СК «Индиго». Презентация (eng)


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СК «Индиго». Презентация (eng)

  1. 1. “INDIGO” INSURANCE COMPANY Presentation 2012
  2. 2. General Information About The CompanyThe “Indigo” Insurance Company has been successfullyworking and actively developing, strengthening its positions at theinsurance market for six years.Shortly about “Indigo” IC:• Created on September 4, 2006.• Has licenses on17 voluntary and 8 compulsory types of insurance.• Provides high-quality reinsurance coverage of the insured risks accepted for insurance.• Is represented in 6 cities of Ukraine with head office in Kyiv city.• The staff numbers 153 employees.
  3. 3. “Indigo” IC at the Insurance Market of Ukraine Participation in Organizations“Indigo” IC is a member of professional unions of Ukraine:• League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine ( “Indigo” IC elected in Presidium of ULIO for the period of 3 years).• Ukrainian Constructors Confederation (General Director of “Indigo” IC has been elected as a Member of the Confederation Council of Directors).• National Insurance Indemnity Club.• American Commercial Chamber in Ukraine.
  4. 4. The Company Achievements The “Indigo” IC participates in the rating “Insurance TOP-100” – a leader in the area of information provision of the insurance and reinsurance market in Ukraine: 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months Indices 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Entry of bonuses 63rd place 32nd place 51st place 56th place 49th place(insurance payments)Аssets 82nd place 62nd place 57th place 68th place 70th placeInsurance reserves 63rd place 81st place 39th place 54nd place 44th placePayment of insurance 48th place 26th place 24th place 31th place 35th placeindemnitiesPayment level 48th place 36th place 4th place 13th place 39th place
  5. 5. The Company Achievements According to the rating of “Insurance Top”, by the results of its 12 month of 2011 activity the “Indigo” IC entered to the ТОP-100 companies by the following insurance types: 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months Type of Insurance 2008 2009 2010 2011AutoKASKO 16th place 23rd place 24th place 27th placeVoluntary insurance of civil liability of the 20th place 22nd place 24th place 18th placesurface transport ownersVoluntary medical insurance n/p - 50th place 23th placeVoluntary cargo and luggage insurance n/p 9th place 16th place 13th placeVoluntary insurance of marine transport - - - 5th placeVoluntary accident insurance - - - 48th place
  6. 6. The Company AchievementsInsurance company “Indigo” has uaBBB+ fiancial rank, According to the decision ofNational Ranking Agency “Rurik”. March 15, 2012Insurance company “Indigo” took 35th place in the ranking of transparencyUkrainian insurers, published by official publication of the Financial ServicesCommission “Ukrainian Business Review “ 12 September 2011.According to the “Insurance Companies Stability Rating” (date of publication of the ratingissue: April 2011, the Rating Agency “Expert-Rating”), the “Indigo” IC takes the 51th positionand is considered as a stable company.According to “The Brand Rating – The Most expensive corporative brands of Ukraine –2011” (date of rating issue publication: june 2011, Allukrainian rating journal “Gvardiya”),“Indigo” IC takes 16th position among insurance companies.According to the “National Business-Rating” №7-BR-436 from 25.07.2011(a complex rating program determining the real leaders of the economy of Ukraine only by theState Statistics official data), the State determined the “Indigo” IC as the “Branch Leader2010”.
  7. 7. The Company AchievementsOn the 21-st of April 2011 the journal “INSURANCE TOP” determined the winners of the “Nationalpremium Insurance TOP” and “National Club of insurance idemnities” among which “Indigo” ICwas marked as a Leader of Insurance Top in a class “Socialoriented Insurance Company”. Thismeasure took place with taking part of more than 100 top-managers of the most influential players ofthe insurance market of Ukraine, deputy corpus, embassies, members of the state power andprofessional unions of the insurance market members.Also,”Indigo” IC is a permanent Member of “The National Club of Insurance Idemnity” and took31st position for 2010 year among ukrainian insurance companies.The “Indigo” IC is marked by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and is recommendedas the best representative in the insurance area. By the results of the ratingheld by the Ministry of Finance, and by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (date ofpublication the rating issue: January 2011), the “Indigo” IC took the 52nd position among all theinsurance companies incorporated in Ukraine and is recognized as a successful insurance company(by the 3rd quarter data 451 insurance companies are incorporated in Ukraine).According to the International Economic Rating “League of the Bests 2010”,the “Indigo” IC is entitled “THE YEAR 2010 ENTERPRISE”.The “Indigo” IC took part in All-Ukrainian Competition for the title of the best enterprise for a familyand took the second place in nomination “Care of the Employees and Their Families – 2010”. Thecompetition results were announced in February 2010.
  8. 8. The Insurance ProductsThe “Indigo” IC has the licenses of 17 voluntary and 8compulsory types of insurance and provides its Clients with thefollowing types of insurance coverage:• Insurance of the property and technical risks (including the construction and mounting risks).• Cargo Insurance, transported by any type of transport.• Insurance of all the types of liability (civil, for the goods quality, professional, forwarding agent / carriers, owners of the surface transport means etc.).• Transport insurance (road /railroad / sea / air).• Voluntary medical insurance.• Accident insurance.• Insurance of risks related to the tourist travels.• Other types of insurance.
  9. 9. LicensesList of Licenses of the Right to the Insurance Activity: 1. Voluntary insurance of the third parties liability; 2. Voluntary accident insurance; 3. Voluntary insurance of the water transport (the carrier’s liability including); 4. Voluntary insurance of the water transport owners; 5. Voluntary insurance of cargo and luggage; 6. Voluntary insurance of credits (the borrower liability for the credit nonredemption included); 7. Voluntary insurance of financial risks; 8. Voluntary insurance of the fire and risks of natural disaster; 9. Voluntary insurance of the issued and accepted guarantees; 10. Voluntary health insurance in case of sickness; 11. Voluntary medical insurance (continuous health insurance); 12. Voluntary property insurance; 13. Voluntary insurance of railroad transport; 14. Voluntary insurance of surface transport; 15. Voluntary insurance of civil liability of the surface transport owners (the carrier’s liability including); 16. Voluntary insurance of air transport; 17. Voluntary medical expenses insurance 18. Compulsory personal insurance of the transport accidents; 19. Compulsory insurance of liability of the subjects of dangerous goods transport; 20. Compulsory personal insurance of the employees of departmental of fire-fighting system and rural fire protection, members of volunteer fire protection brigades; 21. Compulsory insurance of civil liability of the subjects of management for damage which can be caused by fire or emergency at high level of danger locations; 22. Compulsory insurance of liability of the dogs owners for damage which can be caused to the third persons; 23. Compulsory insurance of civil liability of the citizens of Ukraine possessing the weapon, in form of private property or on the other legal grounds, for damage which can be caused to a third person or to its property.
  10. 10. ReinsuranceThe Client interests protection is provided by the partnershipliabilities of the world-known insurance and reinsurance groupsof the EU countries and Russia:• Swiss Re Europe S.A. (Germany).• Munich Re (Germany).• SCOR Global P&C (France).• Polish Re (Poland).• OJSC “Ingosstrakh” (RF).• OJSC “Russian Reinsurance Society” (RF).
  11. 11. Теrritorial CoverageThe “Indigo” IC provides the highest level of servicing of its Clients.For today the Company is represented in all the large regional centersof UkraineKyivDonetsk Kyiv LvivEnergodar KharkivLvivOdesaKharkiv Donetsk Energodar Odesa
  12. 12. Financials Indices Financials of the “Indigo” IC 12 months 2011 Indicator 30.09.2011Paid authorized fund (thou. UAH.) 30 002,0Insurance reserves (thou. UAH.) 25 279,3Accrued insurance bonus (thou. UAH.) 70 060,5Insurance money payments (thou. UAH.) 22 777,4Number of insurance contracts (pcs.) 13 887
  13. 13. Financials IndicesThe “Indigo” IC insurance payments structure per 12 months 2011 Accrued insurance bonus (thou.UAH) 30.09.2011 Insurance AutoKASKO 26 995,7 Cargo insurance 9 926,7 Property insurance 2 706,4 Financial risks insurance 6 063,4 KASKO insurance of marine transport 2 470,8 Insurance of liability 6 470,9 Voluntary medical insurance 10 743,6 Accident insurance 1 046,4 Travel insurance 1 633,3 Total 68 891,7
  14. 14. Main Partners and Clients"AutoAlliance Kiev", Ltd. Plant oxidized ores" "Project Consulting" Ltd."Autostadt" Showroom "AMC" NIKO "LLC "Sun Park", LLC"Agency" LEGION ", LLC "Lactalis - Ukraine", DP "Safari-Ukraine" Ltd."Aerobud" PJSC "Lan-Ukraine" Ltd. "System", Group of Companies"Aeroholding" LLC "Larix", LLC "Silk Route Shipping" Ltd."Alaska", Group of Companies "Linen of Desna", LLC "Warehouse Service Kiev", LLC"Ardo" UNION Promotion, "Representation "Mirgorodkurort", JSC "Talangeprom", LLC"AST-Technology", LLC "Local economic development of cities "Tg Ukraine" Ltd."Astelit" LLC in Ukraine" project of international "Tessa teip Kft," Representation"Badagoni", LLC technical assistance "Trading House" Schokinoazot-"Bestshop", LLC Independent trade union of workers of Ukraine "Ltd."Black Sea Link", Ltd. aviation security (airport "Borispol") "Trading house" NIKO "LLC"BF END GB Retail Travel Ltd", Ltd. "Nezhinskii hlib", PAO "Ukrainian terminal" GP"Wild-Ukraine", DP "NIKO Invest" Ltd. "Ukrzernoprom", LLC"Vinnitsaturist", JSC "NIKO Avant Motors" "Ukrposhta" USEPC"Geoprint", LLC "NIKO Capital", LLC "UkrTAUER", LLC"Global Bilgi", LLC "NIKO Leasing", LLC “UkrTransContainer“ PE"Global Ocean Link", Ltd. "Niko-Kiev" Company "Universal Trade Plus""Ekolan Ingredients", Ltd. "NIKO-Donetsk", LLC "Farkont", LLC"Economou International Shipping "Niko-Kiev", Ltd. "The Federation of CanadianEdzhensi, Ltd." SE Ukraine "NIKO" LLC Municipalities"Energotek", LLC "NIKO-Mariupol , LLC "Formag-Kiev", GP"Zakhidenergo", JSC "NIKO Onyx" Ltd "Chyna Shipping (Ukraine)"The Zolotoy Mandarin", LLC "NIKO-PREMIUM-Donetsk", LLC Eydzhensi", LLC"Internews", Ltd. "NIKO-Ukraine" Ltd. "Chernigov Bakery", JSC"Itkom" PKF "NIKO Chernivtsi", LLC "Youth", JSC SHP"Quasar", PAO "NPSRAB", JSC BSA Ukraine, Ltd (Odessa,"Kemtura Nezerlends BV," Representation "H-TRANS" LTD Ukraine)"Complex" Lybidska ", JSC "Oversis Transportation Ukraine" Ltd. CMA SI GM Edzhensiz Shipping"Credit Suisse Securities Limited" "Odemar-Inter" Ltd. Ukraine, Ltd"KreMiks" Trade House "Inter Velvet", "Ltd. JADRAN - GALENSKI"Krivorozhhleb" PJSC "Ostinvest", LLC LABORATORIJ "Krivoi Rog Mining and Processing "PAUL Ukraine" Ltd. DD, R. CROATIA
  15. 15. Contact InformationSLC“Insurance Company “Indigo”Head Office:Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Str., berth 404070, Kyiv, Ukraine“DNIPRO PLAZA” Business CentreTel.: (044) 200 04 04Fax: (044) 200 04 05e-mail: wsm@indigo-ua.comсайт: www.indigo-ua.com