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TV Calendar MOnday 03/12, Tuesday 03/13, Wednesday 03/14


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TV Calendar MOnday 03/12, Tuesday 03/13, Wednesday 03/14

  1. 1. | Over 40,000 Movies & 5,000 TV Shows TV Calendar Monday 03/12 Bethenny Ever After Shrink Resistant 12:00 AM on Bravo Pretty Little Liars If These Dolls Could Talk 8:00 PM on ABC Family BasketBall Wives Episode 4 8:00 PM on VH1 The Bachelor Episode 11 8:00 PM on ABC Being Human When I Think About You I Shred Myself 9:00 PM on Syfy The Bachelor Episode 12 10:00 PM on ABC The Voice
  2. 2. | Over 40,000 Movies & 5,000 TV Shows The Battles, Week 2 10:00 PM on NBC Smash Chemistry 10:00 PM on NBC Love Broker Dana and Jesse: Getting Over an Ex and Insecurities in Dating 10:00 PM on Bravo The Daily Show Grover Norquist 11:00 PM on Comedy Central The Colbert Report Katherine Boo 11:30 PM on Comedy Central Tuesday 03/13 Bleach Desperate Struggle!? Byakuyas Troubled Memories 7:00 PM on TV Tokyo 90210 Blood Is Thicker Than Mud 8:00 PM on The CW Raising Hope
  3. 3. | Over 40,000 Movies & 5,000 TV ShowsSpanks Butt, No Spanks8:00 PM on FOXThe Biggest LoserEpisode 118:00 PM on NBCSwitched at BirthThe Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters8:00 PM on ABC FamilyCougar TownA One Story Town8:30 PM on ABCThe RiverThe Experiment9:00 PM on ABCNew GirlControl9:00 PM on FoxRingerWhat We Have Is Worth the Pain9:00 PM on The CWThe Real Housewives of Orange CountyThe Partys Over
  4. 4. | Over 40,000 Movies & 5,000 TV Shows9:00 PM on BravoBreaking InWhos the Boss9:30 PM on FOXTop ShotSwing Into Action10:00 PM on HistorySouthlandRisk10:00 PM on TNTBody of ProofIdentity10:00 PM on ABCThe Daily ShowWill Ferrell11:00 PM on Comedy CentralThe Colbert ReportAndrew Bird11:30 PM on Comedy CentralFind the latest episode in