activities in environmental, economic Strategy and social spheres into a cohesive roadmap ‣ Translating strategy into relevant and realistic goals ‣ Comparison of organization’s performance on sustainability Benchmarking parameters with relevant benchmarks and/or best practices. Management ‣ Establishing systems that help the organization manage its business for sustainability Systems ‣ Train personnel to run and manage these systems independently Water Profiling & ‣ Measure water footprint and current consumption pattern Auditing ‣ Water audit and implementation of ISO 14046 Water Reduction ‣ Evaluate and prioritize opportunities on reduction/re-use/re-cycling of and Optimization water ‣ Assessment and reporting of sustainability managing systems to Disclosure internal and external stakeholders as per Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) norms.
  10. 10. Why Agneya?Passion – Ability – Knowledge – Network• Focused team dedicated towards helping clients make their businesses stronger from within to withstand the challenges of resource scarcity.• Team members with diversified experiences right from on-ground work (sales and manufacturing) to working with top management of billion dollar companies (Nokia, Tata, RPG etc.)• Team members have had wide business exposure - from single handedly managing sales territories with multi-crore turnovers to ensuring that factories meet world class standards.• Our willingness to work on the ground results in not only reports and recommendations but in tangible benefits to the clients.• We help clients bring together operational excellence, financial discipline and a clear understanding of customers’ requirements to obtain complete solutions.• We strive to achieve results that work from market, technology as well as financial perspective.• Team members have undergone training and attended seminars in – Sustainability reporting, ISO14064 lead auditor, ISO50001 lead auditor, CDM, Solar Energy, Waste water management• We ensure our work meets high standards through constant knowledge updates and work validation by a panel of senior academics as well as industry experts. 9
  11. 11. Our Clientele Mahindra & Mahindra, GVK Power & Mumbai International Airport Ltd Det Norske FES, Kandivali Infrastructure Ltd Veritas AS Nava Bharat Reliance Energy Trading Ltd Ventures Ltd BMM Ispat Ltd Surana Surana Ackruti City Ltd Industries Ltd Corporation Ltd 10
  12. 12. Our Clientele Abhishek Hindustan Renewable Corporation Ltd Energy Raptakos, Brett & Co Precision Control Centre for Environmental Delta Power Solutions Natural Sugar & Research and Education India Pvt Ltd Allied Industries Ltd 10
  13. 13. agneya‣ Agneya Carbon Ventures Private Limited 8B, Sahyadri Terrace, Salunkhe Vihar Road, Kondhwa, Pune - 411 048‣ Rahul Dasari (+91 - 88060 70783)‣ Indrajeet Dudile (+91 - 90287 88430)‣ Tele/Fax: +91-20-41315625‣ Email: