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Volume 1 Issue 2


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Indo Africa Times, a weekly newspaper has its key intend to create extensive awareness amongst people about Africa and India concerning different sectors like economy, politics, culture, fashion, sports and many more. It is our sincere endeavor to bridge the information gap between Africa and India by endowing our readers with updated and latest developments occurring in both the countries.

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Volume 1 Issue 2

  1. 1.  MONDAY | JANUARY 20, 2014 Nigerian Agriculture Minister gets Forbes 'Africa Person of the year' Award Title Code: DELENG18579 • VOL. 1 • NO. 2 • Page 12 • Price `10 Nana Yaw Amponsah Ghana’s Perfect Gentleman pg 10 pg 02 Indian Diaspora A Connecting Factor between AFRICA and INDIA!!! SEYCHELLES: ANOTHER WORLD pg 04 22nd Convergence India 2014 pg 08 Angola’s Most Beautiful Women!! pg 10 The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and The Union Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs, Shri Vayalar Ravi releasing the book “Incredible Opportunities Back Home”, at the 12th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, in New Delhi on January 08, 2014 
  2. 2. 02 Wassupafrica Africa attracts a huge traffic of investors commitments averaging $16.1 billion. Commenting on it, Marlon Chigwende, Managing Director and co-head of sub-Saharan Africa buyout advisory team at Carlyle expressed, “The continent has been growing relatively quickly over the past 10 years – north of 5.5% – and its forecast to continue that trend, and with that level of growth comes increasing opportunity in terms of size and scale. Clearly that will vary from country to country depending on investors’ views of particular sectors or geographies but there’s no doubt that if one takes a five to 10-year view, the penetration Nigeria: Nominated for enabling more than six million farmers across Nigeria to hold agriculture as a business through his bold reforms, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, was awarded with esteemed Forbes ‘Africa Person of the Year’ Award defeating four eminent nominees for the continent wide prize. On winning the award, Dr. Adesina commented, “I am truly honored and humbled by this prestigious award, which I dedicate to Africa’s farmers and the new cadre of young business entrepreneurs who have discovered the hidden gem for sustainable wealth creation on our continent-Agriculture. With dwindling oil fortunes, and the end of the telecoms boom, the next big investment frontier in unlocking Africa’s vast agricultural potential to feed the continent and the world”. Dr. Adesina designated as ‘the protector of African farmers’ is continuously making efforts in discovering new opportunities for farmers and changing Africa’s picture of agriculture. Worth mentioning, he transformed agriculture from a development program to a business activity generating handsome income for millions of farmers within just two years after taking the Agriculture Minister honored with Forbes ‘Africa Person of the Year’ Award Kenyan Airways endeavors to connect the whole Africa Kenya: Designated as “The Pride of Africa”, Kenyan Airways with an aim to contribute to the sustainable development of Africa has played a vital role in increasing connectivity among African countries, expanding trade and investment in the continent. During a two-day visit to Accra, Mr. Mbuvi Nguze, Chief Operating Officer of Kenya conveyed to the journalists that the airline’s main objective was to bring the continent into limelight and to augment the capacity on its regional flights. He communicated that it will take reasonable time to fulfill this dream. Adding to the statement, he said that the aviation sector possesses high potential for investment which is still unexplored by many African countries. Mentioning the factors that acts as an obstacle for travelling within the regions, Mr. Ngunze expressed that improvements are taking place adding, “We are optimistic, we have an ambition and we hope to achieve it.” Highlighting Accra as a mini hub for Kenya Airways, Mr. Ngunze outlined the importance of the Accra operations comparing to its overall operations. He said, “We have most of our crew who we recruited here and who serve on other routes. Accra is an important location for us and we have big plans for this market. We are committed to growing the links between Kenya and Ghana.  The Pride of Africa: Kenya Airways levels of private equity on a panAfrican basis will be greater than they are today.” Hervé Hascoet, Managing Director and head of corporate finance for central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Societe Generale communicated that the continent has experienced an escalating growth in the traffic of potential buyers for businesses specifically in the utilities sector. He added, “Let’s not forget that the Europeans were the only players a few years ago. Now you see the private equity funds taking some place but you also see some newcomers coming from India,  Africa has emerged as a perfect investment destination over the years. Due to enhanced foreign investment in the region and economic and government reforms, the continent has truly marked its position on the map for private investors. Huge investments have been made by continent’s foremost investors, while global firms like Carlyle Group and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts have set up proper teams there for sourcing deals. Presently, out of total 75 private equity investors in the market, Helios Investment Partners and Abraag Group are the two aiming to target H.E. Dr. Akinwumi Adesina accepts the Forbes Africa Person of the Year Award charge. He added, “Africa with our huge potential cannot be a museum of poverty. My passion is using agricultural business and finance innovations to turn Nigerian and African farmers and agribusinesses into millionaires and billionaires. Nigeria must become a global powerhouse in agriculture”. Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GES) initiated by him ended four decades of corruption in the fertilizer industry eradicating the middlemen and enhancing the food production by nine million metric tonnes in the first year amounting almost half of the targeted production in 2015. Furthermore, complementing this process, he launched Electronic Wallet system empowering smallholder farmers to receive electronic vouchers for subsidized seeds and fertilizers directly on their mobile phones. Making it way to nearly 6 million farmers, the system has enhanced food security for 30 million persons in rural farm households. Mrs. Lizzy Igbine, Chairperson of Nigerian Women Farmers Association articulated, “We have never seen any Minister who works so hard to improve our lives. He has returned dignity to us as farmers”. With the launch of the electronic wallet system, Nigeria became the first country in Africa to reach farmers with subsidized farm inputs through their mobile phones. Many global and domestic investors signed over USD 4 billion of letters of investment to give a boost to Nigeria’s agriculture. Assisting his initiatives, World Bank, African Development Bank and other development finance institutions worldwide have forwarded over USD 2 billion in strengthening the agriculture sector. Chairman of Heirs Holdings, Mr. Tony China and Korea. South Africans are also trying to expand outside of their country. It’s still the beginning – they are just testing the market.” Showcasing the immense opportunities accessible for domestic investors in small and medium enterprises, Michelle Kathryn Essomé, chief executive of Africa Venture Capital Association said, “There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity on the continent and we’re starting to see the global buyout firms looking to Africa, because they’re recognizing the opportunity and they don’t want to miss the boat.” Elumelu said, “Adesina has totally revolutionalized agriculture into a business, and banks and private investors are all omving to the agriculture sector. He has made agriculture very exciting, turning it into Nigeria’s new oil”. Referred to as “Africa’s leading development entrrepreneur’, Mr. Adesina was appointed as one one of the 17 global leaders by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon along with Bill Gates to give support in achieving the Millenium Goals. MONDAY| JANUARY 20, 2014 Africa’s leading cement maker Nigeria: In a recent research carried out by Renaissance Capital, leader in IPO research and investment management, revealed in its research that Nigeria has overtook South Africa as the biggest cement manufacturer in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) due to mounting demand and favorable government regulations in Africa’s second largest economy. If RenCap is to believe, Nigeria’s current industry capacity has gained dominance over South Africa’s current production of 18.3 mtpa. Nigeria surpassed the 20 metric tonnes per annum (mtpa) mark. The David Nangle-led group asserted, “The Nigerian cement market has changed significantly, driven by a viable environment, rising demand, and increased investment on the back of aggressive economic growth.” Nigeria, the most populous country now only trails behind Egypt and Saudi Arabia, making it the thirdlargest cement maker in the broader Middle East. Nangle also quoted, “We are optimistic about the sustainability of Nigerian cement demand in the long term, given the quickened pace of socio-economic development currently being experienced in the country.” Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote’s cement production firm, Dangote Cement was the biggest strength behind the country’s cement achievement.
  3. 3. Wassupafrica mONDAY| JANUARY 20, 2014 FROM PAGE 1 India: With the theme “Engaging Diaspora: Connecting Across Generations” the three days of PBD 2014 came to an end. The event was packed with colors, liveliness and spark with the charisma of NRI’s from all over the globe. The agenda of this meet is to unite persons of Indian origins and nonresident Indians across generations. It was an open opportunity for the overseas Indians and those taking part in the PBD to come up with their respective issues and to interact with the authorities (Government of India). Various measures introduced by GOI in the concern of the well-being of Indians working overseas were also underlined. The authorities were very well answering to the queries raised by the NRI’s. The venue for this event was Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India. Day 3 of the event witnessed the charismatic presence of the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee in the Valedictory Session awarding the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman to 15 NRI. Inviting Indian Investors with open hands Nigeria: The new oil-rich African country, Nigeria has invited Indian investors with open hands to come and invest in numerous projects and opportunities present. Governor Henry Seriake Dickson asserted in the Economist African High Growth Markets Summit, “There are various opportunities in Bayelsa that are suitable for Indian companies and investors and we want them to invest.” Worth mentioning, Bayelsa is a state in the southern Nigeria positioned in the core Niger Delta region, formed in 1996 after division of Rivers state. During the conferences Mahatma Gandhi emerged as a connecting factor between India and countries around the globe. In true sense we can relate the connecting power of this icon with the world. The day honors the return of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa in Bombay on January 9, 1915. Inaugurating the 12th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh confined the promise that “there is no reason to despair about the present or worry about the future. In fact, we are heading into better times ahead and I urge you to remain engaged in the future of this country with confidence and optimism. ” “We are prepared to assume the international role and responsibilities that the world at large expects from a rising India. I am also confident that the association between India and its over twenty-two million roving ambassadors in the expatriate Indian community will continue to deepen and prosper in the years that lie ahead, the Prime Minister pointed out. As announced by Shri K C Venugopal, Minister of State for Aviation, Air India Express will raise the baggage allowance from 20kg to 30kg from January 15. According to the Minister’s statement, the baggage allowance which was slashed by 10kg from August 2013 is being revised back to 30kg after a large number of Indian expatriate organizations lodged complaints about the arbitrary decision. The President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee conferred Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awards to 13 NRIs, PIOs and Organizations for their spectacular and notable involvement in the country of their residence as well as to India in different domains of their activity. Mr. Dinesh Vaishnav, Executive Secretary of Tanzania Asian Development Association told Vibrant and energetic youth making their presence felt at the event Also, it is the country’s largest oil producing state that contributes 40 percent of total crude-oil production and 60 percent gas production while possessing Nigeria’s largest gas reserves i.e. more than 18 trillion cubic feet. Governor Dickson also pointed and praised India as a health hub and a preferred destination for people from different nations, including Nigeria, thus Bayelsa is looking for cooperation in worldclass healthcare services with India. In a statement, Cyril Akika, senior Special adviser to the Governor quoted, “Synergy can also be created between to IAT about his experience on attending this event. He asserted “I feel honored to be here and I want to invite all my Indian friends to come in Africa. We are working there as Proud Indians. It is a peaceful country to live in.” Likewise many other NRI’s residing in the beautiful countries of Africa shared their experience and urged the government and people of India to consider Africa as a promising destination. There is no doubt that with the enlargement of ambassadorial and marketable illustrations, India has now established stronger relations with most of the African nations. A part of the credit should also be given to the Indian Diaspora in the continent. The Indian diaspora in Africa engrained in colonial and post-colonial history. In 2004, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs came in existence. One of its events is the Overseas Indian Award (Pravasi Bharatiya Samman), which is open to Indians in overseas countries, plus those in Africa as well. In 2010, Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh introduced an ‘Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre’ pitched en route for endorsing economic links, in which Africa and other emerging economies now feature more glaringly. Today, for example, the Kenyan Indian populace has a grounded place, multilayered character and chiefly African uniqueness that furnish official Indian endeavors to encourage diaspora diplomacy. Worth to mention, Indian companies are channeling copious arrogates abroad and are venturing into the promising continentAfrica. The Indian government has also become more postulated in shaping India Africa partnership. India’s expansion support, with stress on training, is extending at the same time as India looks for repositioning itself and become more postulated in African growth and development. Africa is now becoming a priority for Africa.  Botswana: Mr. Nonofo Molefhi, Minister of Transport and Communications has expressed that countless efforts are being made to find appropriate airline partners that will assist them in the same. While briefing about the imperative role played by transport in the tourism sector to the members of Hospitality & Tourism Association Botswana (HATAB), he articulated that presently government is making its best efforts to re-shape Air Botswana and offer customers with the first class service and satisfaction. As a part of strategy, he said that government should provide Air Botswana with provisional guarantees to locate best suitable partners complementing which government has signed many bilateral air service agreements. Bayelsa and India so that both countries can tap the gas and energy resources that the state has to offer.” Governor further added, “They (India) will have opportunities to own oil blocks that would produce crude and this could be taken to India to refine and sell. And, if Indian corporations and firms could work with us it would be an opportunity for both the countries since they have the specialties and we have large health-related projects like big hospitals.” Bayelsa is state having a large investment potential in its lap such as in agriculture, aquaculture, minerals, tourism and hospitality, energy,  Government seeks Air Partners 03 shipping, maritime industry, etc. Additionally, the state is giving priority to the Bayelsa Integrated Security Strategy (BISS) to attract foreign investments. The positive point the state is considering is the quick processing investment accreditation needs through an automated system to facilitate land titles within 60 days of their acquisition by investors. Governor also stated, “There are no Indian companies so far in our state and we have been working through the Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria to bring investors. The efforts will hopefully be successful.” to be imperative today. Stress should be given to the crucial political and economic forces of India’s rendezvous with Africa. Rather in an ad hoc process, the Government of India has also pursued to mature its African corporation. It’s a proven fact that Indian business has been at the vanguard of fresh associations as part of mounting economic affairs with vital state backing. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is the flagship upshot of the Ministry Overseas Indian Affairs with Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports as the Partner Ministry. The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industries was the event manager for this edition of PBD. Cultural Performance at Day 1 of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas In a nutshell we can state that India’s historical networks and exclusive uniqueness continued A mesmerizing performance by Amaan & Ayaan Ali Khan with their troop 
  4. 4. 04 CountryoftheWeek MONDAY| JANUARY 20, 2014 SEYCHELLES AT A GLANCE Official Name Republic of Seychelles Head of State H.E. Mr. James Michel Capital Victoria It’s time to step into Another World!! Start your expedition of individual finding through the world’s most beautiful islands... Seychelles. It is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles also known as Republic of Seychelles is a 115 granite and coral islands positioned to the south of the equator. It is a cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean situated 1500 kilometers to the east of mainland Africa. It showcases an archipelago of exceptional beauty, calmness, conformity and is renowned for its striking beaches all over the world. Among these 115 islands, 41 are the Inner Islands that includes the oldest mid-oceanic granite islands on earth whereas 74 are the Outer Islands. With an estimated population of 86,525 Seychelles is considered to be the smallest country in Africa. It is positioned to the northeast of Madagascar and approx 1600 km SEYCHELLES ANOTHER WORLD European Supermarkets by delivering high value, luxury food stuffs such as finest quality tropical fruits and spices. Of the total landmass around 400 hectares is the cultivable area which can be utilized to grow the best agricultural products. A huge amount is being invested by a number of privately-owned island resorts in agricultural projects to supply high quality and fresh fruits and vegetables to the clients. Seychelles is blessed with ample of energy resources and is rich in solar, biomass and ocean energy. Seychelles have abundant scope for investors in energy sector. Oil exploration, oil support services, renewable energy support and water solar heaters are the key investment areas. Photovoltaic energy systems are another very renowned solar option, especially for hotels and remote outer Energy Popular Destinations potential and for further growth a detailed Sector Development Plan was started in 2010. The environment characteristics well supported by new investment incentives in coming years will prove to be a powerful sector for prospective buyers. A wide variety of opportunities also exist in the processing and value addition of tuna such tuna loins, sashimi, sushi and tuna steaks for the international market. Investment Opportunities In addition to specific economic sectors, Seychelles offer immense opportunities in areas like entertainment, shopping malls and commercial building and medical sector. The entrance of western culture and increased standard of living will originate the need for shopping malls and modernized shops and provide a Mahe Island Praslin Island La Digue Island Victoria Eden Island Beau Vallon east of Kenya. With agriculture as the main occupation, Seychelles is the chief exporter of cinnamon, vanilla and copra, as it employs more than 33% of the population. Escalating Business Opportunities Seychelles offers enormous business opportunities to all the investors in diverse sectors like tourism, fisheries, agriculture and industry. Seychelles is considered to be a profitable investment destination. This country has a stable political environment and the government policies formed fully encourage both domestic and foreign investment. Investors have huge prospects in major sectors like agriculture, energy and fishery. Country’s long hours of sunshine and abundant rainfall provide a wide scope for farmers to grow extensive variety of tropical and traditional fruits and vegetables. It has marked its presence in Agriculture islands. More of investment in it would also reduce excessive demand for electricity and would also showcase this eco-friendly technology. Water Solar heaters are getting popular in numerous households and thus have a great market in Seychelles. Fishery is a booming industry in Seychelles and to larger extent contributes to its economy. It is sometimes felt that Seychelles is formed especially for the fishermen. The industry has experienced a tremendous growth and is considered as a vital foreign exchange earner for Seychelles. Seychelles located at the centre of western Indian Ocean is a home to industrial fishing fleets from the European Union and Far East and is the major hub for fish tuna. The developing semi industrial sector offers the local market and supplies high valueadded fisheries products to the international market. Aquaculture in Seychelles possesses extreme Fisheries great area for investment. Medical sector is another encouraging and flourishing sector. Further, the government of Seychelles is making efforts to continue to present opportunities for effective and efficient health service. Being located to the northeast of Madagascar it is surrounded by stunning tropical islands and has a rich diversity of flora and fauna which are exclusively found here. Seychelles is considered to be a interesting place for research by biologists when it comes to biodiversity. Almost 250 different types of species have been explored in Seychelles. Some of the unique bird species discovered in Seychelles include the sunbird, the blue pigeon, the Scops owl and frigatebirds. Aride and Bird Island are the best places to experience the true diversity of birds. Seychelles is also blessed with a wide array of flora. One of the most important and different species found is hawksbill sea Flora and Fauna turtle which is the only turtle in its genus. In addition, it is a home to geckos which are exciting to watch because of their huge, lidless eyes and their vibrant skin. Further, it is rich in a fauna with almost 2000 different species of plants and a range of trees including a variety of hardwood such as mahogany and rosewood and shade-giving specimens such as umbrella tree. Several Mesmerizing World for Tourists Seychelles is a true paradise and have exceptional beauty. It is renowned for the best beaches in the world, with a natural view pleasing to eyes. The beaches offer Area 455 km2 Population 86,525 Governement Unitary state, Presidential system, Representative democracy, Republic Time Zone GMT +4 Country Dialling Code +248 Currency Seychellois Rupee Major Exports Frozen fish, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Copra Major Import Petroleum, Machinery and Food Stuffs Climate Always warm and does not reach extremes of heat or cold Official Language French, English and Seselwa Creole French Natural Resources Coconut, Cinnamon, Fishes, Salt and Iron Independence Day June 29, 1976 a feel of soft sand, clean turquoise waters and superb opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. Stunning national monuments, beautiful Creole houses, national reserves and marine parks acts as a magnet to attract tourists from different corners of the world.
  5. 5. BusinessBuzz mONDAY| JANUARY 20, 2014 Africa’s step towards stronger internet connectivity Airtel, the global telecommunication giant and Opera Software, the Norwegian mobile and desktop web browser have come in collaboration to launch Opera Web Pass for mobile internet users across seventeen Airtel operating African countries providing a new approach to pay-as-yougo mobile data. The data is categorised in two data packages i.e. time-based or site-based, enabling operators the freedom to choose a data package or an amalgamation of the two on their gadget according to their needs. According to Lars Boiolesen, CEO of Opera Software, “at Opera, we believe that access to the web is a universal right. Partnering with market leaders such as Airtel has offered us the opportunity to help lower the barriers to access the mobile web and empower more African users to get online.” The Opera Web Pass is said to be appropriate for mobile subscribers without data plans as it permits suppleness to pay for short term internet access from local carrier, also allowing operators to package their mobile internet offerings in flexible, easy to understand and marketable ways with the prospect for users to choose an exact time or period in which to access the web instead of volume megabytes. The Chief Marketing Officer at Airtel Africa, Andre Beyers asserted, “Opera Web Pass leverages the existing capabilities of the Opera Mini platform and allows Airtel, in a flexible and cost-efficient way, to package time- or site- specific data offerings to their users... Opera Web Pass makes it even more compelling for subscribers to get online using their mobile phones and in a way that is tailored to their needs.” All in all, Opera Web Pass will strengthen mobile internet users on the Airtel network to make use of an affordable and simple pay-asyou-go service for their Airtel mobile phones.  Andre Beyers, Chief Marketing Officer at Airtel Africa Nichrome Spreading wings to Africa With an exceptional experience of 35 years in packaging industry differentiated by high technology, Nichrome India Su-Kam: Winner of ‘Market Leadership Award’ Enjoying wide presence in more than 70 countries and a pioneer in power back-up industry, Su-Kam has been bestowed with the coveted ‘Market Leadership Award’ at the prestigious ceremony of ‘Africa Leadership Awards’ 2013 held at Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel, Mauritius. The award recognized the influential role played by the company in redefining the power back-up industry in Africa. In the power back-up industry, Su-Kam was the first company who initiated exporting of power back-up products and solutions to the international markets in the year 2003. Worth mentioning, since its entry in the African market, the company has made a strong base in Africa within a span of 10 years. With its existence in countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zimbawe, Malawi, Nigeria, Sudan, Zamia, Gabon to name a few, Su-Kam is dubbed as the number 1 brand in countries viz. Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Congo and Burundi. Owing to its high quality products accessible across the African nations and efficient sales service, the company gained a lot of success in the booming continent. Having a wide network of service stations controlled by dealers and distributors, Su-Kam also addresses the power challenges faced by African countries by supplying advanced power back up solutions according to the needs of individual customers. Currently, adding a golden string to its widespread business, Su-Kam commenced very innovative solar solutions for household as well as corporate sectors in Africa. To begin with it, it also launched many solar projects in a number of energy starved countries in Africa. Office 365 to change lives of Ghanaians Microsoft already having its products available in countries across west, east, central African and Indian ocean islands targeting specific audience like entrepreneurs, small and medium firms, institutions and non profit organisations, announced its new product bestowed “Office 365” in Ghana providing users an unmatched on and offline experience. Office 365 is the latest version of all office applications to download on computer along with advancement in optimised applications for tablets and smart phones and web applications for great experience and updated editing functionality. Office 365 A leading mobile operator with a vision to deliver a new digital world to its customers, MTN group has entered into partnership with Rocket Internet famous a world’s largest internet incubator with an aim to stretch its online and digital services in the Middle East. MTN group partnered with Rocket Internet and Millicom International Cellular in an action that would see each company holding equal stakes in the Africa Internet Holding (AIH). After the move, Sifiso Dabengwa, president and chief executive officer (CEO) at MTN group stated, “The agreement with Rocket marks yet another important milestone in our journey of pursuing digital business adjacencies as one of our key strategic priorities, to drive growth and value for our customers.” The fruitful partnership endeavors to bring together Rocket Internet’s expertise and proficiency in creating successful internet business models and MTN’s awareness about the domestic telecom markets. Further adding to it, Oliver Samwer, co-founder of rocket internet expressed, “I am very confident that this strategic partnership is going to accelerate the online shift in the Middle East. With joint forces, MEIH will develop its already existing ventures and will launch new companies even faster and more successfully.” A New Aura of Broadband Market Limited is now planning to expand its footprint in African markets in the next two years. With an aim to earn a targeted revenue of Rs 150 cr over the next two years from the current 80 crore, the company is anticipating a business of 20 cr from the African markets leading to a 30% growth in the company’s exports. Commenting on it, Nikhil Pradhan, Mumbai Operations Head said, “Nichrome is growing at 25 percent y-o-y basis. Along with India, now we have decided to expand our footprint in overseas markets. To begin with, we will explore Africa market because company like Nichrome has many business opportunities in Africa. The sectors have helped us to grow a lot. The slowdown has not affected us much because our sectors like pharma, retail agriculture is also supreme for end users making them more productive both at home and work as the user can continue working offline. Country Manager for Microsoft Ghana, Mrs. Otema Yirenkyi asserted that Office 365 is devoted to drive technology in the country with the latest applications for easy communication and business. Additionally, Office 365 comes with four different platforms viz. E-mail message, Microsoft office, communication platform and collaboration platform. According to Mrs. Yirenkyi, the latest product displays the broadcast definition of productivity and collaboration for big business tools at reasonable prices while no hardware investment required as users can have the latest enterprise tools. The product helps in conducting effective meetings since it hosts multi-party HD video conferences through Lync, collaborate with real-time note taking and sharing screen. Not to mention, Office 365 is a cloud service planned for busy households and people with family responsibilities. Thus, it is swiftly becoming a part of everyday life of Ghanaians. 05 Life’s good with the Launch of world’s first OLED TV Controlling over 114 local subsidiaries globally with approximately 82,000 executives and employees, LG or “Life’s Good”, a worldwide pioneer and technology innovator in consumer electronics has recently launched the world’s largest and slimmest curved OLED (Organic Light-emitting Diode) TV in the Kenyan market. Initially showcased at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CEs) 2013, the recently introduced OLED TV was first launched in South Africa being company’s homeland following USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. The innovative OLED TV launched subsequent to the world’s first 84-inch Ultra HD TV in 2012 truly complemented LG core OLED TV family unique design with its 4.3 mm thinness weighing just 17 kg and a crystal stand integrated in its forward-facing speakers. During the launch of the product in Saudi Arabia, John Lee, President of LG Electronics said, “With more than five years of research dedicated to develop the optimum curvature, the entire screen surface is equidistant from the viewer’s eyes eliminating the problem of screen-edge visual distortion and loss of detail”. As articulated by Joseph Kim, LG East Africa Managing Director (MD) at the launch of the product in the East African Market, LG is making efforts to lead the race by introducing the diverse range of superior products and by expanding the overall range of its televisions. He added, “LG will also boost its share in the midto-lower end of the global market via improved production efficiency, cost competitiveness and well designed, user-friendly TV models. The success of our TV business is largely dependent on the following key factors: the global economy, competition between manufacturers and panel supply”. He concluded by saying that soon the OLED TV’s will replace LCD TVs in the living rooms worldwide if the yield rates continue to increase. Advertisement To book your please email to or call at +91 8130796166 and personal care are growing and focusing as well. In future, we have a plan to focus markets like Middle East and Far East. Worth mentioning, approximately 80% of the seed packaging in performed using Nichrome Machinery. Acquiring 25% market share of the packaging manufacturing machinery business, the company plans to expand its base across India. In every season (Rubby/Kharif), the company packs around 5 crore pouches and also offers post packaging services to its customers that include training, after sales service, 24-hr helpline in both the seasons. According to report by ASSOCHAM, the Indian packaging industry is anticipated to touch the figure of Rs. 23,000 crore over the next two years.
  6. 6. Can Africa compete with tourist rich regions of the world?? 06 FRANKLY SPEAKING By kirit sobti, editor, iat During the past 30 years tourism has been one of the fastest rising industries in Africa. tourists to different sites throughout the region each year and producing good number of paper (currency) in foreign exchange earnings. Places such as the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Rift Valley of Eastern and Southern Africa, Great Zimbabwe, Table Mountain in South Africa, Mount Kenya in Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania are few of the chief attractions. Talking about the palaeontology sites, several African countries counting Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya and Benin are graced with this. In the Mother Land, Ethiopia, the Government is utilizing these sites to endorse “palaeo-tourism,” and to generate income. South Africa has also made palaeontology and other cultural heritage sites as a great deal of attention for their tourism industry. For example, the number of tourists arriving in the continent has grown over 300% since 1990, with 2012 marking a high of 33.8 million tourists who visited the region. Income generated from tourism has also climbed: Receipts from hotels, tours and other attractions in 2012 amounted to over US$36 billion and directly contributed just over 2.8% to the region’s GDP, according to the report. I must bring this in your notice that for the first time The coming of the New Year brings in a refreshing in the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s start. A New Year’s holiday can be a great approach for (UNWTO) history, their General Assembly (GA) was people who want to have a good time. But how many of co-hosted by two countries – Zambia and Zimbabwe. us even know about the exotic and mesmerizing beauty The UNWTO jointly assembled its GA in both of the African countries? It has in its lap beautiful Livingstone on the Zambia side and in Victoria Falls on mountains, savannahs and rivers which are ready to the Zimbabwe side of the famous falls. take you to a colorful ride. There is no ambiguity about The event was affirmed as the best attended in the the continent when it is used in relation to tourism. Let history of the organization during the Aug. 24-29 event us a take a quick look at the stunning scenery of Africa. with a record of 900 delegates from the media alliance, It is worthwhile and most enlightening. 121 full delegates from the member states, 140 The continent is the most beautiful and proven most delegates from all over the world, 49 foreign ministers visited region as far as travel and tourism is concerned. and 750 other delegates attending the event. Tourism counts for a chief ingredient of the African H.E. Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, President of economies. Tourism amalgamates people, culture and Zambia felicitated the two co-host countries for their heritage. Very swiftly, Africa is becoming as a tourist endeavors in organizing for the event and expressing destination with countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt that the co-hosting was an apparent evidence of the and South Africa creating waves and drawing a new two countries dedication of tapping regional tourism. era in tourism. According to a report—Tourism in Africa: During the past 30 years tourism has been one of Harnessing Tourism for Growth and Improved the fastest rising industries in Africa, so much so that Livelihoods—tourism accounted directly or indirectly it has turn out to be an imperative driver of economic for one in every 20 jobs in Sub Saharan Africa in 2011, growth and a key strategy for regional cooperation and is one of the few industries on the continent in among African economies. The most sought-after which women are well represented as employees African destinations are the tourist attractions in and managers. Sub Saharan Africa is outpacing other Egypt, Kenya and South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, regions in tourism growth. Seychelles and Tunisia, with most of the magnets According to the World Bank Vice President for catering to the tastes of middle-class Africa, Makhtar Diop, “Africa’s tourists. private companies are increasingly Popular Tourist The continent’s natural scenery, attracting regional and international warm people, long history and investment and the returns on Destinations in prosperous and unique flora and investing in Africa are among the Africa fauna have mesmerized many highest in the world.” »» The Pyramids and the tourists. Indian entrepreneurs Ultimately, what takes a tourist Sphinx could also specifically focus on to a country, region or continent? different kinds of tourism products, The answer is here…. »» The Victoria Falls such as adventure tourism, coastal I met a tourist while travelling »» Masai Mara National and safari tourism; medical tourism; in Africa who said “I wanted to see Reserve Kenya wildlife tourism; eco-tourism and something different from Europe cultural tourism. and I decided to visit Kenya and »» Djenne, Mali While the BRICS summit took Tanzania. It is a different feel I got.” »» Cape Town, South Africa place in South Africa recently, one It has been noticed that tourists of the key items that has emerged in in Africa come frequently from »» Marrakech, Morocco media, and encountered spotlight in Europe and the US. France is the the summit, was the issue of tourism. »» Omo River Region, Ethiopia number one source, trailed by the The BRICS countries have power UK and the US. Tourists from France »» Virunga Mountains of giant latent for tourism; with like to go to Morocco, Tunisia, (Tracking Gorillas), Uganda, coordination between them and Mauritius, Senegal and Madagascar. Rwanda, DRC provisions of better infrastructure UK tourists generally go to Egypt, and communication, tourism can be South Africa, Mauritius and Gambia, »» Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania a major revenue earner. while those from the US choose »» Zanzibar, Tanzania The Tourism Minister of South South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Africa, H.E. Mr. Marthinus van Rwanda, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. Schalkwyk observed, “We are African tourism has confronted confident of continuing our exciting growth in a market numerous challenges to its growth and development, set to become one of the world’s most important and as the continent carry on to reconstruct itself tourism markets in the future.” economically, tourism continues to act as a significant Certain tourist attractions are admired for the character in that course. Tourism is broadly measured reason that there is an extraordinary sensation it to be one of the sectors that will help the continent accord to people who visit such places and this is attain its economic marks through revenue gains and outside the fact that places like this hold a very rich job creation. heritage and detection. African governments and the private sector should Land-based tourism is a foremost commercial work in concert to deal with difficulties such as land activeness in the continent, attracting millions of access and visa regulation to enlarge tourism openings, MONDAY| JANUARY 20, 2014 Lonely Planet names Seychelles as “Paradise within Reach” Seychelles is achieving its objective of becoming one of the most popular destinations in the world as the islands are being highly recommended for 2014 for the most enjoyable holiday experience. The well-known Lonely Planet magazine in the UK has voted Seychelles among its Top 10 destinations for 2014. The destination was also awarded the Best Beaches and Small Islands title for 2014, again putting the country among the most exciting destinations to visit for this year. Lonely Planet has described its Top 10 countries for 2014 as “destined for an epic year” for different reasons, whether for hosting festivals, cutting the ribbon on new attractions, or simply for raising their game to attract more travelers to their shores. Seychelles, the only Indian Ocean destination featured in the Lonely Planet awards and proudly sitting in the 7th position for the Top 10 destinations, has been described as “Paradise within Reach.” Seychelles shares the honor with Palau, Tonga, Sao Tome and Principe, Trinidad and Tobago, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Cap Verde, Grenada and St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. Seychelles’ beaches and islands have been reviewed as: “Nary a ‘world’s best beach’ list is compiled without the Seychelles a mention. This clutch of 115 islands sprinkled in the Indian Ocean got all the good genes: its waters are clear and teeming with life; its sands are sensuously soft; its interiors are wild and luscious; even its coconuts – the buttocky coco-de-mer – are sort of sexy. The three main islands – Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue – are perfectly pretty. Even better are Curieuse, where giant tortoises lumber, and the coral atoll of Aldabra, uninhabited but for more tortoises (the world’s largest population), plus turtles, sharks, coconut crabs, and a wealth of species besides.” —eTurboNews renovate business climates and strengthen job creation, especially for women and youth. African Governments should form associations with the private sector. It should be the onus of the private sector to collaborate with government at local, regional and national levels. Together they can design and develop tourism infrastructure, upsurge the transparency in land ownership and craft a business friendly environment for tour operators and other companies. The spectacular continent has the latent all the way with its cultural and natural assets to overtake other regions in drawing heavy tourism dollars. To my understanding, Africa can only compete with tourist rich regions of the world if it can efficiently contrive for and assimilate tourism into their economies. In conclusion, I have no doubt in giving a green signal to Africa to compete with tourist rich regions of the world. Governments must take leadership of this sector because tourism works best when it comes to cross-sectoral cooperation since “tourism is everything. We also need to invest in the industry and work closely together to assure our position as a critical employment and revenue generator. Seychelles has experienced remarkable growth in visitor arrival numbers with the 2013 figures showing a 14 percent increase over those of 2012. The islands have been active on regional integration and now hold the Presidency of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Regional Organization. H.E. Mr. Walter Mzembi H.E. Mr. Alain St. Ange Minister of Tourism and Hospitality, Zimbabwe Minister of Tourism and Culture, Seychelles
  7. 7. TRAVEL&tourism mONDAY| JANUARY 20, 2014 Incredible India A Charismatic Destination Are you bored of your tedious life? It has been an extended point and you have not spent excellent and quality time with your acquaintances and family? Are you planning to take a break from your hectic schedule? If yes is your answer, then do think about traveling to a charismatic destination called Incredible India this vacation. You’re in Goa when you’re wiggling your toes in warm white sand and gazing at the clear turquoise colored sea enjoying the uniqueness of the area. Goa is at its best for nature lovers and is a multifaceted jewel in the crown of India topped with the best beaches in India. Stretch your arms and experience the renowned and attractive beaches, eye-catching places of worship and striking world heritage architecture. It is GOA: Queen of the Beaches Mesmerizing beach in Goa India’s smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. The tourism of Goa is honoured as the Best Valued Destination by Lonely Planet Magazine, India due to its exceptional charm. Ask any one which is the famous beach destination in India? Without any qualms the answer is going to be Goa. Beaches in Goa are most recognized all over the world. Several national and international travelers have termed Goa as the “Indian Caribbean”. The hip and lively nightlife of this place makes it prominent worldwide as a result visitors from different parts of the world visit calangute beach to take pleasure from the nightlife here. The beautiful beach offers an opportunity to have a good time by enjoying water sports like surfing, water skiing, parasailing and many more. Calangute Beach HIMACHAL PRADESH: HOME OF SNOW Himachal Pradesh opens up a world of indispensable beauty that has always attracted tourists from different corners of the world. The most beguiling sight here is the snow covered mountains, meadows, dense green forests and deep-down valleys. The exotic valleys, green hill slopes, snow clad mountains, beautiful streams and lush greenery daunted with Sagon, Oak, Deodar, etc, has a lot to explore. Shimla is the capital  India is usually dubbed as Incredible India for the reason that it has one of the oldest civilizations in the world. On this ground, we can easily say that India has such a vast culture. If someone wants to have a holiday full of incredible experiences than India is the perfect place to visit. The variant geography, prosperous culture, inimitable traditions, architectural marvels and raw wildlife are some of its astonishing features that create a center of attention for tourists. The country with its amazing diversity deserves the attentions of tourists from all over the world. It is one of the most prefer travel & tourism destinations in Asia. It is a country unlike any other in the world. The street food of each city is eminent for its own matchless taste. Indian cuisine puts up different experience to traveller’s taste buds. Indian culture is one that has spirituality in its ancestry. People across the world visit India to discover and get used to the art of spirituality and yoga. There are various centres for healing by yoga and teaching yoga. Spirituality can be seen in an assortment of temples across the nation. It is also home to meditation, learning and philosophy. If you too crave to experience exclusive charisma of tourism and holidays in this mesmerizing and fascinating country get ready to treasure pleasant experience of India travel and tourism. India has a profusion of diverse destinations in its kitty. The beautiful snowy weather city and one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. Ladakh is one of those places that can make an ordinary photographer feel like a professional because of the beautiful scenic view. Trekking and motor biking in Ladakh gives the best experience to adventure lovers. Another stunning place to discover is Manali with breath taking landscape. Journey to Himachal Pradesh makes you experience the true joy of holidaying in the lap of Mother Nature. Dharamshala is blessed with picturesque natural beauty covered with oak, deodar, pine and lush greenery, and has everything for a perfect holiday. It is full of life and yet peaceful. It has a number of exciting places to visit varying from temples to churches, monasteries to museums and ancient towns to places of natural beauty. Dharamshala - Queen of the Hills 07 FACT FILE GOA Best Time to Visit: Mid-November to Mid-February Nearby places to shop: Norm Hyper Market, Mackies Flea Market, Ojemine, Bebel, Purple Jungle Nearest Connectivity Airport: Dabolim Airport Bus Stand: Frequent state buses go to and from other parts of Goa, but if you’re traveling a longer distance, you need to change buses Railway Station: Thivim Train Station HIMACHAL PRADESH Best Time to Visit: Mid May to Mid October Nearby places to shop: For local handicrafts visit Kotwali Bazar, Tibetan handicrafts and carpets are available at Mcleodganj Nearest Connectivity Airport: Gaggal Airport, 12-14 kms from Kangra town Bus Stand: Pathankot is the nearest broad gauge railway terminal Railway Station: Direct buses are available from Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu, Shimla, Chamba, Manali etc. One can drive from Delhi via Chandigarh, Kiratpur, Bilaspur and it’s an 8-hours journey. 
  8. 8. 08 TALKINGTECHNOLOGY 22nd Convergence India 2014 MONDAY| JANUARY 20, 2014 South Asia’s Largest ICT Expo to be held in New Delhi on 21-23 January, 2014 NEW DELHI: Exhibitions India, credited for playing an integral role in catalyzing the Indian Information and Communications environment, brings the 22nd edition of ‘Convergence India 2014’ to Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on 21 - 23 January 2014. Themed as ‘Connecting India’, South Asia’s largest ICT forum will offer a range of conferences and an exhibition focusing on newage technologies and business solutions. The forthcoming international expo, supported by the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology and the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, will facilitate the synergy between the knowledge experts, industry executives and stakeholders by bringing them on one platform. Mr. Prem Behl, Chairman, Exhibition India Group says, “Convergence is no longer about voice, data and image being driven down the same pipe. Convergence is about changing people’s lives, the way we live, communicate, are entertained and conduct our businesses, etc. This phenomena enables businesses to communicate and grow, enhances buying and selling opportunities, leads to economic development, and the upliftment of the weaker sections of society. Education, health, governance and other social objectives will be met through the convergence of technologies and ideas, which is the future”. Highlighting the convergence of technologies will be 300 plus exhibitors from 21 countries. During the three day event, more than 15,000 senior ICT professionals will showcase, network, brainstorm and exchange new ideas. The ICT industry’s blue-chip companies will be present, including UTStarcom, Exset, HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd, Logic Eastern, Pace Micro Technology Plc, RGB Networks, Phicomm, Verimatrix, and many more. The international exhibition and conference will feature broadband networks, data communications, M2M applications, E-governance, digital homes etc. A top quality thoughtleadership Conference featuring visionary keynotes and panel discussions on the topics such as “Telecom Growth in India”, “Next Generation Television”, “Mobile Payments”, “Cloud Computing”, etc. One of the key highlights of the exhibition last year was the, Aegis Graham Bell Awards Jury round in association with the Aegis School of Business, which will once again return to honor the best innovations in the field of TIME ((Telecom, Internet, Media and Edutainment). But don’t think that you have seen it all before, Convergence India is always bringing in new and exciting ideas to the fore. Coming up for the first time in 2014 are1st Telecom Summit 2014 on “Home Grown Technologies and Skills”, supported by Government of India (DoT & DeitY), which is jointly organized by EIG, Telecom Centers of Excellence (TCOE) India and Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC). First of its kind “Afro-Asian Media Summit” which is a collaboration between Southern African Broadcasting Association (SABA) & EIG, which will focus on emerging markets across the Asian and African stretch that are poised for a digital transformation in a converged era. As Mr. SJ Singh, Vice President, Exhibitions India Group, says “Today India stands amidst the process of transmogrification, where technology has completely changed the dynamics of how we think, communicate, learn and work. You will witness the convergence of broadcast technology with telecom, IT, and digital media platforms and their impact on our daily lives”. Exhibitions India Group (EIG) is a trade promotion organization creating opportunities for investments, joint ventures and technology transfers. EIG is an interface between businesses, government, academia, society, media, etc. and is amongst the few trade fair and conference organizers in India with ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certification. EIG has been in existence since 1987 and comprises of several strategic business units. EIG is committed to providing satisfaction to its customers by organizing focused international quality trade shows through exceptional services, employee involvement, market intelligence and continual improvement. For more information, visit Block your calender now.
  9. 9. 09 TRYSOMETHINGNEW mONDAY| JANUARY 20, 2014 upcoming A Person is pronounced great when he can face a difficult situation with happiness and laughter. Indian Cuisine Corn Samosa - A delicious snack to compliment your evening tea 1. Mix salt and maida flour together properly and then filter it. 2. Add 1 tsp of oil in the batter and stir well. 3. Shape it into a smooth soft dough using water. 4. Cover the dough and let it rest for about 20 minutes. 5. In a frying pan, heat ½ tbsp oil and roast gram flour until it turns light brown. 6. Remove pan from the flame and keep aside. 7. Again heat half tbsp of oil and roast corn seeds, ginger, aniseeds, chili, salt, broiled gram flour, coriander, garam masala, pepper and cumin powder. Directions Ingredients »» Garam masala powder :-2 tsp. »» Gram flour:-1 tsp. »» Coriander leaves (chopped):-2 tbsp. »» Salt :-To taste »» Potato :-1 »» Fresh corn seeds (boiled and partially crushed):-1 cup »» All-purpose flour :-1-1/2 cup »» Green chili (chopped):-1 »» Oil:-2 tbsp. »» Aniseeds :-¼ tsp. »» Ginger (chopped):-1tsp. »» Cumin seeds powder :-½ tsp. »» Black pepper powder :-1 tsp. Tools required »» Spatula »» Medium bowl »» Frying pan Know More About Africa What are the two words on the official Coat of Arms of Ghana? • Freedom and Justice Whatever you put in your pan for dinner tonight, make sure you add a few squeezes of this: lemon juice. A new study shows that marinating meats in lemon juice - or vinegar - can help greatly reduce the production of harmful compounds linked to aging and chronic disease. Situated in West Africa, Guinea-Bissau borders the North Atlantic Ocean, between which two countries? • Guinea and Senegal On which body of water does Guinea-Bissau have its only coastline? • Atlantic Ocean 8. Roast for about 2-3 min and then let it get cool. 9. Prepare medium sized chapattis from the prepared dough and cut it in two equal half semi circles. 10. Shape the half shaped chapatti into hollow cone and stuff the filling prepared. 11. Give a proper finishing by closing the sides gently using water and deep fry it in hot oil till the color changes to light brown. 12. Delicious corn samosas are ready to serve. Serve hot with chili sauce or tomato ketchup or green chutney. Serving Suggestions What does “Liberia” means? • Land of the free in Mozambique? • Zambezi Named after a fish, which is the longest river in Liberia? • Cavalla River What are the northern mountains of Niger called? • Air Mountains Before Madagascar became an island, it was still attached to a subcontinent. What is the name of the subcontinent? • Indian subcontinent Which is Sierra Leone’s largest island? • Sherbro Island Which of Africa’s major rivers drains into the Indian Ocean picture of the week From which language does the name “Sierra Leone” originate? • Portguese Handy French Hi! How are you? Bonjour! Comment ça va? What is your name? Comment vous appelez vous? Where are you from? D’où venez-vous? Are you busy/free? Est-ce que vous êtes occupé/libre? When can we meet? Quand peut-on se rencontrer? Name of Embassy: Embassy of Angola Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Manuel Eduardo Bravo Address: 5, Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057 Telephone: 26146195 / 26146197 The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senegal, Mr. Mankeur Ndiaye meeting the Union Minister for Commerce & Industry, India, Shri Anand Sharma, in New Delhi on January 16, 2014  Flag Name Capital Currency Official language Algeria Algiers Dinar Arabic Angola Luanda Angolar Portuguese Benin Porto-Novo (official) CFA franc Cotonou (seat of government) French Botswana Gaborone Pula English, Setswana African Embassies and High Commissions in india Name of Embassy: Embassy of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Echarif Mohammed Hacene Address: 2/2, Shanti Niketan, New Delhi-110 021 Telephone: 24117585 / 24118586 / 24117588 Fax: 24117590 Name of Embassy: Embassy of the Republic of Benin Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Andre SANRA Address: K-26, Jangpura, New Delhi - 110014 Telephone: 43074470, Fax: 4307 4472 Name of Embassy: High Commission of Botswana Ambassador: H.E. Ms. Lesego Ethel Motsumi Address: F 8/3, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110057 Telephone: +91-11-46537000, Fax: +91-11-46036191 Food & Grocery Forum India Food & Grocery Forum India is one of the largest food and beverage sector trade shows in India. The event serves as a convenient channel for business interaction among noted corporate stakeholders and decision makers who operate in this sector. The event is hosted at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC). Date: 23 - 24 January 2014 Country: India Venue: Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Mumbai, India IBEX INDIA IBEX INDIA is a three day business exhibition cum conference on the sector of banking technology, equipment and services, scheduled to be hosted in the city of Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Date: 23 - 25 January 2014 Country: India Venue: Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, India Bangalore Fashion Week The exhibitors tend to showcase new and attractive designer apparels, jewelry and other fashion accessories which are sure to draw the attention of the global attendees coming in this show. Date: 23 - 26 January 2014 Country: India Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bangalore, India Agrovision Agro Vision is based completely on the development and growth of the agricultural sector. Being held at Nagpur, India, the show will highlight the scope where the Indian agricultural sector can achieve new height of success. Date: 24 - 27 January 2014 Country: India Venue: Reshim Bagh Ground, Nagpur, India Curtain Raiser: Incredible India Golf Tourism Summit-IGTS FICCI in partnership with Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and India Golf Tourism Association would organize the first ever Incredible India Golf Tourism Summit at New Delhi 8-10 October 2014. The Summit would be for 2 days, culminating in an Incredible India Golf Tourism Award and Incredible India Golf Tournament. Date: 27th January, 2014 Country: India Venue: Conference Room, 2nd Floor, FICCI, Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi, India Chemical Expo Chemical Expo is an event that aims to promote the 16 GIDC industries estate and 8 Special Economic Zones of the Bharuch District. The district is the largest chemical investment zone of the world and the show caters to meet the needs and demands of the area. Date: 25 - 28 January 2014 Country: India Venue: D.A. Anandpura Sports Complex, Ankleshwar, India
  10. 10. 10 THEFASHIONISTAS MONDAY| JANUARY 20, 2014 Ghana got its ‘Perfect Gentleman’ Africa Fashion week London (AFWL), a huge African event providing an eminent, indispensible platform to the renowned and booming fashion designers across the continent, is yet again ready to leave its audience spellbound in the charismatic aura of African designs. This fashion oriented event targets at celebrating the work of African and African enthused designers in UK and worldwide. The first edition of Africa Fashion Week  Newly crowned Miss Angola 2014 Ms. Zuleica Wilson kicked off on August 5 and 6, 2011 that came off at the Gibson Hall, London while attracting an audience of 4700 audience having 54 designers to showcase their work. This upcoming year, 2014 Africa Fashion Week is yet to mark its presence in the fashion industry globally with the third edition of the week which will be held at the Old Truman Brewery from 7th August to 9th August, 2014; sponsored by Mizani, New African Woman, etc. Angola’s Most Beautiful Women!! December, the month of carols added a little more flavour in the celebrations of Angolans when Belas Conference Centre hosted the Miss Angola 2014 ceremony. Miss Angola 2014 was the event that witnessed around 1000 audience attending the ceremony of electing the most beautiful woman of Angola. The ceremony is said to be observed by Angolans and the world while 19 contestants represented the Angolan provinces and the Angolan community around the globe like Namibia and the United States of America. Zuleica Wilson, the Angolan beauty won the crown of Miss Angola 2014. According to José Machado, teacher of good manners and etiquette, “every gala has similar and distinct aspects, but the will of choosing an Angolan representative to go overseas (for Miss Universe pageant) is always the same.” Nana Yaw Amponsah the winner of Male Icon Ghana pageant African fashion just got a new definition! South Africa became the spectator for the magnificent extravaganza- Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa which came off at City Hall, Tshwane, Pretoria; bringing new life and aura to the name of fashion in the continent. The four day event was impressive enough to bring together about 30 Africa’s optimum designers under one venue and roof. The first day of the fashion featured a private spring/summer collection show delineated as ‘From Behind The Veil’. The collection was the masterpiece of Gavin Rajah, featuring 29 models; the collection was a blend of grey, black and white fabrics. Gavin rajah asserted that designs are inspired by the strength and power of female characters that have ruled from behind veils. ‘Amaze Africa’, a unique exhibition by Samsung added flavour to the event with its 14 leading fashion and accessory designers from the continent. Including Italy-based Ghanain designer Nana Brenu teamed up with Uganda/ Kenyan designer Adele Dejak and many other designers’ team. The following days of the astounding fashion week were also something to wait-and-enjoy for the fashion loving audience with four different shows that kicked off at the City Hall presenting six designers of Africa such as South African designer Marianne Fassler and Sheria Mgowi from Tanzania. The shows truly stole the night with their trendy, innovative pieces of art. ‘Painted, Patched and Patterned’ was the show in which Marianne Fassler showcased her seasonal clothes for   Africa Fashion Week ready to mesmerize  Models from past Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) In Accra the third edition of the Male Icon Ghana pageant kicked off enormously at the exhibition hall of the National Theatre themed, ‘The search for the perfect gentleman’. The Male Icon Ghana ceremony focuses on strengthening young men and introducing them to the world of possibilities and goals for nurturing and grooming selected intelligent youth with the desire to excel in life. Nana Yaw Amponsah, a 24 year old freelance journalist and a graduate from Jayee University College, the young talented and ambitious man chaired the throne with his aura and optimistic vision towards life. Julius Caesar, a nutritionist with the Ghana Health Service marked the third position together with Anthony Arthur, a graduate of University of Professional Studies ranking second. Additionally, the four round competition also had special prizes were also awarded such as Male Photogenic (Jeffrey Nortey), Male Personality (Anthony Arthur), Male eloquence and talent (Raphael Nketia) and Male Discipline (Frank Asah). Victorious Nana Yaw walked away proudly with social responsibilities project under the supervision of the head of State Award Scheme Ghana together with competing for Mr. Ecowas pageant with a year’s supply of official clothing from Woodlin. The talent search round asked all contestants to give a presentation on a social issue of their choice, talent segment, a cover boy fashion show that allowed the jury to shortlist six contestants who further fronted the compulsory. The impressive event was sponsored by Harlem World Entertainment with funding from Xfm95.1, Woodin, Head of State Award Scheme, Sign Language, She Energy Drink, Good Seed Travel & Tour, and many more. The elegant walk and the display of designer’s piece at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week the global traveller. Not to mention, Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Africa got its true colours with innovative artworks of various designers from across the continent like Mustafa Hassanali, Murade, Bongiwe Walaza, Thula Sindi, Soucha and Taibo Bacar. The African fashion is the new talk of the fashion town with its designers putting their best work forward globally.
  11. 11. Good Show by Rugby Players in 2013 SPORTS2WATCH mONDAY| JANUARY 20, 2014 South Africa: The year 2013 was good one for South Africa. With the country’s men and women shined at the world stage accomplished the global rankings alongside the national rugby team and football marking their presence universally. Orlando Pirated also made to the headlines when they made an entry to the final race of the African Champions League. Pirates on the way defeated 2009 and 2010 champions TP Mazembe of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the second round and 2011 champions Esperance de Tunis in the semi-finals. Worth mentioning, Kaizer Chiefs, the most popular team in South Africa and Pirates great rivals, won the Premier Soccer League title for the first time since 2004/05, while Chiefs and Bafana Bafana captain Itumeleng Khune won five awards at the South African Football Awards gala and was also delineated as the South African Sports Star of the Year after a public vote. The list of spots achievements keeps on getting longer and longer with new grounds being explored by the athletes. The year 2013 has been very positive for the Springboks with the unbowed tour of the northern hemisphere winning over Six Nation’s champions Wales, France and Scotland including the record Nigeria: The football-crazy continent, Africa, truly just needs an opportune time to celebrate the sport. With the starting of the New Year 2014, the world football governing body began a competition to crown the best, jawdropping gaols from numerous African football matches from different African nations. The Nigeria’s Sunday Mba’s CAF Africa Cup of Nations- golden goal brought victory to the nation after 17 years. FIFA selected the winning goal as the best of 13 momentous occasions that defines the year, 2013. Also, the world football governing body appraised the goal as one of the enduring moment of 2013 on their website. The nation’s winning strike brought gratification and joy to the entire population. Undeterred by the best efforts of debutant finalistsBurkina Faso, Mba’s defined volley tapped the ball over his opponents head and demonstrated to be an adequate goal to seize the African crown. Rugby team of South Africa  The Golden Goal of 2013  Sunday Mba’s after his winning goal at AFCON New Basketball President Bandie defeated his closed rival by just 5 votes Tanzania: Tanzania Basketball Federation (TBF) has selected his new President, John Bandie. After observing the body’s general elections in Dodoma, the results were announced. Bandie received 24 votes to beat his closest rival and the then Vice-President Phares Magesa. He collected 19 votes. Bandie has started his term immediately and is linked with Hamis Jafari and veteran basketball player and Coach Saleh Zonga as the VicePresident and Secretary General respectively. Jafari, who was unchallenged throughout the election, had in his pouch 39 votes out of 43, while Zonga beat fellow candidate and former Deputy Secretary General, Michael Maluwe, by a landslide, winning 29 votes against 13. The beautiful lady Amina Ahmed was the only contender for the treasurer post and won all 43 votes. Others voted in for several commission posts include Manase Zablon, Anjela Bondo, Michael Mwita, Patrick Mapete and Aziz Mtogole. The general election had been tied by remonstrance, but the government through the National Sports Council (NSC) brushed aside it and gave thumbs up to the Tanzania Basketball Federation to vote in new leaders. setting win of 73-13 over Argentina in Soweto. The cherry on the cake for Springboks was its former coach receiving the International Rugby Board’s Vernon Pugh Award for Distinguished Service in November at the IRB World Rugby Conference and Exhibition in Dublin, Ireland. Chad le Clos also added to the celebration for the year, winning World Championship gold medals in the 100 and 200 metres butterfly in Barcelona along with Cameron van der Burgh winning gold in the 50 metres breaststroke. Louis Meintjies also won a silver medal in the under-23 category at the UCI Road Race World Championships in Florence, Italy. Not to mention, the wheelchair tennis player Lucas Sithole won the British Open title and then on for trophy at the US Open. And, last but not the least; Giniel de Villiers received the South African Motor Sportsman of the Year title. 11 Increased Govt Budget for sports in 2014 Nigeria: The New Year has come up with a new ray of hope for the African nation’s sports status, the Federal Government has proposed before the members of National Assembly by the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo - Iweala, to spend N5.546 billion on the nation’s sports sector in 2014. The government proposed budget would dedicate N4.117 billion for total recurrent and N1.428 billion would be spent on total capital. The budget was proposed by Okonjo- Iweala on behalf of President Goodluck Jonathan, propositioning N800 million from the total amount for the rehabilitation/repairs of sporting facilities and further N628.099 million set aside for the construction/ provision of sporting facilities. Commitments are being made that if the Appropriation Bill is passed, the commission will devote N1.43 billion on six new projects, counting the maintenance of six federal stadia. Worth mentioning, the President wants a legislature to commend N700 million for the maintenance of six federal stadia, N100 million for completion of grand- stands with fenced natural football pitches in all the six geo-political zones, N128.099 million for the completion of mini-sports centres in all the six zones together with N200 million being spent for the provision of sports equipment, N200 million for the construction of indoor sports complex and basketball court at Akpegede, Otukpo and N100 million for the conservation of high performance centre. The National Assembly is also said to spend N37.845 million on office stationaries/computer consumables, N159.549 million on the up keeping of office/IT equipment, N22 million on consulting and professional services, N21.605 million on fuel and lubricants, N10.400 million on publicity and advertisements, N4.953 million on postages and courier services, N6.581 million on refreshment and meals, N2.156 million on subscription to professional bodies. The Federal Government has also introduced some more proposals in the Assembly such as N100.612 million on travels and transport, N5.875 million on the printing of non-security documents, N25.897 million on uniforms and other clothing, N6.084 million on foodstuff/catering materials supplies, N6.203 million on telephone charges, N19.289 million on electric charges and last but not the least, N4.629 million on water rates with others.
  12. 12. 12 ENCOUNTER WITH EDITOR MONDAY| JANUARY 20, 2014 The 22nd Convergence India, South Asia’s largest international exhibition & conference is all set to shine once again in the magical world of ICT. The Chairman of Exhibitions India Group, Mr. Prem Behl spoke to Kanchi Batra, Sub-Editor, IAT and highlighted the endeavors of Exhibitions India Group to make available an international platform for industries for the betterment of humanity. Mr. Prem Behl, Chairman, Exhibitions India Group The 22nd Convergence India 2014 is a potent platform for ICT industry What are the major pillars on which Exhibitions India Group has built its growth story? The Exhibitions India Group (EIG) is a trade promotion organization, creating opportunities for investments, joint ventures and technology transfers using the platform of international exhibitions and conferences. We are amongst the few trade fair and conference organizers in India with ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 Certification. The group is also a member of UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibitions Industry) and IAEE (The International Association of Events & Exhibitions). There are three pillars on which we have built our growth story: • Our Philosophy • Research • Our Divisions Exhibitions India Group, as we know, is a groundbreaker in organizing international exhibitions and conferences, which is now coming up with the 1st Afro-Asian Media Summit 2014. What is your vision behind this effort to bring Africa and Asia at one platform? The emerging markets across Asia and Africa are poised for a digital transformation in a converged era. With seventy sovereign nations, more than two billion people, three hundred million television screens, another hundred million screens of multiple dimensions, the world of co-operation and opportunity for governments, businesses, and consumers seems infinite. The first step is to steer this opportunity into a meaningful dialogue, consequently the Southern African Broadcasting Association(SABA) & the Exhibitions India Group are organizing the ‘1st Afro-Asian Media Summit’in New Delhi on 23rd January 2014, and what better place to host this unique summit than South Asia’s largest international ICT event, 22nd Convergence India Expo, which will be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, from 21-23 January 2014. Brief us about the participants of this conference. What future aspects you are anticipating from this event? The Afro-Asian Media Summit is the brainchild of industry stalwarts from two continents. Mr. Albertus Aochamub (President, SABA), Mr. Rahul Nehra (Co-founder Afro-Asian Media Summit), Mr. Antoine Onezime (Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation), Mr. George Twumasi (CEO, African Broadcast Network), Mr. Rajiv Mishra (CEO, Loksabha TV), and myself, are the founding members and the driving force behind this initiative. Industry icons like Mrs. Anuradha Prasad (Managing Director, BAG Films), Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani (Film Producer), Mr. Senthil Kumar (Co-Founder, Real Image), Dr. Benson Tembo (Malawi Broadcasting Corporation), Mr. Clement Mshana (Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation) have blessed this endeavour with their kind association. Technology has evolved and transformed our lives and society. How has it contributed to your organization? We pioneered South Asia’s largest international ICT event ‘The Convergence India Expo,’ to address the many facets of the rapidly evolving ICT industry. The 22ndConvergence India 2014 is aptly themed ‘Connecting India,’ to bring together, under one roof, the best minds in the ICT ecosystem to create an interactive platform for companies to showcase their technical prowess, and tap into new business opportunities for continued growth of the ICT industry and its various stakeholders. Your agenda behind targeting the media industry for the summit? The 22nd Convergence India 2014 exhibition and conference is a potent platform for the ICT industry. The media itself is a credible medium for covering and disseminating key findings from this business event. The media supports our activity by making information available to people, nationally and globally, thereby creating awareness and spreading knowledge. The core objective behind conferences such as this is to address issues and to find solutions for the industry, and, more importantly, for information to be shared for the overall cultural and economic progress of the nation. Mr. Behl, you are a renowned leader having notable association with renowned companies. After experiencing professional and managerial rewards, what is the road map you foresee for this group? We will continue to invest in research to identify potential sectors that need to be developed, and will identify opportunities that can be seized and addressed. We also forsee India as an important destination for providing knowledge, expertise, talent, and resources. We believe that EIG will continue to promote and provide an international platform for communities, industries and nations to co-operate, and gain from each other’s expertise for the betterment of humanity. Owner / Publisher / Editor: Mr. Kirit Sobti from 3rd Floor, Plot No. 3, Block PSP-IV, Service Centre Opp. Sector-11 (Extn.), Rohini, Delhi-85 Printed at LIPEE SCAN PVT. LTD. 89 DSIDC SHED Okhala Phase 1, New Delhi 