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According to a recent market study by Google undertaken by two Europe based research corporation in March 2012 , it was found that a majority of smartphone users , based in the Asia Pacific region in countries like Singapore ,Hongkong , Australia, China and Japan were all accessing mobile social media almost daily , among which China has the highest rate of mobile social media connectivity with almost 68% of the mobile user reportedly accessing social media via their mobile device on a day to day basis during year 2012

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Mobile geosocial media intelligence

  1. 1. Mobile Social Media World Social Media Gone Mobile
  2. 2. Mobile Social Media Intelligence Download Free Report at
  3. 3. Growth of Mobile Social Media By 2016, Mobile Social Media will be worth about $150 billion, Social media + Mobile Marketing Creates Market Opportunities
  4. 4. Mobile Phone Industry is Booming
  5. 5. Embracing Mobile+ Social Cloud computing technology, mobile devices and social networking will wage to become an even more powerful force that will grow into the biggest commercial platform for many years to come, many corporations have started embracing mobile marketing and social ,media to help them to connect to customers and increase their business profits.
  6. 6. Mobile Searches becomes Key Browser
  7. 7. Mobile Searches Grown Over 500%
  8. 8. Mobile Growth Infograph
  9. 9. Mobile Social Stats ● 68% of mobile users call a business after searching it on their phone ● 69% of mobile users visit the business location after searching it on their phone ● YouTube gets 800 million visitors a month ● A single negative Tweet or FB posting costs a company up to 30 customers ● Mobile coupons get 10x the redemption rate of traditional coupons ● More and more countless stats...
  10. 10. Mobile and Social Networks Infograph
  11. 11. Text Messaging Still leads in Mobile Commincation with New Mobile Apps
  12. 12. From Desktop to Mobile Search
  13. 13. Smartphone Era has Arrived
  14. 14. Mobile Android Nation is Coming
  15. 15. Android Users can Access Million of Apps
  16. 16. Mobile Coupon and Tags aplenty
  17. 17. Mobile Coupon Campaign offer Good redemption rate
  18. 18. Mobile Geolocation is already here
  19. 19. Mobile Internet Usage will Exceed
  20. 20. Mobile Social Media Application Development will also grow
  21. 21. Mobile Just Keep On Growing
  22. 22. Mobile Web Development is Evolving
  23. 23. Mobile Activities Keep Growing Also
  24. 24. Embrace Mobile Social Media Mobile is a multi-billion dollar opportunity... Social media is a multi-billion dollar opportunity... Let me repeat...not million... Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunities
  25. 25. Get A Glimpse Report of MSM Mobile Social Media Intelligence
  26. 26. Free Report Download at :
  27. 27. Profit from Mobile Social Media Revolution
  28. 28. Mobile Geosocial Stats
  29. 29. Profit from Mobile Social Media Revolution : Learn how to Engage Social Media and Triple Your Profits