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Indo Africa Times which is a weekly newspaper with its foremost endeavor to craft panoptic awareness amongst people a propos Africa and India pertaining to assorted topics like economy, business, technology, current affairs, culture, fashion, sports amongst others.

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Volume 1 Issue 1

  1. 1.  www.indoafricatimes.com MONDAY | JANUARY13, 2014 Need partnership in production of mineral and gas pg 12 Title Code: DELENG18579 • VOL. 1 • NO. 1 • Page 12 • Price `10 African Footballer of the Year: Yaya Toure pg 11 AN ICON OF FREEDOM NELSON MANDELA Nelson Mandela, the first black President of South Africa and an everlasting icon of freedom and struggle against racial oppression, died on 5th December 2013, saying goodbye to the world. A great leader has passed away making the entire world left in grief. Mandela spent 27 years in jail after being convicted of betrayal by the white minority government, only to create a diplomatic end to white rule by pulling off with his capturers after his discharge from the prison in 1990. He headed the African National Congress, long a debarred liberation movement, to an echoing electoral triumph in 1994, the first and the foremost fully democratic election in the history of South Africa. “If you want to make peace with your enemy you have to work with your enemy. Then he TURN TO PAGE 3 Say Hello To Namibia pg 04 Keeping Africa Green, Clean And Healthy pg 08 GOODBYE TO ALL!! South African Starlet crowned Mrs. India pg 10
  2. 2. 02 Wassupafrica Hero MotoCorp’s Dawn goes to Kenya Hero MotoCorp, with engagement of wellknown diversified business house of Kenya, RYCE East Africa, has launched its first modified bike for the African market. The lowprofile yet most popular entry level 100cc Dawn is brought to the country under the alliance, Sameer Group, a part of RYCE East Africa. Also, Sameer Group has been appointed as the authorised distributor of Hero MotoCorp range of two-wheelers. Best investments for doubling your money Better known as the ‘Powerhouse’ of the African Continent, South Africa is budding as one of the most subtle and promising markets of the world. A Minister from South Africa stated, “Those who invest in South Africa never go wrong, they double their investments. I give people the example of the Tatas.” Worth to mention, South Africa was the spotlight country at the India International Trade Fair 2013 and was focused enormously for the second time consecutively. H.E. Ms. Elizabeth Thabethe, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, South Africa who visited Delhi to attend IIFT 2013 expressed, “Tatas are everywhere in South Africa. They’re doing so well, opening new outlets and growing their footprint.” She added, “The Indian companies doing business in South Africa testify how easy it is to set up and then do business. We provide a variety of incentives to companies.” To get mutually benefited, the Minister encouraged huge investments from India as well as South African investments into India in order to gain experience and learn from each other’s expertise. She pointed out, “Our Embassies are doing their best to encourage investments in South Africa, also so that there is benefaction and value addition. With our raw material resources it makes more sense to do value addition in South Africa and then export. If you just take the raw materials, it creates jobs in their country, not in South Africa.” According to her, the extensive support forwarded by India for the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa and the visit of Mahatma Gandhi that transformed the shape of the country laid the foundation stone of the bilateral relations between both the countries. She conveyed, “We’re just not countries that happen to be together, there is a foundation. India has persistently supported our struggle against apartheid. The Mahatma’s political career started in South Africa. In all this there is a foundation of a deep and abiding relationship. Beginning with such a base, our relations have developed newer forms and linkages like IBSA (India-Brazil-South Africa) and BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). We’re honored to be the focus country for two successive IIFTs. This emanates from a good relationship.” Mr. Pawan Munjal, MD & CEO of Hero MotoCorp said, “This is a strategic market for us in our overall plan for the continent, which is why we are also starting our first Africa CKD assembly operations here. Dawn is the first modified bike from our portfolio to be launched in Africa. This is just the beginning...we are working on several other models for specific international markets.” Dawn, known as HF Dawn, has been modified according to the needs of the Kenyan customers where lower engine displacement bikes are used as taxis and in other commercial operations. Hero MotoCorp along with Dawn is providing immediate availability of its other best selling Splendor Pro, Hunk, Glamour and Karizma for the Kenyan Customers. The company is also commencing its operations in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast after Kenya and Central America. Hero MotoCorp’s other international markets include Nepal, Sri Lanka, Columbia and Bangladesh. A new benchmark has been witnessed in the growth rate of chemical exports from India to Nigeria of 5.6% from 2012 to 2013 along with an increase in total items covered under the knowledge of ChemExcil (Export Promotion Council, set up by Indian Government) to Nigeria in the period stood at 90.3% million. Executive Director of ChemExcil, Mr. Suhas Bhardi said, “The purpose of this exhibition is to strengthen existing business, promote India’s chemical exports and to create a positive brand image of Indian products. This would also result into many more joint ventures and technology transfer.” Furthermore, President of PMFAI, Mr. Pradip Dave asserted that African region offers most potential for improvement in productivity of crops. He noted that there is a good market for agrochemicals in Nigeria, with estimated private sector agrochemical companies’ supply of about 70% of the total CPP demand of approximately $120 million. Mr. Dave told, “Most of the African countries are now Indian Chemical Exports to Nigeria Blooming Indian Industrialists all set for Algeria The industrialists from Indore are all set to dig possibilities of trade in the North-African country- Algeria. Algeria could open new doors for regional industry in Europe and Africa. The industry representatives at Association of Industries Madhya Pradesh office at Polo Ground deliberated upon prospects of bilateral trade relations with the nation. Mr. Vinay Kalani, Acting President of AIMP signed MoU with the Algerian Ambassador for exploring possibilities of bilateral trade between the two countries. The AIMP delegation would visit Algeria for finding trade potential. According to the MoU seeks partnership in sectors like textile, pharmaceutical, auto parts and engineering. Both countries would assist each other in marketing of products and exchange of raw material and technology. H.E. Mr. Echarif Mohammed - Hacene, Ambassador of Algeria to India said, “Both the countries could forge alliances in sector like automotive parts, mechanical tools, engines, agriculture, IT, energy, infrastructure development etc.” MONDAY| JANUARY13, 2014 Indian Banking Sector Eye Mauritius Africa being one of the most thriving and flourishing investment destinations, Indian banks are looking forward to set up a strong foothold in Africa. At the early level, many Indian banks are in preparation to open up branches in Mauritius, well thought-out as the most prosperous nation in Africa. Mauritius is also reckoned by many foreign entities as a channel to mark a position in other nations of Africa. Chief Executive Mrs. Aisha C Timol, Mauritius Bankers Association expressed that many Indian banks have shown keen interest in setting up operations in Mauritius. State Bank of India and Bank of Baroda have already commenced operations in Africa and State Bank of Mauritius has three branches in India. Mrs. Timol said, “We are positioning ourselves as a gateway to Africa and banking sector is supporting this initiative.” She highlighted the tremendous growth in banking sector of Mauritius as compared to other countries and also conveyed that the country has a very stable regulatory environment. ICCI GOES FOR THREE GEOGRAPHIES After the interim of three years in the repercussion of global financial crisis, India’s largest private sector lender, the ICCI Bank is going to expand its activities in the African continent, Mauritius and South Africa, along with Australia. The bank has determined the plans to apply for branch licenses in the country. With a region having significant large Indian population, the ICCI bank thinks it is the right time for an overseas expansion since “domestic credit is not picking up as expected, in those countries, there is potential and the lender can tap opportunities. The bank finds it the best time to open branches, though the subsidiary route remains a viable option at a large stage. It is also a worthy opportunity keeping in mind the increased inclination of Indian companies currently setting up bases there. concentrating on development of irrigation projects and with modern irrigation system by optimising and conserving water resources and also introducing drought resistance varieties. The drought resistance and high yielding varieties will definitely boost the agricultural production in the African region which will also help in boosting agriculture exports from Africa.”
  3. 3. Wassupafrica mONDAY| JANUARY13, 2014 ONGC Strengthens its Base in Africa In last few years, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has strongly come up and delved with Africa in true ways. After 2005, more than 20 percent of India’s oil and gas imports are accounted from Africa. Recently, state-run ONGC closed a deal acquiring a 10 percent stake in an offshore gas field of Anadarko Petroleum Corp in Mozambique for $2.64 billion. Also, in 2001, nearly 60 percent of exports to India were encountered to be from Southern Africa while approximately 16.5 percent were accounted for West African countries. Also, India’s purchase of oil and gas from a range of African countries has increased dramatically. FROM PAGE 1 becomes your partner,” he wrote these lines in his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, which was in print four years subsequent to his discharge from jail in 1990. Mandela, who was 95, served just one term as South Africa’s President and was not been caught in public from the time when the nation hosted the soccer World Cup in 2010. But his long walk in prison and his persistence on pardon over revenge made him a strong symbol of struggle to end this country’s cruelly codified sys- Wealthy Discovery of Oil in Kenya The country is being seen as an interesting prospect with the indications of more oil. This oil discovery can be considered as the icing on the cake. Barely a month after the British firm, Tullow Oil declared about the major oil discovery, the miners have beforehand started working on the third oilfield in Lokichar Basin, Turkana Country. Africa Oil Corporation, a Canadian company, working in partnership with Tullow Oil asserted that it had begun drilling operations on the tem of racial dominance, and of the control of calm declaration in even the cruelest battles. Years after he withdrew from public life, his name even came across as an allegory of his endeavor to go beyond decades of racial separation and craft what South Africans named a Rainbow Nation. “His commitment to transfer power and reconcile with those who jailed him set an example that all humanity should aspire to,” President Obama said, recounting Mandela as an “influential, courageous and profoundly good” man who inspired millions — includ Pranab Mukherjee and Sonia Gandhi in South Africa Ekales prospect located in Block 13T in the same basin. The company stated, “The primary objectives are the Auwerwer and Lower Lokhone sandstones already established to be highly productive reservoirs at the nearby Ngamia 1 and Twiga discoveries.” The Africa Oil Chief Executive Officer Keith Hill noted, “The Ekales prospect is probably one of the lowest risk prospects in our inventory.” The work on the well started in the month of July and is estimated to sink 2,500 metres ing himself — to a spirit of reconciliation. In the past year and a half, the state has confronted conceivably its most severe turbulence ever since the end of apartheid, goaded by a sign of wildcat strikes by angry miners, a deadly retort on the part of the police, a messy leadership struggle within the A.N.C. and the deepening fissures between South Africa’s rulers and its impoverished masses. Outrages over bribery linking senior members of the party fed a more liberal perception that Mandela’s near virtuous bequest from the years of struggle has been battered by a more recent scuttle for self-enrichment among a newer elite. Subsequent to spending decades in penniless deport, many political figures came back to find themselves at the center of a grasp for authority and currency. Mandela served as President from 1994 to 1999, stepping aside to allow his deputy, Thabo Mbeki, to run and take the reins. Mandela spent his early retirement years paying attention to the charitable Su-kam: Most Reliable Inverter Brand in Africa Su-kam Power Systems Limited was awarded as the “Most Reliable Inverter brand in Africa” for the year 2013. Institute of Brand Management in Nigeria in association with African Institute for Brand Management and International Brand Management Association has presented the award in a ceremony at Hotel Four Points, Lagos. Su-kam has witnessed a secure hike in growth over the years and it has entrusted the brand with a number of awards including West Africa’s best inverter brand Award for two consecutive years 2009 and 2010. The Su-kam range of innovative products have strengthened the faith among the Nigerian masses with their inverters, online UPS, SMF/Tubular deep discharge batteries, automotive batteries and Solar Solutions. The company is rated as the most preferred and most popular brand for power back-up solutions by dealers and corporate users. The efficient ‘after sales services’ are proving as the major reason behind the success of the company. Mr. Rao Srinivas, Head of Operations – West Africa asserted that Su-kam is addressing the power challenges faced by the Nigerian economy and other West African countries by offering innovative power back up solutions suiting the needs of individual customers. Further, he added, “We do not compete on price but we offer differentiated and innovative products through value addition suiting the needs of Nigerian Consumers.” Africa Goes 3G Bharti Airtel along with SoftBank Mobile Corp is all groomed to provide cost-efficient 3G mobile phone services in Africa. Both the companies are controlling a communications satellite as a transmitter following a field trial that took place in Kenya. Mr. Bayan Monadjem, Chief Technical Officer of Bharti Airtel Africa put forward, “This technology is critically important to the development of mobilephone networks in rural areas in Africa and other areas where commercialization of such operations is challenging. I would like to extend my appreciation to those companies who supported us in this trial, and SoftBank, who provided us with this technology.” The network would cover the areas having difficulty in building facilities for fixed-line telecommunications. The 3G services development of networks are considering usage of satellite transmission but expensive usage fees have been the primary barrier. Approval has been done with the trial, regarding the availability of communications services using a communications satellite in rural areas at a low cost. He also stated, “This will enable 3G mobile phone services in remote locations where transmission lines cannot usually reach while achieving drastic reductions in transmission line costs.” 03  A landscape view in Kenya worth of drilling equipment over the next two months. Mr. Hill also said, “The proximity and similarity to the existing Ngamia and Twiga discoveries gives us a causes for children and afterward speaking out about AIDS, which has poured down lives of millions of Africans, counting his son Makgatho as well, who died in 2005. In 2009, the United Nations General Assembly announced Mandela’s birthday, 18 July, as ‘Mandela Day’, branding his involvement to the anti-apartheid fight. It called on folks to contribute 67 minutes to doing something for others, memorializing the 67 years that Mandela had been an important character of the movement. With his physical condition becoming more and more delicate, Mandela was taken to the hospital for a repeating lung infection since 2011. In June 2013, he was admitted in a severe state. The nation held its breath - but Mandela was sent home on 1 September, with President Zuma drawing Mandela’s condition as “critical and at times unstable”. Gazillions gathered for the state memorial ritual in Johannesburg, South Africa to memorize Mandela. A record number of 91 Heads of State flew in for this occasion. H.E. Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, President of India and high level delegation touched the land of South Africa to be a part of Nelson Mandela’s funeral service. In high degree of confidence that we will find oil and continue to build the discovered resources necessary for commercial volume threshold.” a departure statement, the President of India said he was leaving with sorrow for the memorial service to be held in Johannesburg. The Indian delegation included Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Shri Anand Sharma, Commerce and Industry Minister, leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha Smt. Sushma Swaraj and MPs Sitaram Yechury of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) and Shri Satish Chandra Mishra of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) as well as senior government officials. The President said involvement in the memorial service by a delegation making up a crosssection of the political spectrum “reflects the high degree of love and respect which Mandela commanded in India”. President Mukherjee asserted “He was a household name and someone, we saw as one of our own. His life was a living example of human strength and courage in the face of brute force and gross injustice. He was the last of the giants who led the world’s struggles against the colonialism and his struggle held special significance for us as we saw in him a reflection of our own prolonged anti-colonial struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi.” May god rest his soul!!
  4. 4. 04 CountryoftheWeek MONDAY| JANUARY13, 2014 SAY HELLO TO NAMIBIA NAMIBIA AT A GLANCE Official Name Republic of Namibia Head of State H.E Mr. Hifikepunye Pohamba Capital Windhoek  A view of the capital city Area 8, 24, 268 sq. Km. Population 2.3 million approx Governement Multy-party constitutional democracy Time Zone GMT + 0200 hr Country Dialling Code +264 Currency Namibia Dollar (N$) = 100 cents Major Exports Uranium, zinc, copper, fish Major Import Crude oil Climate Dessert, hot, dry; rainfall sparse and erratic Official Language English Natural Resources uranium, copper, zinc, lead, gold, diamonds, tin, lithium, cadmium, salt, hydro-power, fish Independence Day March 21, 1990 »» Namibia is the first country in the world to incorporate environmental protection into its Constitution. Skeleton Coast Park attractions  Sand dunes and Acacia Tree 70-80% of gross agricultural income. Generally, it can be stated that Namibian economy rests on four pillars: Mining, Agriculture, Fishery and Tourism. H.E. Mr. Hifikepunye Pohamba, President of Republic of Namibia has taken significant steps to increase transparency and to attract investors to variegate the economy. Bountiful Opportunities On Hand Namibia remains a country with noteworthy spirited reward as an investment location with a range of economic sectors perched for improved performance and contribution to the GDP through effective investment. The thriving Namibian economy has a fresh market sector, which brings about most of the country’s affluence, and a conventional subsistence sector. Even though the preponderance of the population engrosses in subsistence agriculture and herding, Namibia has more than 200,000 skilled workers, as well as a small, well-trained professional and managerial class. Namibian Government is »» Etosha National Park is one of the many places in Namibia to cradle the endangered Black Rhino, which is actually more of a greyish-white colour. »» Namibia has the world’s highest cheetah population roughly estimated between 2,500 to 3,000 cats. freedom from nationalization, freedom remit capital and profits, currency convertibility and a process for settling disputes equitably. Key benefits under Foreign Investment Act include: • qual treatment of local and E foreign investors; • epatriation of profits; R • ull protection of investment; F calling Indian business persons to invest in the country, and explore joint venture partnerships in mining, agriculture, infrastructure development and manufacturing along with other fields. Namibia is truly a country of opportunities providing many more sources in diverse areas including cutting and polishing of precious, semiprecious stones, marble and granite; leather and glass products; down-stream processing of gas; cement, steel, textiles and garments manufacturing, and many more. The Namibian Government has adhered liberal Foreign Investment Act of 1993 bestowing • Granting of Certificate of Status Investment (CSI). Capturing The Beauty Of Namibia There are motleys of words used by tourists to mark out the wonderful country like vast, endless, dramatic, unique and so on. Nature has not been miser with Namibia, thus it’s not just a country it is a wonderland with a gift of astonishment and a range of experiences for every type of tourist. Very few know that 80% of the country is made up of dessert. With the highest sand dune in the world in its kitty, Namibia also bags the credit of experiencing and preserving the largest single piece of meteor on Earth, weighing 66 tonnes. Namibia is a den of majestic sceneries always equipped to enthral travellers with its spell bounding beauty, nature and adventure. Nothing is more soothing, mesmerizing and as beautiful as the sunset at Sossus Vlei. Also, Namibia’s extensive coastline called The Skeleton Coast is a prime location with landscape in the park ranging from windswept dunes to rugged canyons with walls of richly coloured volcanic rock and extensive mountain ranges. It is a home to great variety of species with its borders: big cats, dessert-adapted elephants, black rhino and many more. All in all Namibia is a spell bounding country with its bountiful tourism destinations and excellent investment opportunities. Advertisement   Christuskiche in Windhoek, Namibia DID YOU KNOW?  Namibia is an independent and democratically governed Republic situated on the South-Western coast of Africa. It is a country of unspoilt exquisiteness, enormous solitude, endless horizons, and sharp mountain silhouettes. The country is usually dubbed as “The Gem of Africa” with bounteous natural and geological heritage; access to infrastructure has augmented several years of moderate economic growth and has made Namibia the most favourable investment destination. It is a land of natural treasures of the earth, presenting Southern Africa’s one of the most stable country. Africa’s most aesthetic, ornamental and abundant country, Namibia is all set to spread its wings and make its illustrative presence more felt worldwide. The cleanest country of Africa recently was the word of mouth when ranked the third position for its mining sector. Mining and natural resources are the backbone of the Namibian economy. Mining and quarrying elucidates 13.2% of GDP providing more than 50% of foreign exchange earnings. The major products of Namibian industrial sector are zinc, lead, tin, silver, tungsten, gold, marble, copper, granite, diamonds as well as semi-precious stones. Majority of Namibian workers are engaged in agricultural activities, accounting for approximately 10% of the GDP, producing ostrich meat, livestock, beef and mutton production contributing around Stunning view of Namibia fascinating its tourists To book your please email to ads@indoafricatimes.com or call at +91 8130796166
  5. 5. BusinessBuzz mONDAY| JANUARY13, 2014 Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative Microsoft, fated as ‘Software Giant” is a multinational company commonly known for its expertise in computer technology that develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a diverse range of software products are looking forward to boost its ventures partnership programme in Africa. A programme was launched in June with an endeavor to offer tools, resources, expertise through partnerships around the world. Ventures partnership programme, an integrated global effort for expansion in Africa is one element of the Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative which was launched recently to initiate services in key sectors viz. agriculture, education and healthcare. Mr. Amrote Abdella, Director, 4Afrika Venture Capital and Startup programs articulated, “Through the 4Afrika initiative, we are deeply committed to fostering African innovation and to fueling Africa’s economic growth and competitiveness and we are very proud to see Microsoft Ventures extend its reach into the African continent”. He added, “We strongly believe that with the right support, African startups hold tremendous potential to impact both their local economies and the world’s perception of African-led innovation and entrepreneurship”. To begin with, 88mph, a private seed fund with active work places in Nairobi and Cape Town was the first African accelerator to enter in partnership with Microsoft Ventures. The institution key intent is to offer initially set up web or mobile companies with a funding up to $100K through a 3-month startup accelerator programme. Microsoft in collaboration with 88mph is expected to present startups with mentorship, technology guidance, seed funding, joint selling opportunities and many more to explore. Mr. Nikolai Barnwell, Director, 88mph, Nairobi appreciated Microsoft in a statement, “Microsoft is a company that deeply understands the value of the ecosystem, and we believe that by working together, 88mph and Microsoft can offer a world class launch pad to African startups looking to achieve true scale”  Students getting their hands on the latest technology Tech Mahindra Catching African Market Tech Mahindra, a renowned global IT systems integration provider is in full swing to mark Airtel: Africa’s most loved Indian Brand Indian company, Airtel has labelled its firm existence in the promising and capable continent of the world; Africa. According to the survey report of African Business Awards, Airtel has been placed in the top ten most admired global brands. It is the only Asian brand to score its place at ninth on the list. It defeated Japanese car manufacturer Honda having the tenth position on the list of African Business Awards launched by African Business magazine. The African Business Awards were held at the Mandarin Oriental, New York coinciding with the African Leadership Forum and the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, where global CEOs meet to discuss best practice and sustainable business responsibility. It was the sixth edition of the awards launched to draw attention to the changing business landscape in Africa and highlight the personalities pushing the change. They are also focussed on promoting good governance and best business practices as well 05  Airtel in Africa as to encourage innovative culture throughout the continent. Bharti Airtel Ltd. is one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunication services with presence in 19 countries including India, South Asia and Africa. Being one of the most beloved brands in Africa, Airtel is on the path of fulfilling its vision for Africa i.e. ‘By 2015, Airtel will be the most loved brand in the daily lives of African people.’ Airtel grew its brand value year-by-year by 30% among Samsung by 121% increase which was better than any others in the top ten. The estimated proportion of revenue that the parent company attributes to the brand estimates the brand valuation on the African continent. Airtel is India’s largest telecom company with 192.22 million subscribers as of August-end and market capitalisation of 1.28 lakh crores as on October 1. Samsung is ready to thrill Ghana with GALAXY Note 3 Samsung has launched its new GALAXY Note product line, the GALAXY Note 3 in Ghana at an exclusive media event at the plush Accra Polo Courts at Airport which saw the participation of over 2000 individuals from over 30 African countries converge in Cape Town, South Africa to celebrate another technological advancement from Samsung. Mr. Jaspreet Singh, Business Leader for Handheld Products at Samsung Ghana said – “It is going to be a night full of excitement coupled with apt display of innovative technology. Samsung is ready to thrill the nation with our new device, the GALAXY Note 3.” Further he added, “Exciting new features and services like the Smart Value and ADH Premium which are all part of Samsung’s Smart Eco System will be unveiled for the first time unto the Ghanaian Market”. With this new launch, Ghana will experience a technology breakthrough with the world’s first Smart watch. The Galaxy Gear Smart watch comes with the features a 1.63-inch (4.14 cm) OLED display and it is capable of making calls, capturing photos and videos as well as showing notifications like messages, social media updates, and health data etc; it also has a 1.9-megapixel camera. The GALAXY Note 3 represents the next evolution of the GALAXY Note experience. She Will Connect: An Initiative by Intel On the occasion of second ‘International Day of the Girl’ in October, Intel Kenya collaborated with Akirachix and turned its research into action with its “She Will Connect” initiative. The program is result of findings in the innovative “Women and the Web” report especially initiated to reduce the gender and technology gap around the world specifically in developing countries concerning digital literacy. The initiative focuses to reach five million women in Africa with the help of local and global governments and NGOs. It will ensure that more Kenyan girls start to develop technology applications with the 2-day free training sessions organized annually for the ones interested in coding. According to Intel, “Typically, in developing countries you learn technology in a shared environment (such as an internet cafe). When women connect to its presence in African continent. To quote its progress, the company has already penetrated in Botswana and other nine African countries which have also lead to employment. Sriran Veeravalli Sevellimedu, senior vice president said, “For the Mahindra group, Africa is an important continent and we want to build and share the growth of African nations by providing technology and also create jobs”. other women, they find social support and resources.” “She Will Connect” initiative would be testing a new model that integrates digital literacy with gender and development programming targeting women and girls such as Online Gaming Platform i.e. a podium to innovate the delivery of digital literacy content through an interactive, engaging approach and Peer Network in which Intel and World Pulse will be working together to integrate World Pulse’s digital empowerment training into existing digital literacy programs and connect women to a safe and supportive peer network. In addition, Linda Kamau of Akirachix asserted, “In a continent where women form a majority of the population and half of the workforce, it is an anormaly that the percentage of women working in technology is less than 15%. Technology is one Africa, being a booming investment destination is attracting many Indian investors and one of them is Tech Mahindra which eye expansion in the telecommunications, banking, oil and gas sectors. After opening a shop in 2006, Tech Mahindra has its footprints in South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, CongoBrazaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Kenya and the Gabon. of the key factors driving Africa’s projected economic rise. As such, we welcome Intel’s partnership as we believe there is enormous potential for maximising the growth of technology through increasing the number and quality of women in technology within programs that collaborate with like-minded organizations.” Intel has announced its collaboration with Akirachix to launch a country initiative that will help see more girls embrace technology. Sevellimedu appreciated Airtel for giving an opportunity to the company to commence shops in seven countries by taking over all their call centres during their first step in Africa. Girish Nair, Tech Mahindra’s Nigeria Head recognizing ITC’s potential expressed that it can reduce country’s unemployment rate if managed properly and the government pay more attention to this. He added, “Tech Mahindra has brought into industry the best practices based on global experience cutting all industries worldwide and the company’s services support the growth of industry in Nigeria”. The company has started recruiting graduates for training in India as there is a need for continuous training of staff to get better results.  A digital expansion programme for young women launched by Intel
  6. 6. The Complete Makeover of the African Continent 06 FRANKLY SPEAKING Incredible Steps Forward... By kirit sobti, editor, iat Africa’s time has come and it can without doubt attain it’s Vision within 50 years, or even less? The world in which we are living at the moment is one described by a major makeover or we can say as transformation. The previous approach controlling the method that countries turn out and trade are being substituted. There is no deficiency of success stories on Africa. Let me say to you that Africa is rising, Africa is modernizing, Africa is the next consumer market, and Africa’s influence is mounting. In corporate boardrooms and global-investment seminars, business leaders are talking about the African continent. What makes me experience so boldly that Africa’s time has come is that it can without doubt attain its vision within 50 years, or even less? I have been moving around in Africa in the last 10 years. However what is impressive about the deliberate on Africa today is the modification in the perceptual experience. Africa has gradually shifted from the land of pessimism to the land of opportunity. Africa is all over again being envisioned as a continent of limitless opportunities - the last rising investment frontier. I witness this confidence in the increasing number and assortment of businesses and countries clumping to commit their expertise in the continent. It is the cheerfulness grounded on firm economic developments which even the global financial crises was only capable to overturn in brief. More and more, this development is being utilized to branch out economies and commit in the foundation of the victorious clubs - education, health and infrastructure. Over the last decade, the universal drift across African authority is optimistic. We have experienced a noticeable fall in conflicts, continued economic development, and noteworthy hits in Human Development. The continent is now more calm, affluent, vigorous and well-educated than at the turn of the millennium. The expenses of opening a business have come down by more than two-thirds, while hold up for starting a business have been fractioned. The percentage of the population living below the poverty line has fallen from 51% in 2005 to 39% in 2012. Africa’s collective Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita reached $953 last year, while the number of middle income countries on the continent rose to 26, out of a total of 54. Quite a few factors have chipped in to Africa’s bounce back in escalation. These embrace elevated investment and savings, firmer export growth mainly ensuing from the higher commodity prices, an enhanced legal, regulatory atmosphere and largely macroeconomic stability. Consumer demand by its mounting middle class too is an engine for growth. According to a recent World Bank report, consumer spending accounted for more than 60 per cent of subSaharan Africa’s recent economic growth, which it forecast to accelerate to more than 5 per cent over the next three years, outpacing the global average. Africa has also made incredible steps forward in the area of political stability and governance, all of which are essential in enabling growth. But if I had to bring up one particular element, I would declare it is ‘trust’. Africans these days are more positive and confident about the outlook than ever before. This is moreover the great makeover that I have noticed in the approach of Africans. In this decade of shifts in the global economy, Africa has withstood with the skeptics, speeding up its economic rhythm and discovering noteworthy meliorations. However these constructive evolutions have been moderated by unsuitable situations in jobs, youth unemployment and rising inequality. These are at the moment challenges. Development must carry jobs and prospects for all. That will occur if growth is constant and heads to the structural and economic transformation that will allow the continent to join global value chains. It will do this by concluding the infrastructure gap, accelerating the economic amalgamation, addressing conflicts old and new, and building human capital. The true test for Africa lies in supporting the growth course, allowing it to arrive at its full latent and guaranteeing the growth is complete. Widespread and sustained poverty reduction — which is in effect the ultimate aim of growth and development — is only MONDAY| JANUARY13, 2014 Beginning of Stronger Ties With the trail of time, India and Africa have demonstrated their relationship and have enormously broadened its energy procurement to African countries. With a time when Africa’s share in import of any oil to India was nil, within eight years, more than 20 percent of India’s oil and gas imports are now from Africa. The growing dependency on Africa is being considered a key dynamic shaping trade and investment on both sides. Recently, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) acquired a 10 percent stake in an offshore gas field of Anadarko Petroleum Corp in Mozambique for $2.64 billion. The icing on the cake is the wonder of the wonderful continent in the emerging tourism sector with fully booked direct flights between India and African hubs like Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Johannesburg on most days. Also, hike in purchase of oil and gas has been encountered from a range of African countries. The increase in economic relationship is estimated to be the result of African countries coming forward to find more buyers to get the best price for their products. In 2001, import from Southern Africa bagged nearly 60 percent of exports to India while West Africa had just above 16 percent in its kitty. Now, apart from Iran, India is considering doing special arrangements with oil-producing countries of Africa. Furthermore, the biggest sellers of petroleum products to India from the continent are Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. According to a report, “Morocco and South Africa are the next largest investors in India with investments worth US$137 million and US$112 million, respectively. possible if the domestic policies are in place to ensure that the deliverables from this success story translate into real impact on the ground. Trade is one of the schemes that can be tapped to strengthen and augment the growth scenario. Africa considers itself turning to a wealthy and affluent continent with elevated growth that makes more employment chances for all, particularly women and youth. Better policies and better base will impel Africa’s revolution by ameliorating the circumstances for private sector expansion and by encouraging investments, entrepreneurship and micro, small and medium enterprises. It is in this regard that I perceive Africa as a promise to the world. Africa has got a lot of assurance to the world. And in my observation, Africa might just be the world’s key to get out of the present international economic crises. Africa’s talents, its natural resources, youthful age formation, increasing population, and rising middle class and consumers are most important assets for the world. There is a new economic growth story emerging from Africa. Africa possesses all the prerequisites to become a major growth pole of the world. India will work with Africa to realize its vast potential. It is in this spirit that I wish to outline some initiatives for the consideration of our African partners We have awakened. We will not sleep anymore. Today, from now on, there is a new African in the world! That new African is ready to fight his own battles and show that after all, the black man is capable of managing his own affairs. We are going to demonstrate to the world, to the other nations, that we are prepared to lay our own foundation. Our own African identity. Dr. Manmohan singh Prime Minister of India H.E Mr. Jacob Zuma President of South Africa
  7. 7. TRAVEL&tourism mONDAY| JANUARY13, 2014 07 Interesting facts VICTORIA FALLS The Smoke that Thunders Victoria Falls showcase a spectacular sight of extravagant and stirring beauty and is acknowledged as one of the most spectacular cataracts in the world, forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was discovered by the Kololo tribe living in the area in the 1800’s as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ – ‘The Smoke that Thunders’. In more modern terms Victoria Falls is known as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world. Activities Major It is created by the Zambezi River that suddenly plummets into a narrow, 100-meters deep chasm. Victoria is the only waterfall in the world that is over one kilometer wide and over one hundred meters deep. Its roar can be heard from 40 kilometers away, while the spray and mist from the falling water rises up to 400 meters and is visible from the distance of 50 kilometers. Even the rainbows are incredible »» hite water Rafting W »» The 111 meter high bungee jump »» cenic Helicopter flights S »» uad and mountain biking Q »» Devil’s pool here and are of “moon” kind, produced by the light reflected off the surface of the moon. Victoria Falls Bridge links the two countries Zambia and Zimbabwe providing a magnificent look out for walking expeditions. The surrounding areas of the fall offer many unique experiences and places to explore. The Falls are also surrounded by national parks with the nearby Mosi oa Tunya National Park declared as a world heritage Zambia and Zimbabwe created history at UNWTO General Assembly For the first time in the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) history, their General Assembly (GA) was co-hosted by two countries – Zambia and Zimbabwe. The UNWTO jointly assembled its GA in both Livingstone on the Zambia side and in Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side of the famous falls. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the United Nations agency accountable for the encouragement of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. UNWTO’s membership includes 156 countries, 6 Associate Members and over 400 Affiliate Members representing the private sector, educational institutions, tourism associations and local tourism authorities. He event was affirmed as the best attended in the history of the organization during the Aug. 24-29 event with a record of 900 delegates from the media alliance, 121 full delegates from the member states, 140 delegates from all over the world, 49 foreign ministers and 750 other delegates attending the event. H.E. Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, President of Zambia felicitated the two co-host countries for their endeavors in organizing for the event and expressing that the co-hosting was an apparent evidence of the two countries dedication of tapping regional tourism. Matters such as visa facilitation, the need to make airports more visitor friendly, taxation, open skies and the impact of low cost airlines were among the issues in debate. UNWTO has defined connectivity as one of its policy priorities alongside visa facilitation and fair taxation and is working with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on advancing these issues as well as those related to addressing climate change, the modernization of aviation regulations and the development of convergent rules for traveler and enterprise protection. The event has branded a noticeable turning point in the tourism destinies of the two countries, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region and the African continent. Zimbabwe’s Tourism Minister, H.E. Walter Mzembi said Victoria Falls, one of the world’s seven wonders would never be the same again as preparations were underway to market and promote the tourist resort more. Without a doubt, a permanent mark and a heritage will linger in the memories of people living in two countries and the rest of the continent. »» River boarding »» River surfing »» Fly fishing »» Zip wires »» Jet boats »» Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. »» Victoria Falls is the world’s largest curtain of falling water. The 1,700m wide water cataract drops through 110 m only to escape through a series of zigzagging gorges a mere 100m wide and 122m deep. site. One of the peculiar ways of entertainment at Victoria Falls is a natural pool about ten meters wide, located right next to the cliff, next to the Livingstone’s island, this wonderful place is called “Devil’s Pool”. After getting into this pool the swimmer can feel how tons and tons of swirling water plummet nearby. This pool is closed during the high-water season, as the swimmers can be dragged by the current into the precipice, so the tours to this pool only start in autumn. One special tourist point is across the Knife Edge Bridge, where one can have the finest view of the Eastern Cataract and the main falls as well as the Boiling Pot. Here the river turns and heads down the Batoka Gorge. Other eye-catching visiting points include the Falls Bridge and the Lookout Tree which commands a panoramic view across the main falls.
  8. 8. 08 TALKINGTECHNOLOGY it work in connection with the government in ensuring that sanitary objectives are well prioritized. As a result of its partnership, Zoomlion has become by far the most preferred waste management firm in the country by creating opportunities for several Ghanaians locally and abroad.  The situation of environmental sanitation in African countries over the years has not been a healthy one. Waste Management, a major component of Environmental Sanitation, has, over the years to date, been a major headache of successive central government and local authorities. African nations are struggling hard to deal with filth and its outcomes on the health of the people on the continent as well as its economic implications. The problems relating to mounting solid waste are fast acquiring gigantic proportions in the developing countries of Africa. The dumping of toxic waste materials poses a heavy environmental threat to African people, many of whom are not aware of the dangers and are not equipped to handle the ensuing consequences. Enforcement of waste disposal remains a big problem in many of the African countries. What makes Zoomlion one of the most enviable waste management firms has everything to do with the unbeatable services it offer. It is the fastest growing waste management company on the environmental landscape of Ghana. The company is better resourced and better equipped in terms of technical knowhow, man power, equipment and structures. In addition to all these, the company has been involved in this industry for several years, and translates this experience into its work and products. It was formed in 2006 as Zoomlion Ghana Limited and now has grown over the past four years with eight (8) subsidiaries. Zoomlion also operates in other African countries such as Togo, Angola and Guinea while negotiations are far advanced for the company to start operations in other African countries such as Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Zoomlion does not disappoint, KEEPING AFRICA GREEN, CLEAN AND HEALTHY MONDAY| JANUARY13, 2014 A successful operation of tricycle concept Moving towards ZERO waste…….. Sound management of waste is therefore becoming a requirement to avoid substantive adverse effects on human’s health and environment that are associated with poor waste management. The typology of wastes generated in Africa from point and non-point sources encompass industrial, agricultural, sewage, municipal and other wastes including wastes from the medical, nuclear, electrical and electronic industry. These wastes can be classified either as non-hazardous or hazardous. Because of health and environmental hazards, waste from the chemical and allied industries and the medical and nuclear sectors requires special attention. There are many ways to manage and clean up the generated waste. Waste management in Africa suffers from limited technological and economic resources as well as poor funding which collectively result in the prevalent low standards of waste management. Progress is being made in Africa to develop and implement policies and regulations concerning the collection and management, including recycling, recovery and environmentally sound disposal, of various waste streams. There is therefore an urgent need to support the transfer and dissemination of knowledge and technology and foster investments in best practices for environmentally sound management of various waste streams within the African continent. Indian companies are stepping in as middle-men to provide much needed services to help African countries. Tricycle Concept in Public Cleansing and Pre-Collection Services Solid Waste Collection (doorto-door, communal container, and heap evacuation) Services Liquid Waste Services Public Cleansing (street/ pavement sweeping and drain cleansing) Services Motorised Road Sweeping and Washing Services Operation and Maintenance (OM) of Landfill/Final Dump Site Vector Control Services such as The Nationwide Mosquito Control Programme Local Assembly and Sale of Waste Management Equipment (Tricycles and Waste Containers) Services Range of Services The tricycle Waste Collector concept ensures an effective and efficient collection of waste from communities, especially in high density but low income communities where the large and heavy waste collection trucks cannot even access. The technology is simple and operates on manual power which is cheaper when compared to motorized ones. The Tricycle Concept Benefits of the tricycle concept Creation of employment opportunities for youth and therefore reducing poverty Very low operation and maintenance cost Regular and maximum evacuation of waste Minimization of indiscriminate disposal of waste in drains and open spaces Reducing the incidence of flies and mosquito breeding thus ultimately resulting in less disease-causing conditions in the low income communities in particular. Zoomlion is very focused in its special operations, to clean up cities and towns, improve the environmental quality and with its hopes to assist the government, local organizations or even emerging waste management companies into becoming instruments of change that Africa can identify with. In short Zoomlion Ghana Limited is in the business of promoting a green, clean and healthy Africa and beyond.
  9. 9. TRYSOMETHINGNEW mONDAY| JANUARY13, 2014 African Cuisine (Egyptian Style) The wealth of a rich man can be stolen or burnt, but the happiness and wisdom of the wise remain. Fried Cauliflower Ingredients 1. Fill a large pot with lightly salted water and bring to a rolling boil; add 2 teaspoons cumin to boiling water. Cook cauliflower florets, working in batches, in the boiling water until cooked but still crisp, 1 to 2 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and cool on a plate. 2. Blend flour, egg, garlic, 1 teaspoon cumin, tomato paste, and salt in a blender or food processor until smooth; thin with milk as needed. 3. Heat oil in a deep skillet to about 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). 4. Dip cauliflower florets in the batter; fry battered cauliflower in the hot oil, working in batches, until cauliflower is golden and crispy, 6 to 8 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel-lined plate. Directions (Serves 4) »» 2 teaspoons ground cumin »» 1 head cauliflower, cut into florets »» 1 cup all-purpose flour »» 1 egg »» 2 cloves garlic »» salt to taste »» 1 tablespoon tomato paste »» 2 cups vegetable oil, or as needed »» 1/4 cup milk, or as needed Voice of Youth Journalism is my area of interest, as it inspires me to advance my knowledge through professional practice that will be beneficial to my people. In the next 5 years, I want to hold a master’s degree in film and TV production and wish to own a studio. Studies show that eating a proper breakfast is one of the most positive things you can do if you are trying to lose weight. Breakfast skippers tend to gain weight. A balanced breakfast includes fresh fruit juice, a high-fibre breakfast cereal, low-fat milk or yoghurt, whole-wheat toast and a boiled egg.  updates New High Commissioners and Ambassadors of India Shri Ravi Bangar (IFS: 1982) currently Additional Secretary in Ministry of External Affairs has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to the Republic of Cyprus. Shri Ajjampur Rangaiah Ghanashyam (IFS: 1982) currently KUMBA MBOGE The Gambia Being a lawyer has always been my career goal. In future, I want to see myself becoming a lawyer so I can help needy lives and make sure that justice is served to all. And, India is the best option to fulfill my dreams. Additional Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Shri K. Jeeva Sagar (IFS: 1991), presently High Commissioner of India to Ghana has been concurrently accredited as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Togo, with residence in Accra. Shri Pavan Kapoor (IFS: 1990) currently Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to the Republic of Mozambique. Dr. A.V.S. Ramesh Chandra (IFS: 1989) currently Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India, Ankara has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to Uganda. Find the below African countries in the puzzle Shri Gaddam Dharmendra (IFS: 1990) currently Consul General of India, Hong Kong has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to the Republic of Zambia. Change of Embassy Address Kenya High Commission D-1/27 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi- 110057 upcoming Pravasi Bharatiya Divas The 12th Edition of (PBD) Convention which is the flagship upshot of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) is scheduled to be held in New Delhi on 7-9 January 2014. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports will be the Partner Ministry for the event. Date: 7-9 January 2014 Country: India Venue: Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi Asia-Africa AgriBusiness Forum Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is organizing this forum in partnership with Government of India which will prove to be a great platform for entrepreneurs of both the continents to have an open discussion and enhance their agribusiness linkages. Date: 04-06, 2014 Country: India Venue: Hotel Kempinski Ambience, New Delhi Industrial India Trade Fair The African Youth is definitely full of energy, ideas, vitality, great imagination, potential and capacities for action. Students from Sharda University told us how they want to become independent, professional and accountable citizens. ISATOU J.K. SANYANG The Gambia 09 HALIMATOU BAH The Gambia I want to pursue bachelors and master’s degree in Civil Engineering to help improve infrastructure and development of my country. As a saying goes, “Man proposes, God disposes” I pray to God to accept my proposal. new High Commissioners/ Ambassadors of African Countries to India High Commissioner of Namibia to India - H.E. Mr. Pius Dunaiski High Commissioner of Rwanda to India - H.E. Mr. Ernest Rwamucyo High Commissioner of Uganda to India - H.E. Mrs. Elizabeth Paula Navpewok High Commissioner of Kenya to India Mrs. Florence Imisa Weche High Commissioner of South Africa to India- H.E. Mr. France Kosinyane Morule High Commissioner of Zambia to India - Brig. Gen. Patrick Romedyo Tembo (Rtd) High Commissioner of the Kingdom of Lesotho to India - H.E. Mr. Bothata Tsikoane High Commissioner of Malawi to India - H.E. Dr. Perks M. Ligoya Africa was joined to the other continent called Pangaea. Over millions of years this huge continent broke apart shaping the world landscape as we know it today. Industrial India Trade Fair is one of the largest exhibition of its kind in Eastern North eastern India. Industrial India Trade Fair focuses the Industrial progress of the region and other states encompassing various sectors. The exhibition is being organized by Bengal National Chamber Of Commerce Industry. Date: 27 December - 05 January 2014 Country: India Venue: Milan Mela Complex, Kolkata, India Sparkle International Sparkle International 2014 is a four day event making the attendees get to see latest designer range coming straight from the house of the best designers of India. Event is organized by the Southern Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce Industry. Date: 03 - 06 January 2014 Country: India Venue: Surat International Exhibition Convention Centre, Surat, India Education Excellence Forum (EEF) Puducherry Industry HR Outreach to Institutes (IHROI) Education Excellence Forum has initiated Industry HR Outreach to Institutes for serving the institutional community through workshop that forge new and stronger relationships between industry HR professionals from corporations and academe. Date: Jan 07, 2014 Country: India Venue: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Conference Hall, Puducherry State Office, No.1, 1st Floor, Zamindar Garden, S V Patel Road, Puducherry, India Premier Schools Exhibition - New Delhi It exhibits the best services and information that will support the learners and their respective guardians about the updates and latest happenings in the educational field. Date: 04 - 05 January 2014 Country: India Venue: The Grand Hotel New Delhi
  10. 10. 10 THEFASHIONISTAS MONDAY| JANUARY13, 2014  Top three contestants Nollywood now in South Africa Nollywood, a film industry of Nigeria is the second in featuring movies apart from India. The industry is growing in excellence and hoping to increase its reach. iROKOtv, a website for movies and a DVD distributor has now entered the South African market to achieve new interest, customers and build a strong African foothold for its films outside of Nigeria. The company has its offices in Lagos, London and New York but has now twisted its optimism to South Africa. “In general, we want to grow everywhere, The continent is definitely our growth strategy, like where we would like to make an imprint, and then have people come to know our name. And also come to know our products…. So South Africa is one of the first places outside of Nigeria that we would like to grow that base,” said Genevieve Dumorne, the Director of the new Johannesburg office for iROKO. The company iROKO, launched its offices in Johannesburg in January and began a DVD circulation process in June. Nollywood releases more than 1,000 movies per year and that South Africa’s market is not new to its movies. The company is offering DVDs of movies to entice South African customers to become Nollywood fans. IIFT awarded with Quality Educational Leadership 2013 South African Starlet Reshica Naicker crowned Mrs. India International Institute of Fashion Technology recently has been awarded Quality Initiative Mission Educational Leadership Award 2013. IIFT has truly marked its metal in the field of Fashion Technology Education. The award was presented during the seminar based on ‘Emerging Trends Impacting Higher Education Research: Managing Quality, Competition Expectations’ organised by Knowledge Resource Development Welfare Group (KRDWG). The seminar was conducted at India International Centre Annexe, New Delhi. The seminar had esteemed presence of CEOs, Chairmen, Directors, Managers and Senior Managers of various education fields along with Mr. Ratnadeep Lal, founder Chairman IIFT Group being felicitated. The seminar had India’s leading technologist Ratnadeep Lal established IIFT in 1990 bestowing education in Fashion Designing, Interior designing, Apparel Merchandising, Garment Manufacturing, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Jewellery Design and many more training over 80,000 students through 70 worldwide centres. Capital of India; Delhi witness a glamorous evening hosted by Bharat Bhramar, Vadi and Amit Goel, Directors of Shri Sai Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. alongside Mr. Kushal Rathi, MD ECNON. The evening had the esteemed presence of guests and panel members of Mrs. India Worldwide including former Mrs. World Actress Aditi Govitrikar, actress Amita Nangia and Eva Grover, P. Mohanti, Ramandeep Singh, designer Shibani Rastogi, designer Rabani and Rakha, fitness trainer Vesna Jacob along with Blossom Kocchar. The event solely aimed to reach out to stunning and endowed married women across India and bring into play Mrs. India platform as a door to enter the glamorous world of respect, fame and money. The preliminary rounds were held at Chennai, Chandigarh, New Delhi, South Africa, and many more. The eligibility criteria for the Crown constituted of Kenya Fashion Week: Path for Global Brands With the trail of time, African fashion is truly creating a strong path in global market with its visionary trends with unique prints. Africa’s most anticipated and beloved Trendz Kenya Fashion Week 2013, brain child of Sonu Sharma was an opportunity for designers from all over the world to exhibit their creativeness. The event in its 4th year was sponsored by Brand Vaseline Co-Sponsored by Samsung Electronics and Jameson Select organised with a desire to expose Kenya as the established fashion and urban lifestyle capital of Africa. During the event designer Suzana Heinz quoted, “I think there is a wealth of fashion in Africa and I think we are making Africa fashion as we go along, so I think it changes through the seasons over time.” The world-class designers graced the event with their dynamic collections. Kenya Fashion Week (KFW) was hosted at Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi, Kenya featuring fine designers from Africa and around the world showcasing exquisite collections, world class entertainment, exhibiting lifestyle and luxury products and services, KFW after party. The event held its audience on the edge of their seats with its exclusive, new and enthralling collections. Some of the handpicked line up of designers included Dev R Nil (India), Suzaan Heyns (South Africa), Ruald Rheeder (South Africa), Kushweet Bharij (Kenya), Shahida Zia (Pakistan) and many more. Pakistani designer Shahida Zia also expressed her views on having market in Africa, “We are trying to target the locals more than Pakistani because we want to introduce our fashion to Africans more than anything else.” Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Mexico  Creative collection of designers varied terms and conditions such as the applicant should be Indian born or residing between 23 to 40 years and should be married, should not be under any commercial contract with any modelling agency at the time of participation in auditions. In addition to this, Mr. Bharat Bhramar, Founder Chairman of Shri Sai entertainments Pvt. Ltd. said, “Mrs. India Worldwide gives an opportunity to stunning and endowed females from India, to use this platform as a door to enter the glamorous world of fame, attracting a lot of fanfare.” The celebratory night ended when Mrs. South Africa Reshica Naicker triumphed and was crowned by Aditi Govitrikar as the winner of ECNON Haut Monde Mrs. India World Wide followed by Alka Jawla as the first runner-up and Bhavya Gehlot as the second runner up. Models walking on the ramp Mexico, famous for inventions, tourist destinations has many more attractions in its kitty, like Mexican designer. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, a creative blend of new and seasoned innovation presented their creations. The event hosted by Mexico witnessed eclectic creations of an array of innovative designers during fourteenth edition of the fashion week. Twenty new and established fashion designers participated in the fashion week leaving the audience jaw-dropped. Fashion label Pink Magnolia featured girly yet stylish range at the soiree abounding with stripes. The label line showcased dresses, skirts, peplums, jumpsuits and sweaters with cotton candy motifs. Trista, the designer brand also presented a 12-piece line titled ‘Dear Fina’ said to be inspired from the real life love story of Mexican soldier and politician Porfirio Diaz and his first wife Delfina Ortega with neutral coloured wool, silk and washed denim made apparels decorated with metal embellishments and hand embroidery. 
  11. 11. South Africa triumphs as the Cosafa U20 Champs SPORTS2WATCH mONDAY| JANUARY13, 2014 And the African Footballer of the year is ……………..Yaya Toure. Although Super Eagles and Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel was looked forward to achieve the title for this year, but Yaya Toute was also seen as a worthy player after being recognised as one of the finest midfielders of his generation and a supreme powerhouse commanding respect from every quarter. Mickel is said to earn a place in final shortlist of three subsequent to compatriot victor Moses being dropped in the second last round. But now Mickel trult hopes for success next time as he endeavours to be the second Nigerian following Jay Jay Okocha to win the prominent award.  CAF President (left), Yaya Toure (Center), Globacom Human Resource Executive Director (Right) but fired his short over the bar, before forward Siyanda Ngubo had the double advantage on 69 minutes as he splintered over the on-rushing Kenya goalkeeper Peter Odhiamo. Moreover, Amajita finished as deserved top dog in the final match Algeria to perform in FIFA World Cup 2014 Algerian players and fans are all enthusiastic for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014 after the team witnessed World Cup draw on December 6, 2013. According to the rules regarding draw, the team will now take on South Korea, Belgium and Russia in Group H in the first round of World Cup finals. The world cup draw took place in the Brazilian state of Bahia accommodating a contented group for the Algerian team which allowed them not to face the “big foots” like Brazil, Italy and Argentina. The World Cup Algeria match would be starting from June 17, 2014 in the city of Belo Horizonte at Mineirao Stadium followed by a match with South Korea, at Beira Rio Stadium in the city of Porto Alegre, five days later. It is been said that the Greens will be playing the last match of the first stage against Russia in the Arena de Baixada Stadium located in the city of Curitiba. Surprisingly, the confidence of the fans is been judged from the statements provided in which they expect them to qualify to the second stage of the tournament. According to Mohamed Ben Salem, “We have a young team that lacks experience but I am confident it will bring honor to Algeria, the Arab Maghreb and the entire Arab Region, thanks to the will that its players possess”. Soon after the draw the Algerian team’s coach, Vahid Halilhodzic asserted that there were strong teams, the Greens were not going to Brazil as tourists and would try their best to snatch one of the two qualifying tickets to the second stage. The president of the Algerian Football Association, Mohamed Raouraoua quoted, “Things could have been more difficult, we are with the best 32 teams in the world. We must prepare as required in order to bring honour to Algeria and to the Arab world in the Brazil event.” Not to mention, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire and Algeria are the African countries participating in the World Cup Brazil 2014.  Mr. Mohamed Raouraoua, President of the Algerian Football Association Gabon Super Cup won by Mounana The winner of the Coupe du Gabon, CF Mounana has had the last laugh winning the Gabon Super Cup defeating its rival team US Bitam by 1-0. The tournament took place in Libreville. The opening gun to the new season highlighting the champion of the Gabonese African Footballer of the Year: Yaya Toure League against the Coupe de Gabon champions was decided by Togolese-import Abdoulaye Ibrahim’s 75th minute goal. The Super Cup finale was graced by the esteemed presence of the President, H.E. Mr. Ali Bongo Ondimba and presented the trophy to the triumphant side. Amajita lift their fifth Cosafa Youth Championships title  Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (Cosafa) was established by the Supreme Council of Sports in Africa- Zone 6 comprising of all Ministers from 13 member countries of Zone 6 with sports responsibilities. Cosafa organized ‘Cosafa U20 Youth Championship 2013’ with South Africa having the last laugh sealing the title after a 2-0 success over Kenya in the final match in Maseru. The Amajita side held in Group C claimed their foremost regional title since 2008 and their fifth on the whole. The coach Shakes Mashaba dedicated the victory to former South Africa President Nelson Mandela who left for the heavenly abode on December 5 this year at the age of 95. The Amajita dominated the match at the early stages with skipper Ayabulela Mgqwaka heading home a corner to give them the lead on 33 minutes. Also, a great chance was held by Nhlankanipho Ntuli to make it 2-0 11 and pointing to a proud defensive record that witnessed them go through the entire tournament without conceding a goal in any of their five matches. In addition, Angola secured the bronze medal when they defeated Zimbabwe by 2-0 in the third place play off. YES Bank to promote South Africa at Hockey India League YES Bank, India’s fourth largest private sector bank is ready and steady to endorse South Africa and other countries at the Hockey India League (HIL). Bank has revealed the multi-year deal with the HIL beginning with the 2014 season. It would be the associate sponsor to the event. The inaugural season would witness 70 top domestic players comprising of the Indian national side together with 50 international players who are component of the national squads of New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, Malaysia, Argentina, Germany and Spain played for five franchise teams. Managing Director and CEO to Yes Bank, Mr. Rana Kapoor stated, “Through our dedicated Sports Banking proposition, we are committed to provide a robust financial infrastructure to support sports through customised banking solutions for various hockey associations, teams and players.” It is being said that six franchise teams would be featuring in the second season of the Hero Hockey India League. The second season will be held from January 25 to February 23, 2014. 144 leading players would get an opportunity to exhibit their talent and skills in 34 matches at six distinct venues. The Eritrean National Cycling team has proved its mettle winning the African Championship in the ninth continental competition that took place in Sharm Al-Sheikh, Egypt constituting the country’s fourth feat in a row for 2010 and 2012. The African Cycling Championship 2013 was held from November 29, 2013 to December 5, 2013. The national team coach, Mr. Musie Asihiel pointed out that the national team had been making in intensive training as of November 11and that Daniel Teklehaimanot and Meron Rusom would compete with senior teams. Both teams of men and women marked their victory ranking first at the Championship time race. Moreover, it was the first time women’s National team participated and got the attention of spectators for dominance over the game and grabbing the gold medals. The second and third rank was achieved by Egypt and Nigeria respectively. The Cycling Champion  For the fourth consecutive year, Eritrea’s cycling team wins the African Continental Cycling Championship
  12. 12. 12 ENCOUNTER WITH EDITOR MONDAY| JANUARY13, 2014 Need partnership in production of mineral and gas H.E. Dr. Hassan E. El. Talib, Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan to India Sudan and India are linked by strong bonds of common heritage and unique similarities. How in your opinion the relations between Sudan and India can further be strengthened? Both the countries are of varieties and demographic wealth. Relations between the two countries have always been warm and cordial. These relations have long history of contact since the days of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, when he used to be the first Indian Prime Minister to share their struggle for independence with Sudanese. India is among Sudan’s important trading partners and I think by encouraging more people to people contact, we can fortify this relation. Sudan looks forward to see Indian role in the new globalization. How would you comment on the relations of Sudan with South Sudan? Sudan and South Sudan have been one country for long time. We have many years of history as living together with diversity. In 2011, as South Sudan Sudan is an Afro-Arab country of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual society. It delights an outstanding strategic location in the center of the African continent that marks a melding point between Arabs and sub-Saharan peoples. Commenting on the existing relations between Sudan and India, H.E. Dr. Hassan E. El. Talib said that India and Sudan have a rich history of cooperation. He also apprised about the major sectors of cooperation between the two countries. become an independent state, we agreed that we can live as two countries with different Government but also as neighbors and old brothers. We have oil agreement with South Sudan, people can freely move and also the trade and merchandise can easily take place. Companies are already gearing up for production in oil rich countries. How would you attract investors to this oil rich nation-Sudan? Extensive oil exploration first began in the mid-1970s and genuine production started in 1999 last century. The primary importers of Sudanese oil are Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, and India. We have good experience in installation in India with ONGC. Last year, our President H.E. Mr. Omar al-Bashir opened the country’s first gold refinery and it is supposed to be one of the largest such constructions in Africa. We invite all Indian companies to invest in Sudan. We have a very good law for investment where we can give up to 10 years of exemptions from taxes. With its plentiful wealth and enormous latent, investors in the Sudan are guaranteed of great perks and thriving partnerships. Private education provides a fourth means of cost-effective expanding access to education. Your comments? It is impossible to ignore the presence of African students in Indian Universities. The area of education is one of the sectors which Sudan and India have already entered into. Transfer of technology is imperative for our economy. Sudan has about 70 universities, both private and public owned but we strongly encourage Indian private universities to find branches in Sudan. Being an Islamic country we are the first to introduce Islamic economics as course in Universities. We robustly support private education sectors in India and all the universities in India are invited to make partnership. What kind of partnerships are you currently looking at from the end of Indian part other than education? There is an open end partnership in all sectors but if it comes to priorities, first of all we need partnership in production of mineral and gas. We want to maximize the base of our agriculture and technology in Sudan. Other areas are Information and Technology and health care sector where we seek India’s interference. I would take this opportunity to thank the Indian Government for the incessant support extended to us. Please throw some more light on how you seek to have India’s assistance in IT as India has very well developed Information and Communication structure? To upgrade the level of technology, the Government of Sudan is working hard. We have universities and technical institutes which are providing requisite knowledge. With the help of Indian counterparts, this is one of the areas where we look to exchange views. We are looking forward for Indian technology in Sudan. Owner / Publisher / Printer/ Editor: Mr. Kirit Sobti from 3rd Floor, Plot No. 3, Block PSP-IV, Service Centre Opp. Sector-11 (Extn.), Rohini, Delhi-85 Printed at LIPEE SCAN PVT. LTD. 89 DSIDC SHED Okhala Phase 1, New Delhi 