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Testting application with a presentation downloaded from the internet


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Testting application with a presentation downloaded from the internet

  1. 1. Citrix Presentation Server Product Overview Aziz KARAPANLI Technical MANAGER BÜROLİNK BİLGİ VE İLETİŞİM TEKNOLOJİLERİ A.Ş.
  2. 2. Presentation Goals • Define common business challenges reported by Citrix customers • Articulate the benefits of Citrix Presentation Server • Explain the functionality of Citrix Presentation Server • Consider Citrix Presentation Server as the solution to your business challenges
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda • Business Challenges • Citrix Presentation Server Overview • How Does it Work? • Success Story • What’s New in Citrix Presentation Server 4.0? • Pricing and Licensing • Call to Action
  4. 4. Business Challenges Back to Agenda
  5. 5. Top IT initiatives have one thing in common Source: Gartner, IDC, META, Forrester, CFO Magazine, Business Week, 2004 Regulatory Compliance Wireless Mobility Teleworking Mergers & Acquisitions IT Centralization Business Continuity Branch Office Expansion Partner Commerce Access Business Challenges
  6. 6. Business Challenges • Application Deployment • Creating Consistent User Access Experiences • Regulatory Compliance and Security • Reducing TCO Business Challenges
  7. 7. Application Deployment • Need: – Rapidly publish new applications and upgrades • Challenges: – Overcoming time and resource requirements – Maintaining applications efficiently – Managing application deployment complexity – Web enabling desktop applications – Providing secure, remote access – Overcoming application conflicts and compatibility Business Challenges
  8. 8. Consistent User Access Experience • Needs: – Access from remote offices or wireless networks – Access from devices outside the control of IT – Access while roaming from device to device • Challenges – Provide user experience like a full-featured desktop – Maximize data center resources – Lost or intermittent network connectivity – Connecting users to the best/nearest server – Different connection paths for different access scenarios Business Challenges
  9. 9. Regulatory Compliance & Security • Needs: – Comply with industry & government regulations • Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404, HIPAA, Basel II, European Union Data Protection Directive, Common Criteria, FIPS-140, … – Achieve compliance cost effectively – Reduce risk • Challenges: – Time sensitive projects – Regulatory requirements are increasing worldwide – Control and management of applications and data Business Challenges
  10. 10. Reducing TCO • Needs: – Reduce capital expenditure – Reduce management and support costs • Challenges: – Quick and efficient server and application consolidation – Improve IT productivity – Extend life of existing infrastructure
  11. 11. How Do Customers Address these Challenges without Citrix? SOLUTION COMPROMISES WITHOUT Do nothing different Installations and updates take months to implement and may require "touching" every desktop and device within the organization Limit access Restricting or prohibiting access to ensure security may result in authorized users being denied admission to corporate resources Multiple methods Establish and maintain different access methods or program interfaces for different locations/situations Take risks Inability to comply with regulations may result in government fines or penalties, and possible loss of business/customers Business Challenges
  12. 12. Citrix Presentation Server Overview Back to Agenda
  13. 13. Brief Product Overview • Citrix Presentation Server – Industry standard for virtualized delivery of line of business applications through a centralized and secure architecture Product Overview
  14. 14. Application Deployment • Virtualized application delivery • Central management & control • For Windows® and UNIX® server platforms • Supports Windows, UNIX, Java™ and Web applications
  15. 15. Access Control • Access policies • Managed access to device peripherals • Multi-factor authentication • Secure role-based access to applications Product Overview
  16. 16. Secure Architecture • Centralized application infrastructure • Secure information in the data center • Controlled access and encrypted transmission • Aids regulatory compliance • Support for industry certification Product Overview
  17. 17. Availability & Scalability • Continuous availability • Enterprise scalability • Server-platform and operating-system independence • Multi-language localization Product Overview
  18. 18. Mobility • Mobility from device to device • Device and protocol independence • Use of recourses that give users the best performance • Support from connections from over 20 different client device operating systems Product Overview
  19. 19. End to End Visibility • Observe, monitor and measure • Delegate administration • Report, log and alert • Integrate with third-party network- and systems Management tools Product Overview
  20. 20. Business Benefits BENEFITS FEATURE DESCRIPTION Rapid application deployment Application publishing Simplify deployment of new applications, updates and patch deployment — regardless of the diversity of the access devices, software languages, computing architectures, and networks that are involved. Product Overview
  21. 21. Business Benefits BENEFITS FEATURE DESCRIPTION Always available Load balancing Maximize server resources by connecting users to those servers with the least load Session reliability Maintain open work items when network connectivity is lost Zone preference and failover Simplify business continuity by automatically connecting users to the best server group that is available Consistent User Experience Centralized computing Deploy an intuitive user experience that looks and feels as interactive and rich as a full-featured desktop with the option of a fully mobile environment Product Overview
  22. 22. Business Benefits BENEFITS FEATURE DESCRIPTION Regulatory compliance Reporting, logging and auditing Centralized reporting and control of application deployment and use Increased security SSL/TLS encryption and multi-factor authentication End to end encryption of information transmitted across the network. Support for market-leading tokens, biometrics and smart cards Product Overview
  23. 23. Business Benefits BENEFITS FEATURE DESCRIPTION Increased system performance Application isolation environments Prevent build-up of application-specific server silos by safely installing and reliably running multiple application versions and incompatible applications on the same server. High user-density Reduce the number of required servers and cost-effectively provide room to grow by supporting more simultaneous users on a single server Windows 64-bit OS support Allows you to use 64-bit servers and Windows operating system for significantly increased user-density per server and improved application performance IT visibility and accountability Unified Management Console and Report Center Observe, monitor, measure, audit, and report on application availability and system performance from a single console Product Overview
  24. 24. Citrix Presentation Server … • Quickens time-to-value of line of business applications • Maximizes the productivity of IT staff • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) • Deploys any application regardless of architecture • Simplifies application maintenance and patch distribution • Supports heterogeneous environments Product Overview
  25. 25. How Does it Work? Back to Agenda
  26. 26. Enable Utility Style Services Centralize Applications and Data 16-bit Client/Server 32-bit Client/Server Poorly designed HTML Web Apps Mainframe Applications HTML Web Applications Web Services Applications Network File Stores Other Data and File Stores Centralize and host in data center • Costly to manage and support • Difficult to secure • Limited in accessibility 16-bit Client/Server 32-bit Client/Server Poorly designed HTML Web Apps • Easy to manage and support • Secure by Design • Deploy and update easily How Does It Work?
  27. 27. Enable Utility Style Services Publish Applications • Applications enabled for standardized access • User and application run-time configured with package Application location and password policies Appearance and performance options Allocated resources (printers, memory, CPU) Published utility-style service How Does It Work?
  28. 28. Enable Utility Style Services Virtualize Application Delivery • Accessible from any device or client operating system • High performance over any connection from any location Mouse clicks and keystrokes sent to server Application executes entirely on server Screen updates sent to client device How Does It Work?
  29. 29. Success Stories Back to Agenda
  30. 30. Customer Story: Gleason-Pfauter Profile • Leading manufacturer of machinery and tools • 2,450 employees generate total revenues exceeding €320 million • Plants in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, India and Switzerland Challenge • Maintain the availability of extensive technical documentation • Unsatisfactory access from remote offices Benefits • Convenient access to technical documentation over the Internet • Lower cost of hardware and online connections • Ability to access applications and data from home • Security of proprietary information Success Story
  31. 31. Customer Story: Spirit Airlines Profile • Largest privately held airline in the U.S. • A fleet of modern aircraft for scheduled and carrier service • Service to 16 cities across the eastern U.S. and Mexico Challenge • Deploy new reservations system • Accessible around the clock with up-to-the-minute information • Continuous availability, using a variety of different access devices Benefits • Cost-savings of over $4.5 million per year • Number of supported agents tripled without increasing IT staff • Improved response times increased customer satisfaction • Supports sustained growth and high-speed seasonal expansion Success Story
  32. 32. Customer Story: T-Mobile Profile • Approximately 13 million customers in the UK • Part of one of the largest mobile companies in the world • Serves over 80 million mobile customers worldwide Challenge • Efficient access to key billing application • Reduce need for on-site IT support at each contact centre • Deliver applications to regardless of location Benefits • Initial cost savings of £12 million in IT hardware and support costs • Wireless access to applications for engineers in the field • Enhanced customer service for a competitive edge Success Story
  33. 33. More Customer Stories • 200+ customer case studies posted • Worldwide regions over multiple industries – Auburn Career Center (North America | Education ) – Banco Solidario S.A. de Ecuador (Latin America | Banking and Finance ) – Bravida (Europe/Middle East/Africa | Facilities Services ) – City of Largo, Florida (North America | Government ) – Mercy Health and Aged Care (Pacific | Healthcare ) – Telecom Fiji (Pacific | Telecommunications ) – Truman Arnold Companies (North America | Energy) Success Story
  34. 34. What’s New in Citrix Presentation Server 4.0? Back to Agenda
  35. 35. Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 • Unified licensing – Citrix Presentation Server for Windows • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server – Citrix Presentation Server for UNIX • Sun Solaris • IBM AIX • HP-UX – Citrix Conferencing Manager • Users consume only one concurrent connection license when leveraging any of the above New Features
  36. 36. Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 Customer Benefits  UP TO 65% HIGHER USER DENSITY  64-bit Windows platform support  CPU utilization management  Virtual memory optimization  BROADER APPLICATION SUPPORT  Application isolation environments  Virtual IP addresses  USB support for ActiveSync PDAs, scanners, and cameras  64-bit applications supported  BETTER PRINTING  Up to 4 times faster printing using less bandwidth and memory  Support for all printing functions like multiple trays, stapling, etc.  Session printer policies for printing to the nearest printer  GREATER FLEXIBILITY AND CONTROL  Windows and UNIX unified licensing  Better troubleshooting for recurring problems by storing your own comments in My Knowledgebase New Features
  37. 37. Improved End-User Experience New Feature Enterprise Advanced Standard Smart Card Roaming    Better Printing Performance    Better Printing Control    USB Synchronization for PDA Devices   Support for USB Image Scanning Peripherals   Faster Logon & File Transfer Performance    New Features
  38. 38. Increased Scalability & Performance New Feature Enterprise Advanced Standard Support for 64-bit Servers and Windows Server 2003 x64 Operating System    Dynamic Multilingual Support for Web Interface    Simplified Customization for Web Interface    Operating System File Locking Rules    Application Isolation Environments  Virtual IP Address Support   CPU Utilization Management  Virtual Memory Optimization  License Server Clustering    New Features
  39. 39. Improved Security New Feature Enterprise Advanced Standard Easier Smart Card Support    Improved Smart Card PIN Handling    Support for HP Protect Tools (HP Windows Secure Edition (SE))    RSA SecurID and SafeWord on UNIX    New Features
  40. 40. Pricing and Licensing Back to Agenda
  41. 41. Pricing and Licensing • Available in three editions: – Enterprise - $400/ccu (SRP) • Enterprise licenses required for access to UNIX – Advanced - $345/ccu (SRP) – Standard - $290/ccu (SRP) • Available in Shrink Wrap, EASY, OPEN, and FLEX licensing programs • Subscription Advantage™ – Included in first year – getCurrent program for many expired customers Pricing and Licensing
  42. 42. Call to Action Back to Agenda
  43. 43. Customer Call to Action • New Customers: – Arrange for proof-of-concept or a pilot project • Existing Customers: – Upgrade to 4.0 Call to Action