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MONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014 Title Code: DELENG18579 • VOL. 1 • NO. 16 • Page 12 • Price `10
pg 10
pg 0...
Mount Kilimanjaro glaciers
nowhere near extinction
Nearly one million tourists visited
South Africa in Dece...
Wassupafrica 03
Indian doctors in Mozambique
to strengthen health service It was learned that the road from the
main gate ...
People & Society
Most Mozambicans
are of Bantu origin. Three
major cities of Mozambique are
Maputo, Beira and Nampula.
BusinessBuzz 05
Nokia has announced the
introduction of the Nokia X
Smartphone onto the Ghanaian
market a after it was lau...
il is one of the potent tools of trade in the
world. The African continent is one of the
world largest oil makers after ...
TRAVELtourism 07
imachal Pradesh Tourism opens up a
world of indispensable beauty that has
always attracted tourists fro...
frica, the world second
largest continent
is brimming with
opportunities and scope of
development in...
	•	1 (10 1/2 ounce) can chicken broth
	•	1 cup rice
	•	1/2 tablespoon butter
	•	1 dash cori...
•	What is your long term career
objectives? –
	To be a professional runway
model for shows like fashion
World Cup 2014: Avram Grant “This
edition is good for African teams”
I'll rule the World again …Joshua
Excellency, you have held several
positions, proudly representing
India in the past years. How is ...
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Volume 1 issue 16


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Indo Africa Times, a weekly newspaper has its key intend to create extensive awareness amongst people about Africa and India concerning different sectors like economy, politics, culture, fashion, sports and many more. It is our sincere endeavor to bridge the information gap between Africa and India by endowing our readers with updated and latest developments occurring in both the countries.

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Volume 1 issue 16

  1. 1. MONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014 Title Code: DELENG18579 • VOL. 1 • NO. 16 • Page 12 • Price `10 pg 10 pg 04 pg 08 pg 02 Continued to page 03 pg 05 The Land of Smiles: MOZAMBIQUE NEED A BOOST IN YOUR CAREER? A perfect combination of Charm and Charity Nadia Buari, Republic of Ghana  A frica is not only limited to business, development and investments, the emerging and shining continent has many more in its kitty. Today, we bring to you the gem of the ‘GOLLYWOOD’, Nadia S. Buari. People always go for the resource treasure the continent has, rarely, anyone would have thought that it can be a home to such beauty with brains. She is delineated as an apt and adventurous actress born to a musician and producer called Alhaji Sidiku and mother a beautician called Hajiba Buari, on November 21, 1982 in Takoradia, Ghana. Nadia marked her presence known in the industry on national television with a TV series- Games People Play in 2005. Nadia has till date done around thirty movies, her major film remembered even today is Mummy’s Daughter along with Beyoncé: The President’s Daughter. She was nominated for Best actress for her TV serial. In 2013, Nadia also got the opportunity to become the Brand Amabassador for an Indian pharmaceuticals manufacturer with high quality products, Tablet India Limited (TIL). Truly, the continent is blessed with not only wealth of resources but also with jewels like Nadia Buari having a beautiful, intelligent, and generous soul. Nadia believes that the secret to her success is self-motivation and passion for arts. The actress is well-known for her credible performance in ‘Mummy’s Daughter’, her first major movie and ‘Beyoncé: The President’s Daughter’. Nonetheless, Nadia is still often called as Beyoncé by her fans. She worked in many movies such as Darkness of Sorrow, Slave of Lust, Hidden Intentions, Beyonce & Rihanna, Tomorrow Must Wait and many more. The actress always had the bug for arts, we can say, as she used participate in school dramas and dance clubs in childhood. Also, she studied Performing Arts at the University of Ghana and graduated with a BFA degree in fine arts. There is a famous quote, “The most talented actors are always the nicest” and this quote has truly been Partnership and leverage is the model for supporting the transformation of Africa The sky is the limit, hard work does pay Kirloskars set up centre to service irrigation systems in Egypt
  2. 2. Wassupafrica02 Mount Kilimanjaro glaciers nowhere near extinction Nearly one million tourists visited South Africa in December 2013, with most of the tourists coming from the SADC region, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) revealed on 15 April 2014. SA Government News Agency reported that a total of 937 792 tourists visited South Africa during December 2013, making it the highest ever recorded number of tourists in the country in any one month. According to Stats SA, this was an increase of 7.6% from the 871 774 tourists recorded in December 2012. Statistician-General Pali Lehohla said that over two-thirds of all tourists to South Africa came from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, followed by those from overseas at 28% and about 2% from other countries on the continent. Tourists from the SADC region mainly came into the country by road, while those from overseas and other African countries came mainly by air. Zimbabwe led the top 10 list of SADC countries’ tourists visiting South Africa at 30.3%, followed by Lesotho at 18.9% and Mozambique at 15.8%. The United Kingdom, the US and Germany were among the 10 leading overseas countries visiting South Africa in December 2013. Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana led the list of the top 10 African countries visiting South Africa. Most of the tourists, who came to the country, were on holiday, while the report also found that most tourists were men, particularly from the overseas region. The majority of tourists were aged between 15 and 64. Statistician-General Pali Lehohla presented the findings of the Tourism and Migration Report for December 2013. The statistics of the report were derived from data routinely collected by immigration officers from the Department of Home Affairs. The data is collected at all the ports of entry/exit of the country. Eturbo News SA tourist numbers break record “Partnership and leverage is the model for supporting the transformation of Africa,” says Donald Kaberuka T he legendary glaciers, one of key tourist’s ecstasy, on Tanzania’s majestic Kilimanjaro Mountain, will not melt anytime soon after all, as it was earlier predicted. America’s renowned climatologist, professor Lonnie Thompson in 2002 projected that the snow on the summit of Africa’s highest mountain would completely disappear between The African Development Bank (AfDB)andAfricaresigneda5-year Memorandum of Understanding in Washington, D.C. on 12 April. Speaking at the ceremony – within a Bank-funded Summit on ‘Creating Opportunity for Africa’ in the margins of the World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings – AfDB President Donald Kaberuka said: “Partnership and leverage is increasingly the model for supporting the transformation of Africa”. “As the official champion of African development, one of our tasks in the Bank is to galvanise others. That is why we nurture partnerships such as these across the public sector, the private sector, and civil society. 2015 and 2020, thanks to global warming. But 12 years down the lane now, local ecologists who have been monitoring the trend say the ice, in fact, remains steady and it is nowhere near extinction. “There are ongoing several studies, but preliminary findings show that the ice is nowhere near melting,” said Mount Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA)’s Ecologist, Imani Kikoti. Mr. Kikoti hints that sustainable rainfalls supply on Mount Kilimanjaro in recent years could be a factor behind the snow resilient. “Much as we agree that the snow has declined over centuries, but we are comfortable that its total melt will not happen in the near future,” he stressed. Sometimes in 2006, KINAPA installed three state-of-the-art automatic weather stations on mountain key areas of Shira 2, Mweka and Kibo huts to collect accurate data on weather trends. Though scientifically, it takes up to 30 years to conclude on whether rainfalls are on increase or otherwise, but Mr. Kikoti says the data are encouraging. Victor Manyanga, a tour guide with Congema tours and safaris with 13 years’ experience to lead tourists to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro says that the glacier is still plenty. “With the current rate of glaciers melting, if any, I don’t see the ice vanishing say in twenty or thirty years to come. For naked eyes you can’t tell if there’s any changes on the ice quantity from what we’ve seen ten years ago” Mr. Manyanga noted. He believes that the massive tree planting around the mount Kilimanjaro could have been mitigated the ripple effects of the global warming. Alarmed by the Prof. Thompson study, way back in 2006, Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete imposed a total ban on tree harvesting in Kilimanjaro region in a move aimed to halt catastrophic environmental degradation, including melting of ice on Mount Kilimanjaro. As a result of the measures, the forest cover on the Mount Kilimanjaro is slowly, but surely becoming thick. Experts say the forests on Kilimanjaro's lower slopes absorb moisture from the cloud hovering near the peak, and in turn nourish flora and fauna below .The loss of snows on the 19,330-foot (5,892-meter) peak, which have existed for about 11,700years,couldhavedisastrous effects on the Tanzanian economy. Eva Mallya, one of KINAPA’s tourism wardens says that Kilimanjaro’s glaciers have fascinated millions of explorers and scientists for centuries, leaving behind multi-million-dollars. Indeed, American tourist, Mr. Kelvin Hurley says ice-capped summit is the most allure for long haul tourists. Acting Chief Executive Secretary for Tanzania Association of tour operators, Sirili Akko cheered over the news, saying it is a sigh of relief for tour operators who were worried. The so-called Roof of Africa yields over Tsh 80billion ($50 million) annually, ahead of Ngorongoro Crater which generates Tsh 53 billion ($33.13 million) and Serengeti National Park which garners Tsh 45 billion ($28.13 million). All these tourism features are located in the Northern Circuit, which generates a large chunk of the $1.88 billion generated from tourism industry per annum. Prof. Thompson verdict stunned millions of people all over the world whose lifetime dreams are to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to see the only permanent ice-capped summit near equator. Described as ‘world’s highest free-standing mountain,’ Mt Kilimanjaro, is located just 200 miles south of the equator, rising more than three miles above the dry plains of northern Tanzania. The Mountain comprises three separate volcanoes. The tallest of the three, Kibo, stretches 19,340 feet above sea level and wears a crown of glaciers. When German geographer Hans Meyer made the first documented ascent of the peak in 1889, the glaciers dominated Kibo’s crest. Today, they cover less than 1 square mile, about a tenth the area they covered in Meyer’s time. Some glaciologists predict they will disappear entirely in the next 10 to 15 years, and Thompson says it could even happen sooner. In 2002, Thompson and 10 of his colleagues published an article in the journal Science. The paper confirmed what many already knew: that Kilimanjaro’s famous cap of glacial ice is shrinking rapidly, with nearly 80 percent having disappeared between 1912 and 2000. What stunned readers, as well as the Tanzanian government, was that the article gave the glaciers an expiration date. Based on six ice cores drilled to bedrock and a comparison of aerial photos of the summit dating back to the early 20th century, Thompson and his colleagues concluded “the disappearance of Kilimanjaro’s ice fields, expected between 2015 and 2020, will be unprecedented for the Holocene.” In other words, not since the birth of the glaciers almost 12 millennia ago have the glaciers been in danger of disappearing — until the 21 century. By Adam Ihucha, Special Etn “This partnership will strengthen the Bank’s capacity to use a community-focused lens while designing its programs and projects”, he added. The AfDB values Africare’s 45-year and 36-country pedigree as the largest and oldest global NGO working exclusively on African development. The two organisations have worked together since 2003. They see special synergies in areas like supporting smallholder farmers in building resilience, and improving yields, incomes and nutrition practices to increase food security. “There are many areas of overlap between ourselves and Africa’s premier development finance institution’, said Darius Mans, President of Africare. ‘For instance, the Bank’s focus on infrastructure can be reinforced by our community consultations and social impact assessments around infrastructure projects.” The Bank and Africare also share extensive experience in developing solutions to the challenge of youth unemployment in Africa, and in operating in countries experiencing fragility. AfDB Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank  MONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014
  3. 3. Wassupafrica 03 Indian doctors in Mozambique to strengthen health service It was learned that the road from the main gate to the rim of Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania is set to be paved, to ease movements of vehicles in particular during the rainy season. The stretch inside the park has been known to be treacherous during heavy rains and the project to tarmac the 6 kilometers up to the rim have been broadly welcomed by safari operators, even though they have to use a detour at present in order to either leave the conservation area or else get into it. A spokesperson for the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority was quoted as having given a price tag of some 2.8 billion Tanzania shillings for the paving of the road which is, while leading to the rim of the crater, also the main route for safari traffic from Arusha to the Serengeti National Park as well as part of the transit route for traffic through the park destined for such places as Musoma on Lake Victoria. The work, according to information received from Arusha, should be completed by June 1 or soon afterwards though that may delay as a result of adverse weather conditions. The source also confirmed that there were no plans to tarmac other sections of this route inside the protected areas and that this particular stretch was selected to improve road safety and ensure that the road remains open year round and through the rainy seasons. Meanwhile, the long-awaited start of construction of the planned highway between Arusha, Tanzania, and Voi in Kenya is now finally due to start in June this year, a source based in Arusha has confirmed. The project worth nearly US$235 million will be largely financed through the African Development Bank, with the two governments of Kenya and Tanzania contributing some US$28 million combined. The road project will, when completed, greatly ease road transport between the port city of Mombasa to Arusha, supporting regional trade but also boosting the flow of tourists who can then visit the attractions of the area without being shaken to bits as is presently the case along the road section between Taveta and Mwatate on the Kenyan side, arguably one of the worst trunk roads anywhere in Kenya. The road links Tsavo East National Park with Tsavo West National Park towards Lake Jipe, the Taita Hills Game Reserve and Lake Chala while on the Tanzanian side the Mkomanzi National Park and the Kilimanjaro National Park will be easier to access, especially as bypasses are planned around the town of Taveta. A stretch from Arusha towards Moshi will be turned into a dual carriage highway covering some 14 kilometers in order to further ease traffic in and out of Arusha towards the Kilimanjaro International Airport. Construction is expected to last approximately 3 years before the entire new highway is complete. By Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome, ETN Africa Correspondent India Africa Connect Tanzania roads and highways get upgrades for better travel H alf a dozen Indian doctors arrived in Mozambique to help national health authorities increase health capacity, Maputo Central Hospital General Director Joao Fumane said. The Indian doctors are in Mozambique as part of a cooperation agreement signed between the government of Mozambique and the Apollo group from India, Xinhua cited the state news agency AIM as saying. "As part of the agreement, doctors from the Apollo group will be able to provide assistance to Mozambican doctors. There will be exchanging of experience and they will come up with new approaches that will allow our doctors to better serve their patients," Fumane said. The five-year renewable agreement between the two entities will also facilitate technology transfer and technical development of Mozambique in the health sector. Mozambican doctors will also have the possibility of benefiting from refreshment trainings and interacting with other professionals in India for one year. "Themainobjectiveistocreate capacity within Mozambique, so that patients can benefit from treatment locally and avoid seeking health care outside," said the head of the group of Indian doctors, Harinder Singh Sidhu. The Maputo Central Hospital is the largest hospital in Mozambique. The ratio of doctors per patient remains low in the southeast African country. India Africa Connect FROM PAGE 01 proved appropriate by Nadia with her act of generosity in the recent past. The 31-year old renowned actress really possesses a ‘Heart of Gold’ as she decided to spend a handsome amount of her earnings on charity. The actress well deserved to be called as a ‘women of substance’ has set an example for others by the novel deed performed by her. Sparing some moments from her busy schedule, the star along with her team departed to Dawenya, a suburb Ada in Ghana to support the surgery bills of a sole breadwinner suffering from glaucoma and for that person it was not less than a dream come true as he would get his sight back with Nadia’s aid. During her mission, Nadia also paid visit at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and presented hospital beds and clothing to the entire children’s ward. And, just the moment when everyone thought it’s the end for the day, the Ghana Screen Queen instantaneously paid medical bills for the emergency surgery of two babies suffering from hydrocephalous and another with a cardio vascular condition. The actress can said to be unpredictable as her journey had much more listed for the day and for Ghanaians to be surprised. In cinematic language, the climax of the day was when Nadia paid a courtesy call to the chief of Nungua, while in town and presented educational materials worth thousands of cedis to the New Life Orphanage and the Jasper Foundation School. This philanthropic work by Nadia yet again got her into headlines as Ghanaian media and people delineated her to be the richest actress, not just by money but by heart indeed. It is always thought that celebrities spend all their earnings on cars, clothes, jewelries and expensive vacations around the world, just to list a few. But, Nadia proved that celebrities’ life has many more things, issues to give a thought to and not just concerned about where next to spend their vacations or what to wear to which event. Undoubtedly, she has proved to be different and sensible lady always wishing to live her life with serenity, simplicity amalgamated with a paragon of virtue. Nadia Buari looks forward to be recognized internationally and would love to act alongside Denzel Washington and Leanardo DiCaprio, Ramsey Noah and Genevieve. She also aspires to be one of the biggest directors/movie makers not only in Ghana but globally as arts flows in her blood and anticipates her first movie to direct should be a love story with a murder mystery full of thrill, twists and turns. In March 2014, Buari got into spotlight as Nollywood’s ‘bad boy’, Jim Iyke proposed her with a six-carat diamond ring. The actress can always be found thanking her father as she asserts that Alhaji Sidiku Buari has influenced her life greatly and made her what she is today, made her respect values and morals bring meaning to nature and life through arts. Nadia says she upholds to principles and believes in God and the saying, “No man can accomplish his mission in life without the permission of God.” With this act of love for her Ghanaians Nadia has won many more millions of hearts and we congratulate her for her great excursion. Nadia Buari wins the Queen’s Choice Award 2012 Glamorous pose by the Ghanaian Actress: Nadia Buari   mONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014
  4. 4. People & Society Most Mozambicans are of Bantu origin. Three major cities of Mozambique are Maputo, Beira and Nampula. Majority of the people who live in the cities are Christian or Muslim. Here the rich can afford luxury houses, Mercedes cars and high- class restaurants. Life in rural areas involves hard work and women do most of it. The mass of Mozambique’s farmers are women. They plant, care for and harvest the crops and also process the food. The staple food is a maize ‘porridge’ that is cooked over a fire and eaten with a vegetable or meat stew. Economy Mozambique’s economy continued to perform well in 2010, growing by an estimated 8.1%. Mozambique benefits from the diversification of its development partners, notably China, Brazil and India. These budding partners complement established donors’ strong focus on social sectors with an interest in infrastructure and agriculture. Mozambique’s economy is today relatively diversified. All sectors make CountryoftheWeek04 Advertiser's Index Modern Agro Engineering Works .................................................. Page 02 Chadha Power ............................................................................... Page 02 SSP Pvt. Ltd ................................................................................... Page 03 NewTech Engineers ....................................................................... Page 05 Linc Pens ....................................................................................... Page 05 Expo Group .................................................................................... Page 07 The Times of Africa ........................................................................ Page 07 Mill India Ltd. .................................................................................. Page 10 Prakash Amusement ...................................................................... Page 10 Paranthaman ................................................................................. Page 10 Laxmi Publications (P) Ltd.............................................................. Page 11 Radeecal Communications ........................................................... Page 12 Indian Spinal Injuries Centre ......................................................... Page 12 MOZAMBIQUE Mozambique Island and Inhaca Island near Maputo. Some of these resorts provide opportunities for divers or snorkelers to explore the excellent underwater sights. Bird watching is also considered as a wonderful way of spending leisure time in Mozambique. Discover Mozambique Whether it is one of your first trip to Mozambique or not, there is no shortage of things to do and see. From history to art to culture to the outdoors, Mozambique attractions are bountiful. Mozambique tourism offers stunning beaches, islands, a World Heritage site, colonial architecture and hospitable people and culture, making it a great place to visit. Wildlife Mozambique has an ecologically wealthy and varied wildlife. The country has 232 species of mammals and 740 species of bird. Mozambique Wildlife remains incomplete if its magnificent bird life is not mentioned. Among 850 species of birds about 30 of them are found only in Mozambique. The country’s natural beauty, wildlife, and historic heritage provide exceptional opportunities for beach holiday tours, walking safaris, cultural travel tourism, eco-tourism and trekking tours. These are incredibly scenic tracts of wilderness, where guided walks and water based activities complement the game drives superbly. the entertainment that can be found in Mozambique. Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique has an energetic nightlife, mainly on weekends. The fashion of music in clubs varies from typical Mozambican rhythms to Western pop music. Cultural Heritage Ibo Island and Ilha de Mozambique are definitely the jewels in Mozambique’s cultural crown. The Makonde in the north are well-known for their ebony sculptures and masks. The Chopi of the south central coast are renowned for their multifaceted musical arrangements and dance. Mozambique enjoys a great range of cultural and linguistic diversity. The carved wooden sculpture and masks of the Makonde people of Northern Mozambique and Tanzania and the complex Chopi orchestral performances, or midogo, are among the best- known artistic traditions. Cuisine Select from a variety of locally caught fish, calamari, crab and some of the finest lobster and prawns in the world. Curries or ‘Caril’ are served hot in the Mozambican style, with ‘Manga Achar’ which is mango chutney. Whatever is the main ingredient of your meal, the likelihood is that it will be cooked using a spicy red- pepper sauce called piri-piri. Other traditional Mozambican dishes to look out for include ‘matapa’, ‘mu-kwane’ and ‘ncima’ or ‘posho’. Sports & Leisure Mozambique displays great efficiency and affinity for games like football and basketball. Since a long time, people of Mozambique showed high interests in diverse Mozambique Sports activities. The most remarkable resorts here are the Bazaruto Archipelago and an important contribution. Agricultural potential is high, particularly in the fertile northern regions, which accounts for the bulk of the country’s agricultural surplus. The main cash crops are sugar, copra, cashew nuts, tea, and tobacco. Investment Opportunities Mozambique is gifted with abundant natural resources that include cashew nuts, mineral sands, natural gas, coal, gold, precious and semiprecious stones. Mozambique has an attractive code of incentives for Foreign Direct Investment. Below are some of the key areas where business opportunities are most apparent in Mozambique: • Agriculture and Cattling • Crafts • Mineral extraction • Financing • Hospitality • Industry Nightlife in Mozambique All over Mozambique, you will find numerous things to do, you may not have enough time to do everything. Mozambique is full of attractive places, where one can easily pass many hours enjoying MOZAMBIQUE AT A GLANCE Official Name Republic of Mozambique Head of State H.E. Mr. Armando Guebuza Capital City Maputo Area 309,496 sq mi Population 25.2 Million (2012 Est.) Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic Time Zone CAT (UTC+2) Country Dialling Code +258 Currency Mozambican metical Major Exports Aluminum, coal, bulk electricity, lumber, cotton, prawns, cashews, sugar, citrus Major Imports Fuel, chemicals, machinery, vehicles, metal products, textiles, food Climate Mozambique has a tropical climate with two seasons, a wet season from October to March and a dry season from April to September. Official Language Portuguese Natural Resources Natural gas reserves, aluminum, cement , beryllium, and tantalum Independence Day 25 June 1975(from Portugal) The Land of Smiles Greetings Bom Dia (Good Morning) Boatarde(Goodafternoon) Boa noite (Good evening) MONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014
  5. 5. BusinessBuzz 05 Nokia has announced the introduction of the Nokia X Smartphone onto the Ghanaian market a after it was launched to wide acclaim, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The dual sim android compatible device comes with a fresh, tile-based user interface inspired by the Lumia family as well as Fastlane to simplify and enhance the consumer experience. Addressing trade partners and the media at the launch ceremony in Accra, the Nick Imudia, the Vice President of Nokia West and Central Africa explained that the Nokia X device combines beautifully crafted design, quality Nokia X family enters Ghanaian market MTN Ghana launches affordable Social Media Bundle Kirloskarssetupcentretoservice irrigation systems in Egypt hardware with access to the android app ecosystem to provide consumers with an affordable dual sim smartphone in a range of Ghana's leading Telecoms Company MTN has announced it is offering a new data access bundle targeted at users of social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Explaining the rationale for introduction of Social Bundle, MTN Chief Marketing Officer Rahul De stated that MTN is seeking to brighten the lives of its customers by limiting the cost of data access required for use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. MTN customers purchasing Social Bundle would be able to access the social media platforms at lower than normal data charges. “Social media is now a powerful tool in Ghana and MTN is eager to give customers value for their money by providing affordable data access that allows them to energy audits and system analysis value-adds to Egypt’s irrigation and agriculture sectors. The company has set up a mammoth 10,000 sq metre facility in Cairo under its subsidiary SPP Pumps MENA LLC," a release said. The Kirloskar group, which is present in Egypt for over half a century, has recently set up two major pumping stations on the banks of the river Nile, it added. Apart from the value-added services, the new setup will provide pump testing, assembling and packaging facilities, which are crucial in irrigation and agriculture, the statement said. It quoted Mostafa Abu Zeid, chairman, Mechanical and Electrical Department of Egypt's Irrigation Ministry, as saying: "Our government has been associated with Kirloskar Brothers for various irrigation projects. We are proud to use KBL’s expertise to develop engineering capabilities that will help agriculture in the region." "This new state-of-the-art centre will help in developing the skill sets of the Egyptian engineers in the field of irrigation", said Navdeep Suri, India's Ambassador to Egypt. This facility is the first establishment in Egypt to receive UL certification for assembly, testing and packaging of firefighting pumping units, which is the single-most accepted certification in the industry, Kirloskars said. India Africa Connect freely connect with family and friends. The new GH₵5 Social Bundle seeks to do this by offering customers value-priced data access for 30 days,” De said. He said customer wishing to purchase Social Bundle could dial *138*1# on their mobile phones and follow the “Social Bundle” prompts. It would be recalled that sections of the media recently reported that all telcos, including MTN were planning to impose a compulsory tariff of GHC5 per month for the use of social media. MTN said that report erroneously implied that it was charging for actual use of social media, but “that was inaccurate” [because] the charge is for data access. “This offer is optional and provides MTN customers better value – customers on Social Bundle would be paying 1.25Gp per megabyte of data, which is way less that the 10Gp per megabyte default rate,” the telco said. They also explained that customers can always bundle again immediately their Social Bundle runs out, adding however that “if you do not bundle, you will be returned to the default rate of 10Gp/MB.” An MTN customer whose view was sampled said, “We are exciting colours. “We believe this unique combination will resonate with consumers around the world and set a great precedent for the level of quality that can be achieved in the fast-growing, affordable Smartphone segment. Users will enjoy signature Nokia experiences including free Maps, with true offline maps and integrated turn- by-turn navigation, Microsoft services such as Skype, One Drive and Outlook email as well as chat applications including BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and WhatsApp” she said. Speaking further, he noted that “The device comes with a 10.4mm slim, durable monobody design further enhanced by 4” scratch- proof display and an exchangeable back cover that come in a variety of statement colours. The device runs on the Nokia X Software Platform and is powered by a 1 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.” Mr. Imudia stressed that Nokia has put in place the necessary measures to enable the company to take over the smartphone market and increase its market share in Ghana. Modern Ghana relieved to know there is a lower priced data access option for using social media. This actually feels better and makes life easier. This is a great relief.” Modern Ghana E ngineering and infrastructure major Kirloskar Brothers has set up a giant facility in the Egyptian capital Cairo to provide services like energy audits and systems analysis, the company said. "Kirloskar Brothers to provide Sanjay Kirloskar, Chairman & Managing Director, KBL, Mr. Navdeep Suri, Indian Ambassador to Egypt and Dr. Mostafa Abu Zeid, Chairman MED, Ministry of Irrigation Government of Egypt  Rahul De, Chief Marketing Officer, MTN  mONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014
  6. 6. O il is one of the potent tools of trade in the world. The African continent is one of the world largest oil makers after the Middle East. The latent could be more with slight exploration being done because of a number of understandings extending from political to development based. Many countries in Africa have been doing serious consideration for oil which has elevated optimism in the countries for the production of oil. The result of which would prove to be a lot for these countries in standings of exports and financial capabilities if oil was to be struck in these regions. The booming continent, Africa has experienced a rising graph in terms of developments in different sectors that have taken place in the recent years. It has been witnessed that Africa is fetching more investors to its base. Capital inflows are predicted to touch US$150b by 2015. The African continent is jam-packed with virgin resources. Numerous fast developing Indian firms are steering Africa for their enlargement. According to United Nations, in terms of demography, Africa will be a superpower by 2100. According to a survey conducted by Ernst & Young, oil and gas investing’s are comprehended as having robust growth prospective. This conceivably echoes a more overall insight that Africa’s commercial growth over the last few years has been mainly compelled by the commodities boom. It also emphasizes the cumulative planned prominence of Africa’s rich resource base. Africa presently supplies about 12% of the world’s oil and claims noteworthy untouched reserves projected at 8% of the world’s confirmed assets. These reserves have amplified in the last two decades from 5.8% in 1991 and 7.6% in 2001 and this drift is predicted to remain. From proven oil reserves of 132 billion barrels, Africa gave rise to nine million barrels of crude oil per day (bbl/d) in 2011. 81% percent of this oil production came from Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Egypt and Angola in 2011. The prosperous African continent has proven natural gas reserves of 513 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) with 91% of the annual natural gas production of 7.1Tcf coming from Nigeria, Libya, Algeria and Egypt. In general, the thriving oil and gas industry is catching grander attention in all regions, counting Border States such as Namibia, Togo, Liberia and areas where exploration and production had been fading over the last few years. This takes in countries such as Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and South Sudan. The crown jewels are, nevertheless, the new players on the east coast, mainly Mozambique and Tanzania. Africa is envisioning sustained development, with East Africa evolving as a fresh FRANKLY SPEAKING06 Jam-Packed with Virgin Resources The country’s sharp rise in oil exports has contributed to its impressive GDP growth, which averaged 30% annually for the first decade of the oil production start -up. At over $19,000, GDP per capita in Equatorial Guinea now exceeds some European countries. H.E. Mr. Etienne Ngoubou Minister Of Oil, Energy, & Hydraulic Resources, Gabon H.E. Mr. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea By kirit sobti, editor, iat Uganda, sitting on a "pile of uranium", is seeking India's knowhow to develop its reserves and open up new vistas of energy cooperation between historically linked countries, a visiting Ugandan minister has said. Ephraim Kwamuntu, Ugandan Minister of Water and Environment, said his country was keen on mutually beneficial cooperation with India to develop energy resources. Explaining that Uganda had to increase manifold its energy generation capacity to achieve the status of a middle-income country, Kwamuntu said India had a lot to offer in this regard. "The sun is directly overhead in equatorial Africa, yet in Uganda only 14 percent of the population has access to electricity. The remaining 86 percent go to bed with sunset. What would you expect about this population," the minister asked rhetorically. Uganda has been in talks with India about accessing its uranium reserves and for India training its engineers in this area. Uganda's planning minister had earlier led a business delegation to India that held talks with the Confederation of Indian Industry on developing Uganda's uranium sector, among others. With nuclear energy becoming an important source in India's potential energy mix, and with its own comparatively modest reserves, India has been discussing uranium purchase from various African countries. On the other hand, with Africa emerging as an important supplier of uranium, many countries of the continent have shown interest in doing business with India. Other uranium-rich African countries keen to cooperate with India include Tanzania, Malawi, Mali and Niger. "We have a lot to learn from India, which is now almost a superpower. But we know where it has come from. It has come from where we are. So we can learn from your experiences about how you transformed a country that was also once food insecure," the Minister told IANS. "A number of our students come down here to study. Many Ugandans who have gone onto leadereship roles have trained in India. Prime ministers, ministers, permanent secretaries - the whole lot have been students who studied here (India)," Kwamuntu said. "Madhvanis are an Indian company huge in manufacturing and sugar. There are a whole range of Patels with a number of investments. There are also a lot of Ismailis (followers of the Aga Khan)," the Minister said of Indian-origin people who play a major role in Uganda's economy. India Africa Connect Uganda, with uranium, oil and gas, seeks India's help Our economy is a very dynamic one and we are in a very interesting phase. This year will be a great year because we expect to have major discoveries in the oil industry and we are expecting to have some concessions paid from the companies. We had a GDP growth of 4% [in 2012] and we expect it to increase to 8% by 2020. Africa is the utmost spot- on for oil and gas frontier with more than 4200 oil and gas blocks acknowledged birthplace of gas and oil. Momentous gas finds in excess of 127Tcf in Mozambique have shaped the prospective for another African super player. With auxiliary exploration and expansion it is anticipated that Mozambique could surpass Nigeria and Algeria as the African country with the biggest gas reserves. Mozambique is projected to turn out to be the second-largest exporter of Liquefied natural gas (LNG) by 2025, as the nation steps up production from 10 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) in 2017 to a foreseen 50Mtpa. Access to the lucrative Asian LNG market has significant economic benefits for the East African region and could act as a catalyst for meaningful economic development. Developments in Ghana have demonstrated the possibilities within Africa to the world. The Jubilee field was hailed as the fastest ever deep water development, taking just 24 months from development to production. Africa is the utmost spot-on for oil and gas frontier with more than 4200 oil and gas blocks acknowledged. Almost half of these blocks are unwrapped, subject to force majeure or in the application phase. More than 80% of the 1300 blocks in North Africa are licensed; while in sub-Saharan Africa it is estimated that only about 30% of 2900 blocks are licensed. In the sub-Saharan regions it is apparent that many fresh openings are present, particularly for exploration and production (E&P) companies that are ready to take risks. At present what we are witnessing in Africa is very exhilarating and encouraging. The continent is beholding an unexampled decade of economic progression, well braced by economic reforms and regional integration endeavors. With mounting curio and outlay from oil companies operational in Africa, there has been augmented tilt for assessment field in recent years. As some of the conservative multinationals dissociate from regions in Africa, projections for new companies will ripen, commencing the trading mix and collection of the companies dealing in Africa to transform. This will induce established energy companies to turn out to be more responsive in order to answer back to more competition and embryonic trends. African countries and consumers are starting to stress more and more on up keeping suitable supplies of crude oil and liquid fuels to come across the expanding local demand. As the global upsurge in prices for oil, gas and minerals lasts, it is open that Africa’s natural resources could set the continent steadfastly on the track to fortune. Opportunities on Hand • For competitory bidding, new exploration blocks being opened; • Management and development of port; • In both subsea and onshore, pipeline engineering and construction can be done; • Options are available for onshore and offshore maintenance; • LNG plant engineering and construction; • CO2 reduction and gas-powered electricity generation; • Other gas monetization projects for local use (methanol, fertilizers, urea); • Steadiness of supply and security of supply with a decline in exports; • Foreign exchange inflows; • Equal sharing of wealth which will help all citizens; • Infrastructure development mega projects; and • Development or up gradation of new refinery. MONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014
  7. 7. TRAVELtourism 07 H imachal Pradesh Tourism opens up a world of indispensable beauty that has always attracted tourists from different corners of the world. Such is the charm of this state that people are bound to come back over and over again to this landscape. The most beguiling sight here is that of the snow covered mountains, meadows, dense green forests and deep-down valleys. Journey to Himachal Pradesh makes you experience the true joy of holidaying in the laps of Mother Nature. Himachal Pradesh is located in the Northern part of India, it is known by different names like Home of Snow, state of hills and the list goes on. Covered with lush green mountain ranges, the state is spread over an area of more than 56019 sq km with its boundaries to Jammu Kashmir, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Hariyana. It also houses an international border with Tibet in the east. The main source of income is here agriculture and tourism. The exotic valleys, green hill slopes, snow clad mountains, beautiful streams and lush greenery daunted with Sagon, Oak, Deodar, etc, has a lot to explore. Right from hill stations to pilgrimage sites, adventures sports destinations, rich culture and heritage, festivals, celebrations and wildlife sanctuaries, the state has a lot to explore. Shimla is the Capital city and one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. Ladakh is one of those places that can make an ordinary photographer feel like a professional. Simply because no matter where you point a shoot, you are bound to get a picture perfect frame. Those who have already visited this beautiful terrain will vouch for the fact that the place has a strange pull that makes you want to revisit it many times over. Trekking and motor biking in Ladakh gives the best experience for adventure lovers. Leh, the capital of Ladakh is the largest district in the Ladakh. Manali is situated near the end of the valley on the National Highway leading to Leh. The landscape here is breath taking. One sees well-defined snowcapped peaks, the Beas River with its clear water meanders through the town. On the other side are deodar and pine trees, tiny fields and fruit orchards. Himachal is peppered with the awesome landscape that is a dream of everyone. With lofty Himalayas draped with snow, deep valleys, vast woods, chilled rivers, green surroundings, scenic lakes and deep gorges, Tourist attractions in Himachal appeals to your sight and mind. DHARAMSHALA - QUEEN OF THE HILLS UNFORGETTABLE HIMACHAL Dharamshala is blessed with picturesque natural beauty covered with oak, Deodar, Pine and lush greenery. With dense pine and deodar forests, numerous streams, cool healthy air, attractive surroundings and the nearby snowline, Dharamsala has everything for a perfect holiday. It is full of life and yet peaceful. The variety Dharamsala offers for sightseeing ranges from temples, churches and monasteries to museums, ancient towns and places of natural beauty. Every season and every spot has its own special offering. Kangra art museum, Kotwali bazaar, St. John’s Church are the various famous visiting places. The colorful temple and Gompas, which reflect the culture of Tibet, adds attraction for the visitor. mONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014
  8. 8. TALKINGTECHNOLOGY08 A frica, the world second largest continent is brimming with opportunities and scope of development in the 21st century. The economic growth has lead to a environment for prosperity, reforms and development in the entire continent. These favorable numbers have augmented the need of quality education. KS Academy Pvt. Ltd. is poised to achieve the desired objective. Our objective is to hold hands, guide and counsel young minds in choosing the right career, college and university. The establishment has augmented its list of associates after thorough evaluation, comparison and assessment of the establishment so that the potential learners do not have to worry about the deliverance of quality education. Our associates being the credible names in the Indian education circuit are determined to provide innovative solutions to the Indo- African students in line with the requirement of the millennium. KS Academy is established with a vision to evolve a unique education system that increases the relevance of professional education. KIMMS a brand of KS Academy is an institute with a truly global outlook. The institute provides a learning platform that promotes innovation, leadership and academic research. The institute offers an atmosphere for change, engaging in ongoing dialogue with students and companies to identify emerging strategic issues as well as research and hiring needs. There is a need to develop readily “Employable” trained and qualified manpower in various sectors of technology. As a result, the institute has designed various employment- oriented programs with specialization in diversified areas of technology. The courses aim to develop readily employable manpower with emphasis of Knowledge, Innovation, Motivation, Skills, Communication, Attitude and Personality aspects of employability. Soft Skills development has been made an integral part of curriculum. Scope of services offered  Student Counseling and admission consultancy;  Help international and domestic students to have internationally acclaimed degrees in Medicine, Allied Sciences, Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Management (Business Finance), Telecom Management, Mass Communication, Hospitality, Travel, Tourism and Law in India and anywhere in the world;  Hand holding, guiding and counseling young minds in choosing the right course and college / university;  Creating awareness of the new programs and help them in admissions to top institutions in India and abroad;  Grooming and training students for pre admission interviews and interactions;  Counseling and pre-admission services for African students aspiring to study in India or anywhere under the Sun. Facilitations and linkages – partnering for mutual benefits  Collaborations with Indian and foreign universities for student / faculty exchange Establishing educational institutions and universities;  Facilitation of exchange of faculty and administrative staff;  Help in signing of agreements between interested allied organizations;  Exchange of academic information and material;  Facilitation in course mapping, articulation and progression route under credit transfer system;  Assisting overseas universities/ students in the areas of pre- admission training, course mapping, articulation, scholarships and top up degrees. Soft skill training  Organizing seminars, workshops, quiz, debates, PDP sessions, expert / guest lectures, conferences and interactive sessions;  Providing inputs on process and practice of entrepreneurship development, communication and inter-personal skills, creativity, problem solving, achievement, motivation training, and inputs on resource and knowledge industries;  Management development programs – corporate training Student development programs – student centric skills. Faculty resource program – training the trainers  Upgradation of skill set of trainers;  International certifications;  Resource planning and sharing;  Info-mediary services for trainers on new trends and venues;  Pre exchange orientation for faculties;  Concentration of talent – recruitment of faculties. Setting up of studios, PCR and providing acoustic solutions Providing turn-key solutions for raising complete studio with options of two-cam, three-cam, four-cam set-up and single (LED) or multiple monitor production control room (PCR) and non-linear editing (NLE) suites. Developing low cost training and corporate films by giving real time exposure to students. Promoting online and distance education.  Promoting full time and regular programs in various verticals;  Providing step by step advisory for the establishment of media schools, conducting media centric training programs ranging from certificate to degree programs in association with reputed universities;  Conducting CAD / CAM / CAE courses subject to terms and conditions. Vocational and trade specific training Identification, evaluation, assessment and feasibility study of a particular demography for training needs. NEED A BOOST IN YOUR CAREER? What’s the next stage in your Career? Explore your options with KS Academy THE ROOTS OF EDUCATION ARE BITTER, BUT THE FRUIT IS SWEET Courses offered by different segments of KS Academy CADD Courses: Computer Aided Designing, Drafting and Manufacturing (CAD, CAM and CAE) courses are offered by CADD Centre, Rohini which is a network centre of CADD Centre, Chennai. CADD Centre is the largest and most respected CAD/ Project Management Training Company in India with a network of 300 plus training centres across the world. With the declared objective of “World Class training World Over”, CADD centre wish to reach out to customers all over the world. CADD Centre offers industry specific courses in following engineering Streams • Mechanical • Civil • Electrical • Architectural • Project Planning and Management KIMMS Media Communication Courses:- KIMMS offers a wide range of subjects in media and communication which allows you to choose options that interest you most. The objective is to impart quality training to students in mass media so that they exploit media technology in the best possible manner and at the same time are able to keep pace with the fast evolving communication industry. The institute is equipped with modern multi-cam studio set-up, matching production control room (PCR) and non-linear edit suits. The meritorious students get a unique opportunity to intern in an international publication* and a full fledge production house • Certificate course in French Language • Certificate Course in English Language • Personality Development Course • Certificate in Communication Skills • Linear and Non Linear Video Editing • Content Writing for Print and Electronic Media • Art of Professional Photography • Diploma in Mass Communication, Advertizing and Journalism* • Bachelors of Art in Mass Communication, Advertizing and Journalism* KIMMS – IT Courses:- The institute is offering various employment-oriented programs with specialization in diversified areas of Information Technology. These courses not only provides in-depth knowledge of various IT subjects but also imparts expertise in the latest technologies to give a cutting edge advantage in the job market. These employment-oriented programs are classified under the following heads: • Hardware • Software Various IT courses offered by KIMMS tech are: • A+ • N+ • Certificate in IT concepts and Applications • PC Software • Certificate in C Language • Certificate in C++ • MS Excel • Advance Excel • Adobe Photoshop • HTML DHTML MONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014
  9. 9. TRYSOMETHINGNEW 09 Ingredients • 1 (10 1/2 ounce) can chicken broth • 1 cup rice • 1/2 tablespoon butter • 1 dash coriander powder • 1 dash turmeric powder Prepration Method 1. In a sauce pan, melt butter and add rice to saute. 2. When Rice is a nice golden color, add chicken Serving Suggestions To serve with Easy African-style peanut chicken. Business Opportunities Show Chennai Business Opportunities Show Chennai is a 1 day event being held on 30th April 2014 in Chennai, India. This event showcases products like furniture services, educational opportunities garments, apparels, jewelry, car wash, salon and spas, cafes, domestic products, career services, beauty and wellness products etc. in the Business Services industry. Date: 30 Apr 2014 Venue: TBA, Chennai, India Global Gurukul-Ranchi Global Gurukul, Ranchi is one of the most prominent fairs related to the educational sector which gives numerous opportunities for the students to interact over the latest technology and the current affairs. It is the perfect place for those students who have queries related to the career and future plans. The event will emphasize on the importance of education and its strong role in life. Date: 30 Apr-01 May 2014 Venue: The Chanakya BNR Hotel, Ranchi, India Times Kidz World-Mumbai The Times Kidz World is more than just an exhibition. Every edition of the show has an events area, a stage area where various competitions and activities are held. Dance competitions, singing competitions, drawing and painting competitions, tile painting, craft and origami, talent shows, magic shows list is endless! We also have various characters make an appearance at the event. Date: 01-04 May 2014 Venue: World Trade Centre, Mumbai, India India International Radiology Imaging Expo New Delhi This event showcases products like designing a radiological department furniture, lights like led other sources, light filters vaccum cleaning, air conditioning systems or ventilation, dehumidifiers compressed air, laminar flow cabinets or sterile storage systems, power back up solutions generators or ups, fire safety solutions, refrigeration cooling systems, developing or dark room, onizing radiations etc. in the Industrial Products industry. Date: 02-04 May 2014 Venue: NSIC Exhibition Complex, New Delhi, India India International Medical Equipment Expo New Delhi India International Medical Equipment Expo New Delhi is the largest collection of cutting edge medical equipments, products and services. This trade show will strive hard to out the per capita income of the Indian households and the rising consciousness of people for the better care of their health. The rise is the cause that is resulting to the need for developed medical services, guidance and equipments, and this need for better equipments in the Indian medical science is the main USP of this trade event. Date: 02-04 May 2014 Venue: NSIC Exhibition Complex, New Delhi, India Electronic Security Expo Manufacturers, Distributors and other Suppliers of Video surveillance equipment, Access control/ID Systems, Alarm products and systems, Central station equipment, software and supplies, Monitoring services, Sound, communications, entertainment and automation, Installation accessories and supplies, consulting and business services for the security industry etc. will participate in the great exposition of the country to showcase their latest technology products and services in front of the target visitors. Date: 04-06 May 2014 Venue: Gujarat University Convention Exhibition, Ahmedabad, India upcoming When you Smile, not only do you feel Happy but you bring a Ray of Light into the lives of others. THOUGHT OF THE WEEK African Style Rice African Cuisine 1. Avec beaucoup d’amour! With lots of love. 2. Prenez soin de vous! Take care! (Formal) 3. A vos souhaits! Bless you! 4. Passez de bonnes vacances! Have a nice vacation! 5. Tu parles anglais? Do you speak French? Handy French  Helps you lose weight  Boosts exercise endurance  Reduces the risk of heart attack  Fights against various cancers  Hydration benefits  Protection from harmful ultraviolet rays  Keeps Diabetes in check  Prevention and treatment of neurological diseases  Anti- Ageing benefits  Boosts your immunity picture of the week brother, dash of coriander powder, dash of turmeric and bring to boil. 3. At boiling point, reduce heat to low and cover. 4. Cook for 20 minutes. DO NOT OPEN LID UNTIL 20 Minutes is up! I suggest setting a timer! 5. When done, fluff with fork and serve with Easy African-Style Peanut Chicken! South Africa has three capital cities, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Pretoria with 11 Official languages. 10 reasons why you should drink GREEN TEA  What is the citizen of Botswana called? Motswana  Although Burundi is technically a landlocked country, it does have a considerable coastline on which body of water? Lake Tanganyika  The Comoros Islands are located in which body of water within the Indian Ocean? Mozambique Channel  At a height of 7.746 feet, which active volcano is the highest point in the Comoros Islands? Mount Karthala  Constructed out of bronze and standing 49 meters high, what is the name of Know More About Africa the Senegalese statue that was intended to ring in the dawn of a new era in Africa? African Renaissance Monument  Which African country has same currency as of India? Mauritius 1) Y E S L E L S C H E …………………… 2) I A M L ……………………………. 3) A B A I M Z ……………………………. 4) O T O H E S L .…………………………. 5) R I N E G …………………………… 6) D A U A G N ……………………………. 7) H A G A N ……………………………. 8) U S I N A I T ……………………………. Answers 1) Seychelles 2) Mali 3) Zambia 4) Lesotho 5) Niger 6) Uganda 7) Ghana 8) Tunisia Rearrange the Jumbled wordsFind the path Start End Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore at the Burkina Faso Singapore Business Forum, April 24, 2014.  mONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014
  10. 10. THEFASHIONISTAS10 • What is your long term career objectives? – To be a professional runway model for shows like fashion week in Paris or New York and for designers like Victoria Secrets, Alexander McQueen, and Vivienne Westwood etc. • Who is your role model? Tyra Banks. • What is fun and rewarding about modelling? Meeting new people from across the world. • How has modelling changed other aspects of your life? It has boosted my self-confidence, made me more aware of fashion and its different gears like style and cloth fittings etc. My communication with people has changed because I am now more self-aware and more conscious of Miss Ghana Belgium 2013 Shines A Positive Light On Belgium Daisy Nita Enyonam, the winner of Miss Ghana Belgium 2013 lands in Ghana her home land, to engage herself in some reaching out projects. Daisy was born in 1994 on April in leuven, the famous international student city (Belgium). Her parents are Mavis Tawiah Osabutey and Benjamin Kofi who are from The Greater Accra and Volta Region respectively. Daisy spent her childhood days in Brussels, where she graduated in tourism in 2012 at Emile Gryson Institute, and at the moment furthering a degree in management assistant at the Ecsedi College in Brussels. Last year on the 5th of July, Daisy was crowned Miss Ghana Belgium among twelve contestants. Since then, she’s been committed to helping orphans and educating the people of Belgium, about the culture and tradition of Ghana by shinning a positive light on Africa as a whole, a beautiful place to be. Daisy, together with the Ghana European Youth Congress Team are in Ghana at the moment working on projects she has always dream of. In her visit to Ghana, she has been to Remar Orphange to help donate to the orphans with 233times and Rolly Panda Music. Her visit to Ghana has gotten media attention and for this reason she’s been invited to several Ghana National TV- stations like TV3, Viasat1 for interviews on Day and This Morning” Show. With her crown, she’s shining a new light on Africans living in Belgium and Europe as a whole. Leave Your Comments Bellow. Modern Ghana Daisy Nita Enyonam  the way I project my image in public. • What's your fashion mantra? The clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet are a part of who you are. • What advice do you have for other aspiring models? The sky is the limit, hard work does pay. • Describe your experience of a ramp walk in one word. Thrilling. • What have you struggled the most in your life? The death of my father. • You must have an incredible wardrobe and big collection… what are your current favourite items? Crop tops, handbags, heels, ripped jeans. • What do you like most about being a model? What do you least enjoy? I enjoy the attention that I get from the audience and the cheering, the camera showing off my ability of being a supermodel. Wearing designer clothes and shoes. I least enjoy the long hours of preparing for show, the long hours wearing heels, applying makeup and the pressure of managing everything at once. • If you could shoot with anyone (models and/or photographers), who would you choose and why? PeterLindbergphotographerbecause he knows how to express different aspects of life through photography. • Anything else you'd like to say? I would like to thank everyone who is and has supported me in this journey. The sky is the limit, hard work does pay Roselyn Marere, Republic of Zimbabwe  MONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014
  11. 11. SPORTS2WATCH 11 World Cup 2014: Avram Grant “This edition is good for African teams” I'll rule the World again …Joshua Clottey Considered one of the most experienced coaches in the world, Avram Grant has expressed his point of view on Cafonline. In the menu of this interview, the next FIFA World Cup and more specifically the participation of five African representatives. For him the African teams have everything required to win a World Cup. But he puts much more emphasis on Côte d' Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria. “I am convinced that the African teams will produce excellent results in the World Cup this summer in Brazil. I sincerely believe that with the highest moral, Côte d' Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria could surpass the quarterfinals and write a new page in the history of African football, “says the Israeli technician. While noting that no European team has so far managed to establish itself in a world Cup held in South America, the former coach of Iraq believes that the 2014 edition may be good for Africa. But, he said, the teams of the continent must arm themselves with “the necessary technical expertise” to compete at the highest level. And even if the Cup is not bestowed to an African representative this year, Grant believes it will come sooner or later on the continent. “The day will come when the world champion will be African. Besides, I do not understand why this is not already given the immense potential of football in this continent. The key to success will come, as far as I am concerned, mind has often been lacking in the crucial moments, especially at the end of meetings. But this is something that can easily change,” suggested the former Chelsea coach, who admits fancying Nigerian Stephen Keshi. Modern Ghana Former World Champion Joshua Clottey, after brushing aside Australian ring icon Anthony Mundine in their WBA international bout, has stated emphatically that he will reclaim his lost status before the close of this year. Clottey revealed that his performance against Mundine had opened a new window of opportunity in his career, which hitherto was crumbling. And commenting on the impact of the win on his career, he told DAILY GUIDE SPORTS from his US base over the weekend that it had put his career back on track, as well as revive his quest to end his profession on a high note. The hard-hitting boxer, now fighting in his favourite 154 pounds category, pointed out that last Wednesday's win also placed him in the position for a World Boxing Association (WBA) title shot. The 36-year-old revealed many options had come up regarding who to fight, and promised to rule the world again. Clottey, who is currently in the US to sort out some issues before he arrives home in two weeks' time, said, 'The world will hear of me again, I will become a World Champion again before the end of this year. I want to retire as a champion.' The defeat by Clottey puts the title hopes of Mundine (No 3 ranked fighter) in doubt after suffering five knockdowns at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre. Modern Ghana F ormer Ghana U-17 captain Nasiru Mohammed grabbed his first goal of the Swedish season after scoring for BK Hacken in their 3-0 thrashing of newly- promoted Halmstad BK. Hacken manager Peter Gerhardsson was playing the 19-year-old for the first time since the start of the season and he crowned the evening with a memorable display scoring and providing an assist. Nasiru had earlier set up a goal for Simon Gustafsson in the 16th minute before he returned from the break to put his name on the score-sheet with a 79th minute finish. The former Rainbow FC starlet raced to power home a 25 yards effort half-volley into the bottom right corner to dash any Halmstad hope of a come-back. Modern Ghana Ghana youth international Nasiru Mohammed grabs first goal of the season in Sweden Brazilian officials unveil long- awaited infrastructure budget in bid to allay Rio 2016 fearsBrazilian Government officials have unveiled an infrastructure budget totalling 24.1 billion real ($10.8 billion/£6.4 billion/€7.8 billion) for Rio 2016 as they aim to provide reassurances of their commitment in the wake of huge criticism over behind-schedule preparations. This infrastructure legacy budget has nothing to do with the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, and was announced this afternoon in a special ceremony at Copacabana Fort attended by figures including Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes and Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo. It does not account for the direct running of the Games, butforwiderdevelopmentprojects accelerated or made possible by hosting the Games. This includes 27 projects, of which 14 will be conducted by the Municipal Government, 10 by the State Government and three by the Federal Government, spanning areas including transport, environment and urban development, as well as various construction projects. All but three of these 27 projects have been fully budgeted, with 57 per cent of the overall total to be financed through public funds and the remainder to be raised privately. This brings the total cost of the Games to 36.7 billion real ($16.4 billion/£9.7 billion/€11.8 billion) when combined with the Organizing Committee and Games- related infrastructure budgets each unveiled earlier this year in January. Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes, pictured with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, was among those at Copacabana Fort to unveil the infrastructure budget. But the announcement took place amid a cloud of criticism of the role played by Government officials following the SportAccord International Convention in Turkey. They were accused of delaying, delaying and delaying and producing words but not money by Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) President Francesco Ricci-Bitti. The belated unveiling of the budget, originally due to be announced earlier this year, will go some way to alleviating these concerns over Government commitment, but fears over more specific aspects of preparations undoubtedly remain. Indeed, officials from eight of the sports to be staged in the second main Games hub at Deodoro, to the north of Barra, are due to visit the proposed venue next month after voicing doubts about whether they will be ready in time. One of those sports is rugby sevens, and International Rugby Board (IRB) chief executive Brett Gosper has admitted a successful Games on the sport's debut in Rio is particularly important because we don't get a second chance to make a first impression. It's our one chance to really shine on that stage, it's really important to us, so we're probably more nervous than the other Federations, he added. When you're in a plane and it hits some turbulence, you look at the most experienced fliers, like the cabin staff, to see if they're concerned.The other International Federations are concerned, so that worries us a lot. These words were outlined in more detail by an IRB spokesman who told insidethegames that they remain confident of a successful Games so long as appropriate measures are taken. Following a constructive meeting with the other sports in the Deodoro Zone and Rio 2016 at Sport Accord, we believe that the location has the potential to deliver a vibrant festival hub and a great experience for athletes and fans, the spokesman said. However,forthistobeachieved, it is essential that planning and preparations for the Zone and required infrastructure now move forward rapidly. It is important all involved maintain an ongoing and fully collaborative dialogue regarding venue planning, schedule integration, logistics and overall fan experience and we will continue to do all we can to support Rio 2016 and the delivery of a spectacular and memorable debut for rugby sevens at the Games. Although they have refrained from any public criticism of Rio, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has also implied their fears over progress by introducing a range of measures including setting up three task forces, a special advisor and more regular inspections by IOC executive director Gilbert Felli. Modern Ghana Nasiru Mohammed  mONDAY | APRIL 28, 2014
  12. 12. ENCOUNTER WITH EDITOR12 Excellency, you have held several positions, proudly representing India in the past years. How is your experience on being appointed as the Indian High Commissioner to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania? On hearing about my appointment as the Indian High Commissioner to Tanzania at Dar es Salaam in early 2012, I was both excited and apprehensive. I was excited because this would mean elevation to an Indian Diplomatic Mission which was of much larger size than the one I headed then in Baku, Azerbaijan, and also because I was aware of India’s close ties with Tanzania. However, I was apprehensive because I had never served on a posting in Africa till then. To me the appointment to Tanzania entailed learning from scratch. However, very soon, after settling into my job in Dar es Salaam, I realized that the environment in Tanzania is quite conducive and welcoming for an Indian diplomat. I had no problem in finding my feet on the ground in this very friendly and hospitable nation. Could you please bring into limelight the Indian corporates which are making a strong foothold in Tanzania and in which sectors? Some of the well-known Indian corporate with a physical presence in Tanzania are the Tata group, Airtel and NMDC. Tatas are involved in trading and retail marketing, including automobiles, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Bharti Airtel entered Tanzania by taking over the existing assets of a local mobile telecom operator from its previous Kuwait-based owners, and have since invested a lot more to upgrade and improve a wide range of service in this sector. NMDC is the only Indian entity with exploration and mining license for gold, which it hopes to produce in the coming months. Several major Indian brands are also well known in Tanzania with local distribution and service facilities such as Bajaj and TVS two and three wheelers (as a matter of fact the three wheeler auto is locally known as ‘Bajaji’); Escorts-made tractors; Swaraj tractors; Sonalika tractors; Eicher buses; Ashok Leyland trucks and buses; Kirloskar diesel engines; Godrej security products, etc. Indian IT services are widely used, including in the banking and insurance sectors. Engineering design, consultancy and supervision services are being used for several infrastructure projects. Many people residing in Tanzania are of Indian origin. What kind of assistance is the Indian High Commission giving to Indian nationals planning to start their operations in Tanzania? The Indian High Commission in Dar es Salaam and the Consulate General in Zanzibar provide a wide range of services for both Indian nationals and the local community. Visa and Consular services are provided on a time-bound basis so as to assist business and other interaction between the two countries. A large number of Tanzanians are travelling to India for medical facilities, which is assisted through our visa facilities. The same goes for about 700 student visas issued annually. The High Commission’s Economic and Commercial Section helps Indian business persons and investors to connect up locally with investment promotion bodies, regulators, business associations and even individual businesses. In case of commercial or labour disputes, the High Commission intervenes to try and settle the matter amicably. In late 2012, the High Commission took the initiative to organize Indian business and professional interests in Tanzania to come together under one umbrella, called the Indian Business Forum (IBF) which was formally launched in September 2013 in the presence of the visiting Hon’ble Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Dr. D. Purandeswari. The High Commission’s website provides information to Tanzanian businesses interested in trading with India, and a weekly news letter is circulated electronically to all such registered users. The Mission has worked closely with CII, FICCI and several export promotion councils and associations from India in hosting road shows and B2B meetings for Indian business delegations. What provisions have been taken to ease the registration process for a foreign company in Tanzania? Tanzania has now instituted a relatively transparent process for registration of a foreign company. There is a one-stop shop styled as ‘Tanzania Investment Centre’ (TIC) which is the most important destination for the first time investor and business person. It helps such persons to register their companies, to acquire land/premises, to register with the tax authorities, and even to obtain necessary work permits. Those investors interested in exporting their finished products are directed to the Tanzanian EPZ Authority (EPZA) which functions similarly as the TIC, in respect of entities who would be producing mainly for export purposes. Indian investments in the two decades upto 2012, as per data provided by TIC and EPZA, are in excess of US$ 2 billion, supporting over 50,000 direct local jobs and an even larger number of indirect jobs and self-employment opportunities. Tanzania and India have traditionally relished close, open and co-operative relations. The true example of this strong bond is the establishment of the High Commission of India in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In an exclusive interview to INDO AFRICA TIMES, the Indian High Commissioner to Tanzania, H.E. Mr. Debnath Shaw talked about the framework of cooperation between the two countries. 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