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Dyson DC41 - Dyson Vacuum Reviews


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Dyson DC41 - Dyson Vacuum Reviews

  1. 1. Find a completed reviews at: DYSON VACUUM REVIEWS for you! You better read this one before you go to anotherwebsite! We provide a complete dyson vacuum reviews)==================================================================================Dyson DC 41 – Dyson Vacuum ReviewsDyson continues to roll out, no pun intended, its new ball technology to the 2012 range ofvacuum cleaners. The hope being youll get your cleaning done even quicker than before. Butis the Dyson DC41 - the new flagship model - up to the task, or is it just a lot of hot air withno suck?To find out, weve been living with the upright cleaner for the last couple of weeks in afamily house of four with a moulting dog.DesignThe DC41 is a large machine with a big capacity, and as such, its designed for people withlarge homes. But dont let that put you off: it might be bigger than the companys miniatureDC24 designed for small city flats, but its still smaller than the Dyson cleaners of yesteryearthat youve may already own, but which are now coming to the end of their life.The striking Dyson design ethos is still kept in the new DC41. The overall design goesthrough a refining process compared to previous models, but it is still clearly a Dyson. The
  2. 2. vacuum cleaner is still grey, with a strong dash of colour - in this case blue - and a clear bintopped with all those "cyclone" funnels which still looks really "industrial". And, of course,the clear bin still lets you can see the dirt you are collecting.This being an upright cleaner you get the large capacity bin (2.1 litres) siting on top of theDyson Ball that not only allows you to manoeuvre your way around the living room quicklybut also, in the case of the DC41, hides the engine.The bin has been tweaked ever so slightly, making it easier to get to the filter, which, Dysonclaims, can capture particles down to .5 microns in size, like pollen, mould and bacteria. Itsalso now easier to empty the bin without getting dirty yourself.The extendable handle is strong and sturdy, pulling out to become the hose that stretchessome 14 meters - five times the length of the handle - handy for reaching the top of thestairs. Out of the box everything slots together for a quick setup.PowerDyson cleaners have never been ones to lack in the suction department, and thats still true ofthe DC41. The cleaner likes dirt and likes to suck it up, especially once you press the "turboboost" button on the handle which is designed to really get to work on dirty carpets or rugs.
  3. 3. We noticed a vast difference in cleaning power compared to the DC24 (the companys citycleaner) in our house, and it had no problem picking out a labradors hair from our carpeted,tiled and floor-boarded house. For the vacuum cleaner geeks you get 255AW of suctionpower.We tested a number of substances to clean on carpet including sawdust, dirt, dog hair,shredded paper, and sugar. The DC41 copes will all of them.Included in the box is also a mini turbine head for the hose - handy if you need to get intotight spots as, remember, the DC41 isnt the smallest of cleaners. Theres also a host of othermore simple attachments.MovementWith every Dyson we get easier movement and the DC41 is no exception. Zipping aroundour house was no trouble at all, although with a change to the engagement system - Dysonhas removed the back foot pedal which used to engage the cleaner head - moving it aroundthe house without the cleaning head lowered is a new knack you will have to learn. It wassomething both we and Mrs Pocket-lint have struggled with.
  4. 4. It is also a fairly heavy cleaner, weighing in at 7.8Kg. Thats still lighter than previousmodels, but again, something to bear in mind if you are going to have to lug it up and downstairs. There are plenty of grab handles, but combined with its size, and that sucking power,for some it will come across as unwieldy.Find a completed reviews at: DYSON VACUUM REVIEWS for you! You better read this one before you go to anotherwebsite! We provide a complete dyson vacuum reviews)==================================================================================