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Indo Africa Times, a weekly newspaper has its key intend to create extensive awareness amongst people about Africa and India concerning different sectors like economy, politics, culture, fashion, sports and many more. It is our sincere endeavor to bridge the information gap between Africa and India by endowing our readers with updated and latest developments occurring in both the countries.

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Volume 1 issue 9

  1. 1. www.indoafricatimes.com MONDAY | March 10, 2014 Title Code: DELENG18579 • VOL. 1 • NO. 9 • Page 12 • Price `10 pg 08 pg 10 pg 04 REDISCOVER Republic of CONGO pg 02 pg 05 Continued to page 03 Kagame gets Silverbird Award of Distinction Gates reclaims Forbes title of world’s richest billionaire Giving Africa’s Agriculture a boost Kenya gets boost for ITB 2014 as Lupita wins Oscar AT 10TH CII EXIM BANK CONCLAVE ON INDIA-AFRICA PROJECT PARTNERSHIPS 09-11 March 2014, The Taj Hotel, New Delhi WELCOMEAFRICAN DELEGATES TO INDIA अि तिथ देवो भवः
  2. 2. Wassupafrica02 A significant turnaround is now visible for the Air Mauritius as the airline’s austerity and cost saving program has taken root, showing a pretax profit of over 5.2 million euros for the first 9 months of the 2013/14 financial year. For the same corresponding period in 2012/13 the airline was still in the red to the tune of over 3.1 million Air Mauritius airline returns to profitability When Euromoney, one of the world’s leading finance magazines, recently named Rwanda’s first ever Eurobond as “2013 Deal of the Year” only those who failed in the past to observe the Phoenix rise from the ashes could have been truly surprised, that the US$400 million bond issue was not just subscribed to at a fast pace but got such accolades from Europe’s leading financial pundits. Tourism and aviation are two of the main beneficiaries of the funds raised, and the presence of Rwanda’s Minister for Finance Claver Gatete yesterday at the Kigali International Airport, witnessing the arrival of RwandAir’s latest acquisition, a brand new Bombardier Q400 NextGen, showed the continued close interest of the Rwandan government in supporting this venture as a strategic investment. “This is a proud moment,” he said Euromoney names Rwanda’s Eurobond as Deal of the Year 2013 Kagame gets Silverbird Award of Distinction when being introduced to this correspondent by RwandAir’s CEO John Mirenge at the airport’s Pearl Lounge and when he was shown the interior of the new 67-seater, dual-class aircraft he was visible certain that it was money well spent and that the airline could be sure of the government’s continued support. 350 million overall of the Eurobond funds are in fact being spent on both RwandAir and the ongoing construction of the Kigali International Convention Centre, and the adjoining 5 star hotel while the balance will be invested in a new hydro-electric power plant to address the sharp growth in electricity connections and consumption by newly established industries, the business sector at large and by domestic consumers. While questions have been asked if Kigali does need another 5 star hotel and a large convention Centre, the answer of many in the country’s tourism industry is a resounding Yes as the sector has in past years grown in leaps and bounds, largely based on the global pull Rwanda has as an A-grade gorilla tracking destination. Visitors to Kigali, the capital city, in fact constantly remark how clean, well-organized and safe the city is, and while traffic jams too are now part of daily life, drivers remain disciplined unlike in other regional capitals, perhaps encouraged by the omnipresence of traffic police at literally every intersection. The signboard at the airport, when leaving the car park that Rwanda is a “corruption-free zone” also leaves an imprint on visitor’s minds, especially as they can see in their encounters with government officials that this is indeed the case. As the country moves towards the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the genocide in early April it is evident that indeed the Phoenix has risen from the ashes and continues to fly high, a place with a bright future and for certain a place to watch in coming years. By Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome, ETN Africa Correspondent Euros. Newly introduced flights to China have yielded more or less instant results while the cutting of other destinations resulted in major savings for the airline. CEO Andre Viljoen was quoted to have said as the figures were presented: “L'objectif central du plan de transformation que nous avions lance il y a deux ans etait de restaurer la profi tabilite de la compagnie. Air Mauritius est donc sur la bonne voie” or roughly translated into English “A key objective of the transformation plan launched two years ago was to return the airline to profitability. Air Mauritius is now on the right track.” The increase in available seats resulted in a rise in passenger numbers by about 4 percent compared to a year ago but also slightly depressed the fleet average load factor from 80.7 percent to 79.2 percent in spite of increased competition which saw Emirates introduce a daily Airbus A380 flight which now operates in addition to a B777 daily frequency. As reported here more recently has Air Mauritius renewed a partnership agreement with Air France/KLM (Air France is an equity partner in Air Mauritius) amid speculation of a potential future link up with global airline alliance SkyTeam. By Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome, ETN Africa Correspondent President Paul Kagame received the prestigious Silver Award of Distinction given in recognition of good service. The President was recognized for his leadership in peace building, reconciliation, development, good governance, promotion of human rights, women empowerment, and advancement of education and communication technology. The award was given during an annual event, the Silverbird Man of the Year, in Lagos, Nigeria, to celebrate the continent’s achievers. The President was represented by Joseph Habineza, Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Nigeria. President Ernest Bia Koroma of Sierra Leone was also honoured for his contributions in the rebuilding of his country. The 2013 Silver Award was organised by Silverbird Group. Rwanda, officially the Republic of Rwanda, is a sovereign state in central and east Africa. Positioned a few degrees south of the Equator, Rwanda is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. New TimesH.E. Mr. Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda  MONDAY | March 10, 2014
  3. 3. Wassupafrica 03 FROM PAGE 01 Biggest solar project in Africa to add 155 megawatts to Ghana's power in 2015 The country would by the middle of next year add 155 megawatts of power to the national grid in a bid to improve Ghana's energy stock. It will be the biggest solar project in Africa when completed. This was disclosed by managers of a solar facility, Mere Power Nzema, at a workshop in Accra, Friday. TheMerePowerNzemawithits parent company in UK, Blue Energy are to begin the construction of the solar plant from September this year. The completion of the project would come as a great relief to Ghanaians especially at a time when the country is going through some energy crisis. Developers of the project are hoping to provide solar power to over 100 thousand homes. Director at Mere Power Nzema, Doug Coleman told Joy Business' George Wiafe they were encouraged to invest in Ghana because of the regulatory environment. "Investing in Ghana is an interesting opportunity primarily because government has shown ready support for the growth of renewable energy. "The put laws and procedures in place to support it. There is an open and transparent regulatory regime which investors can understand and recognise," he said. Blue Energy a UK based renewable company say they are hoping to spend 350 million dollars on the project. According to the company this would be the biggest solar project in Africa. Modern Ghana Raphael Kuuchi IATA's new Vice President for Africa Mr. Raphael Kuuchi has taken up the position as Vice President for Africa with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This followed IATA's announcement of Mr. Kuuchi's appointment last November. He was previously the Director of Commercial, Corporate & Industry Affairs with the African Airlines Association in Nairobi, Kenya. Mr. Kuuchi reports to Hussein Dabbas, Regional Vice President for Africa & the Middle East region and leads a team of 23 air transport professionals located in IATA's four sub-Saharan offices. Mr. Kuuchi will divide his time between those offices in Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos and Dakar. "Air transport in Africa has the potential to transform the economic fortunes of the continent and its citizens. But it also faces fundamental challenges, not least of which is improving safety throughout the region. Connectivity within Africa and with foreign destinations and new markets remains a challenge in light of the regulatory barriers to markets and the caps on foreign investment in African airlines which limits carriers' ability to compete and grow. Similarly, the imposition of taxes and disproportionate charges on air transport are a disincentive to trade and economic growth. IATA, in collaboration with AFRAA, is addressing these issues on behalf of its members and their customers. Raphael, with his considerable experience and expertise in engaging with governments and stakeholders across Africa, will play a leading role in these outreach initiatives," explained Tony Tyler, IATA's Director General and CEO. High on Mr. Kuuchi's agenda is the African Union's implementation of the Abuja Declaration of 2012. "AU member states have committed to the Abuja Declaration with its ambitious, but achievable, goal of a world-class safety record by next year," said Mr. Kuuchi. "Encouraging governments to liberalise the regulatory frameworks that currently restrict growth and connectivity, investment in appropriate infrastructure and the creation of more business-friendly tax regimes are issues critical to Africa's development and which we will be actively pursuing," he added. Mr. Kuuchi is a Ghanaian national. He began his career with Ghana Airways in 1991 before joining AFRAA in 2005. As IATA's new Vice President for Africa, Mr. Kuuchi succeeds Mike Higgins who was reassigned as the Regional Head of Airport, Cargo and Passenger Services for Europe. Eturbo News THE LANDMARK EVENT T he time has come for CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) to celebrate its landmark 10th edition of CII EXIM Bank Conclave on India-Africa Project Partnerships. CII devises this event annually in March. The next one is sched¬uled to take place from 09-11 March 2014. The Partner and Guest Country for this editionareLesothoandRepublicof Congo respectively. The high level delegation coming from Lesotho would be headed by the Rt. Hon. the Prime Minister, Dr. Motsoahae Thomas Thabane and Republic of Congo would be headed by H.E. Mr. Isidore Mvouba, Chief Minister in Charge of Industry. The annual Conclave has worked as a podium for African governments and industries to engross with their Indian counterparts to converse project prospects in Africa. At the last conclave, held in March 2013, the Heads of State and African dignitaries at the Conclave encompassed H.E. Dr. Guy Scott, Vice President, Republic of Zambia; H.E. Mr. Philemon Yang, Prime Minister, Republic of Cameroon; H.E. Mr. Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, Vice President of Uganda; H.E. Mr. Gervais Rufyikiri, 2nd Vice President, Republic of Burundi; H.E. Mr. Daniel Kablan Duncan, Prime Minister of Cote d’Ivoire. The Government of India was represented by Honourable Minister of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Anand Sharma, Minister of State for External Affairs, Mrs. Preneet Kaur and a large number of very senior officials of the Ministries of Commerce and External Affairs. Exim Bank was a key partner and was led by its Chairman Mr. T C Ranganathan and his team. Celebrating its landmark 10th edition, the Conclave has fruitfully been able to build a bridge amid Indian and African business cream of the crop as well senior government officials. The event has grown-up immensely in fame and is amongst the utmost prevalent event concerning Africa and India. With vigorous back up from the Export Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank) initiatives and other GovernmentofIndiainitiatives,the CII Conclave is encouraging on the escalating trade and investment rapport between Africa and India. The Exim Bank of India has played an important role in easing the entry of Indian companies in implementing projects in Africa. The Bank has encouraged the Indian development program in Africa by presenting Lines of Credit (LOCs) at concessional rates to African institutes to upkeep project financing. Words would be less to describe the potential of Africa as a favoured investment destination. This continent is an exhilarating and happening galaxy of opportunities. Over the last decade,considerableadvancement has been made in progression and human develop¬ment. This conveys an intrinsic impetus to the African economy. Indian companies like Kirloskar Brother Limited (KBL), the Tata group, Mahindra and Mahindra, Dr. Reddy's, NIIT have been in Africa for many decades and public sector companies like ONGC Videsh, BHEL, Coal India and various others have made large investments in some African countries. Eminent dignitaries sharing the stage at 9th CII EXIM Bank Conclave  Mr. Syamal Gupta, Chairman, CII Africa Committee; H.E. Mr. Daniel Kablan Duncan, Prime Minister of Ivory Coast; Dr. Guy Scott, Vice President, Republic of Zambia; Mr. Anand Sharma, Minister of Commerce, Industry & Textiles; and H.E. Mr. Philemon Yang, Prime Minister, Republic of Cameroon at inauguration ceremony of 9th CII EXIM Bank Conclave  mONDAY | March 10, 2014
  4. 4. T he Republic of Congo also referred to as Congo- Brazzaville, is a nation situated in Central Africa. It is bordered by Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Angolan exclave of Cabinda. Congo as a whole is sparsely populated, with more than half of its population living in the cities. The most populous city is the capital, Brazzaville, which is positioned in the southeastern corner of the country and is a major inland port on the Congo River. THE THRIVING ECONOMY The economy of the Republic of Congo is a blend of subsistence agriculture, an industrial sector based chiefly on petroleum extraction and support services. Oil is the stronghold of the economy as the Congolese Government banks heavily on the oil industry, which yields roughly 80 percent of its fiscal revenue, and represents approximately 70 percent of the Congo’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Economic reform efforts have been undertaken with the support of international organizations, notably the World Bank and the IMF. The Government has a chance to take benefit of its strong economic position by investing in sectors that will strengthen the country’s investment climate, such as: education, health, electricity, roads, railroads, and telecommunications. Here in attendance are the strong sectors for investment. Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry For the most part, agriculture, which occupies more than one-third of the workforce, is subsistence in nature. Sugarcane and tobacco are major cash crops. Palm kernels, cacao, and coffee are grown in more modest amounts. The agriculture and fishing sectors account for about five percent of the Country’s GDP. The Government has put greater emphasis on these sectors in 2011, having toned up regulations and earmarked a greater proportion of the budget for agriculture programs. The country’s abundant rain forests are the source of timber. Forestry which led Congolese exports before the discovery of oil continues to generate 10% of export earnings. Resources and Power Large reserves of potash (potassium chloride) are found at Tchitondi (Holle), 30 miles (48 km) northeast of Pointe- Noire. Iron ore is found in the south and in the western Sangha basin. Minor deposits of gold and diamonds are located in the Kouilou valley, and there are copper and lead deposits west of Brazzaville. There are also deposits of zinc, tin, uranium, bauxite, and titanium. Forests of softwoods and hardwoods cover much of the country. The rivers and lakes are home tosubstantialfishresources.There are two main dams: Moukoulou, in the South west part of the country and Iamboulou, 150 miles north from Brazzaville. Manufacturing There are a number of companies occupied in manufacturingimportsubstitution products such as footwear, soft drinks, chemicals, cement, and metal-working products. The less significant sectors of the manufacturing industry produce textiles, footwear, cement, and soap. Mining The Republic of Congo’s mining industry is developing swiftly. The Government has been functioning to broaden the horizons of its economy away from oil dependency by developing the mining industry. With the publication of the 2005 Mining Code, Republic of Congo offered international investors and mining companies a flexible and attractive piece of legislation to encourage the development of mining projects. Transportations and Telecommunications A road network that will join Congo’s major cities is in progress and may be completed in 2015. Modern, high quality airports are under construction or completed in most major cities. Two new cement factories, a gas - electric plant, and three hydroelectric projects are currently under construction. And the deep- water port in the economic capital of Pointe Noire received International Ship and PortFacility Security certification in 2011, and thus is eligible to receive and send shipments directly with the United States. Infrastructure Development To prop up foreign investment in 2005, the Republic of Congo commenced development projects to modernize and refurbish its three international airports in Brazzaville, Ollombo, and Pointe- Noire. The Maya Maya International Airport has the capacity to receive more than 10 million passengers a year and has been outfitted with security screeners, a second runway, and a modern terminal. CONGO AT A GLANCE Official Name Republic of Congo Head of State H.E. Mr. Denis SASSOU N’ GUESSO Capital Brazzaville Area 3,42,000 sq km Population 4, 492, 689 (2013 est.) Governement Republic Time Zone WAT/UTC + 1Hour Country Dialling Code +242 Currency Central African Franc (CFA) Major Exports Petroleum, timber, plywood, sugar Cocoa bean, coffee, diamonds Major Imports Capital equipments, Construction materials, Foodstuffs Climate Equatorial and Sub – Equatorial, tropical in extreme south Official Language French Independence Day 15 August, 1960 CountryoftheWeek04 Republic of CONGO Advertiser's Index Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals........................................................ Page 02 Modern Agro Engineering Works .................................................. Page 02 Chadha Power ............................................................................... Page 02 SSP Pvt. Ltd ................................................................................... Page 03 Paranthaman Exporters ................................................................. Page 03 Linc Pen & Plastics Limited ........................................................... Page 04 MKU ............................................................................................... Page 05 ICRISAT .......................................................................................... Page 07 The Times of Africa ........................................................................ Page 07 J.P. Mukherjee & Associates Pvt. Ltd. ............................................ Page 08 Mill India Ltd. .................................................................................. Page 10 Laxmi Publications (P) Ltd.............................................................. Page 11 Radeecal Communications ........................................................... Page 12 Parkash Amusements ................................................................... Page 12 Indian Spinal Injuries Centre ......................................................... Page 12 Rediscover WHY CONGO?? • Stability of Legal Framework • OpennesstoForeignInvestment and Incentives Offered • Conversion and Transfer Policies • Right to Private Ownership and Establishment • Foreign Trade Zones/Free Trade Zones • Good Governance • Corporate Social Responsibility MONDAY | March 10, 2014
  5. 5. S amsung's latest premium device, the Galaxy Grand 2, dubbed 'Larger than Life', has been unveiled in Ghana. It is expected to provide Smartphone lovers the opportunity to use a premium device at an affordable pricing. This device which offers a premium Smartphone experience for users has a uniquely hand crafted leather-like back and a 5.25-inch screen with 16:9 HD ratio. These features take the Samsung Multi Window feature to the next level by maximizing the benefits of the device's large screen, enabling users to simultaneously run one BusinessBuzz 05 Gates reclaims Forbes title of world’s richest billionaire Samsung unveils Galaxy Grand 2 One of the prominent telecom operators in the Middle East and Africa, Etisalat’s broadcasted that Safaricom, Kenya's largest telecommunications operator will join the SmartHub network to magnify its world class global multi-services network. To achieve its objective, Safaricom will use the East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) which is a 5,000-km fibre-optic undersea cable that links Kenya's Mombasa with Etisalat's SmartHub in Fujairah. Ali Amiri, Executive Vice President, Carrier Wholesale, Etisalat expressed, “This announcement reiterates the importance of the UAE and Etisalat as the hub for East Africa internet connectivity. The East African Marine System (TEAM's) cable is an important part of the SmartHub network, providing high speed connectivity for East Africa. We are delighted that Safaricom, is using the integrated capabilities of the Etisalat SmartHub and East African Marine System (TEAM's). We both believe that the development goals of Africa must be supported by greater internet connectivity and joining our SmartHub community is a major step forward. Further, Bob Collymore, Safaricom CEO stated, “The growth of broadband in East Africa is directly related to the recent undersea cable developments. We are delighted to be working with Etisalat to enhance our high quality communication services. Kenya is increasingly the hub for regional telecom services for East Africa and linking of our two hubs is a strategic move that will benefit consumers and corporate customer alike. M icrosoft's founder Gates was propelled to the top spot primarily because of a rally in the software company's stock, said Forbes, which published its annual list of the world's richest billionaires on Monday. Gates is now valued at $76 billion, compared to $67 billion last year, when he was No. 2 on the list. Slim built the bulk of his $72 billion fortune from his controlling interest in telecom company America Movil (AMX) which dominates the landline and mobile phone networks in Mexico. But he lost his four-year status as the world's richest billionaire because shares in his mining company Minera Frisco plunged more than 50% last year in tandem with prices of gold and copper, said Forbes. He is application in two windows. As a complete business companion; the Galaxy Grand 2 comes with Dual SIM support, which allows you to separate work from personal matters no matter where you are. The large screen also offers a great viewing experience when accessing business documents. It also has a 3G internet connectivity which allows fast internet browsing as well as using Social Media apps like Chat On, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp. The Hand Held Manager of Samsung Ghana, Tetteh Akornor said the Galaxy Grand 2, which is the successor to Samsung's popular Galaxy Grand, is powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. It runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS. He noted that the phone has 1.5GB of RAM, an internal memory of 8GB, and also supports external memory capacity of up to 64GB. The Hand Held Manager of Samsung added that the Smartphone has an 8 megapixel rear camera with an LED flash and a 1.9 megapixel front camera. The dual-SIM mobile phone is packed with a 2,600mAh battery which can to offer up to 10 hours of playback and 17 hours of calls. The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is available in White and Black colours he observed. Mr. Tetteh Akornor said the new Galaxy Grand 2 comes with a FREE 2.5GB internet data every month for 3 months from MTN and an unprecedented 24-month warranty on the phone through their convenient and easy-to- access E-warranty platform. He urged everyone especially Samsung customers to endeavor to have the Galaxy Grand 2 experience. Modern Ghana The growth of broadband in East Africa the only the billionaire in the top 10 to have lost money. Gates and Slim are followed by Spanish retail mogul Amancio Ortega, worth $64 billion, Berkshire Hathaway CEO and renowned investor Warren Buffett, at $58.2 billion, and Oracle founder Larry Ellison, $48 billion. The list goes on and on this year, because there are more billionaires than ever, according to Forbes. There are 1,645 billionaires, which is 268 more than the previous year. This is the largest annual increase of billionaires. There were also 42 new women billionaires, a record, for a total of 172. Facebook's COO and author of feminist manifesto “Lean In,” Sheryl Sandberg, joined the billionaire's club for the first time. The richest woman in the world is Christy Walton, a member of WalMart royalty with $36.7 billion. Her wealth got a substantial boost from last year's surge in First Solar (FSLR) stock which she inherited from her husband, John Walton, who died in a crash in 2005, according to Forbes. She occupies the ninth spot on the list, just ahead of another WalMart honcho, Jim Walton. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg made the biggest dollar gain on the list, gaining $15.2 billion from the prior year to reach $28.5 billion, propelled by a Facebook rally. Now he inhabits No. 21 on the list. The closely-watched rich list ran into some drama last year, when Saudi prince Alwaleed Bin Tala Alsaud dropped out of the top 20 ranking of billionaires. The chairman of investment services company Kingdom Holding disputed his No. 26 ranking, saying that he would sever all ties with the “false and inaccurate” Forbes list. The wealth of the Saudi prince edged up this year, to $20.4 billion from $20 billion. But his rank on the list slipped still further, to No. 30. This is because wealth, generally speaking, has been growing for the richest people on the planet. Altogether, the world's billionaires are worth $6.4 trillion, compared to a total of $5.4 trillion the year before, according to Forbes. Modern Ghana Bill Gates: Founder Technology Advisor, Microsoft  mONDAY | March 10, 2014
  6. 6. FRANKLY SPEAKING06 I ndia has been an open country since its independence with her neighbors and friendly foreign ties has been a primacy for it. India as a nation has continuously been concerned to the visions and desires of African peoples and has shown its inclination to play a part in all of its struggles viz. against colonialism, apartheid, poverty and disease. Both these economies are currently on an expedition towards economic liberation and till now founding a new world order. Africa hugging one fifth of the world’s land area, encircling 54 sovereign nations and nourishing a population of about 1.032 billion, has for many decades been the foremost concern of India’s foreign policy. Today, Africa relishes an optimistic trade equilibrium with India. India's total merchandise trade has augmented over three-fold from $252bn in 2006 to $794 in 2012 - both exports and imports have multiplied during this period as per the Export-Import Bank of India (Exim Bank). Exports from Africa are usually raw materials, counting oil and minerals, while exports from India tend to be manufactured and finished goods, including transport equipment, industrial machinery and phar­maceuticals. Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania are the utmost crucial termini for Indian merchandises in Sub-Saharan Africa. The most vital product forging the commercial rapport between Africa and India and, consequently, deserves superior courtesy is Oil. Mining and hydrocarbons are crucial drivers of India’s rendezvous with Africa. Africa’s nuclear energy latent is also pouring India’s curiosity in the region. India is discovering uranium mining prospects in Niger and Namibia. Worth to mention, Africa is an equally imperative spring for India of treasurable metals and gemstones, particularly gold and diamonds. Moreover, India is the world’s leading processor of diamonds, accounting for 85 percent in terms of volume on the total world market. Precisely, Gold outlines India’s economic affairs with South Africa, the latter being the world’s leading supplier of gold. Now revolving the topic, some studies propose that India has executed better than China in terms of hiring local Africans for their commercial ventures. The conversation also widens out to whether India’s commitment is constructive in terms of curing Africa’s historic reliance on Western donors, which tie the hands of African policy-makers. We have a long list of Indian players who are active on the African fields. One of those zones is agribusiness. India has specific ROOTS OF AFRICA-INDIA RELATIONSHIP The most vital product forging the commercial rapport between Africa and India and, consequently, deserves superior courtesy is Oil The economic engagement has been a buoyant one as investments from India to Africa has crossed $50 billion in the last decade, while current trade has crossed $70 billion. India's trade with South Africa has touched $14 billion and investment flows from India have crossed $7 billion.H.E. Mr. Armando Emilio Guebuza President of the Republic of Mozambique Mr. Anand Sharma Minister of Commerce Industry, India acquaintance of a variety of capacities that Africa would gain from tapping into to aid address its food security challenges, counting small-farm mechanization. Indian investment in agriculture also has the potential to directly lift production. Another sector in which Africa could predominantly gain from support with India is in its flourishing ICT sector. Furthermore, India’s Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) programme is a predominantly valuable framework in which ICT skills transfer can take place. The ITEC programme has been under way since 1964, directing on training, specific projects, deputation of Indian experts abroad, study tours and donating of equipment – for example, ITEC has provided 1,350 Ghanaians with training in India. Across the continent, the programme is proving beneficial in a range of areas that have a predominantly encouraging viewpoint in Africa. A programme called The Local Enterprise and Skills Development Programme (LESDEP), is a specialized employment creation programme that seeks to provide the requisite skills, tools and training for the youth which eventually renders them self-employed and self – sufficient. Since its inception, LESDEP has created a staggering number of 2 lakhs direct and indirect jobs with a good number of youth benefiting in diverse ways across Africa from the programme. Information Communication and Technology is another area that could be of definite aid to Africa through online education. India is a world leader in this field, alongside countries like the United States, and the industry is predictable to be worth $1 billion by the end of the decade. In Africa the call for added education and the rapid development in Internet penetration attached with the absence of skilled teachers and training set-up means that the conditions are perfect for large-scale evolution of Internet-based courses. It is domineering that India has a long history of economic bonds with the African continent, which has given rise to the fruition of a noteworthy Indian diaspora, which should be documented in any economic analysis of India- Africa relations. Nevertheless, some experts claim that the significance of the diaspora in outlining economic ties will be partial in the future. In a nutshell, India’s economic partnership with African countries has been vivacious, encompassing beyond trade and investment to technology transfers, knowledge sharing, and skills development. The economic relations should be drew closer on its own terms, and its exclusivity should be documented. By kirit sobti, editor, iat editor@indoafricatimes.com Sonalika International, an established Indian tractor manufacturer with annual export of 6,000 units to Africa, is making its mood to add more wings to its Africa base. The company will be adding two more assembly plants in Africa to build on the three present standing facilities in order to tap the potential of the huge unexploited arable land of Africa. On the operations of the company in Africa Mr. Rajiv Wahi, Senior President- International Business, Sonalika Group Company asserted, “At Sonalika, we are perfectly poised to offer Complete Agriculture Solutions to the African Farmer and play an active role in bringing about a Green Revolution with our extensive product range which is Affordable, Adaptable Appropriate.” The company is enduring operational assembly plants in Cameroon, Nigeria and Algeria. Also, the investment between $5 million and $20 million is estimated to set up any assembly plant depending on the capacity, volume and localization. Wahi further added, Today one of the biggest challenges facing us globally is food security. Africa is one of the prime regions that can offer solutions for global food security. Africa needs 100,000 tractors today. So already there is a deficit of 70,000 tractors in the continent. India is the pioneer in the tractor industry in Africa and is successful, excepted in the continent due to cost and durability factors. He added, Today India has become the world's biggest tractor market. India manufactures about 700,000 tractors every year and globally it is 1.8 million. Hence, India manufactures 35 percent of the global production. Moreover, Sonalika Group started exporting to Africa 11 years ago and is now present in around 30 countries on the continent. What needs to be done in the long-term is to put up agriculture training centers to develop the skills of the people rather than just giving them equipment. Agriculture needs irrigation, better seeds, land consolidation, logistics, storage and agro-processing. But the whole eco- system is missing out there. Alone a tractor cannot bring Green Revolution. The knowledge gap is too huge, Wahi noted.Mr. Wahi highlighted the achievements of the company in Africa asserting, Ninety percent of tractors are based in five countries - South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt in the continent. These countries have more than 20,000 tractors and the rest of the countries have only a couple of hundreds. African Farmers on Sonalika Tractors We have agreed to exploit our mutual complementarities with India in areas of trade and economic cooperation, transportation, railways, mining, coal, agriculture, small and medium enterprises and science and technology. MONDAY | March 10, 2014
  7. 7. TRAVELtourism 07 A TRIBUTE TO A BEAUTIFUL WIFE TAJ MAHAL T he Taj Mahal is extensively well- thought-out as one of the utmost stunning structures ever created. The beautiful marble building in Agra, India, is a tomb, an enduring monument to the love of a husband for his favorite wife. The epitome of Mughal art and the most famous monument in the world, Taj Mahal was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It took 17 years for the monument complex to be completed in 1648. The mausoleum is located on the right bank of the river Yamuna, at the point where it takes a sharp turn. It is the finest example of style that combines elements from Islamic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish and Indian architectural styles. Lovers from across the world, comes to see the monument of love and romance to admire its radiant beauty. The best view of Taj Mahal is said to be under the light of full moon, shimmering like a fairytale castle. As a tribute to a beautiful woman and as a memorial for enduring love, the Taj Mahal exposes its delicacies when one visits it without being in a hurry. The rectangular base of Taj Mahal is in itself emblematic of the different sides from which to view. The dome is made of white marble, but the tomb is set against the plain across the river and it is this background that works its magic of colours that, through their reflection, change the view of the Taj. The colours change at different hours of the day and during different seasons. Like a jewel, the Taj sparkles in moonlight when the semi-precious stones inlaid into the white marble on the main mausoleum catch the glow of the moon. The Taj is pinkish in the morning, milky white in the evening and golden when the moon shines. These variations, they say, depict the different moods of woman. Different people have different views of the Taj Mahal but it would be enough to say that the Taj has a life of its own that leaps out of marble, provided you appreciate that it is a monument of love. As an architectural masterpiece, nothing could be added or subtracted from it. The Taj Mahal remains closed on every Friday!  How to Get There The city of Agra is accessible by bus, train, and (limited) air service and has a wide range of tourist amenities. Access to the Taj Mahal complex is on foot.  When to Visit The Taj Mahal is a year round magnetism and every so often busy, though new ticketing systems have thinned visitors at peak times. Visitors in search of more seclusion might try approaching early or late in the day. One time not to visit this beauty is on Friday, when the Taj Mahal is closed.  How to Visit The tomb’s inner is a prominent space that craves some easygoing exploration. But a good part of any visit to the Taj Mahal will be spent watching at the building from the outside. mONDAY | March 10, 2014
  8. 8. TALKINGTECHNOLOGY08 U PL Limited, one of the biggest Indian Multinational agricultural conglomerates has been in the forefront in pursuing the African opportunity and help build systems that would effectively improve the farming systems and production in Africa. UPL offers comprehensive agri input products and services suitable for a variety of field crops and vegetables. To feed a growing population in a sustainable way, a long-term approach is required that ensures farmers have access to tools and knowledge that make it possible for them to grow more food, bring in the harvest and get it to the market. UPL Group companies pursue the same objective to help farming communities. The UPL Group companies whichincludeUPLCropprotection business, Advanta (Hybrid Seeds), Decco (Post harvest solutions) Tatva are seeking to partner with various stakeholders - internal as well as external to develop a business that is sustainable and culminates in to the overall benefit of the communities where we operates. Advanta’s key crops for Africa are – Corn (Yellow and White), Grain Sorghums (including White Grained Sorghum, Red-Grained Sorghum and Grain Sorghum suitable for breweries), Canola, Sunflower, Forage Sorghums, Millets and Hybrid Rice. • Grain Sorghum: Advanta’s grain sorghum hybrid PAC 501, PAC 537, MR Buster have given a significantly higher yield advantage over the local checks across different African countries including Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Niger, Botswana, Nigeria and Zambia. • Forages: With dedicated research stations working on specialty forage sorghums in Australia, Argentina, US and a new station being set up in Ethiopia; Advanta offers wide range of forage hybrids that improve milk yield of dairy animals significantly. • Oilseeds: We are working with commercial farms and small and marginal farmers for promoting use of new generation of Sunflower and Canola seeds in Africa. The response has been very encouraging giving us leadership position in Canola in South Africa. • Hybrid Rice: Advanta is a one of the leading companies offering high yielding rice hybrids for Africa. Our hybrids tested through WASA have been outperforming local check varieties in Niger, Mali and Mozambique. With 32 product registrations across 7 countries in Africa, we are already present in key markets of Africa. We tested 73 hybrids in 10 countries in 8 key crops of Africa in 2013. Our plan is to take up trials of 110 hybrids in 16 countries across 8 key crops of Africa in 2014. The robust Technology Development process should enable us expanding rapidly across Africa. UPL Crop Protection Agro Formulation Business UPL offers wide range of agricultural chemicals protecting various crops and helping farmers save losses that may occur due to pests and diseases.  INSECTICIDES • Imidacloprid: A Systemic Insecticide for soil, seed and foliar treatment in cereals, cotton, vegetables. • Acephate: An O r g a n o p h o s p h o r u s systemic insecticide with contact and stomach Action. • Lambda Cyhalothrin: A Non- Systemic Insecticide with contact and Stomach Action. • Cypermethrin: A Fast Acting, Contact and stomach Poison insecticide. • Bifentrin: A Contact and stomach poison broad spectrum insecticide effective against broad spectrum foliar pests.  FUNGICIDES: • Mancozeb: ABroadSpectrum protectant Fungicide for use in many agricultural and horticultural crops. • Sulphur: A Unique dry flowable formulation used for controlling downy mildew phomosis, scab and other fungal disease and mite control. • Copper: A Broad Spectrum Fungicide and bactericide which acts by contact and preventive action. • Mancolaxyl: A Ensures double protection through contact and systemic action due to unique combination of Mancozeb 64% and Metalaxyl 8%. • Saaf: A Very effective, Protective and curative fungicide having contact and systemic action containing Mancozeb 63% and Carbendazim 12%.  HERBICIDES • Paraquat: A Non- Selective contact herbicide for all kind of weeds. • 2,4-D: A broad leaf herbicide, commonly used in all the cereal crops. • Glyphosate: A Non-Selective systemic herbicide absorbed by foliage with rapid translocation throughout plant. • Pendimethalin: A Broad Spectrum pre-emergent herbicide. • Clodinafop: A Unique selective post emergence herbicide, very effective against grassy weeds.  FUMIGANTS • Aluminium Phosphide: A Fumigant for storage pests in cereals also used in control of rodents Formulations: Tab 3G, Pallets 0.6G, Bags 34G.  RODENTICIDES • Zinc Phosphide: A Rodenticide used in agricultural and industrial situation, Formulation: Bait  Other Product segments: Seed Treatment products, Biologicals, Post-harvest products, Plant Growth regulators and Nutrients Tatva Global Environment Limited Tatva is Pioneer Company of the UPL Group in the Indian waste management space with many ‘firsts’ to its credit. Tatva is a Leading integrated environmental services company in the country. Key Expertise of Tatva are - Solid Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Management, Waste Water Management and Water Management. Giving Africa’s Agriculture a boost United Phosphorus Limited, Uniphos House, Madhu Park, 11th Road, Chitrakar Dhurandar Marg, Khar (West), Mumbai 400 052 MONDAY | March 10, 2014
  9. 9. TRYSOMETHINGNEW 09 Prepration Method 1. In a non-stick pan, heat ghee and put onions to it. Stir-fry until transparent. 2. Mix green chilies to it and sauté for a minute. 3. Add amchur powder, salt and mashed potatoes. 4. Switch off the heat and keep this mixture aside to cool down. 5. Make rolls from this mixture and keep a little stuffing in the middle of each Ingredients • Spinach leaves :- 30 • Potatoes (boiled and mashed) :- 4 • Onion (chopped) :- 1 • Amchur Powder :- 1-1/2 tsp • Green chilies (chopped) :- 3 • Ghee :- 1 tbsp • Salt:- to taste • Oil to deep fry For making batter • Rice Flour :- ½ Cup • Chili Powder :- ½ tsp • Gram flour :- ½ Cup • Water :- 1 cup • Salt :- ½ tsp Tools required • Non-stick pan • Bowl • Spatula • Serving dish Business Opportunities Show Jaipur Business Opportunities Show Jaipur is a 1 day event being held on 11th March 2014 in Jaipur, India. This event showcases products like furniture services, educational opportunities garments, apparels, jewelry, car wash, salon and spas, cafes, domestic products, career services, beauty and wellness products etc. in the Business Services industry. Date: 11 Mar 2014 Venue: TBA, Jaipur, India PU TECH The Polyurethane Industry is one of the rapidly growing industries in India which has registered double digit growth during the past five years and is expected to double every four years in the coming decade. Polyurethanes cater to a wide variety of market segments ranging from Automotive, Two Wheeler, Railways, Refrigeration, Insulation, Bedding, Comfort Products, Construction to Coatings, Adhesives etc. Date: 12-14 Mar 2014 Venue: India Expo Centre and Mart, Greater Noida, India AgriTalk India AgriTalk India 2014 will be held for four consecutive days at Shastri Maidan in Gujarat. This show will provide opportunity to attendees to learn about innovative marketing strategies in order to increase their market share. Farmers and Agri professionals from all parts of India will attend this event and will showcase their latest products and services associated with agricultural sector. Date: 12-15 Mar 2014 Venue: Shastri Maidan, Rajkot, India Health Fitness Beauty Expo This event showcases products like relaxation products, organic food, beauty services, personal care products, cosmetics, dental care and more etc. in the Cosmetics and Beauty Products, Medical Pharmaceutical industries. Date: 14-16 Mar 2014 Venue: Nizam College Grounds, Hyderabad, India Business Opportunities Show Udaipur This event showcases products like furniture services, educational opportunities garments, apparels, jewelry, car wash, salon and spas, cafes, domestic products, career services, beauty and wellness products etc. in the Business Services industry. Date: 15 Mar 2014 Venue: TBA, Udaipur, India Concrete Show India Concrete Show India is an event that will focus on the concrete industry. It is a perfect platform for the attendees to have a face to face interaction with each other and also helps them to gather huge information through this networking opportunity. The biggest industry players and high profile attendees will grace the event with their presence and will discover the wide range of products, services and technologies. Date: 13-15 Mar 2014 Venue: Bombay Convention Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India upcoming (Spinach Rolls)Indian Cuisine spinach leaf. Now, wrap the leaf around the potato stuffing. Repeat the process for all remaining spinach leaves. 6. In a medium bowl, combine all the ingredients to make a smooth batter. 7. Drop each spinach roll in the prepared batter and then deep-fry in hot oil. Africa is the world’s hottest continent with deserts and drylands covering 60% of land surface area (e.g. Kalahari, Sahara and Namib). When an obstacle comes in your way, stop crying and start trying!!! THOUGHT OF THE WEEK Serving Suggestions Serve hot with ketchup or chutney 1. I would like to come with you. मैं तुमहारे साथ आना चाहं�गा। 2. What is your agenda of meeting? आपकी बैठक का मुदा कया हैं? 3. Do you understand Hindi? कया आप �हंदी समझते है? 4. Please give me your number. कपया मुझे अपना नंबर देंगे | 5. We will contact you soon. हम आपसे जलद ही संपक� करेंगे | It makes a good party snack and this healthy recipe will simply melt in your mouth Handy Hindi FOR HAIR GROWTH ONION Chop an Onion and add it to the shampoo. Let it stand for fifteen days and use the shampoo as usual. Not only does it make the hair growth faster but it also makes the hair look amazingly shining. picture of the week The President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee inaugurating the Annual Innovation Exhibition, organized by the National Innovation Foundation, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, in New Delhi on March 07, 2014  FLAG NAME CAPITAL CURRENCY OFFICIAL LANGUAGE Madagascar Antananarivo Malagasy ariary (MGA) Malagasy, French Malawi Lilongwe Malawian Kwacha English Mali Bamako West African CFA franc French Mauritania Nouakchott Mauritanian Ouguiya Arabic A Shopaholic City Markets like Sarojini Nagar, Cannaught Place, Paalika Bazaar, Rajouri Garden, Kamla Nagar are worth to explore. A Religious City Temples (Birla temple, Lotus temple, Akshar dham) Gurdwaras (Bangla Sahib, Nanak Piao, Seesh Ganj) Churches (Believers Church, Sacred Heart Cathedral Church Mosque (Jama Masjid, Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb) A Fun Loving City You can eat, drink and enjoy dancing on the floor. Dance clubs in Delhi can be found at hotels like The Taj Palace, Maurya Sheraton, Park Hotel, Hyatt Regency and Le Meridien. Nightclubs in the city open till late night A Must Watch City Monuments (Jantar-Mantar, Qutub-Minar, India-Gate) Shopping malls, (City Square, TDI Mall, Shoppers Stop Multiplexes (Fun Cinemas, PVR, WAVE) A Foodie City When you are in Delhi, you just can't miss the food. The streets buzz with activity and are filled with the aroma of food. Popular chains like Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s, and Nirulas being the hot favourites among the citizens of Delhi. A Colorful City Holi, Diwali, Id, Guru Purab or Buddha Purnima; you will find the same energy and enjoyment among people from diverse communities celebrating these festivals. Dilli Dilwalon KiDelhi is the capital of India. In common language we say Dilli Dilwalon Ki which means the people of Delhi always welcome any tourist or visitor with open arms. mONDAY | March 10, 2014
  10. 10. THEFASHIONISTAS10 T he timelines on the social media exploded when Lupita won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in ’12 Years a Slave’. Kenya has in the past featured in Oscar winning movies, shot on location like ‘Out of Africa’ but never before has a Kenyan actress or actor won the film world’s most coveted prize. Struggling as a destination for the past 18 months this momentous occasion will no doubt give a huge confidence boost to the country and the Kenyan team presently en route to promote the country at the world’s largest tourism trade fair, the ITB in Berlin. Many in fact will land in the morning in Europe, connecting to Berlin, and find out that Lupita had indeed won, missing that glorious moment as they were still airborne. ‘I hope our T he forthcoming edition of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg (MBFWJ) is to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Under the theme,” Creative Freedom: Under the Pillars of Fashion, Art and Design’, the event is going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s democracy. The show is said to witness more than 15 catwalk shows, staging of collections from over 34 young and seasoned South African brands. The fashion event is scheduled to be held from March 20 to 22, 2014, the evening would be displaying Autumn/ Winter 2014 women wear collections from the country’s foremost names like Leigh Schubert, Marianne Fassler, Thula Sindi, Stefania Morland and David Tlale. Furthermore, South African labels like Morphe , Abigail Betz and Avant Apparel from Johannesburg; Shana, Selfi and Tart from Cape Town; together The fashion lovers of Kampala, the largest city and capital of Uganda, have got a new address to revise for shopping. African prints, stitched together in tie die, flora, drafts, patterns and urban wear made out of jersey, and other fabrics has been presented during the grand opening of the very-new Bold Shop at Acacia Mall. The shop embracing about 100sqms of space is anticipated to house about twenty two brands. Bold shop will be showcasing works of many designers such as Kwesh fashion house, Gloria Wavamuno, Eguana, Martha Jabo, Definition Africa, Solome Katongole, Claire KTB team will be able to get a big poster of Lupita and use it on the stand for all to see and to ride the high waves of positive publicity we have now received’ said a source on the phone while preparing to fly out of Nairobi later this morning, also enroute to Berlin. In the past it was Olympic and World Champions from the Kenya Athletics team on whose fame and popularity Kenya Tourism could bank but this latest publicity for the country, Lupita and Kenya are now mentioned all over the world in news broadcasts and in the social media time lines, will hopefully give the Kenyan’s in Berlin a second wind as they seek to regain their position as East Africa’s number one destination. By Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome, ETN Africa Correspondent with Irmgard and Tsotetsi KL from Pretoria are anticipated to showcase their latest designs at the show. At an outset, the show will also feature menswear creations from 10 male fashion designers, including the renowned ones like Augustine, Fabiani, Laduma, Ruald Rheeder and Viyella, amongst the emerging talents from the African Fashion International (AFI) Next Generation incubation programme. The event will be jointly organized by African Fashion International (AFI) and Mercedes-Benz in an endeavor to establish Johannesburg as a world-class fashion and shopping destination. Kenya gets boost for ITB 2014 as Lupita wins Oscar Mercedes Benz Fashion Week makes ‘March’ Fashionable for South Africa A new address for shopping in Uganda Tendo fashion house, Qmark, Zanaa, Husi, Qulture, Catherine sons, Kunda, Kona and Namia Couture. Ngyenzi Mugyenyi, one of the three ladies behind the initiative “Bold” asserted that since Bold is about supporting and promoting local talent, there was a need to reach out to a big pool of talent, which they could not do in their old shop at Krsna Mart mall. She quoted that they will keep going upwards and forward in promoting African talent, with the hope that Ugandans will continue to support this talent at all levels as they have from beginning. A Proud Moment for Lupita  MONDAY | March 10, 2014
  11. 11. SPORTS2WATCH 11 South Africa graeme Smith calls time on international career S outh African Graeme Smith, international cricket’s longest-serving captain, sprang a shock as he announced he would retire from all international cricket after the current third Test against Australia at Newlands. The 33-year-old - whose long-time team-mate Jacques Kallis retired from test cricket in December though he wants to remain part of the one day side - had said that he still had things to achieve in international cricket. However, after another batting failure in the present series, he made just five in the first innings on Monday he decided it was time to call it a day and told his team-mates of his decision. “This has been the most difficult decision I have ever had to make in my life.”It's a decision that I have Impressive start for Rayon Sports in V-ball league KBC coach eager to end Espoir’s dominance New league entrants Rayon Sports made an impressive start in the national volleyball league with two wins against Lycee de Nyanza and Christ Roi de Nyanza. Coach Fidele Nyirimana’s team won both matches in straight sets (3-0) played at Lycee de Nyanza courts. In the same pool (four), Kigali basketball club (KBC) over the weekend demonstrated their credentials as league title favourites after registering two wins against UR-College of Arts and Social Sciences and UR-College of Education respectively. Cyrille Karima’s team beat UR- College of Arts and Social Sciences96-48 on Saturday before turning the table over UR-College of Education 104- 48 on Sunday at Kimisagara youth sports centre court. KBC’s Ally Kubwimana scored a game high 27 points and he was ably supported by Pacifique Habyarimana and SankaraUwimana,whocontributed 25 and 24 points respectively. It was the third consecutive win of the new season for KCB, who beat United Generation Basketball club (UGB) 68-52 in the first game on the opening weekend. “We are happy to start the new campaign with three consecutive big wins. Christ Roi de Nyanza beat the hosts 3-0. After the opening weekend of the new season, Nyirimana, who won last season’s title with the National University of Rwanda (currently UR-Huye), said, “We are targeting to win as many matches as possible, which will help us in our bid to win the (league) title.” In Pool One, champions UR-Huye started the defence of their title withtwobacktobacklossesagainst St Joseph and Kirehe 3-0 and 3-1 respectively, while St Joseph saw off Kirehe 3-0. In Pool Two, former league winners APR beat Rusumo High School and debutants Ngororero 3-0 respectively, while RHS beat Ngororero 3-0. New Times We want to be the best team in the league despite using only home- grown players,” said Karima, who also doubles as the national junior team head coach. He added, “KBC”s target is to win the league title. It’s going to be a long and difficult race between now and end of the season but we are ready to wrestle the title awayfromEspoir.”KBCaretheonly local team that has beaten reigning league and playoffs champions Espoir in the last two seasons. They won 61-59 in Game Three of last year’s play-offs finals in November. Meanwhile, Espoir beat archrivals APR 44-36 in a low-scoring game played at Kimisagara with forward Oliveir Shyaka scoring the game high 18 points, while Bienvenue Ngandu and Lionnel Hakizimana added 12 and 8 points respectively for Jean Bahufite’s team. New Times been considering since my ankle surgery in April last year. I have a young family to consider, and I felt that retiring at Newlands would be the best way to end it because I have called this place home since I was 18 years old.” In 38 series of two matches or more he has had 22 series wins and seven losses, with nine drawn. South Africa have not been beaten in a series since Australia beat them in 2008/09 – although they are in danger of defeat in the current third Test in a series which is tied at one-all. His record includes two away series wins against both England and Australia – a feat achieved by no other captain. By his own admission it took time for him to mature as captain after being one of the youngest players in the squad when he was appointed. When he was offered the captaincy his father, Graham, tried to dissuade him, arguing that he would be better qualified for the job when he had gained more experience. Smith, though, had no hesitation in accepting. I had wanted the job since I was 13 and I honestly believed I could do it, he said soon after his appointment. It’s been an incredibly special ride, he said last season on the eve of his 100th test as captain. It hasn’t always been easy. There have been some incredibly tough times. I’ve had to grow to come through those times and to start to enjoysuccessandtofeelcomfortable in the position and in myself. Smith said it had been a privilege to lead his country for so long. Modern Ghana Graeme Smith, South African Cricketer  mONDAY | March 10, 2014
  12. 12. ENCOUNTER WITH EDITOR12 CII-EXIM Bank Conclave is a prolific podium for partnerships between Africa and India. What vision does the chamber hold this year and what initiatives have been taken to make it a success? The annual CII-EXIM Bank Conclave for India-Africa Project Partnership, since its inception in 2005, has served as a credible platform for dialogue and business collaborations between Indian and African enterprises. Over the years, India and the African countries have not only intensified bilateral economic exchanges, but have also worked closely to address major global issues like food security, adoption of clean technology, etc. The success at the recent Bali Ministerial is an outcome of this joint endeavour. Against this backdrop, the upcoming 10th edition of the Conclave will set the India-African deliberations and other engagements in the context of the emerging global economic order, such that India-Africa partnerships assert a greater influence on global economic affairs. To what extent do you believe transparent and effective dialogue between Africa and India will benefit the CII members and in what ways? CII is at the forefront of several initiatives to strengthen India-Africa partnerships and our members have proactively participated in all these initiatives. Many of our members have established their footprint in African economies and are playing a key part in the host country’s industrial growth and socio-economic development. African governments have been extremely welcoming to Indian companies. Hence, I believe this Conclave is an opportunity for Indian business to enter into new partnerships with African government bodies, business chambers and industry, and become the most valued partners to African entities in diverse streams. What has been your personal experience of Africa? As part of the Tata group which has a sizable presence in Africa, I have travelled extensively in the region. Over the last two decades, major countries around the world have been increasing their presence in Africa through investments, trade and other economic activities. But I must state, with a sense of pride, that African societies have demonstrated a strong affinity for Indian engagements. Africa and India have a cultural contiguity, although we are separated by the Indian Ocean. All this has contributed to the solidity of India- Africa partnerships. Africa is also a wonderful place to travel and discover nature’s bounty. I have personally experienced the enchanting beauty of the African landscape. Give an insight on the Guest Country and Partner Country for the 10th edition of the CII Conclave? At every Conclave we have a different Partner Country and a different Guest Country. I am happy to state that this step has yielded great results for businesses on both sides. This year, we have Lesotho as our Partner Country, and Republic of Congo as our Guest Country. India enjoys deep political, diplomatic and economic ties with both countries, but there is enormous scope for accelerating the bilateral economic exchanges. This Conclave will set the tone for greater collaborations between India and Lesotho and Republic of Congo. How would you like international investors (Africans) to see India? India is one of the most stable emerging economies offering unbridled business opportunities to global investors across agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors. Government of India has opened up nearly all our sectors to FDI, and that’s a great opportunity for African investors to establish their presence in the Indian market. Among the attractive sectors for investments, the physical infrastructure sector stands out. The country needs over $1 trillion worth of investments in this area in the next few years. African companies could explore a gamut of investment opportunities in this space. Manufacturing is another area that offers compelling investment opportunities, more so as our Government is extremely focused on accelerating our manufacturing growth. A high-profile delegation comprising political leaders, government representatives have been attending the conclave? What is distinctive this year around? In the 9th edition of the Conclave, nearly 900 delegates from 45 African countries took part in the deliberations and business meetings at the Conclave, and 477 projects worth about $68.37 billion were discussed. This year we expect these numbers to be surpassed by a fair distance. At every Conclave we have tried to bring about significant improvements in the way we conduct the deliberations and business meetings. In a similar vein, this year we will ensure that the Conclave facilitates exchange of technology, knowledge assets and key solutions. Two areas merit special attention – key support for the least developed economies in Africa, and initiatives to boost business and professional opportunities for the youth population. What future blueprint are you having to enhance the presence of the chamber worldwide? CII has 61 counterpart organisations in 31 African countries that facilitate exchange of information between Indian and African Industry. CII also has links with investment promotion agencies in African countries. An apex Chamber of India, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is dedicated to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of India, partnering industry, Government, and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes. In an exclusive interview to THE TIMES OF AFRICA, Mr. Noel N Tata, Chairman, CII Africa Committee articulated his outlook on the upcoming 10th CII EXIM Bank Conclave. Owner / Publisher / Editor: Mr. Kirit Sobti from 3rd Floor, Plot No. 3, Block PSP-IV, Service Centre Opp. Sector-11 (Extn.), Rohini, Delhi-85 Printed at LIPEE SCAN PVT. LTD. 89 DSIDC SHED Okhala Phase 1, New Delhi At every Conclave we have tried to bring about significant improvements Mr. Noel N Tata Chairman, CII Africa Committee  ‘ExplorethemostEmergingmarketintheGlobe’ June 23-25, 2014 Kenyatta International Conference Center,Nairobi,Kenya International Exhibition and Conference FOR MORE DETAILS, PLEASE CONTACT RADEECAL COMMUNICATIONS Ph. +91-79-26401101, 26401102, 26401103 Mobile. +91 9173410748 Email: mktg@radeecal.in; sales@radeecal.in STALL BOOKINGS OPEN www.agritecafrica.com -AgriEcology -AgriculturalBuildingContractors -AgriculturalMachineryEquipment -AgroandFoodProcessing -Aquaculture -Biotechnology -FertilizersChemicals -Floriculture -ForkliftHandlingEquipment -Greenhouses -Precise Agriculture - R D - Renewable Energy - Rural Development - Seeds,Nurseries Plant propogation Materials - Small Ruminants - Software Hardware -Veterinary -Turnkey Projects Knowledge Transfer -Horticulture -IrrigationandWaterTechnologies -LivestockDairyfarming -MarketingExport/ImportServices -OrganicAgriculture -PlantProtection -Plasticulture -PostHarvestTreatment -Poultry EXHIBITORS PROFILE MONDAY | March 10, 2014